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A Different Kind of Misty
Up in a lighthouse, a boy is looking at a large stone. Team Rocket then busts in takes the stone (named the Light Stone) and bounds and gags the kid. Then a girl comes up to relieve the boy (Thatcher) of his duty only to find him bound and gagged. The girl takes the tape of Thurston’s mouth and he says that the Light Stone was stolen. Ash and company are heading through the mountains when some heavy fog comes in. Brock says that they should be careful. Ash feels so confident that he moves forward, and trips over a tree root landing his upper body in a puddle. Ash’s blue shirt is drying off on a tree branch. Brock says they should stay there until the fog is clear. Max then says that there should be a lighthouse here according to the Pokenav. Then you hear Jessie’s voice making a comment about the fog. Ash replies, but then the fog clears and Team Rocket was in their balloon (which is hovering over a cliff) five feet away. James sends Cacnea out and it quickly launches a Pin Missile. Ash and company evade the attack and deflect it back. The Light Stone is dropped onto the edge of the cliff. Then Pikachu goes on top of the Light Stone and uses a Thunderbolt to destroy the balloon. Team Rocket drops down to the river below. Then everybody notices that the Light Stone was glowing. Ash goes to pick it up and the stone immediately loses is shine. Next the two people from the beginning of the episode come. They immediately accuse Ash and company of stealing the Light Stone. May asks if they look like criminals and they reply that they do. Then, a battle ensues. The girl (Alyssa) uses a Magnemite. Ash uses Pikachu. Pikachu easily defeats the Magnet Pokemon. Alyssa tells Thatcher to use Plusle and Minun. They come out, so May and Ash check their Pokedexes. Plusle and Minun are both Pokemon that cheer their teammates on in a battle. Plusle and Minun use Helping Hand to restore Magnemite’s energy. Then they demand that they take the Light Stone back and Ash immediately hands it over. Alyssa was surprised that was simple. They are sorry of falsely accusing Ash and company and invite them up to the lighthouse. In the lighthouse, they show that an Electric Pokemon can make the Light Stone glow. Ash puts his blue shirt back on. Thatcher thinks that Ash is a hero. Alyssa explains that there is a legend about a hero and his Electric Pokemon that brought the Light Stone to their village. Thatcher invites them to go to their house. In the village, Thatcher announces the arrival of the “hero”. They make their way to their grandfather’s house. Thatcher asks if the “hero” and his “followers” can stay with them. Alyssa steps up and whispers the situation. Their grandfather plays along and says that they can stay. Later, Thatcher says that he wants to actually battle with his Pokemon. He says that he can only use them to help other Pokemon. Ash then gives him tips on being a hero. They are actually basic tips on how to trust and battle with your Pokemon. Thatcher and Ash then go train by running a great deal. May, Max, Brock, and Alyssa then return to the lighthouse, as it is getting foggy again. After Ash and Thatcher are finished training, they go back to the lighthouse only to find a robotic Zapdos descending out of the fog. It is Team Rocket again. They cut off the covering of the lighthouse. At the top, Alyssa tries to use Magnemite, but Team Rocket put an Electric proof covering on the robot. They then steal Magnemite and the Light Stone using giant robotic hands. Ash and Thatcher arrive at the top of the lighthouse. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but the robot absorbs the power and then takes Pikachu with another giant robotic hand. They return the pathetic Magnemite and start to fly away. Alyssa tells Thatcher to use Plusle and Minun in an actual battle, but Thatcher is too scared. Team Rocket gets away, and Thatcher says that it is his fault as he was not brave enough to battle. Ash then says that he is not a hero and Thatcher believes him this time. However, Ash says that he can trust Pikachu. He yells out to tell Pikachu to aim its Thunderbolt at the Light Stone. It seems hopeless, but Brock says it could work. Team Rocket is toasting to their getaway. Pikachu (still on the giant robotic hand) powers the Light Stone in the other hand. It maintains its glow. Team Rocket says that they are too far away to be noticed when you hear Ash. Team Rocket goes back in the Zapdos. Thatcher then uses Plusle and Minun to use Helping Hand on each other. Then they use Spark on Pikachu to restore its energy. Then Pikachu uses Thunder to break through the electric barrier and it electrocutes Team Rocket. The machine is intact, and Meowth is glad that they got a warranty on it. But then Plusle and Minun use Spark to blast Team Rocket off again. Everything is better, and Ash and company continue on their way towards Mauville City.

