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Seeing is Believing
Prof. Birch is currently with Ash and company at their campsite on Dewford Island. They show off all of their new Pokemon. It is noted that Corphish has his “unique” way of saying hi, Silcoon will become a great Beautifly, and Lotad is a bit slow. Now they’re walking on a trail looking for Pokemon. Three Seedot fall on them from a tree. Seedot is the seed Pokemon that sometimes drops off trees, scaring travelers. It seems that Seedot is thirsty, so Max gives it water. We then learn that Seedot like drinking water from the trees they stick on. Ash tries putting Seedot on the tree, but it falls down. Seedot does not like the tree. It then seems that there was a landslide, destroying the trees that the Seedot presumably liked. Then Max cleans the Seedot with a leaf to make them happy. The Seedot start rolling on the ground and Prof. Birch does so as well. Team Rocket is spying on them on top of a hill. Meowth wants to catch the Seedot. Jessie is happy with her “Silcoon”, even though James and Meowth try to prove that it is a Cascoon by a card. Jessie says that it was nonsense. Team Rocket then goes down to the twerps, and demands a battle. Jessie orders Seviper to battle, but that is stopped by Corphish. Then Jessie lets out “Silcoon”, but Prof. Birch says that it is a Cascoon. May shows her Silcoon. They look different, but Jessie doesn’t care. Then she orders Cascoon to use Tackle. Silcoon does the same, and only it starts to glow. Silcoon evolves into Beautifly. Jessie is mad that Silcoon evolved first, so she orders Cascoon to use String Shot. Corphish takes the hit, and it uses Crabhammer to send Team Rocket flying through the forest. After some congrats on the evolution of Silcoon, May wants to know its attacks. It attacks are Gust, Stun Spore, and String Shot. She tells Beautifly to use Gust, and it looks pretty good. Prof. Birch hands May a pink Frisbee and May tells Beautifly that it should try to keep it in the air. It does a pretty good job, but the focus is back on finding a home for the Seedot. Team Rocket is on a tree branch. Jessie says that they will train the “Silcoon” until it evolves into “Beautifly”. James and Meowth are worried about the day that Cascoon evolves into Dustox. They think Jessie will be so angry. Anyway, Jessie’s Cascoon commences training. Ash and co. still can’t find a home for the Seedot in that forest, so they head for another. Meowth will battle Cascoon. Cascoon wins. It also beats Cacnea. Then Jessie knows it needs stronger opponents, and goes to seek out the twerps. Jessie finds the twerps and challenges them to a battle. Beautifly beats Cascoon with a Gust. Then James tells Cacnea to use Pin Missle, but it is beaten with a Tackle from Treecko. Meowth goes for the Seedot, but Brock’s Forretress stops the attempted theft. Then, while taking a gust, Cascoon starts to glow and evolves into a Dustox. The Pokedex says that Dustox spreads poison powder wherever it goes. Jessie’s confused about the turn of events, but learns that the Wurmple she had evolved into Cascoon, not Silcoon. She now loves Dustox, and learns it knows Tackle, Psybeam, and Poison Powder. It attacks Beautifly with Tackle, even though that was unfair. Then it uses Psybeam (with a Pin Missle from Cacnea), but Treecko takes the hit. Then Corphish uses Bubblebeam and Team Rocket goes blasting off with a Pikachu Thunderbolt. The Seedot have now found a home, and May’s Silcoon has evolved. Now Prof. Birch has to go back to Littleroot Town.

Ready, Willing, Sableye!
