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On a Wingull and a Prayer!
Ash and company are traveling through Rustboro City. May wants some pasta, so she leads the group to a pasta store using directions from a map. Unfortunately, it is closed. A sign hints that is was a pasta place some timebefore. Max asks May if the date on the map is correct. It turns out that the map was made on the same day in the same month ten years ago. The port that has the ferry to Dewford Island is on a port across from the one our friends are at. Ash is mad at May because she used an outdated map. So May leaves to find a boat. May is unhappy that Ash yelled at her. May, while alone, finds this old man fishing. He says that the fish will bite tomorrow after she says she wants to ask a question. Then May tells him that she wants aboat to take her and her friends to Dewford Island. This man is Mr. Briney, and he doesn’t mind. Now a blue bird with a yellow beak comes down. May checks that Pokedex to find out that this is Wingull, a bird Pokemon that carries stuff and hides them “here and there”. Mr. Briney says that this Wingull is his, and he called it Peeko. May says it is cute. Peeko is scared of May. Mr. Briney says Peeko is scared of strangers. Then May gives Peeko some of Brock’s Pokemon food. Peeko likes it. Now Mr. Briney will give May and her friends a ride to Dewford Island. He shows May his house so they know where to find Mr. Briney. Team Rocket sees this, and decided to wait for May to come back with the rest of the “twerps”. Somebody else also sees Mr. Briney. May gets Ash, Brock, and Max and they go to Mr. Briney’s house. Mr. Briney says that they did not make any such deal and slams the door on them. Dejected, they leave. The mysterious man is a member of Team Aqua, who told Mr. Briney to give him his boat and kept Peeko hostage, which is being held by a Crawdaunt. Mr. Briney complies. Officer Jenny from last episode comes and realizes that she remembers Ash and company from yesterday. She tells them that this is a dangerous area, and they should leave. She explains that the Team Aqua member from yesterday got away, so they set up checkpoints around Rustboro City so he can’t leave. She said that he plans to meet other members of Team Aqua. She then leaves. Brock and Max start thinking. If they knew about the checkpoints, the Team Aqua guy would know about them too. So he won’t escape in a car; it would be too suspicious. He has to use a boat. The only boat around here is Mr. Briney’s. So he must have used Mr. Briney to do his bidding. They must be in trouble. He sent them away to protect them! Now the Team Aqua member is forcing Mr. Briney to give him his boat. He does so because he doesn’t want Peeko (who is in a little cage) to get hurt. Ash and company return to his house. The Team Aqua guy shows up and they realize he is the one from last episode, except this time he is in appropriate attire for a Team Aqua member. He sends out Crawdaunt to battle. Ash uses Pikachu. Then some smoke bombs explode.Team Rocket comes. After the motto, they use a machine that sucks wind. Pikachu and Peeko (as the metal link to the cage breaks) get sucked in. After a Water Gun from Lotad (on the second attempt), the control to the sucker malfunctions, and a trap door opens that releases Pikachu and Peeko (who is caught by Crawdaunt). Then a Bubblebeam sends them blasting off again. The Team Aqua guy gets away on the boat, with Crawdaunt and Peeko. Mr. Briney says he has another boat, and pulls a hidden lever. A large Wingull boat (named the S.S. Wingull) appears. Mr. Briney explained that he was lonely after he sailed until Peeko came, so Mr. Briney made a Wingull boat. The Team Aqua member thinks he is free, until the S.S. Wingull comes. Ash and Pikachu get on the bow of their boat. Pikachu is about to use Thunder when Crawdaunt uses Water Pulse, sending the S.S. Wingull off course. Then it uses Bubblebeam, and it too hits the boat. The Team Aqua boat is about to hit into a large rock as it is going too fast. Pikachu tries to use Thunder to destroy the rock, but it doesn’t completely destroy the rock. Mr. Briney moves the S.S. Wingull so the Team Aqua boat launches over the rock. Peeko is now free. The original boat is now a wreck. The Team Aqua member and Crawdaunt escape on a Team Aqua submarine. Back at Mr. Briney’s house, Peeko gets some more Pokemon food from May. Then May realizes she is hungry. She wanted some pasta. It turns out Mr. Briney knows the owner of that former restaurant from earlier in the episode, and the owner can make some Rustboro City pasta for everyone. The next day, everybody is on the S.S. Wingull headed for Dewford Island.