A Poké-BLOCK Party
Ash and company are right outside Mauville City when they see a poster. The poster says that there will be a trick house contest and the winner will receive a year’s supply of Pokeblocks. May gets excited, so they go to enter. Team Rocket notices another copy of the poster and they decide to join as well. Jigglypuff also sees a different copy of the poster and heads to the Trick House. There is a large crowd outside of the Trick House. Then a pink Pokemon (not Jigglypuff) comes. It seems startled. According to the Pokedex, it is a Whismur. Whismur is a Pokemon that can scream for a long time and then fall asleep exhausted. Then a trainer named Alaya positively identifies her Whismur and we get the greetings. Then a man appears on a stage outside of the Trick House. Alaya says that is the King of Tricks. The King of Tricks announces that the first person to get through the Trick House will win the Pokeblock prize. He says to choose a path and go inside. Then he disappears. Max and Brock take the rightmost entrance; while Ash and the others take go in through the left. Team Rocket (dressed like custodians) go inside as well, as they will split up into two groups as well. Ash’s group finds a huge maze with doors in it. Alaya says that the maze is the first trick this year. Ash is overconfident and runs into a wall. Over with Brock’s group, Max does the same thing. Then May and Alaya find the King of Tricks. He says to be careful, like when (he runs into his own trap) a door could have a huge wet sponge behind it. May wonders whether he has issues. James and Meowth notice that Whismur is traveling with the twerps today. They decide to capture it. Alaya, Ash, and May take different paths. Ash and May have found dead ends, while Alaya has found a fork in the path. She lets Whismur take a path while she takes the other path. Team Rocket snatches Whismur in the maze. Alaya returns to find Whismur gone. She thinks that it was lost. She tells the information to Ash and May. Then Jigglypuff appears and sings them to sleep. Then it uses the Magic Marker of Mortifying Mutated Mortal Murals™ (not really trademarked by anybody). May and Alaya are giggling at each other’s faces while Pikachu and Ash wipe the marker off. Then Brock and Max find them and they press on through the maze. Max pushes against a wall to find that it opens up. He falls through while everybody else just walks to a grassy area. The Master of Tricks shows up with some info on climbing the walls, but he falls off the wall he was climbing. Then Team Rocket leaves the maze holding Whismur. Alaya notices them and takes Whismur back. They try to fake being pleased, but it doesn’t work so well. Then Jigglypuff appears and starts singing again. Everybody falls asleep except for Whismur. Jigglypuff notices it and they dance together. Ash and company wake up to find marker on their faces again. Alaya notices that Whismur does not have marker on its faces and Max says that Whismur used its Soundproof ability to cancel the Sing attack on it. They continue to level two of the Trick House. Team Rocket wakes up to find that the twerps have gotten ahead of them. They strive to go on and catch Whismur and Pikachu. Level two is log walking across a river below. The Master of Tricks says that some logs don’t support too well, and the log that he was walking along breaks, so he falls in the river. Ash and company start to walk across, but Team Rocket rolls the log they were walking on. They drop in the river and Team Rocket crosses to the other side. Level three is swinging on vines. The Trick Master demonstrates that some vines may make you crash into the wall instead of safely landing on the other side. May wonders whether he did that one too many times. Ash and company cross on the vines, but Team Rocket uses a giant hand to send them swimming. Level four is climbing up one of many ropes up to Level five. The Master of Tricks shows that some ropes are fakes, and the one he was climbing shows a robotic hand bonking his head. He falls down to the floor. Ash and company climb up a correct rope, but James cuts it so they fall down. Level five composes of many pitfall traps. Team Rocket knows it is their specialty, but they fall through. Ash and company then get to level five. Ash is overconfident about his pitfall reading abilities and he falls in a hole. Level six (the final level) seems like an empty room. Team Rocket (disguised as contest helpers) says that you have to jump rope ten times. Ash and company are successful, so Team Rocket ties them up with the rope. They remove their disguises to the ones they used when they cheated on the twerps, and then they show their appropriate attire. Ash has Corphish cut the rope apart. Then Whismur defeats and blasts off Team Rocket. At the end of the contest, a person named Isaac from Mauville City won the Pokeblocks. It seems that the boxes of Pokeblocks were stacked too high and Isaac’s prize topples on top of him. Jigglypuff appears on the empty stage and sings. Everybody (including the tired Whismur) falls asleep, so Jigglypuff uses the Magic Marker of Mortifying Mutated Mortal Mural and walks away.

What's With Wattson
Ash and company are right outside Mauville Gym. Ash says he can see his badge waiting for him. He pushes open the door to find that it collapses on the ground inside the gym. Everybody stands on the “door” when it starts moving. The pseudo-door goes on a track through paneling. Doors keep opening so the pseudo-door can keep going. Max thinks it’s like a roller coaster. When the pseudo-door starts up a hill, it actually is a roller coaster. They go down the hill. An old man is watching Ash and company on a screen. It seems he is enjoying it. He feels that he is with the youngsters on the roller coaster. A younger person comes in and asks why he does that. The old man just says that he wants to have some fun. The roller coaster goes through some water making everybody wet. Then they are about to go through another automatic door when they see a Raikou. The Raikou uses a Thunderbolt attack. Ash has Pikachu use Thunder and then Iron Tail. Pikachu hits Raikou with both attacks, but it seems Pikachu got stuck with the Raikou when it used Iron Tail. The Raikou is revealed to be a robotic Raikou. The old man comes out and says that he never expected to see his robotic Raikou beaten. Ash asks who he is and he says that he is Wattson, Gym Leader of the Mauville City Gym. Then the younger person comes out and Wattson says that he is Watt, his assistant. Ash demands