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  Island Time
With the Grand Festival behind them, Ash and friends are headed for Ever Grande City and the Hoenn League Championships which are a mere two weeks away. At the docks of Slateport City, Ash, Max and Brock await May’s arrival. Brock tells Ash and Max that you can’t rush a girl when she’s shopping. A shout calls to them and they turn to see May running towards them, flashing what appear to be tickets. She tells the others that she won airline tickets to Ever Grande City.

They board the aircraft and it takes off. A woman emerges from the cockpit and tells them that she hopes they have a good time on their long flight and that they’ve made a slight change in plans - they’re heading for Team Rocket Headquarters instead of Ever Grande City. She throws off her costume to reveal she is Jessie as the door to the cockpit opens. James and Meowth lean out of their seats and Meowth tells them that Operation Raffle Racket was a success. Bars block the gang from getting out of their seats and Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt.

The electric mouse jumps from the top of the seats and releases a Thunderbolt just as an electric-resistant ball traps it. Jessie informs everyone that she spent everything to make the trap successful - including their stash of money and James’ bottle cap collection. James whimpers about the caps and Meowth cries over the money for food. While they whine and Jessie continues to bask in the glory of success, the plane begins to rumble.

James retakes the controls and stabilizes it. He checks the gas and finds it empty. He yells at Jessie that she was supposed to buy fuel. She remarks that she did and points to one measly oil drum of gas. The plane begins to rumble as it flies through a cloud. James and Meowth steer the plane towards the nearest spit of land, a small island in the middle of the vast ocean.

The impact of the landing springs free Ash and the others and they disembark from the plane. Nearby, the bushes rustle and Max spots something hairy. He thinks it is a Venonat until it stands up fully and tells them it is a human. The man tells them his name is Robin and thinks they all came to help him. Jessie and James get off the plane and tell him that they are the ones that need help.

Later, Robin tells them the story of how he got to the island. He was a traveling salesman for a Multi-National Corporation and he used to travel all over the world by boat. One day, he got caught in a violent storm. Everyone on board was evacuated safely except for Robin. No one saw him as he fell overboard. A Wailmer saved him and when he awoke, he found himself on the island - Wailmer Island, which he dubbed himself.

Suddenly, a Wailmer emerges from the water nearby. Ash quickly pulls out his Pokédex and looks it up. Once the Dex stops talking, Wailmer sends out a spout of water - a Water Spout. Team Rocket decides that they aren’t going to stick around on the island any more so they begin to swim out to sea. Before they get too far, though, they get caught in a whirlpool. They get sent into the air and Wailmer catches them, taking them back to the land. Robin explains that the island is surrounded by whirlpools that can smash rafts, as he once experienced when being pulled by Wailmer. With the whirlpools blocking the island, no access from outside ships is available. Team Rocket goes into an outrage as Ash realizes that if they are stuck there forever, he’ll never make it to the Hoenn League.

Brock tells them that they can convert the plane into a ship. Max asks the obvious question - where to get fuel. Robin answers that they can use trees to make fuel. And so they all get to work. While Combusken heats the metal to make it pliable, Corphish shapes another piece and once it is ready, Glalie and Mudkip cool it with Ice Beam and Water Gun. Brock and Ludicolo carry the metal to Ash, Pikachu and Torkoal who put the boat together and weld it. Meanwhile, Swellow, Beautifly, Grovyle, Bulbasaur, Robin, May and Max get wood and stockpile it in a barrel. Forretress squashes it to make a liquid. And for the fun of the group, Skitty plays with Wailmer.

Up on a hilltop Bellossom, Skiploom, and Sunkern dance and float while watching everyone working down below. Behind them, Team Rocket works on picking vegetables. James likes the job, thinking about the fresh air, good times, and a lot of fun. He exclaims that the island it great but Jessie disagrees. Her and Meowth get angry and plan to steal the boat once it’s finished and just leave the others while they sail on to Headquarters.

That night, the boat lays finished in the water and everyone gathers in the cave to eat dinner. Beautifly, Grovyle, Swellow, Glalie, Bulbasaur, Corphish, Torkoal, Forretress, Mudkip, Pikachu and Skitty eat the Pokémon food from Brock while the others eat over a little ways. Max wonders where Munchlax is so May calls it out. It heads straight for the food bowls but Max whips out May’s Pink Surprise and it promptly falls asleep. Robin says that they’ll shove off the next day and Team Rocket begins to act very nicely. May and Max get suspicious but nothing happens so they head off to bed.