Sharpedo's Attack
Ash and co. and Mr. Briney are sailing in the Wingull boat to Dewford Island so Ash may compete in his second gym battle. He just won the first badge at the Rustboro City Gym. Max and May want to go swimming, and convince Ash to stop. Mr. Briney knows a little island. Then they release all of their Pokemon. Team Rocket is trying to keep up with the Wingull boat by using their Magikarp submarine, but fail. The group finds a little hidden island that only Mr. Briney knows about. May already changed in her swimsuit that she bought in Rustboro City and jumps into the water. Max soon follows. They have fun. Then almost everybody else (except Torchic, the fire Pokemon) wants to go in the water. A school of Sharpedo comes. May and Max are now in danger. Peeko tries to lift Max and May to the Wingull boat. They feel Sharpedo’s Rough Skin, which tears their clothes up a bit. Then Taillow comes and helps. May and Max are saved. Unfortunately, the group is trapped on the little isle! During the night, a plan is discussed. There are three Sharpedo guards to watch over the “hostages”. It seems that the Sharpedo are working as a group, even though they usually are independent. The eight Pokemon (Pikachu, Taillow, Treecko, Forretress, Lotad, Torchic, Wurmple, and Wingull) cannot battle all of the Sharpedo. If they battle the supposed leader of the Sharpedo, then the Sharpedo might not work by themselves anymore. At night, Team Rocket gets lost and finds the same island. They are about to head toward it when the Sharpedo come. Seviper uses a Poison Tail against the Sharpedo leader, but it doesn’t do too much damage. The Sharpedo thrust Team Rocket into the air. They notice the Wingull boat on that island, and realize that the twerps must be there. They blast off (without a Wobbuffet interruption, surprisingly). Ash tries to gather the attention of all the Sharpedo, leaving just the leader. Then they try to gate the leader off. It seems successful. Then Brock battles Sharpedo with Lotad. Lotad uses a Water Gun after a few attempts. It works, but the Sharpedo surprisingly faints. The Sharpedo seems to be poisoned. They think that a Tentacruel must have done it (even though Seviper did). Then Brock nurses it back to health (which takes a day). The Sharpedo is grateful. “Prepare for trouble or walk the plank. Make it double or you will sink. That doesn’t rhyme!” Team Rocket attacks on the Magikarp sub and takes Sharpedo and Pikachu with them. Lotad swims up to the Magikarp sub and uses Razor Leaf to free Pikachu and Sharpedo. Pikachu is about to use Thunder when the Sharpedo school take care of Team Rocket. They go blasting off again. The Sharpedo are now friendly to the group, and stop using Rough Skin, as they are happy to be with them. The group makes it to Dewford Island. Mr. Briney will now go to Slateport City for a cruise. Now Ash will have his gym battle for his second badge.

Brave the Wave
Ash is so stoked for his gym battle on Dewford Island. It’s quite early, and everyone (especially May, accidentally holding a pillow) is tired. Ash makes it to the gym. On a banner it says “Brave the fighting wave.” Max says that the gym leader must use fighting Pokemon, and Brock remembers Chuck of Cianwood Gym (which could have been the first reference to another season of Pokemon in this season). Ash reaches for the door handle when a crowd runs out and the door smacks him in the head. One of the guys tells him that it is not a good place to rest there. Ash asks for the gym leader, and he says that he is Brawly, Gym Leader of the Dewford Gym. Ash asks for a battle, but Brawly wants to go surfing today, and they can battle tomorrow. He walks away. This angers Ash because Brawly should immediately accept all challenges. May says that gym leaders should have fun too. She runs off with the crowd. Brock sees lots of beautiful girls and runs after them. Max says that they might as well go too as a gym battle can't be able to exist without a gym leader. We get treated to some shots of Dewford Beach. Two people walk into a fast food restaurant, and ask for service. Team Rocket says the motto and gives the customers their drinks. They are freaked out, and consequently leave. Meowth notices that the twerps are here and they want to capture Pikachu. Ash and company have made it to the beach. May takes off her clothes to reveal a green swimsuit (how many did she buy in Rustboro City?), and heads for the water. Ash notices that Brawly is surfing with his Makuhita (a Pokemon that doesn’t give up). Ash is now extremely angry because Brawly refused a gym battle just to go surfing. He then swims out (with regular clothes on) and asks for a gym battle. This throws Makuhita off balance and falls in. It is saved and is taken back to the beach. Ash then digs through the sand and asks Brawly for a gym battle. Then Team Rocket comes (after a motto miscue, since they said it already) and fires a capture net at Pikachu. Pikachu tries to get out, but this net is anti-electrical. Team Rocket attempts to escape. Brawly tells Makuhita to paddle out on the surfboard. It easily catches up to Team Rocket, and Pikachu is freed. Jesse and Meowth want to get away while they still can, but James wants to fight more. Then they go blasting off with a Pikachu Thunderbolt. Brawly is amazed at Pikachu’s Thunderbolt, and accepts Ash’s challenge. This will be an official Dewford Island Gym Battle between the challenger, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, and the gym leader, Brawly. This will be a 2-on-2 battle where the challenger may substitute his Pokemon, but the gym leader cannot. The match begins! Ash uses Taillow; Brawly uses Machop (a Superpower Pokemon). Taillow uses lots of Wing Attacks, but Machop recovers easily from all of them. Then Machop uses a Cross Chop on Taillow. Taillow is unable to battle; Machop wins. Brock tells Ash that Machop is able to recover from the attacks through being like if it was surfing. Ash must change his strategy. Ash is stubborn, though. Ash uses Treecko to battle Machop. Treecko uses lots of Pound attacks. Machop is now tired, so Ash goes in with a Quick Attack. Machop falls and is declared unable to battle. Treecko wins. Max and May think that Ash may win the battle, but Brock is not so sure. Treecko may have won because Machop may have been too tired. Now Treecko is tired. Brawly uses Makuhita. Treecko goes in with a Pound, but Makuhita uses Vital Throw. Then Treecko uses Quick Attack, which is stopped. Makuhita uses Seismic Toss (including the picture of Earth), and Treecko is down. It gets up, though. Makuhita begins to glow. It evolves into Hariyama, a quite powerful Pokemon. Brock tells Ash to give up, but Ash still is stubborn. He tells Treecko to use Pound. It gets stopped and Hariyama uses Arm Thrust. Treecko is now out for good. Brawly wins. He tells Ash to take Treecko to the Pokemon Center right away. At the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy reports that Treecko will be fine, but she doesn’t like how much it had to take until it gave up. She walks away. Ash is now mad that he lost to a surfing gym leader. He runs outside, with Pikachu following. Ash is walking along the beach, sad because he made Treecko suffer too much. Pikachu is unhappy too. They hear Brawly (even though Brawly does not hear them) and hide behind a rock. Brawly is surfing with Hariyama. He explains to Hariyama that Ash might have won if Ash wasn’t so tenacious, so they have to train some more. Hariyama can’t seem to stay on the surfboard because it’s so big. It eventually does, and Ash reveals himself. Ash finally apologizes about thinking that surfing was just for fun. Brawly does say it helps for training. Then he goes back with Hariyama into the water. Brock, Max, and May come. Ash asks if they can stay on Dewford Island and train some more. Max says there must be rare Pokemon there, and all agree. Now Ash will begin his training on Dewford Island.

