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A Tail With A Twist
Ash and the gang are in the middle of the forest and everybody’s awaiting Brocks stew. Everybody then lets out there Pokemon for a nice rest, and they all meet Treecko, who then runs up into a tree. They then have dinner, and May’s Torchic is acting very cute running around with an apple. Treecko in the tree the sees something in the bushes, it’s a Seviper. It then steals Torchics apple, and almost attacks Torchic but Treecko saves it by attacking Seviper. Seviper continues to attack Torchic, but the gang then comes to see what’s happening. Seviper is harassing poor Torchic, Ash attacks with Pikachu and Taillow, while Brock sends in Forretress. Seviper uses smokescreen, but Treecko is able to attack, causing Seviper to release Torchic. Torchic then gets back to May, it’s really scared. Treecko then takes a Seviper tackle, injuring it. It beings to use its Fang’s on Treecko, but Taillow hits Seviper with Quick Attack, and Forretress then uses it’s Pin Missile, hurting Seviper. Pikachu finishes it off with Thunderbolt, and Seviper retreats. Treecko’s injured, and May is upset because it’s was trying to help her Torchic, and the gang quickly heads off to a Pokemon Center. Team Rocket shows up now, they are going to capture Seviper. Later after seeing Seviper attacking some Pokemon, Team Rocket sets up a trap with a fruit basket, but Seviper avoids the trap and takes the basket. Team Rocket, very mad then falls in there own trap. They try another trap, attempting to use a net to capture Seviper, but Team Rocket gets thrown into a tree. Later Team Rocket is resting and they fight over some rice balls, but Seviper ends up getting it instead. Jessie throws Meowth forward to battle, but he gets thrown back at her and she looses a few rice balls, which Seviper eats, and it accidentally chops off some of Jessie hair. Jessie freaks out and beats Seviper badly, then captures it. Ash then finds out from Nurse Joy that Treecko will be ok, but needs rest. Chansey then comes, Treecko has escaped! The gang then rushes off to find Treecko, they find it jumping off a waterfall, and they find it trying to smash a rock with its tail. It gets hurt but keeps doing it, and strengthening it’s self. It then perfects the move and smashes the rock! Unfortunately Team Rocket then attacks and captures Pikachu. Taillow and Cacnea battle, but Jessie then sends out Seviper. Ash sends out Treecko and they have a fierce battle, and Treecko wins. Seviper is knocked back to Team Rocket, and the cage holding Pikachu opens. Pikachu Thunderbolts Team Rocket and sends them blasting off again. Everybody is happy, especially Treecko, and they continue on there journey to Rustboro City.

Taming of the Shroomish
Ash and the Gang are continuing on there journey and end up in a town. The gang splits up, May to shop, Ash to eat, Brock to get supplies, and Max to see Pokemon. Then we see an old mansion, and a bunch of Construction workers working around it. We see Team Rocket, who are doing wage work in order to get buy. After Ash and Max’s snack they go looking for Pokemon, and find a Shroomish in an ally. Brock and May are walking along when somebody asks them if they heard of the Mansion. She says there’s a rumor that it’s cursed, they are trying to demolish it but the workers are being put to sleep! Max tries to talk to the Shroomish, make friends with it, but it uses Stun Spore sending Ash and Max running. Later Max tries again with the Pokemon food, and the Shroomish loves it! It turns out nobody is usually nice to this Pokemon, so as a sign of friendship, Max ties his handkerchief to its head. Brock and May are now in the Mansion, and Brock is very hesitant but gets brought in by May. Shroomish then escapes from Ash and Max and runs to the mansion! In the mansion May and Brock are walking when they find a Shroomish, and then Ash and Max show up and explain what’s been happening. A man then notices the Gang and asks them to leave, Ash explains what’s going on and the man can’t believe it…there’s no more Shroomish in this town. He tells a story about his grandpa and the Shroomish and that this mansion is set for demolition. They then being to search the mansion for the Shroomish and can’t find any. Finally Ash and Max find a Shroomish that was hiding in the fireplace, the man begins to remember his youth with all the Shroomish, and the rest of the Shroomish show up. The man then shows them a picture of his Grandfather, this was his house. Team Rocket then attacks with Cacnea and Seviper, but the man tells all the Shroomish to use Stun Spore and they disable Team Rocket. Everybody retreats out of the mansion, and now they realize why the workers were falling asleep, it was the Shroomish. But he man says it will be different now, the Shroomish just want it to be like old times again. Team Rocket then recovers and attacks. The Shroomish attempt to use Stun Spore but there up to high and it could spread to the town. Brock has Forretress use Rapid Spin, but Team Rocket at that time opens a window to get some air, and they get a taste of Stun Spore. Then a combined attack of Shroomish’s Leech Seed, Torchic’s Ember, and Pikachu’s Thunderbolt free the Shroomish and send Team Rocket blasting off again. Later the man says the Mansion’s still coming down but he’s going to make sure that the Shroomish have a place to live. The gang continues on there journey to Rustboro city.