Our heroes are now going to have lunch. Brock asks Corphish to help cut the vegetables. It does that well, but goes on to cut all of the sandwiches. So they have to eat the sandwiches with a spoon, and Corphish doesn’t care too much. Team Rocket approaches a huge tunnel. Meowth says that is was an abandoned gold mine. It used to give out lots of gold, but there isn’t any now. Jessie still thinks there could be some, so she makes Meowth and James go along with her in. They go in, and find an empty cart. They take it to find a huge ghost that scares Jessie and James out. Meowth falls out of the cart and gets attacked by the “ghost”. Ash and company are now coming to the same mine. It doesn’t show up on the PokeNav, though, as it was abandoned for quite some time. Ash decides to make a plan to scare Corphish so it would be better trained. Then they go into the mine. May and Max go in a mine cart and go faster into the tunnel than Ash and Brock. It is in the plan to scare Corphish. Ash releases Corphish and gives it a Courage Test. Meowth wakes up in a control room to find that the ghost was a Sableye. He decides to make friends with it so he can then steal the twerps’ Pokemon. The first targets are May and Max. May and Max come up to Corphish in a white cloth. They scare Corphish, but it attacks the “ghost” and May and Max are revealed. Corphish then sends them through the tunnel with Crabhammer. Ash runs out with Brock and Corphish. May and Max are now in the dark, and get scared by Sableye and Meowth. They then are captured in a net. Meowth reveals himself back in the control room. May uses Torchic’s Ember to cut the rope, and then they go after Sableye to tell it the truth. Sableye and Meowth reach Ash and Brock. Corphish is quite angry, being tricked. Then Sableye comes down from the ceiling and licks Ash and Brock. They become quite scared, and Pikachu and Corphish are captured. Then May and Max come and tell Sableye that Meowth is lying. Sableye begins to distrust Meowth. Then Team Rocket comes and congratulating Meowth on catching Pikachu and Corphish for them. Sableye is now starting to get angry. Then Jessie throws a smoke bomb and sends Team Rocket away.
The bomb starts to make the cave collapse! With the help of Sableye, everybody gets out safely. Then Team Rocket still wants Pikachu, but they blast off. Now Corphish is a bit tamer, and the wild Sableye must find another place to live on Dewford Island.

A Meditite Fight
Ash and his Pokemon are practicing that wave thing from before (“Gone Corphishin’”) and it seems to be successful. They are just about to come to breakfast until he finds a surfer coming to them. She lands on the shoreline well, but the wave crashes on top of her. She is Shauna the Battle Girl, who claims to be the second best trainer at the Dewford Gym and is Brawly’s girlfriend. She heard from Brawly that Ash would be here, and she challenges him to a battle. Ash complains that he wants to eat, but Shauna makes Ash ready to battle. But it turns out that she is also hungry! They then decide to eat. Team Rocket is on the beach making about 100 pitfall traps. The twerps are bound to fall in one, right? Ash and Shauna are finished eating, and now want to battle. Brock steps in and reminds him that it’s his turn to do the dishes. Ash reluctantly does so, and Shauna helps so they can battle quickly. Team Rocket is hiding out, waiting for the twerps. Brock notices that the Pokemon are running away. We get to see a gray cloud that is coming out from behind a white one. Now the battle between Ash and Shauna is going to begin. It will be one on one. Ash uses Pikachu. Shauna sends out Meditite, a meditation Pokemon that focus its energy and only eats one berry a day. Shauna makes her Meditite coming in for attacks. Pikachu dodges every one, and waits for the right moment. Brock notes that Shauna battles like Ash used to. Pikachu uses Quick Attack eventually and Meditite is down. Immediately Brawly comes from out of nowhere and tells everybody that a hurricane is coming. The Pokemon sensed it from before. Brawly leads them to a cave. Team Rocket realizes that the twerps did not fall into any of the pitfalls, and that the rain will wash them away. They decide to run away in the Magikarp submarine. They try to do so out in the sea, but the hatch is locked, and the go blasting off again. Brawly leads Ash to a safe spot. Along the way they find 3 Seedot and 3 Shroomish and take them along to the cave. They end up along a high, narrow mountain pass. Brawly finds out that Shauna was saying that she was an apprentice and his girlfriend, which is not true. She is sorry. Brawly forgives her. They keep going up. May is scared because of the long way down. They continue on when Team Rocket crash in on them. They beg for safety. The new group finally reaches the cave. They notice that some wild Pokemon have made it there too. Shauna is still sad because she lied about her status. Brawly explains that he currently doesn’t want Shauna to be an apprentice because she battles too wildly. She hears this and remembers it. The weather is fine the next day. Team Rocket turns back to their old ways and tries to catch Pikachu. They go blasting off thanks to Hariyama. Ash and Shauna will have a rematch. Shauna changes her strategy to be like Ash’s, and it is a good fight. Pikachu wins however. Brawly is impressed with how Shauna changed and decides to make her one of his apprentices. Ash then asks for a rematch, and Brawly points to an island in the sea. The ocean parts and a path is revealed to their battle spot.