Which Wurmple's Which?
We hear a new announcer, recapping last episode where Ash lost his gym battle and pushed his Taillow and Treecko to the limits. He has now decided to train on Dewford Island. Ash and company are sleeping. Max wakes up to find Ash’s bed empty. Ash was sitting outside the room next to the room where Treecko is. He is woken up. Nurse Joy comes out to report that Treecko and Taillow are fine. They have breakfast. Wurmple is hungry, as usual. May wants it to evolve. Then the group then decides to find Steven Stone at a place called Granite Cave, as they heard he is there. They go to it. Then they see an old man (disguised as James) telling them that they can fish here, and give them some fishing rods. After some fishing, May gets a bite. An Octillery comes out of the water. It then uses Constrict on Max. May sends out Wurmple and it uses String Shot. Octillery gets away, but the String Shot hit Max. Then Octillery gets away. Following that, Ash gets a bite. A Corphish comes out of the water. Ash tries battling it, but the Corphish eventually gets away. Team Rocket was spying on the group in their submarine. They plan to bite one of the rods. Ash and company would hold on and get pulled into the water. Team Rocket would then get the Pokeballs and Pikachu. May immediately gets a bite, and pulls. Team Rocket tries to pull the twerps into the water, but their pedals (which power the sub) break. May brings the sub to the surface. Team Rocket comes out and says the motto. They throw a new and capture Pikachu. Then Treecko frees it. Team Rocket jumps on the land. Both Jessie and May release their Wurmples. They compare them and brag that theirs is better. Max scientifically compares them. He proclaims that they are exactly alike. Then we get a free-for-all. The Wurmples attack each other. Then Treecko attacks James, who is trying to capture Pikachu. Team Rocket is blasting off again. May gets Wurmple back. She doesn’t think that this one is hers. She tries recalling it into the Pokeball, but that doesn’t work. This Wurmple must be Jessie’s! Jessie is with “her” Wurmple. James thinks that the Wurmple isn’t hers. Jessie denies it. Then they try to eat a cookie, but Wurmple quickly eats it up. Using Taillow, May finds where Team Rocket is. They have a confrontation. They attempt to trade Wurmples, but Jessie takes both and runs off. They try to get away in the balloon, but Taillow’s Wing Attack stops that. May immediately gets her Wurmple. We have a battle. Jessie uses Seviper against Taillow. Taillow is about to go in when Seviper uses Smog. Taillow can’t see. Treecko comes out and hits Seviper with Pound. James sends Cacnea out (who hugs him). Cacnea uses Pin Missile on Pikachu, but it evades. It uses Quick Attack on Cacnea. Then they blast off. May knew which Wurmple was hers because she could sense it. Then they head toward Granite Cave and Steven.

A Hole Lotta Trouble
The group has made it to Dewford Cave so they can find Steven. They enter, not knowing what is in there. Brock puts little stickers on the cave walls so they can get out. Team Rocket is digging a pitfall in the cave. James would rather have a direct battle, though. We find Steven searching for something with his Aron. Ash and company make it to the hole, and fall in. Team Rocket comes out of hiding, but the hole collapses and everyone falls through. A little map shows that they were split up into three groups. Max was with Pikachu and Meowth. They decide to find an exit. May is stuck in the hole when Jessie falls right on top of her. May will try to lift Jessie up. Ash is bickering with James over whose fault it was that the hole collapsed. Brock says that they should get out. Steven hears the crash and goes with his Aron to check it out. The Max group finds an underwater waterfall. They also see a path to a higher level in the cave. They climb up, and Meowth explains how he learned to talk (“Go West, Young Meowth”). Jessie is stuck in a hole. She is complaining to May (who is under her). Jessie then gets hit by a Loudred. She’ll make the hole bigger so they can easily escape. They’ll fall down the same hole they originally fall down to meet Ash’s group. James disturbs some Aron, and they chase after the group. Then they go up to a higher level. They’ll fall down through the same hole. Basically, the paths of the players get confusing. Eventually, Max, Pikachu, and Meowth meet Steven. All of the others will be chased by the Aron. They’ll meet through a crevice. Steven will give directions on how to meet at someplace. Then Steven (with the others held onto him) jumps over the long crevice and make it to the waterfall mentioned previously. At the waterfall, it seems that Ash, May, Brock, Jessie, and James are trapped. Steven orders his Aron to use Roar, and all of the other Aron flee. Then Steven gets mad at Team Rocket for making the hole. He calls out his Aggron, which makes a hole to outside as it Hyper Beams Team Rocket away. Aron finds a Fire Stone for Steven. A Fire Stone can evolve Growlithe into Arcanine, Vulpix into Ninetales, and Eevee into Flareon. Steven asks how his dad is doing, and they say he’s okay. Steven leaves the island for other places. He shows Ash a good training spot.