You Said a Mouthful
The gang is continuing there journey to Rustboro City when they see a sign for a Pokemon Gym that claims they have a very strong Pokemon. They head to the gym and another trainer runs of the gym and falls down, his Pokemon were badly beaten. The gang enters the gym and find a man with a Pelipper. The man is Anthony, he and his Pelipper are the champions of the gym, they have battled allot and have never lost because his Pelipper knows many different types of attacks. Ash starts with Treecko, it is a normal battle until Pelipper uses Vine Whip, badly beating Treecko. Ash then uses Taillow, but Pelipper uses flamethrower which fires Taillow. Brock is still worrying while Max is suspicious now. Ash finally uses Pikachu, and Pelipper uses a Thunderbolt. Pikachu though responds with its own Thunderbolt causing massive damage to both Pokemon. Anthony calls the battle a draw and Ash rushes to a Pokemon Center. Later in the Gym Pelipper is felling better, and Team Rocket shows up. They are going to seal Pelipper, Anthony attacks with Pelipper but Team Rocket is wearing special suits. When Pelipper uses Vine Whip, a hand from the balloon grabs them, and a Bellsprout falls out of its mouth! Anthony was cheating; Team Rocket grabs Pelipper and shakes a Magnemite and a Magby out of its mouth. Team Rocket threatens to tell everyone of his cheating ways, and then Team Rocket takes Pelipper for there own evil purposes. After getting there Pokemon healed, in the Pokemon center some trainers are talking about a powerful Pelipper, and they go to the gym. Team Rocket is disguised, if somebody can beat there Pelipper they win a prize, but if they don’t win, the persons Pokemon becomes there’s. A person with a Zigzaggon challenges them, and it gets badly beaten. Jessie is going through some Pokeballs that Anthony put in Pelippers mouth. James then throws Meowth into Pelippers mouth to help with the Pokeballs. The gang then arrives, and when disguised Jessie and James arrive they get suspicious. Ash asks where Anthony is, and Jessie attacks with Pelipper. Numerous attacks against Pikachu occur, but none hitting it. Max searching around finds Anthony and frees him. Anthony then finds the rest of the gang, and tells them what’s going on. Pelipper then continues to attack, but Meowth gets confused while in Pelippers mouth, ends up having Pelipper flood it mouth, and the entire box of Pokeballs spill on Team Rocket. The gang figures out what’s going on and Anthony confesses. Team Rocket then tries to escape with the Pokeballs, but Pelipper uses wing attack freeing the Pokeballs, but they then try to get Pikachu. They dawn there suits, but Pelipper uses water gun against the balloon, and Pikachu then uses thunderbolt. The electrified water causes the balloon to blow up, sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Anthony thanks the gang and announces that he’s going straight. They then part ways and resume there journey.