a gym battle, and Wattson agrees. Outside on an island in Mauville City, Team Rocket finds an abandoned power plant (it’s called New Mauville in R/S). They decide to make that their new secret base. Jesse and James march in to discover that there are many Electric Pokemon inside. They immediately start to leave the premises when Meowth says that they are scared and that he can get rid of the Electric Pokemon. Wattson is ready to battle Ash. He confidently states that he will be using Magnemite, Voltorb, and Magneton. Brock wonders about his overconfidence. Then they say that Corphish, being a Water type, won’t do good, but Treecko and Taillow would do fine. Ash says that he will start with Pikachu, even though Electric Pokemon don’t do much damage against their own type. Wattson decides to start with Magnemite. Magnemite uses Thunderbolt. Pikachu avoids the attack and uses its own Thunderbolt to knock out Magnemite. Next, Wattson uses Voltorb. It uses Screech, but Pikachu retaliates with another Thunderbolt to knock out Voltorb. Finally, Wattson uses Magneton. It uses Thunderbolt, but Pikachu uses Thunder to knock it out. Pikachu sweeps the Gym Battle! Ash is presented with his Dynamo Badge. Wattson then leaves. Then Ash notices that Pikachu has another fever. They rush to the Pokemon Center. Wattson is already at the Pokemon Center. He says that he is leaving before his Pokemon are healed and he will send his assistant to get them later. He then walks out the door. Ash and company rush in the Pokemon Center. Ash states that his Pikachu is sick. Then Watt runs in and says that Wattson left him a note that he was abandoning the gym and for Watt to pick up the Pokemon. Wattson is on New Mauville Island staring at the river. He is saddened as all of his Pokemon lost to a little Pikachu. Then an Electrike shows up and Wattson decides to comfort it. Electrike shows Wattson that it learned how to do Thunder Wave. Then a machine drives by and Electrike tells Wattson that some people are disturbing all of the Pokemon in New Mauville. Wattson goes after Team Rocket. Team Rocket bursts in New Mauville and starts sucking all of the Pokemon into a cage on the back of the robot. They also say that the machine is Electric-proof. They snag all of the Electric Pokemon when Wattson shows up. Ash and company shows up right after. Pikachu tries a Thunderbolt, but that doesn’t work too well. Team Rocket sucks up Electrike and Pikachu. Wattson then gets an idea on how to the Pokemon back. The robotic Raikou is sent in. Wattson explains that even though he wanted to trash it, he kept it because its roar reminded him of his sixth grade teacher. Meanwhile, Electrike is biting the cage and Pikachu is Iron Tailing it. Team Rocket is initially scared of the Raikou, but it seems it is all bark and no bite. They attack it and they figure out it is robotic. They nag that the plan was foolish when the find out Pikachu and Electrike open the cage wide enough for all the Pokemon to get out. Then Ash has Corphish Crabhammer them away. Ash explains the situation and wants to return his badge. Wattson says that he showed bravery trying to save all of the Pokemon and that he should keep it. Then Ash does the “I won a ______ Badge!” pose.

What You Seed Is What You Get
Ash says that he wants to go to the next gym, and May says that they are going to Fallarbor Town. Max says that there is no gym there, but there is one in Lavaridge Town. May says that Nurse Joy said the next Contest House is in Fallarbor, so they should go there. Ash and May bicker about where to go. Brock says that they can go to both places, but they’ll go to Fallarbor first. Team Rocket is hungry when they come across a bunch of watermelons. They have fun eating them until they notice a rather large watermelon. They run to eat it when they find out it is an Electrode. It uses Rollout to blast them off. Ash and company are just about to have lunch in the woods when some watermelons. They decide to include watermelon in their meal. Ash is seed spitting like a maniac. May asks about manners and Ash says that he wants to teach Treecko Bullet Seed. He remembers when that Shiftry (“Jump for Joy!”) used it and it was powerful. He lets Treecko out and gives it a watermelon. He spits seeds for it to practice with. Treecko needs a bit more time though. Then a Grovyle and a Slugma start to attack Ash and company. Then their trainer accuses them of stealing the watermelons. They claim to have found them in the river, but she’s not falling for it. Then she asks her Electrode to positively identify the criminals. It, however, says that they weren’t the ones who stole the watermelons. She apologizes for accusing them (If she was male, she would’ve been thrown in jail if this was ancient Babylon under King Hammurabi’s rule.) She is Natasha, the watermelon master. The group is now invited to her house next to the watermelon patch. Team Rocket is back in the watermelon field. They notice that the Electrode is watching them. Jessie and James think that they should not go for the watermelons, but Meowth has a vision of the boss in the desert, thirsty, when he finds the watermelons. Then the boss congratulates them on a job well done. Natasha says that her Grovyle and Slugma are great at double battles. She challenges Ash to a battle. He accepts the challenge. The battle is fairly in Natasha’s favor. Grovyle and Slugma attack. Treecko hides behind Corphish. This happens a lot until Slugma and Corphish make each other faint. Then Electrode comes and says that the thieves have returned to the watermelon patch. Team Rocket appears with a giant Cacnea machine. They plan to pick all of the watermelons and store them in a basket on Cacnea’s back. Ash has Treecko use Bullet Seed, but it fails. He tells Treecko to do it again, and it works, releasing the basket. The watermelons inside fall down, and each person catches about 5 or 6 melons. Team Rocket is then blasted off by Grovyle’s Bullet Seed. The battle between Treecko and its evolved form continues. Both Pokemon hit each other hard. Treecko and Grovyle both attempt a Bullet Seed, but only Grovyle’s hits and Treecko faints. Natasha is the winner. At sunset, more watermelons are being served for dinner. Everybody likes the watermelons, but Treecko is staring at the sun. Ash and Pikachu approach Treecko and tell it to eat some watermelon and be happy. It doesn’t want to do that however, so Ash and Pikachu spit seeds at it. Treecko responds with a Bullet Seed that knock them down. Apparently Treecko got the motivation.

