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Less is Morrison!
Resting for a while before continuing their way to the Grand Festival site, Ash and the gang decide to rest for a while. Everyone is eating Brock's special soup. After Ash finishes his bowl of soup, he stands up and tells everyone that he's going to train Snorunt to master its Ice Beam attack. Before Snorunt goes and follows Ash, it finishes its food. After Ash left, May stands up and is very determined to practice before the events in the Grand Festival.

Munchlax seems to be greedy with food as before. Munchlax eats up all the food for May's Pokemon. May seems disappointed at Munchlax knowing that once she caught it, she thought she could handle Munchlax.

Still trying to master Ice Beam, Snorunt is having a hard time focusing. As they're training, Snorunt stops and notices that there's a giant rice ball rolling down the hill. Ash grabs the thing and sees someone running after it.

The person who's running after the giant rice ball bumps into the tree making his face swollen. When the person recovers, he looks up to Ash and tries to claim the rice ball, but the rice ball is gone. As Ash and this boy looks back, they see Munchlax holding the rice ball and eating it. The boy is so sad and disappointed.

May comes to the scene and apologizes for Munchlax. The boy can't take it and screams.

After the boy calms down, he introduces himself Masamune who will participate in the Hoenn League. Ash introduces himself and tells Masamune that he's also going to the Hoenn League. Both Ash and Masamune start to become rivals from this point trying to determine who will win the league or not. To settle their differences, Ash decides to challenge Masamune to a battle.

In the open field, Brock is the referee in Masamune vs. Ash Battle. Ash takes out his Pikachu while Masamune takes out his Beldum. The battle starts when Masamune attacks Pikachu with Take Down. Since Pikachu is great in speed, he dodges it and jumps up from the air. From the air he dives down to Beldum and attacks it. It works but Beldum seems to be strong. As Beldum tries to attack Pikachu again, it misses causing Pikachu to hop and use Thunderbolt.

Masamune doesn't give up and still continues to fight. When Beldum tries to hit Pikachu again with Take Down, it hits Pikachu perfectly making Pikachu fall down. Pikachu seems to have a hard time trying to stand up. Masamune takes this chance to ask Beldum to hit Pikachu again. However, it doesn't work. Pikachu stands up and tries to attack it. When Beldum tries to attack Pikachu, Ash asks Pikachu to use Iron Tail. Both the Take Down and Iron Tail attacks clash creating a huge smoke.

As the smoke clears up, both Pokemon have fainted.

Brock declares the battle to be draw. Ash goes to Pikachu while Masamune puts Beldum back into its Pokeball.

Masamune tells Ash that he already got some badges to make him go through to the Hoenn League. When Ash asks Masamune how many badges he has, Masamune proudly says that he has some. Brock tells Masamune that Ash is also collecting badges.

Ash then brings out his badge case and shows it to Masamune. Masamune was shocked. He counts it to make sure. Ash then proudly tells Masamune that he's going to the Hoenn League for sure. After that, Masamune runs off being so disappointed.

Following after Masamune, Max notices that Munchlax is gone. May starts to get worried and starts looking for Munchlax.

Deep inside the forest, Team Rocket is sitting on their knees, as they are sad. They're hungry but they don't know how to split up the one small piece of rice ball. Jesse finds out a solution to determine who will have the one small piece of rice ball left. Every member in Team Rocket agrees to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Who ever wins will have the last piece of rice ball. As everyone plays, it seems that there's no single one eliminated. As they pause, they notice that the rice ball is gone.

Meowth gets mad and accuses Wobbuffet for eating the riceball while playing. James stops Meowth and tells him that Wobbuffet can't do it. Jesse then accuses James. As they're arguing, everyone rumbles into a fight.

Far away from Team Rocket, Munchlax is there having the one last piece of Team Rocket's rice ball. Before Munchlax could eat it, the gang appears and stops Munchlax. Unfortunately, Munchlax doesn't want to listen to May and runs off. May doesn't have a choice but to put Munchlax back into its Pokeball. May is really worried about Munchlax's behavior.

Brock thinks that May should feed Munchlax the "Delicious May" Pokeblock from the previous episode. May repeats what Brock just said...