Very early the next morning, Pikachu wakes up early under its leaf. Ash, too, wakes up and wonders where Robin is. They find him on the beach saying goodbye to Wailmer, as it will be staying on the island. He tells the gang that before he came to the island, he was work 24/7 and that he was going through the motions, like sleepwalking. But, living on the island with Wailmer, he found the joy in life and he came to love Wailmer. Max suggests that he bring the Ball Whale Pokémon with him. Wailmer likes the suggestion but Robin wonders what a Wailmer would do in the city.

Suddenly, a claw grabs Pikachu. Everyone looks to the boat to find Team Rocket with the mouse. They do their motto once again and then set out with the ship. Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt at them but they have an electric protected cage again. Brock tells them it isn’t time to go but they don’t listen and keep sailing. They sail towards the whirlpools and the boat stops. With no gas, Jessie and James had no control over the boat and the whirlpool pulled them in again. The force of the whirlpool broke the boat and sent Team Rocket and Pikachu flying. Team Rocket landed in the water near the island while Pikachu continued to soar.

With some quick thinking, Ash jumped on Wailmer and saved Pikachu. Once back on land, Jessie and James sent out Seviper and Cacnea, who hugs James. Jessie orders Seviper to use Bite while James tells Cacnea to use Pin Missile. Wailmer uses a Hydro Pump to block the attacks. Pikachu uses Thunder and Team Rocket falls in the water again. They decide to use Wailmer as a getaway. They climb on to cries from Robin that it can’t carry that much weight.

Wailmer begins to glow and evolves into a Wailord, which Ash looks up in his Pokédex. Wailord uses a Water Spout attack to sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Wailord carries everyone out to sea; the whirlpools approach quickly. Wailord pushes through them and as it does, a giant wave crashes towards them. Wailord uses Water Pulse to smash it and they get past the whirlpools.

A short time later, a boat spots them. The captain tells them to stop the engines. Everyone climbs aboard and they thank the captain for seeing them. Robin turns to Wailord to say goodbye but he can’t bring himself to do and jumps back to the Whale. He explains to the gang that living on the island showed him what life was really about. In the city, he never felt that way and there is nothing for him there. He finishes by saying that the island has everything. With that, he and Wailord set off for Wailmer Island as Ash and the others wave from the ship.

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Like a Meowth to a Flame
Finally, after Ash's long wait to compete in the Pokemon League, it has finally come. They are almost reaching the harbor of Evergrande City. Ash is so excited to train his Pokemon and win the league championship. May tells Ash that there's delicious food in Evergrande City. Ash and the gang wonder what May is talking about. May does a pose and tells him that there's a delicious ramen in Evergrande City.

In the ocean, Team Rocket is there trying to follow the ship that Ash and the gang are using. It seems that Jesse is in a bad mood. Jesse asks him what's wrong but she replies in a mad way. Suddenly, Jesse remembers that it's the Pokemon Hoenn League time…It seems that she's plotting again something...

In the town square, Ash and the gang are walking along the side streets. As they walk, May is talking to herself. She's talking about several foods that she wants to eat in the city. Ash asks her where she got that information about the food. May pulls up her Food Guidebook and shows it to Ash.

Brock reads it and confirms that there's a restaurant in Evergrande City that offers delicious food. May gets her book again from Brock and tells everyone to go there.

Walking in an alleyway, Max complains about how tired he is. May tells her to wait and they will find it soon. Brock asks May if that ramen is really worthwhile to eat. As everyone is talking, a flock of Murkrow at the top of one building is looking at them suspiciously.

Brock gets the Food Guide Book from May and tries to read it and find the location. Before Brock can even read the rest of the page in the book, a Murkrow dashes into them and grabs it with its beak. Everyone panics when they see a flock of Murkrow coming towards them.

The Murkrows are using Peck at them. They're very annoyed but with the help of Ash's Pikachu, they manage to let them go away. However, the Murkrow still comes to them no matter how much Pikachu attacks them with Thunderbolt.

As everyone is suffering from Murkrows Peck attack, a savior comes to them. It's a Meowth with boots. The Meowth that saves them uses slash attack to scare them away. Everyone is shocked after seeing that he Meowth saved them.

May makes her first impression that it must be Meowth from Team Rocket. Before May could say another word, another flock of Murkrow is coming towards them. A trainer behind Meowth shouts to use Slash on the Murkrows.