A Bite To Remember
May and Max are watching a Zigzagoon from the weeds, but they then scare it off. They also see some Stantler and a few Beautifly flying by. Brock comments about all the Pokemon here, they then see a Shroomish and Max scares off a Sudowoodo! Suddenly they hear a howling noise, and three Mightyena surround them! Ash sends out Pikachu, Brock sends Forretress, and May uses Torchic. A battle occurs but a little Poochyena shows up and attacks Forretress and Torchic, knocking them out. A women then shows up asking what there doing here. It turns out is is a Pokemon refuge and she apologizes for the attack. Brock goes girl crazy, but the Mightyena make him regret it. Team Rocket is lost, but Wobbuffet finds a sign that tells them there in a Pokemon refuge. Team Rocket is excited, they can steal many Pokemon now! At the women’s house, she explains that she runs the refuge and tens to the sick Pokemon. Brock still has not learned his lesson and tries to flirt, but Poochyena tackles him, and the woman punishes it. This Poochyena is the only one that has not evolved yet. Max then makes it his mission to help it evolve. Max then makes it his mission to help it evolve. May begins to wonder about evolution of Torchic, and after a off the wall though, she uses her Pokedex to find out that it evolves into Combusken. Ash tells her it will take some time to occur and he adds that some don’t want to evolve and explains Pikachu’s story. Brock then explains the evolution process, Pikachu to Raichu with the thunderstone, the Eevee stone and time of day evolutions. Poochyena and Max go out to practice; they battle Torchic and Torchic frys both Max and Poochyena. Ash then comes over and tells Max that he should not force Poohyena to battle. Max then gets upset; he and Poochyena run into the woods. The woman then comes by, there’s a problem, she has found a bit of poachers net. Then we see Team Rocket, and they have stolen the Pokemon. Meowth then sees Max and Poochyena training against a Murkrow and Paras. Team Rocket then plays a trick on Max; they appear with a machine that can evolve Pokemon. To demonstrate, they throw Meowth in and it comes out Persian (Dressed up Meowth). Max smells something funny when different Pokemon begin to come out of the machine, actually Meowth in different costumes, and Meowth then appears in a combination costume. Team Rocket tries to get rid of Meowth, but Team Rocket then throws Poochyena in. Max attempts to get it back, but Team Rocket restrains him and there machine blows up. We then see Team Rocket, there balloon, and Poochyena in a net with all there other captured Pokemon. The gang then arrives and Team Rocket uses a robot hand to steal Pikachu. Ash has Taillow peck a whole in Team Rockets balloon, and after it crashes Max wants Poochyena to get all the Pokemon out, but it does not. After seeing all the scared Pokemon, it then uses bite on the next and frees the Pokemon. Team Rocket still has Pikachu, but with Taillow’s help James releases Pikachu. Pikachu then uses Thunderbolt, sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Max congratulates Poochyena, who begins to glow, and it evolves into a Mightyena! All the Mightyena then come over and being to congratulate it. Max then hugs Mightyena and congratulates it. The gang then prepares to continue there journey.

The Lotad Lowdown
Ash and the gang are swimming in a lake and having a good time, until Ash sees a pair of blood red eyes in front of him. Then the gang notices there surrounded, and everyone is pulled under, and they notice it was just many Lotads playing with them. The gang is then thrown on shore by the Lotads. The Lotads then begin to use water gun making a small rain storm. A girl then comes and asks what the gangs doing, Ash explains what happened, but the girl continues to rant. We then see Team Rocket, starving. James collapses, but then he sees a berry on a tree. Meowth and Jessie each go for it, they both bite it, but the berry is spicy and they both shove there head into some pipes. At the Flower shop, an older girl apologies for the behavior of her little sister, the older sisters name is Rita and the little rude girl is Natalie. Old Brock of course goes into his girl crazy mood and Rita asks the gang if they want anything to eat. Another person then arrives, it’s another sister named Nicole, and Brock goes girl crazy but gets drug away by Natalie. Nicole is the cook and prepares then some food, and the shop tries to provide the best flowers and fruits possible. In the backyard the gang lets there Pokemon out for some fresh air and Rita then take’s them to the garden. In the garden, Ash almost picks a berry, but Rita yells at him to stop, that berry is spicy. Rita then explains about the berries and there affects. Nicole then shows up and tells him that the water pipes have been dry today, and the gang then sees the Lotads coming with water in there lily pads. Team Rocket is finally cooled down, and James sees the gang filling water buckets, and the Lotads. Team Rocket then begins to scheme. While dragging the water, there is a holdup; one of the Lotad does not know how to pour the water. Brock demonstrates and the Lotad does follow’s along! Later everyone thanks the Lotad for there help, but Rita then runs and Natalie has gone into the woods looking for a rare berry. Ash and the gang then go looking for her. During the search the Lotad brock helped steps out of some bushes, Brock asks if it will help on the search and it does. Natalie deep in the woods then finds the rare berry, but Beedrill are attacking her. Brock has Forretress use Rapid Spin to get rid of them. Natalie then gives Brock the rare berry; she really wanted to get it for him. The gang then rushes back to the lake and finds Team Rocket attacking! The gang does not know how to stop it until Lotad has Pikachu jump on it’s back and Lotad uses water gun to catch up to Team Rocket. The ship Team Rocket is on then begins to gather all the Lotads and Pikachu gets aboard the ship. As Team Rocket attempts to escape, Lotad uses its water gun to blow a hole in its hull, freeing its friends. Pikachu uses thunderbolt, sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Later, the gang is saying goodbye to Natalie, Nicole, and Rita. Natalie gives Brock a guide to berries, and Lotad then comes to Brock. Lotad wants to come with Brock, and the sisters give them permission. The Journey continues.

