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A Judgment Brawl
  Continuing the battle between Kaede and Ash, Ash has already lost 3 of his Pokemon, (Torkoal, Pikachu, and Glalie) while Kaede lost 2 of his Pokemon. With 3 More Pokemon left for Ash and a new battlefield type, he sends out his Corphish. With the new battlefield in place, Water, Kaede takes out his Golduck. Now the battle continues.

Kaede's Golduck first attacks Corphish with Fury Swipes. With Corphish's great reflexes, he manages to counter it with Crab Hammer. Golduck doesn't take any damage with Corphish Crab Hammer. After using Fury Swipes, Golduck was asked by Kaede to use Hydro Pump. With the same attack used by Corphish again, he repels Golduck's attack.

Kaede doesn't give up. Kaede then asks Golduck to use Psych Up. With that attack, it lifts Corphish into the air and smashes it to the stepping blocks in the water. The gang panics but Corphish isn't hurt. Corphish jumps out from the water and is still ready to battle.

Ash asks Corphish to dive down to the water. As Corphish is under the water, it sneaks up behind Golduck then uses Crab Hammer. Golduck falls down! Golduck stands up and tries to attack Corphish. With Corphish being happy, he grabs Golduck's hand and starts playing with it by using Vice Grip. Everyone is stunned on what Corphish is doing.

With that chance, Ash asks Corphish to finish Golduck by throwing him into the water and then attacking it with Bubblebeam. With Golduck being down, Kaede then sends Venomoth out again.

When Ash is about to ask Corphish to attack Venomoth, Corphish immediately uses Bubblebeam again without finishing what Ash is about to say. Kaede asks Venomoth to use Psybeam. Corphish seems confused so Ash withdraws his Corphish and sends out Swellow.

Swellow comes up to Venomoth and attacks it. After that attack, Venomoth used Psych Up on Swellow. The gang starts to panic but Swellow manages to get released from Venomoth's attack. The battle continues with Swellow using Aerial Ace on Venomoth. The attack that Swellow does makes Venomoth faint. With 2 more Pokemon left for Kaede, he sends out his Scizor. With Scizor out in the field, Swellow gets the type advantage this round.

Scizor attacks Swellow head to head but it seems either Pokémon can't break each other's defense.

Team Rocket is still in the stadium trying to sell food to the viewers. Jesse tries to promote her product but one customer gets annoyed by her. When Meowth does his thing, everyone wants to buy their product now.

The scene reverts back with Ash's battle. Scizor uses Double Team to replicate itself. Scizor then uses Fly to attack Swellow. Swellow is fast enough to cast Double Team too. As Swellow attacks Scizor, it faints.

Now Kaede has 1 Pokemon left to use. Kaede brings out his last Pokemon, Walrein. Ash tells himself that this battle should be easy. Kaede asks Walrein to use Ice Beam on Swellow. That attack freezes Swellow's wings. Another attack from Walrein comes to Swellow and it hits Swellow at the back. That last attack from Walrein causes Swellow to faint.

With Swellow down, Ash releases Corphish. It seems that Corphish is exhausted. When Walrein attacks Corphish, he immediately faints. Ash has one more Pokemon to release. Masamune, Max, May, Testuya and Brock are all worried with Ash since he has one more Pokemon left to use. Whoever wins this battle will proceed to the next round.

Ash looks mad while Kaede still looks confident.

The last Pokemon that Ash release was his Grovyle. Tetsuya commented that Grovyle has the advantage in this battle.

The battle continues between Grovyle and Walrein. Walrein uses Ice Beam on Grovyle. Grovyle falls down but he manages to stand up. Ash starts to get worried and he needs to think of a way. As Ash looks around the battle field, he figures a way for Walrein's defeat. Grovyle hits the water and that brings Walrein out from the water. Kaede was surprised and he immediately asks Walrein to use Ice Beam. With this attack, Grovyle redirects its attack to the water and that makes the battle field turns
into ice. The gang is glad that Ash finally found a way to win this battle.

With the field being frozen, Walrein can't swim around. Ash takes this chance to dash up to Walrein and attack him. The attack works well but it’s not strong enough to make Walrein faint.