Just One of the Geysers!
We get a recap that Ash asked Brawly for a rematch in “A Meditite Fight!” and he accepted, but added the condition that they would be on his special training island.Team Rocket got on that island (as Jessie has a parachute and Meowth had a parasail that broke when James clung on to him) and landed right in a large cupboard filled with a great amount of food. Meowth wants to cook but Jessie and James just want to eat it raw. They now name this spot the site of their Secret Base. Ash and company come. Shauna says that the food is not theirs and Brawly asks how Team Rocket got to his sparring area. Team Rocket says that this is now their Secret Base. Ash wants Pikachu to blast them off, but Brawly says that it will hurt. Then Brawly says that there are geysers on the island, and one of them is coming. It just so happens that the one coming up is exactly where Team Rocket is standing. They go blasting off again. We will have a two-on-two rematch between Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and Gym Leader Brawly of Dewford Island for a Knuckle Badge. The challenger will be allowed substitutions; however, the gym leader may not. The field is half-land and half-water, with rocks jutting out from all over the place. The match starts! Ash uses Treecko, and Brawly intends to counter with Machop. Treecko takes his time for an attack, even though Machop seems to just be trying to attack as Treecko evades. When Treecko finds the right moment, it hits Machop. Machop is alright though because it was avoiding the waves. Then a geyser comes up and Machop rides it with intent to hit Treecko. Ash returns it just in time. Then Ash uses Corphish to take advantage of the field. It hides, and eventually Machop falls. Machop is unable to battle and Corphish wins. Brawly counters with Hariyama. Ash just wants Corphish to keep using Harden, hoping Hariyama will tire out. Hariyama has too much muscle though, so Corphish easily falls. Hariyama wins. Ash then must use Treecko. He knows that a normal attack will not hit it, and a special attack is needed. He remembers that Hariyama’s muscles are in its legs, so Treecko keeps using Pound on its legs. Hariyama tries to hold its ground, but falls. Ash and Treecko win the battle. Ash is presented with his Knuckle Badge.

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Abandon Ship!
Ash and friends foil a Team Rocket kidnapping scheme on the high seas, but are then left high and dry themselves when Team Rocket's boat breaks down. Drifting with the tide, they eventually come to rest against an abandoned ship. On board, they meet one of the ship's original passengers, who has returned to search for the Marshtomp he was separated from when the ship first ran aground.

Now That's Flower Power
As May prepares for the upcoming Pokemon Contest, a retired Pokemon Coordinator passing by compliments her on her battling skills. On hearing that she is preparing for her first contest, he invites her and her friends to his home, where he keeps some items that could prove helpful to May's performance.

Having A Wailord Of A Time
Impressed at how well they had raised their own Pokemon, Nurse Joy enlists Ash and Max to babysit the Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic awaiting a Pokemon trainer just about to begin her first journey. The Torchic proves to be the most rambunctious of the group, and when Ash sends several of his Pokemon to gently coax it into obedience, he inadvertently causes the troublesome chick to evolve into a Combusken.

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Win, Loose, or Drew!