After everyone is settled, May and the gang are surprised to see the trainer of the Meowth that saved them. The trainer comes to them and asks if they're all right. Everyone says that they're fine and they thank him for help.

When the trainer is about to say something, he sees the Food Guide Book of May laying on the floor opened on the page where there is ramen that May wants to eat. He immediately stops from talking and picks up the book. The trainer tells the name of the store. The trainer is introduced as Tetsia.

In the ramen store, everyone is eating the ramen that May was talking about. Everyone sure is hungry. As they're eating their hot ramen, Tetsia tells Ash that he's participating in the Hoenn League. Everyone is surprised. Ash and the gang start on commenting on how good his Meowth is.

Tetsia asks Brock if he's a breeder. Brock says yes and he tells that his Meowth was bred from a powerful Persian. As Tetsia is eating his ramen, he notices that it's 10 before 1 in the afternoon. He rushes to the door with his Meowth and run.

Ash follows them and tells them to hold up. Ash asks Tetsia what's going on. Tetsia tells them that he's going the Pokemon Center to prepare for the upcoming ceremony. May asks what they're talking about. Brock then explains the whole Pokemon League process.

Outside of the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Mr. Goodshow are standing beside the Pokemon Center with people lining in the side walk. It seems that they're waiting for the fire to be delivered. Officer Jenny picks up her walkie talkie and mentions that she must escort the fire.

Behind the bushes, Team Rocket is there spying on them. James is thinking about stealing the fire from Mr. Goodshow. Meowth gives them idea on what Giovanni could use the fire for. After Team Rocket finishes listening to Meowth's imagination, they agree to steal the fire to get a promotion.

Finally, Tetsia arrives with the gang. Tetsia introduced himself to Mr. Goodshow and tells him that he's ready to deliver the Fire. When Ash and the gang saw Mr. Goodshow, they greeted him. When Mr. Goodshow mentions May's name, she was surprised to hear her name from Mr. Goodshow and wonders where he got her name. Mr. Goodshow tells her that he heard her name from the last Grand Festival Tournament. May thanks her so much for remembering her. He also tells them that he knows Norman, their father.

Finally, it's time for the flame to be delivered. Ash and everyone are cheering for the fire deliver to deliver it up. With Officer Jenny as their escort, they're running. Meowth is spying on them and is surprised to see Tetsia's Meowth running. He feels intimidated until Jesse and James call him.

A limousine comes to pick up Mr. Goodshow, Joy, and Jenny. Mr. Goodshow offered Ash and the gang a ride in. In the limousine, they're heading to the main stadium. As they approach the entrance, they are very surprised on how big it is. It has a big Pokemon Center and a huge area. May is so excited to arrive there immediately to check out the restaurant. As May keeps on talking, everyone is just looking at May embarrassedly. As for Max, he seems hungry.

Finally, they arrive at the Pokemon Center. Ash just registered for the Hoenn League. Ash gets his stuff and he's very excited. May notices that Brock is missing. As they look around, they saw Brock flirting with dozens of Nurse Joys in the Pokemon Center of Evergrande City. Apparently, Max pulls him out again.

Back with Ash, he asks Nurse Joy about the trainers participating the Hoenn League. Apparently, there's only a few. As Ash looks up in the big screen, the torch runner is still running towards the top of the mountain to deliver it to a secure place.

In the Pokemon Center, Ash is consulting Professor Oak and lets him know that he made it to the Pokemon League. Ash tells Oak that Pikachu worked hard to reach his place right now. Professor Oak is very proud of Ash and tells him good luck.

The Emergency Bell rings right after Ash finishes talking to Professor Oak. Everyone seems to panic in the Pokemon Center and outside the arena. Ash runs towards Tetsia and asks him what's going on. Tetsia tells them what happened. A mysterious Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy (Jesse and James) stole the flame. Tetsia blames himself for not protecting it.

On the highway, a bunch of Officer Jenny are running after the thief who stole the flame. One Nurse Joy speeds up and blocks them. Apparently, the thief turns another way and jumps into a Meowth Balloon. Finally, Ash, Mr. Goodshow, Tetsia, and the gang finally arrived.

In the balloon, the mysterious thief reveals themselves as Team Rocket. They say the motto and bid farewell to the gang. Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunder but it failed when Meowth uses his umbrella. Tetsia tries to help with his Metagross.