Love At First Flight
May and company (a/n: got tired of using “Ash and company”) are heading to Fallarbor Town so May can compete in a Pokemon Contest. They come to a lake and notice that an Illumise (pronounced ILL-U-ME-SAY) is flying along it. Then a Volbeat comes along and they dance. The Pokemon are searched in the Pokedex. Then Nurse Joy comes and welcomes them to a festival for this love dance the Pokemon have. Nurse Joy explains that the Volbeat and Illumise belong to two trainers who are on a small dock. The Volbeat belongs to a trainer named Romeo and the Illumise belongs to Juliet. They try their routine. Juliet and Illumise are fine, but Romeo fumbles with his Pokeballs and he does a sloppy release of his other four Volbeat (the first one in the episode is nicknamed Beat). Basically, the Volbeat and Romeo mess up the entire thing, causing all of the bugs to fall in the lake. This enrages Brock, because he thinks Juliet deserves better. It takes Ash, Corphish, Mudkip, and Lotad to save the bugs from drowning. It seems that all of the Pokemon will be fine. Nurse Joy, however, suggests that the Pokemon should go to the Pokemon Center anyway. Juliet leaves, calming Romeo down. Romeo then tries to sit on Corphish’s horns, which is never a smart move. Romeo falls into the lake. Team Rocket spies on Romeo, May, and company. After some boring conversation, they decide to try and capture Volbeat and Illumise. Romeo goes to the Pokemon Center and claims his Volbeat back, and decides that he should train with the Volbeat for the show. They go back to the lake and Romeo does his routine with the five Volbeat perfectly. He then explains that he only gets nervous when he is around Juliet. It also seems that Beat acts like that around Illumise. He asks if she should go to a hospital, and May cuts in and says that no hospital can cure a lovesick person. May goes up to Romeo and tells him that he should tell Juliet how he feels. Brock, of course, wants to join in too, but May pushes him out of the way. She says she will help him be able to say that she loves her. Romeo reluctantly agrees and May asks Ash for a favor. Trainer Challenge! Which Pokemon would be the best choice against Mudkip: Roselia, Plusle, or Torchic? Their answer is Plusle, (a/n: I author would say Roselia would do better because it has better stats than Plusle, but those script writers are always flawed). Romeo goes up to “Juliet” who is on a house porch and is reluctant to ask her if she loves him. May comes out from hiding and says that he should do it. Ash, who is actually in a Juliet costume, takes off his wig and says that he does not like doing this one bit. May basically forces Ash to play the part. Then Brock comes up to Ash and does what Romeo should do. In the meantime, Brock is really acting this out, and actually starts to try and hug Ash. Ash starts to run away from Brock (a/n: This scene would be the cause of the temporary banning of this episode; if you didn’t know, this episode should have been in between “What You Seed is What You Get” and “Let Bagons be Bagons”). At Juliet’s house, Juliet is unhappy as Romeo was stumbling a great deal. She has a memory of when they were kids, and Romeo promised that they would get married. She then snaps from her flashback goes outside and notices that a yellow light is flashing in the distance. She sends out Illumise to go see what it is. Juliet follows the light to further investigate the cause of the light. It turns out that the light is actually Meowth’s tail lit up a lot, and it is a trap. Illumise flies up to Meowth and doesn’t realize that it is Meowth until it is captured. Back with May and company, Romeo is still trying to tell Juliet (who is Ash, of course) that he loves her. Juliet overhears this and says that she likes him too. Then she asks if Beat was the cause of the yellow light in the distance. Romeo replies that Beat is right here, so they run towards Team Rocket. Romeo has his Volbeat sniff out Illumise’s location. They chase after the bugs and find that the Volbeat just flew up a small cliff. Romeo and Ash decide to climb the cliff while everybody else runs around. Eventually they find Team Rocket, who was ready for the Volbeat. Team Rocket turns a suction thing on and all of the Volbeat except Beat get trapped in a container. Meowth then cranks the power up, causing Pikachu and Ash to get sucked in. Ash, however, is too large for the suction hose. Beat goes up and frees Illumise from the cage it was put in. Then Ash and Pikachu fit through the suction thing and are stuck in the container. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to shock Team Rocket, while Beat frees the bugs, mouse, and trainer from the cage with a Quick Attack. Then Team Rocket is blasted off due to Beat and Illumise. Romeo proposes to Juliet. Then Brock proposes, and he brought flowers. Juliet shuts Brock down, and says that she made a marriage promise to Romeo. Then they become joyous. That night, the Love Dance is pulled off successfully.