Walrein is still strong. As they both fight, Grovyle jumps out and uses Bullet Seed. Walrein seems to be losing since the water is gone.

Kaede starts to panic and gets mad. Walrein attacks Grovyle head to head but Ash asks Grovyle to avoid it, sneaks out to his back, and used Leaf Blade on Walrein. That attack makes Walrein faint.

The winner of this round has been decided. It's Ash! Kaede comes to Ash and thanks him for a great battle.

Now it's time for Tetsuya and Masamune to fight. It seems that both of them manage to get to the next round that Ash is in.

With Team Rocket talking to their new boss, everyone is eating ramen. Their boss is very happy about their sales and treats them.

Late at night, everyone including Tetsuya and Masamune are eating a pizza in a restaurant. Masamune and Ash sits beside each other. Everyone is talking about who will fight who to the next round. As everyone is talking, Max's PokeNav's beeps and it seems that the next match line up has already been decided. Ash is slated to face Masamune. Everyone is shocked. Masamune seems to be sad and doesn't want to fight Ash. Ash tries to tell Masamune that the best trainer wins. Masamune still doesn't feel right so she steps out with a sad face.

Ash follows Masamune. Masamune is training Metang. Masamune tries to tell Metang that they need to battle Ash. When Masamune tells Metang to attack the tree, Masamuen saw Ash's face and immediately stops Masamune. Masamune sits down to his knees and stops hitting her head because she can't fight Ash.

When Ash arrives to check out Masamune, she immediately leaves. Brock, May, and Max follow Ash and tell Ash the situation about Masamune. Brock tells everyone why Masamune can't fight Ash due to many reasons like they're both friends.

Next morning, the battle starts between Masamune and Ash. The battle field is chosen and it’s the Ice Field. As the announcer is introducing each opponent, Masamune seems unsure that she can fight Ash.

Ash first releases Corphish out. With Masamune hesitating to attack Ash, she released Girafarig in a lame manner. The battle begins. Ash first tells Corphish to attack Girafarig. Masamune then tells Girafarig to use Light Screen but it gets destroyed by Corphish.

Corphish tries to dash to the ice but Girafirig can't fight well because of the battle field. Corphish then uses Crab Hammer. That attack makes Girafarig faint. Masamune puts her Girafarig back to its Pokeball. When the referee noticed that Masamune takes a long time for her to release her next Pokemon, everyone is speechless. Ash can see in the face of Masmaune that she doesn’t want to fight Ash.

Will Masamune able to think that this is just a battle? Will she able to fight a normal battle with Ash? Stay tuned next week!

Choose It or Loose It!
With Masamune still hesitating to fight Ash, the referee is about to announce the defeat of Masamune but Ash stops the referee and tells Masamune to fight. Finally, Masamune releases her Growlithe.

The battle starts. Corphish uses Bubblebeam on Growlithe but Masamune's Pokemon is fast and dodging them. As Growlithe is dodging it, Growlithe bumps in to the ice field rocks and Ash takes this chance to take Growlithe down by asking Corphish to use Crab Hammer.

Masamune comes up to Growlithe to pick him up. Ash screams at Masamune to ask her to show her true strength and don't hold anything back. After the speech of Ash, Masamune is back in action and ready to show her true strength in this battle.

The next Pokemon that Masamune releases is Swampert. Corphish attacks Swampert with Crab Hammer but Swampert counters it making both of their attacks clashes. Since the attack doesn't work well, Ash asks Corphish to use Crab Hammer while Swampert uses Take Down. When both sides hit each other, they both fall down to the field and faint. After that round, the Referee announces that there will be a short break.

Inside the locker room, everyone is there except for Masamune. Max talks to Ash and praises his skills on battling. Masamune comes and apologizes to Ash. When Ash tries to make a joke on his attitude earlier, Masamune gets mad but immediately calms down.

Masamune then tells Ash what she’s feeling with her battle. She thanks thank Ash for everything and tells everyone to do their best.