Tetsia asks his Metagross to use Psychic to lower them down. Apparently, the balloon is strong enough. Mr. Goodshow goes up to Ash and tells him to use an attack to stop them from resisting. Ash lets his Glalie out and it uses Ice Beam to freeze them. He jumps to the balloon while it’s going down slowly. . Ash grabs the Flame and throws it to the gang. Apparently, Team Rocket is de-frozen and tries to stop Ash. When Team Rocket sees the flame falling, they throw Meowth to catch it.

Tetsia asks his Meowth to get the Flame from Team Rocket's Meowth. The Meowth of Team Rocket starts to get mad at Tetsia Meowth and asks him who's the boss.
Apparently, Tetsia's Meowth seems to be confident. When the Meowth of Team Rocket tries to slash the Meowth of Tetsia, he failed and he is blasted off.

Tetsia tells Ash to jump down from the balloon. Metagross's Psychic attack helps him to land safely. After that, Tetsia tells his Meowth to use Thunderbolt to blast Jesse and James.

After all the commotion, the flame is finally delivered to the vault. Mr. Goodshow thanks them for everything. Tetsia wishes Ash Goodluck to the upcoming battle in the Pokemon League.

Saved By The Beldum
In the outside arena of the Hoenn League, we see Ash and his Pokemon doing some stretching to prepare for their upcoming training. Ash is giving an encouragement speech to his Pokemon while he's stretching.

May yawns while sitting on a boulder with Brock and Max. She opens up her Food Guide Book again and looks at some amazing foods to eat.

Ash wonders how Masamune is doing. Brock wonders if she got her last badge. After they talk about Masamune, Pikachu gives a signal to Ash that he's ready.

The training begins. As Ash's Pokemon are training, Masamune is running and trying to catch something. As Ash's Glalie is doing its Ice Beam attack, it hits Masamune and drops into a pond. The gang follows her and sees Masamune floating on an ice cube.

Reuniting with Ash again, Masamune does their welcome hug and greet each other. Masamune proudly shows the badge that she earned to get into the league. Ash and Brock congratulate her and they both look happy for her. As Masamune is talking, she notices Ash's Pokemon. She is amazed that Ash got so many. Ash tells them that Ash is training them for the league.

Masamune chuckles and lets her Pokemon out. Ash and Brock are amazed. Brock mentions all of Masamune's Pokemon. They are: Growlithe, Gligar, Swampert, Steelix, Girafarig, and Beldum. After the compliments of Masamune's Pokemon, Masamune and Ash agrees to have a race.

As they run through the forest, they fall into a trap. Team Rocket appears and says their motto. After their motto, Team Rocket tells Ash and Masamune that they are going to steal their Pokemon while they're here. As they back down a bit, Tetsia and his Meowth appear.

Tetsia tries to stop them but Meowth seems confident to face his rival Meowth again. When Meowth wants to challenge him, he just ignores it. Meowth gets mad and strikes first. Tetsia is aware of his attack and asks Meowth to use Iron tail. With that attack, Meowth is thrown back to Jesse and James making them blast off.

Back with Ash and Masamune, they both thank Tetsia for helping them. Brock interrupts the conversation after running from the location they just left. Brock pants and tells Masamune something important about what he left when she saw Ash. When Masamune remembers it, she immediately runs.

In the Pokemon Center, Masamune is talking about what happened with them when Team Rocket attacked them. Tetsia tells the gang that his Meowth did all the work. When his Meowth hears it, he leaves. Everyone wonders what's wrong and Tetsia follows him.

Max starts to wonder what's wrong. Brock changes the topic about the upcoming preliminaries tomorrow. Max mentions about what kind of Pokemon they should use. As they talk, it seems that Ash and Masamune are ready.

The day of the preliminary starts. Many other trainers have already competed but Tetsia and Meowth are sitting on a bench concentrating.

It's Masamune's turn to compete with some other trainers. Ash and the others are cheering her up. It's Beldum Vs. Electabuzz. Masamune's Beldum first attacks Electabuzz with Tackle but unfortunately, Electabuzz is strong enough to push Beldum back.

Ash and the gang are starting to freak out about what's going on in the battle arena.

Beldum tries its attack again one more time but it fails. Beldum is on the ground lying around. Masamune's opponent takes this chance to attack Beldum with Electabuzz's Dynamic Punch. Ash can't take what's happening to Masamune's Beldum.