May and company (you were expecting Ash, weren’t you?) are running to the Pokemon Contest House in Slateport City. May forgot to notice the registration deadline and they may be too late. May arrives just in time to register. The contest shall start in three hours. Ash is hungry, even though he just ate. The running made him hungry again. The leave for a restaurant. Team Rocket enters with Jessie wanting to enter with Dustox. Unfortunately, they do not make the deadline and are therefore ineligible to enter. They head outside to notice that a trainer is giving Pokeblocks to his Poochyena for working hard. They then decide to sell Pokeblocks. They are outside and realize that they need Pokeblocks, so they plan to swipe some off a trainer when an old man comes. He inquires about the business, and decides to give them a few tips. Three hours pass in about three seconds, and the emcee is announcing the contest information to the crowd. The first round is the preliminary round where the Pokemon are shown to the audience. Then three judges (the chairman of Pokemon Contest operations, the head of the Pokemon Enthusiast Club, and Nurse Joy of Slateport City) will score the performance out of ten. The best trainers advance to the final round. Team Rocket is listening to the old man’s lecture and James is taking notes. We see some assorted performances. May is worried and is told that her Beautifly would be just as worried. She tries to stop until we see contestant number twenty-eight, Drew on a TV screen in the locker room. Drew releases Roselia. They use a combination of beautiful attacks (Stun Spore, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance are some) to make shining leaves. He receives scores of 9.8, 9.9, and 9.7 to have a total score of 29.4, which is the best score so far. Next, we watch trainer thirty-four, Robert. He releases a Milotic. Ash looks it up in the Pokedex. It says that Milotic is arguably the most beautiful Pokemon (I would agree as I use one for my Beauty contests). It receives a high score. Finally, we get to contestant number fifty, May. The emcee says that it is her first contest. She looks worried and is about to release Beautifly when she trips. It does not seem good. She then releases Beautifly. They play a game of throw the Frisbee (Beautifly uses String Shot) until she tells Beautifly to use Gust. May, however, almost drops the Frisbee. They are finished, and she gets scores of 8.3, 8.5, and 8.1 for a total score of 24.9. May is a bit depressed in the locker room until she gets a rose from Drew. He says that it is for Beautifly, as its trainer was the one who slipped up. May gets angry. The eight trainers who qualify are shown. They include Robert, Drew, and May. The pairings are randomly decided and May will have a Contest Battle with Drew (are they sure that was random?) in the first round Team Rocket is still getting a lecture from the old man. May and Drew shall battle. Of course, it must be Roselia against Beautifly. Brock notes that May did not do much battling. Roselia uses Magical Leaf. Beautifly uses Gust, but the leaves hit anyway, as Magical Leaf always hits. Then Roselia keeps winning until the judges declare that Roselia is the winner. May is so unhappy and is crying. She feels sorry for Beautifly. Then we get more moping until we notice Drew in his second battle on the TV screen. He loses to the Milotic of Robert. Robert goes on to win the Pokemon Contest. May notices that Drew leaves. May catches up to Drew and they say that both of them will win the next contest. Until then, they shall train. It is night, and the Pokeblock case street lights are on. Jessie and Meowth are asleep from the old man’s boring lecture (he’s still going on). Eventually, James collapses as well.

The Spheal of Approval
May’s first Pokemon contest is over, and there still is a day left in Slateport City. May and Brock will head to Slateport Market while Ash and Max will visit the Oceanic Museum. Ash and Max find that the Oceanic Museum is closed even though the guidebook says it should be open every day. Max wants to do something about it, so he tries climbing a wall. He is discovered by a kid his age and he falls down. This kid is named Maurice (I think) and thinks Max is a thief. Ash comes in the scene and asks what Max did. Maurice also comes in and starts accusing Ash of being an intruder. Max explains that the museum was closed and he wanted to see it. Then Maurice lets his Spheal out. Spheal is recognized in the Pokedex as a Pokemon that moves better by rolling than crawling. He orders Spheal to attack, but Spheal thinks