Now the battle continues with a brand new field. It's the Grass Type field. Masamune takes Steelix out while Ash uses his Pikachu. When Pikachu comes to run after Steelix, Steelix tackles him down. Following that attack, Steelix uses dig and attacks Pikachu from underground.

With the help of Pikachu's great reflexes, he manages to dodge it but the attack of Steelix still continues. When Steelix uses Iron Tail, Pikachu also uses Iron tail to attack it. When they both hit each other with their tails, it creates a huge explosion making Pikachu faint. As the crowd cheers, Ash is very worried.

With Team Rocket in the stadium, they're selling food again.

Continuing the battle, Ash releases Torkoal out of his Pokeball. Steelix immediately attacks after Tokoal is being released. With the help of Torkoal's shell, he manages to dodge it. As Torkoal puts back his head outside the shell, Torkoal uses Flamethrower while Steelix uses Dragon breath. That attack is strong, making a huge smoke. When the smoke clears up, Steelix is gone, as it created a hole. Ash notices that Steelix used Dig so he asks Torkoal to hide on its shell. Torkoal manages to dodge that attack but when Steelix manages is back to the surface, it uses Dragon Breath again making Torkoal faint.

With three Pokemon down for both sides, Ash takes out his Grovyle. Steelix uses Iron Tail right away after Grovyle is released. With the speed of Grovyle, he manages to dodge it and jumps into the air. It then uses Bullet Seed. Steelix digs down under the ground to avoid Grovyle's attack. That dodge works well but not too long when Grovyle uses Leaf Blade on Steelix. That attack from Grovyle makes Steelix faint.

With 2 more Pokemon left for Masamune, she releases Gligar out. Grovyle attacks Gligar first but its fast enough to dodge Grovyle's attack. Grovyle dives down to the patch of grasses to camouflage itself and wait for the right time to ambush Gligar. As the right time comes up, Grovyle jumps out to Gligar's back and attempts to use Leaf Blade. Masamune is aware of this and asks Gligar to drop Grovyle. As Grovyle is dropping, Gligar attempts to take Grovyle down with a Wing Attack...

Ash immediately asks Grovyle to use Bullet Seed but it’s not fast enough to dodge Gligar's Wing Attack. That attack makes Gligar faint.

With two Pokemon left for Ash, he brings out his Swellow. Gligar attacks Swellow but Swellow uses Double Team to replicate himself and fly away. When both Pokemon clash with each other, a huge smoke is created making both Pokemon faint.

With 1 Pokemon left to use in both sides, Ash brings Glalie out while Masamune brings Metang. The gang in the audience is worried knowing that Steel-type Pokemon are strong against Ice-types. Now the battle between Glalie and Metang starts. Metang first attacks Glalie and it falls down. Glalie then uses Ice Beam but Metang uses Psychic to reflect the attack to Glalie. Glalie seems to be weak to Steel Pokemon. Ash didn't give up and asks Glalie to use Ice Beam again. Metang reflects the attack to Glalie but Glalie is fast enough to reflect it back to Metang by using Icy Wind. As soon as it hits Metang, Metang is frozen.

With this advantage, Glalie takes this chance to attack Metang. As soon as Metang attacks again, it immediately hits Glalie. The battle isn't over yet. Glalie is still up using head butt attack while Metang uses Meteor Mash. This attack will determine the winner. As both attacks clash with each other, Metang falls down and faints. The referee announces Ash to be the winner!

We now see Tetsuya battling another trainer. At the end, he is declared to be the winner also.

Late at night, Ash and Masamune meet up again. They both congratulate each other and still consider themselves as rivals.

Back with team Rocket, they get too much appreciation for their job well done on selling food. Their boss treats them with lots of food.

Inside the Pokemon Center, the next battle line up is declared. Ash is fighting Tetsuya for the next round. Both sides handshake each other and wish each other good luck.

Meowth is walking late at night. He looks up and sees the next battle lineup and sees Tetsuya and Ash fighting each other. Meowth remembers the Tetsuya's Meowth fighting Pikachu.