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All Things Bright and Beautifly!
Rustboro City is on the horizon, but they're not there yet. Ash, Brock, Max and May have just arrived at a Contest Hall. Janet and Chaz, two experienced Pokémon Coordinators, teach the gang all about Contests. Pokémon Contests are different from battles in that it's not the strength of the attack that matters, but the beauty of its execution. Winners get ribbons instead of badges. The gang decides that they want to try entering today's contest, but they're too late. All is not lost, however, because Chaz offers to teach Pikachu the Iron Tail attack. And Janet lets May assist her with during the contest. During the contest, Chaz and Janet both perform really well and make it to the final round. In the end, Janet's Beautifly steals the show! May is really impressed and she's determined to one day enter a contest herself.

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All In a Day's Wurmple
As the gang continues to make their way towards Rustboro City, May spots a Wurmple that she's dying to catch – but she's not the only one with her eye on the cute little bug Pokémon. Jessie wants it, too. May ventures off on her own to catch her Wurmple, but Team Rocket follows and gives her trouble. Luckily, she gets some help from a trainer named Franklin. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu are practicing Pikachu's Iron Tail attack. A trainer named Franklin sees them practicing and challenges them to a battle. Franklin teaches Ash about double battles, which are common in the Hoenn region. With help from her new friend Franklin, May catches the Wurmple she wanted. When she and Franklin go to meet up with the gang, everyone is really surprised. The Franklins are actually identical twins – Forrest and Forrester Franklin! All is not lost for Team Rocket, however. Jessie manages to snag a Wurmple of her own before Team Rocket blasts off at the end of the episode.

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Gonna Rule The School!
Our heroes have finally made it to Rustboro City, where Brock, May, and Max are enjoying a great view up in a tower in the city. Ash then comes, dressed in lots of tacky Rustboro City souvenirs. Ash and company are walking around the tower, and nobody liked Ash’s clothes from earlier this episode. Then Max finds a tail sticking out from under a bench, and it is a Poliwag. It is scared, and then a lady comes and identifies it. This person is Roxanne, a teacher at the Pokemon Trainer’s School is Rustboro City. Then some little kids come and a boy gets mad at another boy because he let the Poliwag run away, as he was too scared to handle it. Then Roxanne stops them from getting too angry, and Roxanne invites our heroes to come to the trainer’s academy. All agree. The academy’s principal is showing everybody around. First is a place for Pokemon Contest training. May gets excited as a Sneasel makes a great introduction. Ash wants his gym battle and Max wants to see the beginner’s class. Next is an advanced battling arena where a Typhlosion is battling against a Feraligatr. Ash is impressed, but Max asks to see the beginner’s class. Team Rocket is at the tower now and figures that Rustboro is a tourist trap, so they decide to sell collectible pins. The group is at the door to the beginner’s class. They open the door and see Professor Oak. Oak has been teaching the beginner students about Pokemon variety and asks Ash whether he beat Roxanne or not. Ash realizes Roxanne is the Gym Leader of Rustboro City. Roxanne tells Ash that their battle will have to wait two more days. Ash doesn’t mind. Then Max tells Prof. Oak that he thinks that Oak is the best professor ever. Then Professor Oak hangs up the videophone. Now one of the boys from before asks Max a question about the weaknesses about Flying types. Max says an electric move like Thunderbolt or Thunder would