that it is a game. Then Maurice’s dad comes and says he is Captain Stern, the Curator of the Oceanic Museum. Max and Ash explain that they wanted to see the museum, and Stern lets them in the place. Ash and company is now in a room with some Pokemon in it. Max notices a Wailord like the one they saw earlier. Maurice shows them a Goldeen and says he likes it because it can evolve into a Gyarados. Ash says that Goldeen only evolve into Seaking; Max says that a Magikarp evolves into a Gyarados. Maurice can sometimes get his Pokemon mixed up. They then see a submarine that Stern is currently building in his shipyard. Maurice says that he wants to become a researcher of water Pokemon. Max and Ash congratulate him on that dream. Then Stern takes them to a room and shows them a rock inside a briefcase. He explains that the rock, found under the ocean, may have been created by a natural activity (underwater volcano) or the intervention of a Pokemon (we see the distinctive outline of Groudon). He closed the museum today because he wanted to study it. Then they hear some people advertising snow cones outside. The three children leave so Stern can work on his research. Meanwhile, a red hand inconspicuously sneaks into the museum by swiping an identification card. Ash, Max, and Maurice find the snow cone vendor. They each get a snow cone. Ash and Pikachu immediately eat and get a brain freeze. Maurice eats his and gets a brain freeze. Max wonders why the vendors would be here as the museum is closed, but the vendor says that does not matter. He eats his and gets a brain freeze. Team Magma finds Stern and asks for the rock. He gives in after a Shadow Ball from Mightyena. The price for four snow cones is one Pikachu. Team Rocket takes it, putting it into an anti-electric cage, and the other three can not react too well as their minds are frozen due to the snow cones. They then trap the others in a cage and try to escape. Team Rocket is running away when they notice Team Magma. They decide to have a confrontation and swipe whatever they stole. Maurice tries telling Spheal to take down the cage, but it just plays around. It takes Ash’s Corphish’s Crabhammer to break the cage. They chase after Team Rocket. Team Rocket battles Team Magma and they lose, causing them to blast off again. Brock and May are done shopping and head for the Oceanic Museum to meet Ash and Max. Ash and company arrive with Stern to meet Team Magma. They will use three Mightyenas against Stern’s Sealeo (evolved from of Spheal) and Ash’s Corphish and Pikachu. It is a fairly close battle. Stern tells Max and Maurice to get away to acquire help. They jump into the ocean (just missing a Shadow Ball) and Spheal takes them to shore. They find May and Brock and inform them of the trouble. Stern tells Ash that they can not keep battling like this. He tells Ash to get away with the rock, but a Shadow Ball makes Ash lose the briefcase holding the rock. The briefcase goes up, and it opens in midair and the rock falls out and a small part of the rock breaks off. Mightyena grabs the large piece. Then Team Magma gets away on a helicopter. The police immediately arrive. Ash is sorry for losing the briefcase, but Stern shows them a piece of the rock. It is sufficient enough to do research. Now Ash and the usual company shall head to Mauville City.

Jump for Joy!
Below the mountains, there's a Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy is in her room doing some research on her computer. She notices that the window is open which she closed a while ago. When she stands up and tries to close it, a strong wind comes to her. When she looks back, a strange Pokemon appears (Shiftry) which causes her to scream.Ash and the others have decided to take a break for a while and stop by at the nearest Pokemon Center in the mountains. As they stop in front of the Pokemon Center, Max tells Ash to ask Nurse Joy if there's any place to see a rare Pokemon. Brock tells Max that he needs to see Nurse Joy. As they enter the Pokemon Center, they notice that Nurse Joy isn't there. Pikachu hops down to Ash's shoulder and goes to Nurse Joy's room. As Ash and the gang follow Pikachu, they just see Pikachu laying on the ground sleeping. Ash tries to see what's going on with Pikachu. As he tries to touch him, Ash falls asleep. At the top of a tree, Team Rocket was peacefully resting until a Shiftry comes by. Team Rocket falls down from the tree and watches Shiftry as it carries Nurse Joy on its back. Meowth has an idea about Shiftry. He tells Jesse and James that if they catch that Shiftry, the Boss's summer problems wil be over