A Hole Lotta Trouble
The group has made it to Dewford Cave so they can find Steven. They enter, not knowing what is in there. Brock puts little stickers on the cave walls so they can get out. Team Rocket is digging a pitfall in the cave. James would rather have a direct battle, though. We find Steven searching for something with his Aron. Ash and company make it to the hole, and fall in. Team Rocket comes out of hiding, but the hole collapses and everyone falls through. A little map shows that they were split up into three groups. Max was with Pikachu and Meowth. They decide to find an exit. May is stuck in the hole when Jessie falls right on top of her. May will try to lift Jessie up. Ash is bickering with James over whose fault it was that the hole collapsed. Brock says that they should get out. Steven hears the crash and goes with his Aron to check it out. The Max group finds an underwater waterfall. They also see a path to a higher level in the cave. They climb up, and Meowth explains how he learned to talk (“Go West, Young Meowth”). Jessie is stuck in a hole. She is complaining to May (who is under her). Jessie then gets hit by a Loudred. She’ll make the hole bigger so they can easily escape. They’ll fall down the same hole they originally fall down to meet Ash’s group. James disturbs some Aron, and they chase after the group. Then they go up to a higher level. They’ll fall down through the same hole. Basically, the paths of the players get confusing. Eventually, Max, Pikachu, and Meowth meet Steven. All of the others will be chased by the Aron. They’ll meet through a crevice. Steven will give directions on how to meet at someplace. Then Steven (with the others held onto him) jumps over the long crevice and make it to the waterfall mentioned previously. At the waterfall, it seems that Ash, May, Brock, Jessie, and James are trapped. Steven orders his Aron to use Roar, and all of the other Aron flee. Then Steven gets mad at Team Rocket for making the hole. He calls out his Aggron, which makes a hole to outside as it Hyper Beams Team Rocket away. Aron finds a Fire Stone for Steven. A Fire Stone can evolve Growlithe into Arcanine, Vulpix into Ninetales, and Eevee into Flareon. Steven asks how his dad is doing, and they say he’s okay. Steven leaves the island for other places. He shows Ash a good training spot.

Gone Corpishin'
This episode begins with Team Rocket. James and Meowth are ready to capture Pikachu, but Jessie is relaxing in a beach chair. She wants to enjoy herself. Wobbuffet agrees, as he is in another chair. Then they discuss what to do when something comes out and blasts them off (possibly a record for how soon into an episode they did that). We see Ash eager to start training, taking advice from Steven and training on the far side of Dewford Island. Ash wants to start training now. So he releases Taillow and Treecko. They sit with their backs to the water. A wave comes up. They try to get away, but fail. Forretress uses Rapid Spin to dry Max’s clothes. They are now clean. Brock is getting lunch ready. May wonders how Ash can be training. Brock explains that Ash lost his battle at the Dewford Gym because he didn’t concentrate. It is better for Ash to concentrate than to train for more power. Ash and his Pokemon are doing the same thing again. Another wave comes. Taillow tries to tell Ash that the wave is coming. Ash tells Taillow to concentrate on the wave. Then they run away at the right time, except for Treecko. He just lets the wave hit him. Treecko doesn’t like getting wet too much. Then Max tells May that she should be training for the Pokemon contest. May shows the group a good entrance, on her part. Torchic and Wurmple come out and doesn’t seem too interested. Max corrects May that she can only let one Pokemon out during the contest. Also, May’s appearance was too focused on herself and not the Pokemon. May’s going to have to come up with a new plan. We now see Team Rocket, who are on a little mountain. They are mad at getting blasted off by that thing. They want to catch it. They see it burrowing through the sand down below. Jessie runs off to meet it, but she steps on a Loudred that she didn’t see. The Loudred Hyper Voices Team Rocket away. Ash and company notice that something is happening. That same thing that Team Rocket is after attacks their tent from under some sand and takes the tent with it. May tells Wurmple to use String Shot on the thing. It is slowed down, but pulls Wurmple. Treecko comes to help Wurmple, but the thing resists. Everybody holds on to Wurmple, but the thing pulls everybody into the water. We notice that everybody’s clothes are on the clothesline. Max notes that since the thing came, it is likely to come again. May wonders where that came from, and that makes Max angry as it was from Professor Oak’s Top 100 Pokemon Poems. They reckon the thing is a Pokemon. Ash wants to catch it. Ash, Brock, and Max commence Operation: Find and Catch the Mystery Pokemon. May is scared. At night, Brock put out some Pokemon food on the beach. If that thing is a Pokemon, it will take the food. Ash, Brock, and Max hide behind a bush and wait for it. May is frightened and can’t sleep. The Pokemon attacks from behind. It takes the Pokemon food. Ash orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. It hits the target, and Ash sees a few red horns. Then the Pokemon burrows under the sand and gets away. The next morning, everybody is tired. May didn’t get any sleep because she was scared of the mystery Pokemon. Brock orders Forretress to use Rapid Spin on the sand. Then the cover the hole with grass and then some more sand. They made a pitfall trap. Brock and Ash say it will work as they fell into many pitfalls made by Team Rocket. May and Max question their ethics. Ash and Brock are ashamed. At night, the group is hiding behind the same bush. They put out another plate of Pokemon food. When the Pokemon eats it, they’ll put out another plate right behind a pitfall. Four figures covered in seaweed notice the first plate. They must be Pokemon as they eat it quickly. Then they notice the second plate. They run towards the plate and fall in the hole. Ash and company come out of the bush and look in the hole. Team Rocket comes out and starts to say the motto. They are interrupted by May and Max, who note that they don’t have to do that. Team Rocket is ashamed. Then something makes them blast off. That thing is the mystery Pokemon. It is a Corphish, like the one from yesterday. Ash makes Pikachu battle it. Pikachu goes for a Quick Attack, but Corphish uses Crabhammer. Then it goes in for Iron Tail, but Corphish grabs its tail and throws Pikachu at Ash. Pikachu is done. Ash sends out Treecko. He tells it to stay where it is. The sun starts to rise as the standoff starts. Corphish is impatient and goes in for Bubblebeam. Treecko dodges it. Next, Corphish uses Crabhammer. Treecko dodges and uses Quick Attack. Then it uses Pound. Ash throws a Pokeball. It goes in and after a long wait of anticipation. Corphish is caught. Ash caught Treecko! The training paid off. Ash lets Corphish out. Ash tells Corphish that it is going with Ash and offers a handshake. Corphish accepts, but it shakes a bit too strong and throws Ash about fifty feet. Ash still has to do more training for the Dewford Gym.