work. Then Max is asked what moves can hit a Pokemon that is underground (Dig). Max says Earthquake and Magnitude would work. Then this kid gets so mad that Roxanne tells Ricky (him) to get along. Max is invited to spend tomorrow in the beginner’s class, and Max accepts. We arrive at a special room where some Pokeballs are. They contain Pokemon that will take anybody’s commands. Team Rocket hears this outside, and decides that they want to snatch these Pokeballs. At night, Ash is training with Pikachu and it Iron Tails a rock. It does break the rock, but part of the rock lands on Pikachu’s head. Then they train more. In the morning, class is about to start and we find May in the Contest Room. She is dazzled by the moves of a Sneasel and its trainer. Back in the beginner’s class, Max is studying when a girl comes up to him. Max greets her, who is Anita. She doesn’t like Pokemon much; she was forced to attend by her parents. Class starts, and Roxanne introduces Brock and Ash. Brock and Ash release all of their Pokemon, and Ash brings Pikachu up to Tommy (the one with the
Poliwag who was scared yesterday). Max tells Tommy to touch Pikachu, when Ricky comes and intentionally steps on Poliwag’s tail, who uses Water Gun. It almost hits Ricky until Max saves him from getting wet. We get a verbal fight between Anita and Ricky. Roxanne’s advice doesn’t help much. The Pokemon Contest Class is about to get a pop quiz, so May leaves and finds the beginners class outside, ready for a Pokemon battle. Ricky and Max will battle. Roxanne shows a dish of six Pokeballs from the Academy, and Ricky and Max each take one Pokeball. It will be a one-on-one
battle. Ricky’s Pokeball revealed Magby; Max’s showed Poliwag. Ash notices that Max has the advantage (water over fire), but the winner hasn’t been decided yet. Max is thinking of an attack, while Ricky tells Magby to use Flamethrower. Max quickly tells Poliwag to use Defense Curl, and it blocked some damage. Magby Flamethrowers; Poliwag Protects. Magby Flamethrowers; Poliwag Defense Curls. Poliwag is now tired. Max decides to use Water Gun later. Ricky just tells Magby to use Flamethrower, when sirens go off. The Pokeballs containing the Academy’s Pokemon have been stolen! Team Rocket comes in a giant Wurmple robot, with Team Rocket in the Wurmple’s mouth. On the side of the Wurmple robot is rope around a bag containing all of the Pokeballs. Pikachu Thunderbolts, but they close the mouth’s door and the attack does nothing. Brock uses Foretress to use Rapid Spin, but that is stopped by Seviper’s Poison Tail. May’s Wurmple uses String Shot, but Cacnea’s Pin Missile stops it. Then the kids use their Pokemon (after some planning from Tommy). Max makes Poliwag use Water Gun to distract Team Rocket. Then Magby uses Flamethrower on the side. The Wurmple robot is now hot. Then Roxanne comes in and uses her Geodude to use Rollout, which sends Team Rocket blasting off again. All the kids thank each other, while Roxanne and Ash look forward to a Pokemon Gym Battle the next day.

Winner by a Nosepass
Pikachu is working on its Iron Tail. It is successful the first time, but fails on its second attempt. They are doing some last-minute training to beat Roxanne, the Rustboro City Gym Leader. Ash and co. are now eating lunch. Brock is worried about Pikachu’s Iron Tail attack. Ash says it will be fine. Then Max asks May what her strategy will be. May finally confesses that she wants to be a Pokemon Coordinator. Everybody consents with her decision. Team Rocket then realizes that from last episode the lady with the Geodude was in fact, Roxanne. James tells Jessie and Meowth that they will tunnel and dig a pitfall to steal Pikachu. Ash is now at the Rustboro City Gym, which does look like a Rock-type gym. Inside, the battlefield has lots of rocks on it, and some people are on it. One of them asks if they are Ash and May, who confirm his guess. He calls Roxanne out and she greets