Let Bagons Be Bagons
Ash and company are on their way to Fallarbor Town so May can compete in another Pokemon Contest. Then they will go to Lavaridge Town so Ash can earn his fourth badge. They walk through a rocky area when they see a Bagon on top of a cliff. The Pokedex says that it hurls itself off cliffs so it can increase the hardness of its head.Then Bagon jumps off the cliff. Max thinks that it wants to attack them, so they run a bit away. Bagon hits a large rock. Ash thinks that it wanted to attack them, so he uses Taillow for protection. Taillow then dived in towards Bagon but it dodged the attack. Then somebody yells about attacking the Bagon. The person is the Bagon’s trainer, Melissa, and she accuses Ash and company of attacking Bagon. They say that they were passing through when they though Bagon was going to attack them. She apologizes, and Max asks about the glasses that she is wearing. She says that they help Bagon in the battle. Then she challenges Ash to a battle. Team Rocket is, once again, spying on them. Meowth says that they should steal Bagon. He has a dream of the boss in a forest, when he finds a coconut. He wants to open it, but he can’t. Then Bagon comes along and opens the coconut for him. Team Rocket imagines getting a promotion and a Jacuzzi. The battle between Ash and Melissa begins. Pikachu tries Quick Attack, but Melissa is tells Bagon how to dodge using her technological glasses, and it works. Then Bagon’s Skull Bash hits Pikachu for a hit. Pikachu tries a Thunderbolt, but Bagon dodges it. Then it hits Pikachu again. Melissa thinks the battle is over as Pikachu has low health and spirit. Then Ash tells Pikachu to be all right, and then it is ready to battle. That comes as a surprise to Bagon’s trainer. Then Pikachu uses Thunder to hit Bagon. Then Bagon uses Skull Bash, and Pikachu counters with Iron Tail. It seems like it would make a good battle. Team Rocket enters the scene with a helicopter. They brag about using a remote control. They use it to guide a jet pack (with Meowth attached to it). They head for Pikachu, but it dodges, and Meowth takes Bagon instead. Ash has Treecko use Bullet Seed. It hits the copter and James drops the remote control out the window. Meowth’s jet pack is let loose as he flies off into the distance. Team Rocket follows them. Melissa finds the remote control to the jet pack, and they follow Meowth (the remote is out of range). Team Rocket finds Meowth still soaring through the sky, and they have a huge net for Meowth to go into under the helicopter. He goes up to the net, but dives into a forest right before going in it. Jesse and James go after him. Ash and company are running along a path (Treecko is running through the trees), when Melissa discusses how great Ash’s Pokemon are. Ash just says that his Pokemon deserve all the credit, because it took a long time to learn their moves. Ash says that he works with his Pokemon do learn the moves. Melissa says she’ll do the same thing, as she thinks her Bagon wants to fly. Jesse and James find Meowth, and they get Bagon. Bagon says that it was joyous as it flew with Meowth. Meowth says that it can work hard. Jesse and James question Meowth’s use of hard work, and he has another boss pleaser story (with some added rendition to it). The boss is in a helicopter, and he somehow has a coconut with him, as opposed to some canned food. So, instead of asking one of his associates to get something to open it for him, he wants Bagon to do it. Therefore, Bagon flies about 500 feet in about 5 seconds and comes up to the helicopter. It cracks open the coconut and Giovanni very rudely just lets the milk dump onto his face and down his nice suit and tie. Then, still wet with the milk, he says that the three of them will get a promotion for just opening a coconut. If things worked that way, a Magikarp trainer could be an executive. Anyway, Ash arrives and Team Rocket takes off in the helicopter. They leave the jet pack behind, however. So Bagon gets on the jet pack and says it wants to fly after Team Rocket. Treecko jumps on top of the jet pack and says it wants to go with Bagon. Therefore Melissa directs the jet pack towards the helicopter. Team Rocket is enjoying their getaway when they notice that Bagon and Treecko are coming at them. Treecko jumps through an open window into the helicopter. Jesse tries to battle with Seviper, but it is too large to easily fit in the chopper. Treecko Bullet Seeds them, while Bagon rams the nose of the helicopter with its head. The chopper starts to malfunction, and Team Rocket blasts off again. Treecko falls on top of Bagon and comes back down. Pikachu joins Treecko on top of the jet pack, and Bagon is taken off again. They enjoy it. When Bagon returns, it starts to glow. Bagon evolves into Shelgon. Everybody is joyous.

The Princess and the Togepi!