A Corpish Out of Water
We get a view of the campsite from last episode. Ash is cleaning his Pokeballs. He wants his Pokemon to be clean. Max suggests that May should do that too. Then we begin to eat and Wurmple is not feeling well, as it is not eating anything. Torchic and May are worried. Then Corphish comes and eats Torchic’s and Wurmple’s food. Then it eats seaweed and rope. Ash tells it to stop, but Corphish flings Ash into the air. Corphish walks away. Everybody is worried about Corphish. It is a bit reckless. Then a robotic arm grabs Pikachu and it is evident that Team Rocket did it. Team Rocket puts Pikachu into an electric-proof cage. They try to get away, but Wurmple uses String Shot to hold the balloon. Everybody is pulling the string. Ash tells Corphish to hold onto the rope, but it cuts the rope. Everybody hits the ground and Team Rocket blasts off not too far away. May is mad at Corphish for cutting the rope. Max says it is Ash’s fault because he told Corphish to hold on. Ash tells them that they should go find Pikachu. Team Rocket, though hurt, has Pikachu. Then Ash and company come. May tells Wurmple to use String Shot on the cage and it gets Pikachu back. May thanks Wurmple for being so strong and cute and Jessie makes a comment. We get into another Wurmple comparison. Both Wurmple begin to glow. They are evolving! Ash checks his Pokedex to find out that Wurmple evolved into Silcoon, a Pokemon that stays motionless and collects dew from its “shell”. James and Meowth look at both evolutions of Wurmple, and determine that they are different. Corphish uses Bubblebeam to send Team Rocket blasting off again. It seems that Corphish has a fever. They have to take it to the Dewford Town Pokemon Center on the other side of the island. Unfortunately, Ash left his Pokeballs at camp, so he is going to carry Corphish to the Pokemon Center. Pikachu follows him. Ash is en route to the Pokemon Center. Corphish is getting too hot, so Ash goes to a nearby spring and cools it off. Then Ash gets to a river, but there is no bridge. Pikachu finds a boat with oars, though. Ash starts crossing the river when the boat is attacked by some Carvanha. Ash, Pikachu, and Corphish end up flying back to shore. Ash sees a bridge, and runs toward it. The bridge is broken, though. On the other side of the river you can see Dewford Town. Ash decides to wade across. Ash is wading through the river while holding Pikachu and Corphish on a board on top of him. He is almost there when the Carvanha return. Ash tells Pikachu to jump onto the other shore. It does. Then Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on the Carvanha. It works well, and gives Ash more time. More Carvanha come, so Pikachu Thunderbolts them too. Next a Carvanha jumps out of the water and knocks Pikachu down. The Carvanha immediately come for Ash, and hit him a lot. Corphish notices this, and uses Bubblebeam to scare the Carvanha away. Ash makes it to shore, and goes to the Pokemon Center. He learns that Corphish will be fine tomorrow. At night, May, Max, and Brock are walking along a beach (with Treecko and Taillow out, as they can’t be recalled) and find a tape recorder. It seems curious, and it was a trap. Team Rocket comes. They notice that Ash and Pikachu aren’t there, so that would be why their third trap didn’t activate. Of course, the third trap activates now and traps Team Rocket. Nobody notices water is coming in the cages. Eventually, Brock realizes this and wants to know how to get out. Team Rocket states that the traps cannot be destroyed from the inside. Brock notices that Taillow is flying above them and there still is the tape recorder. The next morning, Nurse Joy comes to report that Corphish is fighting fit. Then Taillow comes in with the tape recorder. We hear the situation, and Ash, Nurse Joy, Pikachu, and Corphish gasp. The cages are almost filled with water when Ash comes on Nurse Joy’s speedboat. Corphish uses Crabhammer to free all of the people. On shore, Team Rocket is thankful…for five seconds. They go for Pikachu, but are Thunderbolted away.