As for Tetsuya, he's outside the Pokemon Center training his Pokemon. Meowth is watching them train. Meowth calls up Tetsuya's Meowth and brainwashes him about Pikachu. Tetsuya's Meowth ignores him and leaves.

Masamune and Ash are enjoying themselves under the moon talking. Masamune wishes Ash good luck as a rival and a friend.

The battle between Ash and Tetsuya finally begins. The winner of this battle will advance to the final round. The new field is up and it's the grass type field. Ash lets Glalie out while Tetsuya lets his Sceptile out. Glalie attacks Sceptile with Ice Beam while Sceptile uses Solar Beam. As both attacks clashes each other, a huge explosion is created without knowing who is down... Can Ash win this round against Tetsuya...?

At the End of the Fray
Showing the last event that happened between Glalie and Sceptile, the conclusion is shown and both Pokemon fainted. As soon as the referee announces that they're both down, Masamune and everyone in the audience is surprised of the outcome.

In the streets, Team Rocket is there with their boss. Their boss showed them a stall for them to sell things. Unfortunately, the stall is run down and looks old. As soon as the boss leaves, Jesse is furiously mad and goes up to the stall and keeps banging it until it collapses. Jesse is complaining why they have to be a good guy this time instead of stealing Pokemon. James stops and notices that Meowth is missing.

In the stadium, it's Torkoal Vs. Shiftry. We see Torkoal use Flamethrower but with Shfitry's great speed, it manages to dodge it. In the audience, we see Team Rocket's Meowth watching the battle. He's so excited to see Tetsuya's Meowth battle Ash.

Back with Torkoal's battle, after seeing Shiftry dodge Torkoal's Flamethrower, it jumps up and uses Shadow Ball on it. The attack makes Torkoal back off but it's strong enough to balance itself. Ash then asks Torkoal to use Flamethrower. It jumps out and increases its power while it’s in the air. After a couple of seconds, Shiftry faints.

Masamune is so proud of Ash and thinks he might have a chance to win the battle.

For Tetsuya's third Pokemon, he releases his Hariyama. Ash seems to be confident seeing Hariyama. Torkoal does the same attack to Hariyama but Hariyama blocks it with its bare hands. May and the gang are very amazed of Hariyama's skill. Brock then explains the skills of Hariyama, as it has Thick Fat.

Continuing the battle, as soon as Hariyama comes close to Torkoal, it uses Pound and that makes Torkoal faint. With two down, Ash sends out Corphish.

Corphish uses Bubblebeam to attack Hariyama but it jumps down trying to counterattack it. Ash calls out Corphish and asks it to go to his back and use Crab Hammer. Before Hariyama could get hit, it uses its hands to stop Corphish's Crab Hammer. A huge light comes and as soon as the light goes off, Corphish is blown away and faints.

With 3 Pokemon down in Ash's side and 2 on Tetsuya's the battle is getting more interesting.

Inside the locker room, Masamune screams at Ash and tells him to get serious. He gives Ash some boost of confidence. Ash seems to feel confident as ever and asks Pikachu to do its very best.

In the store room, Team Rocket is there with a load Pokeballs on a shelf. Their plan now is to steal the Pokeballs instead of working under their boss's command.

With new battlefield ground, Rock, Ash seems to be confident as ever. Ash takes out his Swellow while Tetsuya uses Hariyama for the 2nd time. With Swellow being the flying type, Ash has the advantage. Swellow first strikes Haryiama but Swellow's Peck attack is stopped when Hariyama holds its beak. Hariyama then jumps up and throws Swellow to the rock. Swellow didn't get too much damage so it stands up.

Swellow still continues to attack Hariyama with its flying type attack. Ash chuckles but Hariayma is prepared to counter it with Arm Thrust. Ash shouts out and use Double Team then follows it with a Wing Attack. The attack works and that made Hariyama faint.

In the audience, Brock compliments on how great Swellow was.