Ash and Brock seem to be waiting for someone. Then we see Misty running towards them. Then they see Misty knows who May and Max are. Misty shows her invitation to a convention of Togepi trainers, and it will be held in the hotel behind them. Misty approaches the hotel, and two mysterious people with Togepi egg outfits (Team Rocket) greet them. They say only the trainer and her Togepi are allowed in. They quickly take her into the building and put her in a “VIP Room”. Then Team Rocket tells Meowth to take off, so it does. The building collapses to reveal a huge blimp. Ash and company realize Misty is in there. They also notice that a rope is hanging from the bottom of the blimp. They all get on, as May is happy to be on another expedition. They all make their way up the rope into a room of the blimp. Team Rocket is joyous to get away with that capture, and they decide to go through a desert (and a sandstorm). Brock notices this out the window and tells them that they’ll be some turbulence. They blimp goes through the sandstorm and everybody doesn’t like it too much. Team Rocket then notices their destination, the Mirage Kingdom. It is an oasis surrounded by mountains on all sides. Meowth lands the blimp in a special area, and Jesse and James put their costumes back on. Misty exits the ship and Ash and company jump out. Misty is glad to see them when Jesse and James show up again. Ash and company asks who they are, and Team Rocket says the motto. Then somebody comes from behind them and says that they messed the plan up. It seems that this person is Hansen and he wants Togepi. Misty is not going to hand it over, go Hansen has his Shedinja use Solarbeam to demonstrate its power. Ash and Brock use Pikachu and Mudkip, while Misty, Max, and May run away. Hansen has Shedinja chase them while he’ll use two Ninjask to fight off the attack. Misty and company starts running away, and they keep running until they reach a hedge maze. They wonder how much they’ll have to run when Shedinja shows up. She has it use Spike Cannon, but it doesn’t scrape Shedinja. Then Shedinja uses Solarbeam. It his Misty so hard she loses hold of Togepi. Somebody is trimming the bushes when she sees Togepi. She notices that it is hurt, but she intends to make it her own (she thinks it’s a wild Togepi). This person goes to her mother, who is so joyous to see Togepi, and they go see their father. It turns out that their father is the king of the Mirage Kingdom, and he is happy to see that his daughter found a Togepi. Then Misty comes in and recognizes Togepi. The queen stops her from getting closer to Togepi, but the princess realizes that that Togepi was hers and she hands it over. Misty asks why it got a bandage on its head, and the princess says that she fixed it after it was hurt. She thanks them. Then they say that somebody named Hansen tried to steal Togepi. Hansen, in his quarters, says that he has a plan to steal Togepi. If Team Rocket does their job, they will be rewarded with a high spot in the kingdom. They go outside of a temple, when Ash and Brock catch up. Brock finds the beauty that is the princess, and she rushes towards her until Misty gets its ear and throws him back by the ear. Then the princess explains that she is the next person to get the throne. However, the rite on passage must have a Togepi of her own involved. Without it, nothing can be performed. She goes on that Hansen most likely wants the power and he is trying to steal Togepi to get it. She says that she’ll be alright, and that they have to leave the Mirage Kingdom. Ash and company are about to leave on the blimp when they notice that an opposite of the temple is in the sky. Then Togepi seems bound to go to it. Misty stops it from floating away. However, Shedinja shows up and fires another Solarbeam. Hansen and Team Rocket show up. Shedinja starts to fire another Solarbeam while Pikachu uses Thunderbolt. The two attacks collide in mid-air, and we are left wondering how the situation will unfold.

A Togepi Mirage
We continue where we left off from the last episode (“The Princess and the Togepi”) as Hansen is trying to steal Togepi so he can take the throne and control the Mirage Kingdom. Pikachu and Shedinja each attacked each other, and an explosion resulted. Both Pokemon would have been affected, but Togepi uses Safeguard to prevent the attack from hitting Pikachu. Then Ash and company mysteriously disappear, to the dislike of Hansen. The gang reappears in a strange land, where the world is dark and the trees have Togepi’s spots on them. The princess’s servant knows that they are in the Togepi paradise. Unfortunately, it has been changed since the last time she came with the king. They walk to find some Togepi that are injured. May checks the Pokedex to figure out the problem. In a rather long Pokedex explanation, Togepi can sense the feelings of people. It finds its energy in kind trainers. If there is evil around, its power fades. Therefore, somebody is contaminating the Togepi Paradise, who is Hansen. Hansen, meanwhile, has appeared outside of the temple. He instructs Shedinja to use Solarbeam at a seemingly empty threshold of the castle. The threshold starts to glow, so he tells his Ninjask to fire Hyper Beam at the threshold. He breaks the space time continuum and makes it to the Togepi Paradise! Scientists should ask him how he did it sometime. Ash and company notice that evil has overtaken more of the paradise. Then they notice that Hansen is seeing them in the real world in a certain spot of the paradise. Togepi starts floating toward him and it goes through the hole, right into Hansen’s arms. Ash tries to break through, but it fails. Hansen goes straight to the king and orders him to give him the rights to the throne. The king refuses, but the servants (including Team Rocket) send him to the dungeons. Next, he goes to the temple. The priest of the temple notices that this is an actual Togepi, and Hansen is eligible to become ruler of the Mirage Kingdom. Ash and company are mad that they are stuck in a different realm. Ash tries to push the barrier again, but that fails. Misty helps him, and they break through this time. They run down to the main part of town, where a TV shows that Jessie is announcing that Hansen is the new king and his ceremony will be soon. They plan to find the king and take down Hansen. Team Rocket asks Hansen about their new positions. He says that he has no need for them and they should leave immediately. Team Rocket doesn’t comply, so Hyper Beam and Solarbeam sends them blasting off again. This infuriates them, as they were supposed to do that to him. Ash, May, and Misty run towards the temple, and Hansen finds them. They decide to have another battle. Brock and everybody else are running to free the king. They think he would be in the castle dungeon, but they find two fortune tellers (Team Rocket). They say that the king is actually in a dungeon below Hansen’s house. They think that makes sense, and as they turn to thank them, Team Rocket has disappeared. May battles Hansen with Torchic. Its Ember hits one Ninjask, but the other one uses Shadow Ball to hurt Torchic. Pikachu then comes and uses Thunder to make both Ninjask faint. Next, Shedinja is about to use Solarbeam when Togepi uses Safeguard to help its opponent (Ash and company). Then the Togepi Paradise opens and some of the Togepi come out. Suddenly, Misty’s Togepi evolves into Togetic. This enrages Hansen, presumably that Togepi only can be used for the crowning ceremony. Misty says that Togetic can take a break. She sends out her Gyarados. Hansen says that Shedinja cannot be hit by Water attacks, but Misty tells it to use Flamethrower. Shedinja is hit and down. Suddenly, the king and his servants show up and seize Hansen. Hansen is thrown into the dungeon as Team Rocket gloats from afar. The Togepi return to the paradise, as Misty says goodbye to Togetic, as it wants to stay there. Then one of the Togepi stays next to the princess. The princess realizes that the Togepi wants to be hers. Now she can be the ruler of the Mirage Kingdom. Ash and company leaves the Mirage Kingdom. Back where they started, Misty bids farewell to Ash and company as she leaves.