Masamune doesn't give up and the battle still continues. Beldum does the same attack again but it fails. It pushes Beldum down to the wall. No matter how hard Beldum tries to attack Electabuzz, it always fails. Beldum just stands up there and the opponent takes this chance to attack. Electabuzz uses Dynamic Punch again.

When it's about to hit Beldum, it starts to glow... It's evolving. Beldum evolves to Metang. Max is happy to see Metang knowing that Masamune can win the battle. Ash looks up at his data in his Pokedex.

Masamune is kind of surprised to see Beldum evolved into Metang but the battle still continues. The opponent ignores it and the attack still continues. With Metang's Psychic attack, it stops Electabuzz from launching its Dynamic Punch Attack. When the attack is cancelled, Metang combines its attack with Take Down. Finally, Electabuzz faints.
Masamune is declared the winner! Ash and Pikachu are so proud.

As for Team Rocket, they're outside of the arena selling some food stuff.

It's time for Tetsia's turn to compete. Ash and Masamune are on the stage cheering him up. When Max sees that Tetsia's opponent is a Persian, Tetsia looks down at his Pokemon. His Meowth has a grudge to beat a Persian. Tetsia wonders what's wrong.

In the audience, they're talking about how powerful Meowth is. We see Jesse, Meowth, and James selling stuff to the viewers of the competition. People buy stuff off them. Meowth sighs until he sees Tetsia's Meowth.

Back with Tetsia, the referee is announcing the rules. Before the referee begins the battle, Meowth already launched its attack. Ash and the gang are surprised. Meowth first launches Slash but Persian is fast enough to avoid the attack. Persian attacks Meowth and hits him in the face. Tetsia commands Meowth to use Double Team. Persian gets confused and can't distinguish where the real Meowth is. The opponent asks his Persian to use Splash to eliminate the duplicate Meowth’s.

The opponent next uses Shadow Ball at Meowth. Meowth is thrown to the wall and it crashes. Meowth doesn't give up and Tetsia asks Meowth to use Iron Tail. With that attack, Meowth has the advantage. With that advantage, Meowth finishes the battle with a Thunderbolt attack.

After Meowth has been declared as the winner, Meowth goes insane and attempts to attack Persian even more. Tetsia stops him. Team Rocket's Meowth and Ash start to wonder about the hatred of Tetsia's Meowth.

Tetsia is commanding Meowth to stop. Meowth didn't listen and still attempts to kill Persian. Tetsia can't do something about it but he returns Mewoth to its Pokeball.

In the garden, Tetsia tells the gang about the past of Meowth. It all started one winter night while he's walking in the woods. He saw Meowth fighting its rights to one Persian. Meowth was almost killed with Persian's attack. From that time, Tetsia adopted him and made him feel better again.

After hearing the story, the gang starts to figure out the situation. Behind their backs, Team Rocket's Meowth is there listening. He is sad after hearing the story.

Now, it's time for Ash to compete in the Preliminaries. The gang is cheering for him.

Pikachu starts tan attack with Hitmonlee. Pikachu uses Iron Tail on him. It was successful. However, the battle still continues. With the speed of Hitmonlee, Pikachu is moving anywhere to avoid Hitmonlee. As Hitmonlee keeps on moving, something is injured on him.

The opponent starts to worry about Pikachu's threat to Hitmonlee. The battle still continues. When Hitmonlee attacks Pikachu with Low Kick, Ash tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail. With that attack, Ash is declared victorious. Ash hugs Pikachu and is very happy.

The Preliminaries have ended and the winners are going to the next round. With Ash lighting up the torch, his family and friends are watching him! Will Ash win this Hoenn League championship?

From Brags to Riches
Ash is running through the forest with Pikachu; they're both training for his upcoming tournament.

Inside the Pokemon Center, the gang is focusing on Max's PokeNav. Ash asks Max what's up. Max tells Ash that he's checking out the badge checker in his Pokenav. May tries to tell something to Brock but he's busy paying attention to Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy picks up the microphone and announces the upcoming tournament. Nurse Joy tells everyone the rules and regulations of the tournament. Ash and Masamune starts to argue but they were stopped when Nurse Joy shows them the battle formation. It seems that first round of the tournament is a double Pokemon battle.

In the stadium, everyone is eating their donuts while they watch Masamune fight. The first opponent of Masamune is a guy who's well built. May gets worried about Masamune losing.