For the 4th Pokemon of Tetsuya, he releases Donphan. Tetsuya asks Donphan to use Sandstorm. Swellow can't see! Brock and the gang in the audience are worried because it may be the end of Swellow. Ash is panicking. He asks Swellow to use the wind to remove the sandstorm. As soon as the Sandstorm clears out, Tetsuya then asks Donphan to use Rollout attack on Swellow while it’s recovering from Sandstorm. It successfully hits Swellow and it falls down. Following after Rollout, it uses Rollout over and over again while it’s down. Donphan finishes Swellow with Rollout but Swellow awakens and holds it fits. Swellow jumps into the sky and it falls down.

As soon as Donphan hits the rocks, it faints! Masamune is very proud of Swellow's skills!

With 2 More Pokemon left for Tetsuya, he releases Metagross. Brock comments that Metagross has a high defense. Max comments that Swellow might have a hard time beating Metagross.

The battle starts between Metagross and Swellow. Metagross first launches a Psychic attack on Swellow. Swellow is trapped and can't get out with Metagross attack. Ash starts to get worried and doesn't know that to do.

Swellow is struggling with Metagross's attacks. Ash then asks Swellow to dive down to Metagross and uses Fly. As soon as it hits Metagross, the attack of Swellow doesn't work. While Swellow is in the air and weak, Metagross takes this chance to bring Swellow down by using its final move, Hyper Beam.

Ash sadly brings Swellow back to its Pokeball. As Ash is about to release another Pokemon, he noticed that the attack that Swellow did to Metagross left a mark on its forehead. Ash thanks Swellow for damaging it then summons Grovyle. Max comments that Grovyle might have a hard time beating Metagross.

Grovyle uses Bullet Seed on the crack that Swellow did. Tetsuya figures out Ash's tactics and asks Metagross go dodge it and use Hyper Beam. Grovyle jumps out and uses Bullet Seed. The crack is starting to loosen.

The gang is having hope that Ash might win this round.

As Grovyle is continuing using Bullet Seed on the crack, the crack sparks. Ash then asks Grovyle to use Leaf Blade but Metagross counters it with Meteor Mash. That attack makes Grovyle faint.

Now for the last Pokemon that Ash can use, Pikachu. Pikachu first launches the attack and uses Thunderbolt on the crack but it doesn't work. Metagross then uses Psycho Kinesis but Pikachu jumps out and uses Iron Tail on the crack. Metagross tries to wiggle to let Pikachu falls.

Ash then asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt for its finishing blow.

The gang is very happy but Brock isn't, knowing the last Pokemon Tetsuya will use is his Meowth. Max, May, and Masamune are speechless.

For the last Pokemon that Tetsuya will use, he releases his Meowth. Team Rocket's Meowth cheers on Tetsuya's Meowth. Now the conclusion of this battle will be decided. Meowth in the other hand is excited to see Meowth's power.

Back with Team Rocket, they're enjoying getting the Pokeballs from the shelf’s but their boss comes in and looks mad at them.

The final battle starts. Meowth starts to use Slash attack but Pikachu dodges it and uses Thunderbolt. It doesn't hit Meowth because Meowth counters it with Thunderbolt too. As both attacks clashes each other, a huge lighting is created. Brock on the other hand is commenting on how powerful the Thunderbolt of Pikachu is.

After the attack doesn't work, Meowth uses Double Team. Pikachu is having a hard time finding the real Meowth as he uses Quick Attack. As soon as Pikachu is lost, Meowth uses Iron tail behind Pikachu's back but Pikachu is fast enough to counter it with Iron tail too.

Both Pokemon are starting to get tired but Pikachu doesn't give up and still uses Thunderbolt. Both Pokemon clash each other again making it useless. Both Pokemon are used to use Iron Tail again but it hits both of them. With both Pokemon down, both of the trainers are calling to their Pokemon to stand up.

With Meowth and Pikachu starting to pant down, Meowth falls down as well as Pikachu. But wait, Meowth doesn't fell down. Tetsuya is declared to be the winner!

Ash thanks Pikachu for a job well done. Tetsuya comes to Ash and shakes his hand. They both thank each other for a wonderful battle. Masamune cries as he sees the great battle. However, Max is sad that Ash lost. Brock however tells them that Ash will never give up as he went through lots of trouble.