Candid Camerupt
Still continuing towards Fallarbor Town for May's Pokemon Contest, Ash and company are stuck in a desert. As they're walking, Ash asks Brock if he has any water left. Brock checks it but they have nothing left. Everyone is worried and Brock mentions that Fallarbor town is a mile ahead. May gives up and starts to faint. Max tries to help her but he also faints. As Brock and Ash check they all faint. As they're unconscoius, a Camerupt finds them...In a house, Ash and the gang are inside thanking the grandma. As the little girl offers Max some drinks, she mentions to him that he's cute. The father of the cute little girl talks and mentions that their house is the only house in the entire area. The grandma welcomes them and introduces Victoria. She mentions that Victoria's Camerupt was the one who helped them. Ash gets a little curious about Camerupt so he looks on his Pokedex. After checking Camerupt's data, the grandma, known as Vicky, asks Ash if he's going to the Pokemon Hoenn League. Victoria mentions that his son, Vito, set on a journey to be a Pokemon Hoenn League Champion too. As for Team Rocket, they were very tired and thirsty. Jesse tries to boost their confidence by saying that they will find water somewhere. James can't wait anymore so he faints as well As Meowth. Jesse gives up too and just lays down in the rocks. A green haired dude talks to them and helps them to eat some food. He mentions that his family's house is close nearby. James and Jesse asks the dude why can't he just go home. He tells Jesse and James that it's too complicated. He tells the story that this family wants him to pursue his dream to become a Pokemon League Champion. He also tells Jesse and James that by the time he travels, he started to realize that battling other trainers isn't his real dream. Jesse tells them that he's stuck on his dream and his family's dream. James kind of relates to this situation so he agrees to help the dude to talk to his family. The green haired dude is introduced as Vito. Back with Ash and the gang, they are ready to leave. Ash asks them if they can do anything to repay them. The family just says it's fine. As Ash insists, the grandma just challenges them to a battle and introduces themselves as the Winstrate Family. The grandma tells them that the battle will go as 4 on 4. Brock objects to the grandma's idea because Max doesn't have a Pokemon yet. Max stops Brock and asks Ash if he can loan him a Pokemon. Ash agrees and everyone agrees to battle the Winstrate Family. Grandma Vicky starts to introduce the family members, Victor will go first, followed by Victoria, then Vivi, then finally Grandma Vicky. In their own Pokemon Arena, the battle starts. Victor first sends out Zigzagoon. After he sends Zigzagoon out, Brock sends out his Mudkip. As Mudkip tries to use Water Gun, Zigzagoon dodges it. When Zigzagoon has the time to attack Mudkip, he asks Zigzagoon to use Thunderbolt. Mudkip faints and the victory goes to Victor. For the second round, it's now May's and Victoria's battle. At first Victoria sends out Roselia where May is reminded of Drew. May lets her Beautifly out and uses Gust. With May's attack, she defeates Roselia. With that, the victory goes to Ash's team. Now they're all tied up. For the third round, it's Max time to battle with Vivi. Max chooses Coprhish and starts battling with Vivi's Marril. Before they battle, they mentions to each other that whoever loses the battle will still be the winner and they will still be friends. Max was flattered and the battle begins. When Max starts to command Corphish, Corphish just attacks Marril directly and that makes Marril faint. Max goes up to him and Vivi says that she hates Max. Now, Max was heartbroken. But now Ash is leading in the scoreboard. For the final round, it's time for Vicky and Ash to battle. Ash doesn't care if he loses because it will be just a draw if he loses this one. Back with Team Rocket and Vito, they're now outside of their house. Vito and Team Rocket try to check the house but it seems that they're gone. Vito mentions to them that they maybe on the battle field. With Ash and Vicky's battle is about to start, she starts to send her Camerupt up. The battle begins between Camerupt and Pikachu. When Pikachu uses Quick Attack, Camerupt faints. Vicky tries to encourage him and starts telling him that Vito might probably be watching. Without the Winstrate Family's attention, Vito was watching them. The battle still continues. When Ash asks Pikachu to use Iron Tail, he hits Camerupt's face and the Winstrate Family was worried. Brock mentions to them that it's not against the rules if they hit a Pokemon's face. Back with Vito and the Winstrate Family, they start putting some contruction helmets on. Vicky mentions to the gang that when Camerupt is hit on its face, it makes Camerupt angry. Finally, Camerupt erupts and starts raining lava. When the lava is hitting Team Rocket, they decided to leave making Vito to be worried. As Camerupt is starting to go insane, it goes through their farm. Ash and the gang try to follow it. Vito starts to help them out by sending out Alakazam and uses Rain Dance. It rains and that makes Camerupt to calm down. Vito and Alakazam are very glad that they stopped Camerupt. After the storm, Vicky concedes the battle and gives the victory to Ash. From the air, Vito sees Team Rocket whom he helped before. As they're going towards Pikachu, they grab it and start saying their Motto. Vito starts to realize that Team Rocket is really bad and was sorry that he lead them to their house. He started to use Alakazam's Psychic attack and that causes Pikachu to be freed. When Team Rocket tries to grab Pikachu again, Vito sends out his Swellow and it uses Wing Attack. It blasts off the balloon and Team Rocket. After they blasts off, Max wonders where the Swellow came from. Grandma Vicky starts to tell them that it's probably a good spirit that guides them. She starts to tell them if Vito is there listening, it's ok for them if Vito wants to pursue his real dreams. Vito was very glad and starts to thanks her grandma. With the sun setting, the gang bids farewell to the Winstrate Family and continue their journey towards Fallarbor Town.