The battle starts by bringing out their first two Pokemon that they're going to use. Masamune brings out a Growlithe and Gligar. After she brings out her Pokemon, her opponent brings out a Marowak and a Machamp.

As the announcer is introducing their Pokemon, both Masamune and her opponent are showing off their muscles to see who's stronger. After the announcer stops talking, the battle starts.

Growlithe first attacks Marowak with a fire attack. Marowak doesn't fell down but it corners Growlithe. Masamune calls out her Gligar and asks it to free Growlithe. Her opponent brings Machamp out and blocks Gligar.

Back with Growlithe, it uses Flamethrower on Marowak but Marowak is dodging the flame by using his bone. As for Machamp and Gligar, Machamp uses a Dynamic Punch that causes Gligar to fall down. Masamune is shocked when Gligar falls down. The gang starts to get worried about Masamune.

Masamune tells Gligar to not give up. The battle still continues by using Gligar's Fly attack. With that attack, Machamp falls down. Marowak and Growlithe are still fighting but Growlithe falls to its feet when Marowak uses its Bonemerang. Growlithe doesn't give up and still continues to use Flamethrower. Apparently, Marowak is strong enough to keep on going after Growlithe. After that attack, Marowak freezes off Growlithe's foot and hits it with a Bonemerang. Growlithe falls down to the ground.

With Team Rocket inside of the warehouse, they are sad because they didn't sell their goods. They start to give up but Jesse remembers a plan for catching Pikachu. Their boss punches the wall and screams at them. Meowth tries to tell them that they're Team Rocket but their boss doesn't believe them. They start selling stuff again and go to the stadium.

Back with the tournament, Masamune is still struggling with her opponent. Every time Masamune attacks, the opponent's Pokemon always counters. The gang are started to get worried and sad about Masamune.

Masamune tells Gligar to attack one more time. Gligar continues to attack Meowth by flying around Machamp and blinding him with its light. The opponent tries to think of a way to get out from it but it’s too late when Gligar do his finishing move.

The opponent doesn't give up. The battle still continues with Marowak vs. Growlithe. When Growlithe uses Flamethrower again, Marawok jumps so high and attacks Growlith to its head leaving Growlithe fainted. Now it's Marowak vs. Gligar. Both Pokemon fight in the air but Marowak is strong enough. When Gligar is falling down from the air, Marowak uses Ice Beam to freeze its wings up. With that chance, Marowak comes dashing on Gligar trying to hit its frozen wings. Unfortunately, Gligar is strong enough to fly even though its wings are frozen.

It still goes up and tries to attack. Marowak hits Gligar to its head leaving sparks. Gligar doesn't give up and Masamune tells Gligar to use Iron tail. With that amazing attack, it leads Masamune to a victory.

As Ash running through with Pikachu, they both fall down into a trap. Team Rocket appears and tells them their motto again. After their motto, their boss appears and stops them. Team Rocket seems too scared and runs away.

Now it's time for Ash to fight. Everyone in the stadium is very confident that Ash will win the contest.

Both trainers bring out their Pokemon. Ash uses Corphish and Torkoal while his opponent uses Tropius and Swalot. Max gets shocked to see Tropius. May checks out her Pokedex to see Swalot's and Tropius's data.

Now the battle starts. Tropius first launches an attack by using Fly. As Tropius is in the air, it uses Razor Leaf. Corphish and Torkoal use Harden to cover up with its attack. The attack goes well but Tropius uses Bullet seed on Torkoal. With same tactics again, Torkoal is saved with the help of Harden.

Swalot uses Sludge attack on Corphish. Corphish tries to stand up still. With the look on the gang's face, they are worried about Ash, including Masamune, who seems to get mad at Ash's opponent.

Tropius uses Whirwind on Torkoal. Torkoal tries to stand up still to avoid stumbling. Ash asks Torkoal to use Overheat on Tropius and it works. Ash uses overheat again but Tropius is strong enough to dodge it. With Swalot fighting Corphish, Corphish manages to dodge Swalot's Body Slam. Ash is thinking of another way to take one Pokemon down.

Ash gets the idea to use a double attack. Both Torkoal and Corphish combine their attack on Tropius. The opponent tells Tropius to use Solar Beam and the attack chain of Torkoal and Corphish is broken. As Tropius is getting energy from the sun, Ash takes this chance to use Crabhammer on Tropius and Overheat. As soon as Tropius charges well enough, Tropius launches a Solar Boom and Torkoal uses Overheat to counter each attack. As it both produce a massive explosion, both Tropius and Torkoal faint.