them. She explains that the people are students at the Pokemon Academy who work in the gym. She asks Ash and May if they are ready. Ash certainly is, but May tells Roxanne that she wants to be a Pokemon Coordinator. Roxanne agrees with her choice. Then she asks Ash if the battle can be taped for her students, as watching a real battle is better than studying about it. Ash doesn’t mind. The battle will be a 2-on-2 battle between the challenger, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, and the gym leader Roxanne. The challenger may substitute his Pokemon, but the gym leader cannot. The battle begins! Ash sends out Treecko; Roxanne uses Geodude. According to the Pokedex, Geodude is a rock Pokemon with a high defense. Physical attacks won’t work against
it. Treecko would have an advantage if it knew any grass attacks, but it doesn’t. Treecko starts with Quick Attack, but it does no damage. Geodude hits Treecko with Mega Punch. Treecko is up in the air, but it does some damage to Geodude with a Pound attack. As Treecko’s body weight was under the attack, it did some damage. But Geodude is still healthy, and uses Mega Punch attack. Treecko gets up, but falls down. Treecko is unable to battle, Geodude wins. Now Ash will use Pikachu. Roxanne questions his choice, but Ash will still want to use it. Roxanne will not get in his way. Pikachu attacks with Thunder and destroys the rocks jetting above the battlefield, although Geodude took no damage. We come back to Team Rocket, digging a tunnel that is planned to go under the gym. They plan to climb out the exit, grab Pikachu, and leave through said tunnel. James will not let them buy another expensive machine, even though Jessie and Meowth want one, as it would be too costly. They keep digging. The battle between Geodude and Pikachu continues. Geodude uses Rock Throw, but Pikachu uses Quick Attack. It runs right in front of Geodude. Then Pikachu uses Thunder, and Geodude faints. Geodude is unable to battle, Pikachu is the winner! Everyone is surprised Geodude lost, as it is a Rock-type, but apparently even rock types can take electric damage at close range. Now Roxanne uses Nosepass. Nosepass is a Compass Pokemon, using the electromagnet in its nose to find its way. Pikachu is now tired, but it won’t give up. Ash tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail and it hits! Roxanne now understands Ash’s choice. Nosepass almost hits Pikachu, but Pikachu gets away. Pikachu tries another Iron Tail, but it is no good. Pikachu can’t use Iron Tail twice in a row for some reason. Then Nosepass almost hits Pikachu again, and then uses Rock Tomb, surrounding Pikachu with very high rocks. Pikachu Thunders them away. Now Nosepass uses Sandstorm. Pikachu can’t see, but Nosepass finds Pikachu with its nose. Pikachu is almost hit as the Sandstorm goes away. Now Pikachu runs around Nosepass many times to avoid its attack and tries to use Iron Tail again, but it fails. Pikachu needs to recharge its Iron Tail attack in order to use it, and it hasn’t been getting the time. Now, Nosepass attempts to do a Thunder Wave attack. Pikachu dodges it. Team Rocket has hit the gym floor just in time to take the Thunder Wave. They go right through the tunnel out the entrance, and go blasting off again. Pikachu is tired and won’t give up. Roxanne says she has a second attack handy just in case too. Nosepass now uses Zap Cannon, and Pikachu absorbs the hit. It deflects the attack back at Nosepass, who took some damage and is now paralyzed. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, which is successful, and hits Nosepass. Nosepass is unable to battle, Pikachu wins! Ash of Pallet Town is the winner! Roxanne is glad to have battled Ash, and each say they learned a lot from the battle. Roxanne is sure the students at the Trainer’s School will be impressed at the battle. Then Ash gets the Stone Badge, proof of his victory at the Rustboro City Gym.