As for Team Rocket, their time as vendors is over when the boss blasts them away.

At sunset, Tetsuya is declared to be the winner of the Hoenn League. Everyone in the audience is cheering. Brock explains to Max that the battle was a great thing! Max is jealous and wants his Pokemon and so he can join the battle league. With Ash losing in this league, Ash has to continue his dream of becoming a great Pokemon Master...

What adventure awaits Ash and his friends next?

The Scheme Team
Bidding farewell to Masamune and Tetsuya, Ash and the gang leave Evergrande City and get ready to go back home.

In the middle of forest, everyone is having a picnic before everyone bids farewell for a while. Brock makes a rice ball for everyone and of course, his specialty soup. May and Max compliment Brock's cooking and compare their mom to Brock. They also say that they'll miss Brock's cooking. However, Max still thinks Ash is still the best.

Brock then asks Ash if he's going to visit Littleroot Town and Professor Birch. Ash likes the idea. Max then asks Ash if he's going back to Pallet Town in Kanto. May asks Ash to give him a souvenir from Kanto and their regards to Professor Oak from Max. Their conversation is interrupted when Munchlax comes out of its Pokeball and eats the rice balls.

It's time for the rest of the gang to bid farewell to each other but they tell each other that they'll see each other again. They both put their hands together as a team. Max and May go a separate way than Brock and Ash.

In the mountains, Jesse and James are back at Team Rocket's base in Kanto. They are sad but Meowth proudly says that they'll report to Giovanni proudly. The three of them go to the gate and identify themselves to the guard.

In Giovanni's room, an answering machine speaks and tells Giovanni that Jesse, James, and Meowth are back from the Hoenn Region. Giovanni tells the person in the answering machine to let them in. Jesse, Meowth and James come in. They both reported to Giovanni by telling their names.

Giovanni asks them the situation in Hoenn. Meowth tries to tell him the situation in a rude way. James steps on Meowth's foot and tells him to shut up. Jesse then tells Giovanni the situation.

After their report, they're now roaming around the Rocket Base. Their main objective is still to steal Pokemon in Kanto. Butch and Cassidy come and both rival teams argue. They are both arguing about their next mission in Kanto. As they argue, a team rocket grunt comes in and tells them that Giovanni needs someone. With their scooters, Butch and Cassidy run in first.

With Team Rocket disappointed, they both go out of the base and think of their next plan. Behind their backs are Butch and Cassidy with a jet pack. They both leave for a mission. Jesse and James are amazed.

Team Rocket asks one of the grunts if there's anyway to follow Butch and Cassidy. The Grunt says nothing but there's another Grunt outside the building who shows Jesse and James a Pogo stick. When they see it, a sad face comes to them.

With Team Rocket using a Pogo Stick to follow Butch and Cassidy, they are so slow.

For Max and May, they safely arrive home, greeting their mom. May hugs her mom and asks her where Dad is. Caroline tells May that he's in the Garden looking after their Pokemon. The three of them go to the garden to visit their Pokemon and the garden. Max says hi to their Dad's Pokemon. May gets excited and sends all of her Pokemon out to play around in the garden. Everyone is having fun being back.

As for Ash and Brock, they finally separate ways to go to Pewter City and Pallet Town.

With Ash resting with Pikachu, they're both eating near the pond. A Poliwag comes from the water. Ash immediately asks Max to look at the Pokemon but Ash remembers he went back home with May. Ash misses everyone already but Pikachu cheers him up.

In Viridian city, Ash is walking by himself trying to tour around. As they reach the Viridian Gym, a car stops in front of the gym. A weird looking person stops Ash and asks him if he's a trainer. Ash introduces himself. The weird looking person asks Ash if he's been joining Gym Battles a while. Ash proudly says that he's been gathering badges and participates in the Pokemon league. After hearing all about Ash's achievements, the weird looking person asks Ash if he's interested on joining the Battle Frontier.

Before Ash can reply, there is a crash nearby. They see an old lady on a bike crash into a wall. Ash helps her and the old lady says that she lost her balance on the bicycle. Ash then asks the old lady if she knows who the new gym leader of Viridian City is. The old lady proudly says that she's the one, Agatha.