Now it's Swalot vs. Corphish. The battle continues with Swalot's attack. Corphish is trying to stay alive but it seems that Swalot's attack is strong enough. With that attack, Corphish is blasted off. Swalot uses same attack again but it fails. With Corphish being down, Swalot tries to use Body Slam. When Swalot is sitting on Corphish, Ash asks Corphish to use Crab Hammer. That attack doesn't work well but it distracts Swalot.

Swalot uses Shadow Ball on Corphish and that makes Corphish fall down again. Ash doesn't give up and has Corphish use Crab Hammer again. The gang is surprised with this knowing that Crabhammer doesn't work on Swalot. With Swalot using the same attack again, Corphish is strong enough to block it while running to Swalot. When Corphish gets close to Swalot, he grabbed the strings that’s attached to Swallot and makes him fall down. With that chance, Corphish uses his final attack on Swalot with a Bubblebeam.

With a huge smoke covering them, everyone is worried. As soon as the smoke clears up, Swalot has fainted and Ash is declared as the winner. The gang is very happy with Ash. Masamune is also happy but she knows she'll fight Ash soon.

With Team Rocket back at their headquarters, the boss comes in. Team Rocket seems to be scared but their boss instead gives them food. That makes them happy.

Ash and Masamune are arguing like rivals now. Brock and the gang watches Ash and Masmaune. As the episode ends, we don't know who will win between Ash and Masamune. Will it be Ash?

Shocks and Bonds
Ash is now battling his second opponent. The announcer is introducing the participants: Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and his opponent Yuga. The cheerleaders cheered for Yuga when his name was called. Max looks up Yuga's data in his PokeNav to see what kind of trainer he is. It seems that Yuga uses his conducting abilities to command his Pokemon.

The battle starts. Ash takes Grovyle and Glalie out while Yuga sends Charizard and Quilava out. Ash first launches the attack to both Charizard and Quilava. Yuga pulls out his baton and start conducting the Pokemon on what to attack.

Charizard and Quilava bash Ash's Pokemon. Charizard then uses Fire Spin on Grovyle. Ash can't take what Charizard does so he asked Glalie to use Blizzard. It doesn't affect either Charizard or Quilava!

Yuga now starts to tell Charizard to use Wing Attack and combine its attack with Quilava. Both teams fall down but Yuga feels like nothing happened to his Pokemon.

Ash can't take it and it asks Grovyle to attack one more time. Charizard uses Fire Spin while Glalie counters it with Powder Snow. Both attacks clash with each other making one big explosion.

While the smoke is clearing up, Ash asks Grovyle to use Slam attack on Quilava. That attack works and Quilava faints!

One Pokemon is down in Yuga's team. If Ash manages to take Charizard down, he'll move on the next round.

Yuga still doesn't give up. He asks Charizard to use Wing Attack. Luckily, Grovyle manages to dodge it. Instead of hitting Grovyle, he misses and it flies into the air. With Grovyle looking at its back, Charizard goes back at Grovyle and hits him. That attack blasts Grovyle off making him faint.

Now it's 1 on 1. Both sides are pretty nervous. However, the battle still continues.

Yuga asks Charizard to use Flamethrower on Glalie. With Glalie's Ice attacks, Glalie creates a barrier that blocks the attack. Ash is happy but the attack doesn't end there.

Charizard uses Wing Attack for the final time. With that attack, Ash gets the idea that he needs to use Double team. Yuga knows Ash's trick so he asks Charizard to attack all the Glalie in the ice field.

That attack throws Glalie away. Brock and the gang is very worried and scared of Ash loosing this tournament.

Yuga seems confident that he's going to win but Ash shouts Glalie to attack again. Glalie rounds off the ice area that Ash created to confuse him. When it’s the right time to attack Charizard, Glalie dashes to Charizard and blasts him off.

The winner is Ash!

Outside of the Arena, the gang is congratulating him. Masamune comes and congratulates him. The two of them start to argue again and run off.

It's now Tetsuya's turn to fight. Tetsuya uses Sceptile while his opponent uses Aggron. Tetsuya's opponent first attacks. Tetsuya asks Sceptile to dodge it. It seems that Tetsuya's Sceptile is very fast.