A Mudkip Mission
It's another day again for Ash to continue his trainingon Dewford Island. The episode starts on a river side where May pretends to be a camerawoman who is interviewing herself. She holds herhand like a camera that looks like a rectangle and talks to herself. While Ash, Max, and Brock are walking along with May, they are wondering wherethey are right now. So Max use his PokeNav to find their location. They walk all the way along the river side until they reach a waterfall which is a dead end for them. All of them get disappointed butBrock has an idea! He sees that there's a tree at the top of the waterfallso he suggests climbing it by using a rock and a rope with the help ofLotad, He throws it to the branch and starts climbing up. While the others are climbing it, they didn't notice that May was already atthe top of the waterfall. So May helps the others to climb up. When they finally got up to the top of the waterfall, Ash wonders how she climbed up so fast. May tells everybody that her Silcoon helped her to climb up with the use of its String Shot attack. As they reached the other side of the waterfall, they all walked further until they saw a foggy place. All of them got curious so they went further ahead to check it out. While walking, they notice that they're walking on quicksand on which their feet are starting to sink. All of them just ignore it and walk fast. When they finally reach the foggy place, they see a small pond that's full of Mudkip. Ash gets excited so he used his Pokedex to see its information. May remembers what happened to her during her visit to Professor Birch. May decides that she liked Water Pokemon too, so she tried to catch it. Upon going any further, a Mudkip stops her and used Water Gun attack on her. May got disappointed again...While they're all very excited on the discovery of the horde of Mudkips, Ash and the others saw four Mudkip playing around when suddenly, a baby Mudkip falls in the current. Brock panics so he lets Lotad out of his Pokeball and he agrees to save the baby Mudkip. It seems that Lotad can't handle the current so another Mudkip jumps into the current and saves them. After reaching the surface, Brock goes to them and thanks the big Mudkip who saved Lotad and other baby Mudkip. The big Mudkip didn't accept his thanks but instead gets mad at him. He told the big Mudkip that May meant no harm on the other Mudkip because she just really would like to catch one beacause she already has Torchic. When Mudkip hears Ash and the others calling Brock's name, it runs away. Brock told Ash that the baby Mudkip was saved and they hear a noise from the bush...He gets shocked because he sees an old man peeking that looks like a Mukip. The old man gets mad at them for disturbing the horde of Mudkips in the lake. Ash told the old man that they meant no harm and he told that Brock saved one the Mudkip. Brock looks embarassed and they all introduce themselves to one another. The old man introduce himself as Swampy. Swampy also tells them that he studies Mudkip in the lake. Ash goes to him and starts to laugh for making fun on him. Swampy told everybody that he breeds Mudkip and he brings everybody to his small house. Inside of Swampy's house, they saw bunch of Mudkip eggs inside of the glass incubator. Ash and Max looks at it closely with joy in their face. Max told Swampy that Brock is a Pokemon Breeder also. Swampy gets happy and he asked Brock if he wants to see an egg hatching. Brock agrees and Swampy brings him to the place on where lots of eggs hatch. In there, May puts her face ten feet away from the eggs until one Mudkip hatches. The newly born Mudkip launches a water gun attack on her face in which she makes herself looks like a fool to Ash and the others. All of them laugh and laugh until Swampy mentions that once a Mudkip grows old enough, it decides to leave the lake or protect the baby ones. On the other side... Jesse, James and Meowth are there looking for the twerps until they saw a wooden fence blocking their way. Jesse suggest to break it by using Seviper's Poison Tail but it failed. When it's James turn, he lets his Cacnea out and he ask it to do a Tackle Attack. Instead of Tackling the fence, it accidentally tackle James on which it caused to destroy the fence. When Wobbuffet tries to get up, the cans on the rope rattles on which Swampy is alerted. Swampy knows that someone is trying to trespass the fence that protects the Mudkip's lake. Old Swampy agrees to check it out. Ash and others agrees to help out but when Brock is trying to follow Ash, he noticed that there's a Mudkip there that looks happy. Brock talks to it and the Mudkip runs away so he follows it. In the lake, Brock is looking for Mudkip. When Mudkip is trying to show up, Brock moves close but it seems scared. Near the fence that Team Rocket destroyed, Old Swampy picks up the can and Team Rocket appears saying their motto. Swampy ask,"Team Rocket?". Ash told him that Team Rocket is up to no good and they're trying to steal his Pikachu.Old Swampy gets mad at them saying that they can't steal the Mudkip because they don't know where it was hidden. James and Jesse get glad when they heard that there's a Mudkip around and they agree to find it and catch it. May told him that he shouldn't have said that because now they will try to steal it. Swampy is still mad and he tells Ash and May that if there's a trespasser come to their place and try to destroy the dam, it would cause a huge flood. Max shouts to Swampy that's he's giving Team Rocket an idea on how to steal the horde of Mudkips. Swampy close his mouth and seems very mad to himself. Team Rocket is very glad for that info. James lets his Cacnea out. When James order it to destroy the dam, Cacnea whack him across on which himself destroys the dam. When the water in the dam is trying to flow to the lake and through the Waterfall, Brock noticed it.Brock and Mudkip saw the big current trying to sink the baby Mudkip. He lets Foretress out and does Rapid Spin so that it can stop the current for a while with wind. Lotad agrees to help out when they take the Mudkip offshore. When they finally get away from the current, they suddenly se a baby Mudkip floating around the big current. The big Mudkip tries to help it and jumps. Brocks follows them as well Ash and the others. Mudkip and the baby Mudkip were drained down to the waterfall but they manage to hang on to the rocks. Brock gets very nervous so he is trying to think of a way. He saw the rope that they used to climb up the waterfall and he used it to go down and rescue the Mudkip. When Brock is trying to reach the Mudkips, it seems that it's far enough.Brock shouts that try it best and the Mudkips made it to Brock! All of them were saved so Ash and the others pull the rope up. Brock seems very tired. Swampy tells him that he really like taking care of Pokemon until they hear a rasping sound across the bush. It's TEAM ROCKET again with a special machine that shoves the baby Mudkip to them. All of them shout as well as Swampy. Brock remembers that they are landing on the quicksand so he lets Lotad and ask Mudkip's help to do a Water Gun attack on the mud that they're standing on. When they're doing that, Team Rocket seem to be pretty confident until the mud is trying to get soft and their robot is starting to to sink! When they all noticed that it's sinking, Mudkip tackles the bag that holds the baby Mudkip. Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt attack to blast them off. After they blast off... the Mudkip's pond seems pretty peaceful. Swampy asks Brock if he wants to take Mudkip with him since it starts to like him. Brock tells him that he would appreciate it and he thanks him. He talks to Mudkip and ask it if he wants to join to their adventures. Mudkip agrees and he joins! Ash and others were seem pretty happy for Brock! Mudkip jumps to Brock and hugs him. Swampy told him that to take care of that Pokemon and they all continue Ash's training towards the defeat of Brawly.