because Shiftry can give their boss cold air. Everyone agrees and they happily hope they will get a promotion. Back to the Pokemon Center, Brock is waking Ash and Pikachu. When Ash and Pikachu wake up, Brock notices that Pikachu has breathed a Stun Spore attack, which caused them to sleep. May interrupts and reads the article about Nurse Joy's research. Brock yells again and says that he's in Nurse Joy's room. Max interrupts and notices a surveillance camera. In the Control Room, they watch the scene on where Nurse Joy was abducted. As they stop the video to see who kidnapped her, Max tells that its a Shiftry. Since Ash doesn't know what a Shiftry is, he looks at its data in his Pokedex. They also see the Stun Spore attack that Shiftry used to get Nurse Joy easily. Brock was very determined to save Nurse Joy! May, Max, and Ash have their own theory. Max says that Shiftry can't use Stun Spore. Ash says that she's been kidnapped while May wonders where she could be. Pikachu sees the tree Shiftry went to and the gang agrees to find Nurse Joy in the tree that Pikachu sees. As the gang tries to rescue Nurse Joy, they encounter an Oddish along their way. Brock was very worried because Oddish uses a Stun Spore attack that can make them sleep. May says that she can handle it. She uses her Beautifly's Gust to blow Stun Spore away. At the top of the tree, Shiftry was there still carrying Nurse Joy on its back. Still continuing their search and rescue, Ash meets some Seedot with the Oddish they encountered before. Brock figures out that Shiftry used Oddish's Stun Spore on Nurse Joy. The Seedot start attacking them. Behind a bush, Max suggests that since they're grass type Pokemon, May should use her Torchic. After using Torchic's Ember attack, the Seedot and the Oddish run away. The gang was happy and they still continue to find Nurse Joy. Behind the bushes, Team Rocket was there. They can't believe that the twerps are there. They agree to follow them. Back with Nurse Joy, she finally becomes conscious and sees Shiftry. As Ash and the gang near the tree that holds Nurse Joy and Shiftry, they are attacked again by a bunch of Nuzleaf. They just run away while Max suggests to Ash
to use Taillow. Taillow scares the Nuzleaf. After Taillow is back in its Pokeball, Brock and Max figures out that the Nuzleaf, Seedot, and Oddish that they encountered must be working for Shiftry. Behind the rocks, Team Rocket was glad that the twerps are helping them lead to the Shftry. Nurse Joy was very scared of Shiftry and asks him what it wants. As Shiftry is trying to come close to Nurse Joy, a bunch of Oddish, Seedot and Nuzleaf bursts in. Nurse Joy wonders why there's lots of Seedot, Nuzleaf, and Oddish there. She also asks where she is. As the Nuzleaf, Seedot, and Oddish clear the way, one Seedot tries to talk to Nurse Joy and brings her to an injured Nuzleaf. Now Nurse Joy finally understands why Shiftry kidnapped her. A Nuzleaf interrupts the scene and reports to Shiftry that Ash and the gang is coming. Shiftry faces Ash and the gang. Ash uses his Treecko to battle with Shiftry but unfortunately, Shiftry seems so fast. Ash tells Brock, May and Max to go up to the tree while Ash handles Shiftry. As the battle continues, Team Rocket interrupts. They say their motto. They are now planning to catch Shiftry. Climbing up the tree, May, Brock and Max finally find Nurse joy. Brock tells Nurse Joy that she's safe now. Nurse Joy wonders what's going on until Brock and Max see the wounded Nuzleaf. Now that they know why Shiftry kidnapped Nurse Joy and tried to stop them, they tells Nurse Joy that Shiftry is battling with Ash's Treecko. Nurse Joy immediately asks if they can get some emergency supplies from the Pokemon Center and after that, she asks them to bring them to Shiftry. Brock and the gang agree. Back with Team Rocket, Shiftry just blasts them off. After that, the battle between Shiftry and Treecko continues. Nurse Joy and Brock come to stop them and tells Shiftry that she'll treat the Nuzleaf. Ash wonders, but Brock explains the situation. Nurse Joy tells Shiftry that they need to get the medical supplies back from the Pokemon Center. Ash tells her that the Pokemon Center is way way far from the mountaitns. Brock have an idea and ask Shiftry to bring him there. Finally the injured Shiftry was back to normal again. Everyone was very happy including the gang and Shiftry. Nurse Joy thanks them as Shiftry leaves the Nuzleaf, Seedot, and Oddish. Since the situation is back to normal again, the gang bids farewell to Nurse Joy.

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