On the balcony, Brock and the gang arrive. It seems that they're late. As they're watching Testuya's tournament, Team Rocket walks up to the stairs while selling food to the spectators. Meowth sees the gang with Pikachu with them. Jesse and James think that this is the time to steal Pikachu. When they're about to execute their plan, a customer arrives and buys stuff from them.

Back with Tetsuya, the battle is still intense. Aggron still trying to attack Sceptile but it's too slow. Sceptile jumps through the air and uses Bullet seed. Aggron is getting tired!

With Brock, Max, and May sitting on some chairs, Team Rocket is ready to steal Pikachu. With a net coming from Team Rocket, Ash and Masamune arrive. Team Rocket's plan is messed up again.

The battle continues. Sceptile tries to use a Solar Beam attack. Will it be successful?

Sceptile manages to collect the energy from the sun! Its Solar Beam attack works. The gang is very happy for Tetsuya.

Behind the gang, Team Rocket is trying to crawl their way out. As they crawl, their boss comes and asks what's going on. Team Rocket gets scared and walks away.

Almost at dawn, everyone is eating at a restaurant. Everyone is talking about the tournament. May pulls out his cookbook and tells the others about what good food can be found in Ever Grande City. As everyone is talking, Ash tells Pikachu that they'll be training hard to win the Hoenn League.

Back with Team Rocket, they're at their home base eating their food. Since they've done a good job selling stuff, their boss treats them with lots of food.

(Opening Song begins) Its early morning. The sun is up. Ash and Masamune are in their room and they open up the curtains. Everyone eats and Ash and Masamune train.

As for May and Tetsuya, they're out looking for good restaurants. Max and Munchlax are together in the park trying to see what's up. When Munchlax sees an Ice Cream, it drags Max down.

As for Brock, he's in the Pokemon Center trying to flirt with Jenny and Joy.

The training continues while they enjoy their day before the next tournament.

The decisive battle is here. Ash is facing another opponent to determine if he's staying. Everyone in the world is watching Ash including Misty, Delia, Professor Oak, and Tracey. The announcer is telling everyone the rules. Their battle ground determines on what type the computer chooses.

It seems that the chosen battle ground is rock. The field turns into a rock area.

May and the gang are in their seats watching. Ash wonders the background of Ash's opponent. Max looks up on his PokeNav but Brock stops him and shows
his book about the trainer that Ash is fighting. Brock tells him that Ash's opponent used to be a Pokemon Co-Coordinator and loves spaghetti. May seems confused. Max then looks up his PokeNav and tells all the battle info of Ash's opponent.

Now the battle starts. Ash brings out Torkoal. His opponent takes Venomoth out. Now the battle begins. When Venomoth attacks, Ash asks Torkoal to hide
in its shell. Unfortunately, Venomoth uses its Psychic attack to draw Torkoal out of its shell. Ash then commands Torkal to use Overheat. Venomoth dodges it but Ash's opponent takes Venomoth back to its Pokeball and brings Golduck out.

Ash continues to attack Golduck but it counters Torkoal with Water Gun. Torkoal goes off flying while Golduck takes this chance to attack him non stop. That attack makes Torkoal faint.

Now, it's time for Ash to use his second Pokemon. Ash uses Pikachu. When his opponent sees Pikachu, he draws Golduck out and brings Dugtrio out.

The gang gets worried because Pikachu is weak against Ground Type. The battle starts. Dugtrio uses Dig and that makes Pikachu fall. Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but Dugtrio is immune. Dugtrio does its final attack while it's under the ground. A huge explosion comes and Pikachu faints.

The gang still cheers him!

With Pikachu down, Ash takes Glalie out. His opponent uses Digs once again but Ash manages to stop it by crumbling the ground. With that, Dugtrio is shivering. With this advantage, Glalie uses Ice Beam. That attack works well and Dugtrio faints.

One Pokemon is down on the opponent's side. Ash's opponent sends Misderavus out. Glalie attacks Misdreavus with an Ice Beam but it doesn't work. Both of them
come to each other and try to take each other down. As they're holding each other, Misdreavus put a Destiny Bond on Glalie. After Misdreavus has fainted, the Destiny Bond attack takes Glalie down and it faints too.

Ash has three Pokemon down while his opponent has two. Everyone in their seats is getting worried.

What will happen to Ash now? Can he win this tournament and fight his rival in the next round?

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