Turning Over A Nuzleaf
Walking inside Granite Cave, Ash has finally finished training his Pokemon for his 2nd chance to beat Brawly. While walking, Ash suggests to get some breakfast. All of them agree but Max asks Brock to cook some food. Before Brock says yes to him, he ask Max to do how Corphish acts. While laughing they didn't notice that Corphish went to the other side of the cave. Inside of the cave, Corphish saw Loudred sleeping. He gets excited seeing Loudred sleeping so he tried to pinch his ear. Loudred woke up and went crazy. When they hear Loudred's voice, Brock sends his Forretress out to use Rapid Spin on the wall so that they can get out. It's too late... Loudred finds them and Ash asks Pikachu to lead the other Pokemon in the direction that he's in. While Loudred is running, he smashes on the rock causing a huge smoke. May accidentaly drops Silcoon and it rolls down as the other Pokemon and Pikachu follow it. After the smoke vanishes, Loudred digs a hole to get out. Brock asks Ash where Pikachu and the others are. As Silcoon rolls down, he falls in near the waterfall. As Corphish tries to help, he accidentaly pushes Silcoon off the waterfall and they all follow it. As they drifted away down the waterfall, they all land in the forest. In there, they safely land down while Corphish gets stuck. As Pikachu tries to help, Treecko tolds him so that he can help. Treecko uses his tail to get him out. With his stong tail, Corphish blasts off like Team Rocket but it falls down again. Corphish gets mad at Treecko. As Mudkip tries to make them friends, Pikachu carries Silcoon as they find their way to Ash's location. Still looking for Pikachu and the others, May is very worried about her Torchic since it's very scared. Ash tells everybody that he'll find Pikachu and the others no matter what it takes. Inside of the cave, Jesse, James and Meowth are inside finding their way out. As they talk and talk, Jesse asks where Wobbuffet is. Meowth points at him standing on Loudred. Jesse gets scared when she sees it. When Wobbuffet is about to talk, Loudred wakes up and blasts them off. Deep inside the forest, they all walk, hoping they can find Ash. When Corphish gets near a mushroom, he tries to grab it while Pikachu stops him. Pikachu tells him that he needs to share. Pikachu eats the mushroom that Corphish cut. When he tastes it, it was disappointed that it tasted so bad. From Pikachu's disappointment, Mudkip shouts that there's a berry tree! They all went there and Corphish volunteeres to get it all. When a berry gets stuck in his mouth, Treecko pushes him so hard that causes him to vomit. After that, they still walk and finds their way. Without their attention, they didn't know that Nuzleaf was there watching them. As they continue walking, Nuzleaf puts them in a drowsy situation by playing music in a leaf. When Nuzleaf stopped playing the music, all of them stopped feeling drowsy and they saw Nuzleaf laughing at the tree. All of the Pokemon get mad and Nuzleaf goes down. They all fight and fight until Corphish attacks it and cuts off a part of the leaf on his head. Nuzleaf gets mad, calls his friends, and disappeared. Still looking for Pikachu and the other Pokemon, May is still worried as Ash comforts her and makes her feel good by telling her that Torchic is fine. On Pikachu's side, they're still walking finding their way. As they walk they were slowly taken down one by one. When Pikachu and Mudkip heard that Torchic is being captured, they stopped but Nuzleaf takes Silcoon away. Nuzleaf runs after he took Silcoon. Pikachu and Mudkip follows them as Taillow finds them. All of the Pokemon of Ash and May are captured by the Nuzleaf except for Pikachu and Mudkip. As they were held in a jail-like cage, Treecko is trying to break out as well as Corphish. The horde of Nuzleaf laughs as Team Rocket watches them. When Jesse sees Pikachu and Mudkip coming to the rescue, they all plan on capturing it. When Pikachu finally comes near Nuzleaf, Pikachu tries to attack them but Mudkip stops them and talks to Nuzleaf. Mudkip tries to apologize but Nuzleaf seems tough. While apologizing, a net comes to them and grabs them, as well as Pikachu. They all say the motto as Ash and the others come to the rescue. First, Brock's Forretress uses Rapid Spin on the cage so that they can be free. After that, Ash is worried about Pikachu. He asks Corphish to use Crabhammer on him so that he can go to them. As he reaches the net, Team Rocket wondered how can it fly. While Ash tries to unknot the net, Jesse tells him that the knot is a special knot. Ash doesn't give up and he tries to unknot it. Yay! He did and the Nuzleaf fall down. Team Rocket gets suprised as Ash hops on Pikachu. He tries to free Pikachu from the rubber hand but he can't. James gets seriously mad so he sends Cacnea out. He asks Cacnea to use Pin Missile on them. For that attack, they free Pikachu and Ash is very happy about it. Now their only problem is how to get down. Max is worried about how they can get down. Brock gets an idea so he uses the net. Brock shouts to Ash to jump on the net. As they fell on the net, Ash blast Team Rocket off with Corphish's Bubblebeam while flying. After they blast off, Corphish is falling from the air! With Treecko's comfy tail, Corphish lands safely. After May sees that Corphish and Treecko are very good friends, everybody gets happy as Ash thanks the Nuzleaf. Before the night comes, Ash looks at Nuzleaf's data on his Pokedex. He mentions that Pikachu is now very good friends with Nuzleaf. Narrator: "Now it's time to get back on track, Ash has a rematch just ahead in the Dewford Gym. So he better starts training if he wants a chance to earn his second badge..."