Inside the gym, Agatha mentions the weird looking guy's name, Scott. Agatha asks Scott if he's looking around for trainers again for his Battle Frontier. Scott seems embarrassed and Agatha just chuckles.

Agatha comes to Ash and asks him if he's here to challenge her for a badge. Ash proudly says that he already has one and has finished the Indigo League. After Ash said his experience to Agatha and Scott, they are amazed. Both Agatha and Ash agree to have a free match. Agatha asks Scott to be the judge.

The battle starts. Ash sends out his Pikachu while Agatha sends out Gengar. When Ash sees a Gengar, he looks up to his Pokedex and learns that Gengar is a shadow Pokemon. After hearing the information about Gengar, Ash first attacks Gengar by using Pikachu's Quick Attack.

That attack goes through Gengar. Ash then learns that normal attacks don’t work on Ghost Types. Ash then asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. The attack doesn't work because Gengar crawled to the ground and went to the other side of Pikachu. With Gengar at the back of Pikachu, Agatha tells Gengar to use Shadow Ball. With Pikachu's great speed, he dodges it then uses Iron Tail and it hits Gengar. Agatha is amazed on Pikachu's speed and strength. Agatha then asks Gengar again to use Shadow Ball one more time. Pikachu dodges it again and Gengar jumps out and uses Double Team. With so many Gengar around Pikachu, each Gengar uses Shadow Ball. Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt to every Gegnar in the field. When the real Gengar was hit, the Shadow Ball attack is launched and it’s attacking Pikachu. Pikachu jumps out and dodges it again.

When Gengar stands up again, it uses Scary Face on Pikachu. It confuses Pikachu and Gengar takes this chance to attack Pikachu. Pikachu faints with that attack. Scott then announces that Agatha is the winner.

Agatha compliments their battle with Pikachu. Scott tells Ash that Viridian Gym is also a recruitment branch of Scott in search for Trainers. After their conversation, Scott and Ash leave the gym.

In the air, Team Rocket was there spying at Scott and Ash as they are walking outside the gym. Team Rocket sees Pikachu. Of course, their plan is to catch Pikachu again. They hide their balloon behind the gym and eavesdrop on Ash and Scott's conversation.

As Ash and Scott are walking together, Ash asks Scott about the Battle Frontier. Scott tells Ash to listen. The Battle Frontier is like the one in Kanto. Except for Gym Leaders, trainers who went to the Battle frontier will be battling Frontier Leaders. As the trainer wins the Frontier Leader, they earn Frontier Symbols. Ash seems excited to join and participate.

A happy face on Team Rocket is seen after hearing about the Battle Frontier. A hand claw grabs Pikachu from Ash's shoulder. Team Rocket says their motto beautifully. Ash seems mad and tries to follow Team Rocket. An attack comes to the Team Rocket's balloon that breaks the hand's claw. It is Agatha's Golbat.

Team Rocket is furious and Agatha and Team Rocket each other. Ash helps out to blast Team Rocket off. As Scott is watching this, he is very amazed.

After all the trouble, Scott is ready to leave in search for trainers like Ash. Before Scott leaves and says goodbye, he reminds Ash to come to the Battle Frontier. With a determined face on Ash, he is determined to go to Battle Frontier after heading back to Pallet Town.

Near home, Pikachu and Ash are very happy after seeing that they're near. Finally, they're at home. Misty is there in Ash's house and greets him back. Ash is amazed of course at seeing Misty again. Behind Misty's back, Deliah and Oak welcome him back with a happy face.

Ash sees the new Pokemon of Misty which includes Azurill. Misty explains to Ash that Professor Oak helped Misty produce an Azurill with the help of Tracey's Marill. Ash comes to Azurill and pats its head. Deliah comments that there's food ready. Ash is so happy to be back home seeing old friends.

Outside, a horn is heard. As Ash looks outside, he happily sees Max with Professor Birch.

Will Max and Misty join Ash's journey to the Battle Frontier? Stay tuned for the next episode of Pokemon Advanced Generation.

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