I Feel Skitty!
May is practicing her contest routine with Beautifly while everybody else is watching. The Frisbee routine is fine, until May throws it in the wrong direction. She sends Torchic to fetch it, and Torchic finds it in the road. Then, it hears something from the tall grass and Torchic goes in the tall grass to check it out. May and company follow it and find a Skitty with Torchic. The Pokedex says that Skitty is a Kitty Pokemon that likes to chase moving objects. However, May notices Skitty doesn’t seem to be feeling too well. Brock then says he knows where to go to cure Skitty. Brock leads everybody to a Pokemon aromatherapy lab that he saw on an Infomercial. He says that the lab can cure Pokemon of all damage. Then a female researcher comes and welcomes May and company. Brock realizes that she is Eliza and tries to make his first move of the episode. Max pulls him away by the ear. May explains that the Skitty she found is hurt. Eliza says that she can use Aromatherapy to heal Skitty. Inside the lab, everybody is admiring all the fragrances. Eliza explains that one of the bottles is Oddish’s Sweet Scent while another one is Weepinbell’s Sweet Scent. She then mixes some compounds to make a fragrance. She puts the fragrance inside a jar and the effects start immediately. May says she will wait with Skitty so it can be healed. Team Rocket is flying overhead, and they notice the laboratory. They scheme to steal the fragrance so Cacnea and Dustox can be healed. Meowth has another vision of the boss waking up to fragrances. Then he’ll go to the bathroom and the fragrances will spur him to brush longer and harder like he should. Then he’ll go into a fragrance-filled garden and then make sure Jesse, James, and Meowth get promotions. Max, Ash, and Brock are getting a tour of the garden outside the lab. The garden is supposed to make the Grass Pokemon feel comfortable by giving them the best environment possible. They go back inside and notice that Skitty is better. Skitty finds its tail and starts chasing it around. Then it chases some curtains, a ribbon, and then Pikachu’s tail. May decides that she wants to catch Skitty right now. She sends Torchic out, and Skitty immediately tackles it. Then Torchic uses Quick Attack. May is just about ready to throw a Pokeball when the windows break and Team Rocket comes in. Seviper uses a Haze attack to create mass chaos. During the pandemonium, some bottles get mixed together making a fragrance too powerful. Meowth falls in love with Skitty. Eventually, Team Rocket escapes the lab building. Everybody except James jumps into the balloon. Brock comes up and steals the bag of fragrances James stole. Then they battle over the other bag. Basically, Team Rocket is about to lose when James wants to catch some Weepinbell he sees. However, Jesse starts to leave and Corphish tosses James into the balloon. Then Taillow uses a Wing Attack to destroy the balloon and blast Team Rocket off. Team Rocket has their destroyed balloon, but Jessie notices that none of the bottles in the bag that was stolen broke. She congratulates herself, when she notices that Skitty pops out of the bag. Meowth notices it and his heart pumps a lot. However, Jesse is claiming it as hers. Meowth worries that Skitty will be unhappy as it will always be blasting off. May worries that Team Rocket got away with Skitty, so Ash and company will search for it. Meowth decides that he can make Skitty run away. He asks Jesse if he can get Skitty some water and Jesse allows it. At the nearby lake, Meowth makes Skitty run away. Jesse shows up and asks Meowth where Skitty is. He says that Skitty ran away, and Jesse starts to hit him a great deal. Meowth thinks it’s for the best. Taillow notices something and reports to Ash. They follow Taillow to find Team Rocket’s destroyed balloon. Eliza has her Oddish use Sweet Scent to attract Team Rocket to them. Meowth and Wobbuffet smell the Sweet Scent and start to walk towards the balloon. They make their way to Ash and company. May asks where Skitty is, and it pops out of a nearby bush. Jesse and May have a battle over Skitty. Beautifly defeats Dustox using Gust, and Pikachu blasts Team Rocket off. May starts to hug Skitty when a Pokeball drops out of her bag. Skitty chases the Pokeball and taps it. Skitty goes in and is successfully captured. Then Skitty pops out of its Pokeball and starts to chase its tail. Eliza shows the path to Fallarbor Town, but not before Brock tries another move. He is pulled away by Max. Then May and company leave for Fallarbor Town and May’s second Pokemon contest.

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