Stairway to Devon
Ash has just won his first badge in Hoenn, showing us his Stone Badge in its spot in the badge case. He and his friends are in the Pokemon Center. Ash asks Max where the next gym town is. Max checks that Pokenav and then says it is on Dewford Island. May wants to go shopping, even though Ash wants to leave now. Brock says the ferry to Dewford doesn’t leave for two more hours, so he doesn’t mind much. Then Max spills some of his cola on the Pokenav and it doesn’t function properly. As the group decides to meet in two hours, Max runs out of the Pokemon Center, while Ash, Brock, and May don’t understand what happened. Max is walking with the broken Pokenav when he sees this man who has lots of kids around him. This man is an inventor and he just made a mechanical soft drink opener, but it doesn’t work. Then Max comes up to him. The man said that he can get his Pokenav fixed at the Devon Corporation. Then somebody else in a limousine comes up and wants to talk to the other man. The first man runs away while the second reports that he is Kennedy and the other man is coming the right way. Max is confused about what happened. Max makes his way to Devon Corp. building. He walks up the steps. Meanwhile, Team Rocket wants to enter the Devon Corporation building to steal whatever is inside of it. Then Max gets told that his Pokenav cannot be fixed, as Devon doesn’t repair broken products. Max gets disappointed because that man said his Pokenav could get fixed. Max hides behind a pillar to see Officer Jenny come to report of an inside worker of Devon. Then the mysterious man comes and sees Max. They
sneak around behind the entrance to go inside the Devon Corp. building. Team Rocket plans to enter the Devon Corporation, using white suits and black glasses as a disguise. Ash, May, and Brock realize that the ferry is leaving soon, and Max is not at the Pokemon Center. Since they will miss the ferry, May wants to go shopping some more, as she only bought one swimsuit, and they are going to an island. That mysterious man took Max’s Pokenav and hands it to one of his employees. It turns out he is Mr. Stone, President of the Devon Corporation. Then Mr. Stone shows Max into the laboratory, and shows Max a machine that interprets Pokemon drams, a machine that allows the user to talk to Pokemon, and a device that can resurrect Pokemon from fossils. None of them are working, though. Mr. Stone has taken a particular interest into the Pokemon resurrection machine, as it can bring extinct Pokemon back to life. It uses some samples of mysterious stuff found in some test tubes hooked to the machine. Max is amazed. Then Kennedy (the one chasing Mr. Stone before) finds Mr. Stone and tells him he has to be in many meetings. Kennedy is the V.P. of Devon Corporation. Max is confused because Mr. Stone is the President of Devon Corp. Then Mr. Stone explains that he has to listen to his employees. He tells Kennedy to find Max’s friends at the Pokemon Center. Kennedy starts to do so. Now a mysterious employee walks up the Pokemon resurrection machine and takes two of the test tubes without anybody else notice it. He walks by Mr. Stone, who realizes that this is not one of his employees. He and Max follow him. Kennedy has found Ash, May, and Brock at the Pokemon Center. He invites them to come see Max and Mr. Stone at Devon Corp, as Mr. Stone likes Max. May is worried about Max. Max and Mr. Stone continue to follow the mysterious employee. Max trips while climbing some stairs. The employee notices this and starts running. Max is sorry, but Mr. Stone says that the running is a confession that he is not supposed to be here. Ash, Brock, May, and Kennedy have arrived at Devon Corp. when the alarm has been sent that an intruder is in the building and headed to the roof. Kennedy leads Ash and co. through a shortcut. Team Rocket think that this is their opportunity to sneak in and do so. Officer Jenny stops them and asks for IDs. They go through some excuses such as their Meowth ate them, but she’s not buying it. Then Team Rocket runs away with Officer Jenny in pursuit. While running, Kennedy explains to Ash that Max may remind Mr. Stone of his son, Steven, who always thought about Pokemon. May confirms his reasoning, as Max always talks about Pokemon. Kennedy also says Steven is a great trainer, and he will probably cross paths with Ash someday. They make it to the roof. The intruder comes out another door on the roof, and is immediately stopped by Ash. Then Mr. Stone and Max appear. May is glad to see Max. Now the intruder will battle Ash! The intruder sends out Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt is a crab Pokemon. Ash uses Pikachu, who Quick Attacks. It hits, but Crawdaunt uses a destructive Crabhammer. Now Team Rocket runs onto the roof, still being chased by Officer Jenny. Then Crawdaunt uses Bubblebeam, which hits everybody. The intruder then recalls Crawdaunt and gets out a mini jet pack that was in a box on the roof. He almost gets away until Team Rocket, realizing he must have something worth stealing, jump on him. Meowth steals the test tubes, but he drops them. Max catches it. Then the jet pack explodes, sending Team Rocket blasting off again. The intruder gets away. Officer Jenny thinks that the intruder must have been from Team Aqua since he used Crawdaunt, a water type. She explains that Team Aqua and Team Magma want to dramatically change the world. Ash, May, Max, Brock, and Mr. Stone are eating at a restaurant. May then asks if Max can give her the Pokenav to look at. Mr. Stone hands Max the fixed Pokenav under the table so nobody can see it (although Pikachu was eating under the table and notices the exchange). Max gives May the Pokenav. Then Mr. Stone says his son Steven is on Dewford Island and he might meet Ash. Now, with knowledge of two more evil teams, Ash and his friends will still be brave and make their way to Dewford Island.

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