Three Team Scheme
Ash and company are running along a beach on Dewford Island. Brock is in front, with Ash and Max behind him, with Ash’s Pokemon behind them, and May (who is tired) at the end. Ash is training for a rematch at the Dewford Gym. Then Brock sees somebody high on some cliffs. That person high on the cliffs is Professor Birch. He is seeing Wingull nests (without the Wingull) for the first time ever. Then the Wingull who owns the nest comes and Pecks Professor Birch off the cliff. He lands on a purple thing. That thing is that poor Loudred who can’t seem to be getting any peace and consequently yells and digs underground. Ash and co. find Professor Birch. May thinks what he does is dangerous, and Max says that he needs to do it. Max says that that is how Professor Birch became famous for his field work. Then Professor Birch asks if they would like to join him. Ash, May, and Max agree but Brock says he made a great training schedule. Ash talks him into doing it. They then go to explore a cave that is known to have Golbat in it. Then, after the group has left, a red helicopter comes down. Some members of Team Magma are in it. The group goes all the way through a cave to find a door and two lights. It is unlocked and they all go inside to find a Pokemon-styled room. They start to enjoy it until a kid comes in, angry, and tells them to get out of his room, using his Nincada to threaten them! They cower in fear of his anger (maybe not) and run out of the cave. As they are running out of the cave, Team Rocket observed them. They decide that they want to take over that room and make it headquarters for the Hoenn Branch. They march in and intimidate the kid and force him out, keeping his Nincada. They make the room stylish, and Meowth calls Giovanni. They say to Giovanni (calling him by name) that they secured a room, custom designed. Giovanni complains that it looks like a child’s room, and Jessie and James say that they will fix it. Meanwhile, a blue submarine surfaces. It is some Team Aqua agents. Then Ash and co (including Prof. Birch) has just explored a cave and they find the kid who drove them out of the first one sitting on some rocks. His name is Kianu, and he explained what happened. Then he goes on and says that he built the base so that he could study on Pokemon battling. He also says that
he has never won a battle. We all pity him and it gets quite boring, until May cracks and yells at him for quitting. May is in no position to say this, but she says it anyway. Then they agree to get it back. Team Magma storms into the Secret Base and forces Team Rocket out. Then they drill a large hole in the back of the room. They go on to find the “Cave of Origin” and enter for something called “G”. Then Team Rocket goes into the Secret Base and decides to follow Team Magma through the large hole so they can swipe the goods. Next, Ash and everybody currently accompanying him come in the Secret Base to find it destroyed. They decide to find and capture the people who wrecked the base, so they also go through the large hole. We get a cut-scene of Team Magma’s search for “G” so far is negative. Then an agent notices that their radar has found some objects coming from outside on it. The leader thinks he knows who it is. Then Team Rocket comes to the “Cave of Origin” and get closer to it. Ash and co. are where Team Rocket was, and both groups hide at the next event. Team Aqua agents come out of the water. The Team Magma leader tells his Mightyena to use Shadow Ball. The Team Aqua leader counters with a Hydro Pump from Carvanha. We get an explosion, and the Team Aqua agents (except for the leader) enter the cave. The Team Magma leader warns his agents about the arrival of Team Aqua. Then Aqua and Magma leaders discuss how they are better than the other. Anyway, Team Magma and Team Aqua wonder if the other side can handle the Rose Orb and the Indigo Orb. Anyway, neither side found what they were searching for, so we end up with all members of Team Magma and Team Aqua there are ready for a battle. The leaders stop a confrontation, and pull out. Neither side gained anything. Then Team Rocket is happy that they stole Nincada, and try to force it to do things. Then Ash and Kianu come down. Kianu saves Nincada, and Team Rocket goes blasting off again. Now everything is better! The End.

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