At sunset, the gang finally finds a Pokemon Center for them to rest at. As they continue toward there, Ash sees Masamune. Masamune explains to Ash that he's going to train his Beldum for his final gym match. After Masamune talks, Ash tells Masamune that he's also training Pikachu. Before they train their Pokemon, they must be healed first.

Masamune walks in front of Ash. Ash follows him doing a fast walk. Both of them are trying to run over the Pokemon Center but accidentally bumped in to the double doors and go directly to Nurse Joy's desk. As both of them gets up, they both showed their Pokemon to Nurse Joy asking for her help to restore them back to full health.

In the dinner room, Ash and the gang are eating their dinner. Masamune joins in and both of them start talking as rivals. Max, Brock, and May don't know what to do anymore about those two.

Next morning, everyone is in the hot springs taking a dip. Brock and Max asks Ash that its time to go. As Ash tries to come to Brock, Masamune stops Ash and asks him for a Dip Head Challenge. Ash goes back to the hot spring and tells Masamune that he won't lose.

Masamune starts to dip his head down to the hot springs. As Brock and Max are watching them, they seem confused at both Ash and Masamune. When both of them are in the same level, Masamune then increases the heat to the hot springs and they continue their challenge.

Back at the Pokemon Center, both of them are tired. May is helping Ash to get some air wile Brock is doing the same for Masamune. Nurse Joy comes in and tells both of them that their Pikachu and Beldum are in great condition. Both of them gets their Pokemon. Masamune then asks Nurse Joy to heal the rest of his Pokemon. Ash joins in too.

Sitting comfortably looking tired, Masamune yawns and leaves. Ash asks Masamune where he's going. Masamune tells Ash that he's going to the courtyard to do something.

Late at night, Masamune brings Ash and the gang to the so called courtyard of Masamune. At the top of the tree, there are swing beds. Masamune lets his Beldum out to guide Masamune up to the swing bed at the top of the tree. Masamune asks everyone if they want to go up. Unfortunately, May and Max seems scared, but Ash is not.

With Masamune in his swing bed, Ash is at the branch tree resting but he accidentally falls down. Beldum comes to save Ash and he is thankful to Beldum for saving his life. Ash finally gets his to swing bed. Both Ash and Masamune are talking about their experiences. After a couple of conversations, they fall asleep.

Early in the morning, May and Brock are in front of the Berry Blender trying to make May's "Delicious May" pokeblocks. May. When it is finished, May presents her Pokeblock to Munchlax. Munchlax takes the piece that May created and eats it. After Munchlax eating it, it seems that he's back to normal.

Max brings out a Pokeblock case and tells that May could keep her Pokeblocks in the case for Munchlax. When Max looks down at Munchlax, he's sleeping already.

In the forest, as Ash is trying to find a good training place, he ends up meeting Masamune. Each other start to humiliate the other again. A new challenge for the rivals comes, an arm wrestling and running contest. As they leave, Team Rocket was there. When Meowth sees Beldum, he gets the idea that Beldum might be suitable for Giovanni. Meowth then tells Jesse and James the use of Beldum. After hearing Meowth's idea, they agree to catch Beldum for a lot of money.

Still running towards to the top of the mountain, Ash accidentally slips out to the cliff and slides down. Masamune stopped and laughs at Ash. Just like what happened to ash, he also falls down. Ash's and Masamune's stomachs grumbles. As they look towards the tree, the sees one apple left. Both of them agrees to race down to the tree to get the apple.

They raced down and hits the tree. Both of them manages to get half of the apple. Ash turns around and tells Masamune to eat the half apple. It seems that they're having fun being rivals.

As they finish eating their meal, a claw hand grabs Beldum and Pikachu. A huge cage trapped Ash and Maasamune. It's Team Rocket! As Team Rocket tries to leave, Masamune and Ash both agree to cooperate and break the handle bars. Unfortunately, they fail.

They don't give up and still hit the handle bars. No matter how many times they try, the bars are strong. After a couple of tries, they manage to break it and they run after Team Rocket. As they're running, they both see some open space. They need to cross a huge gap in order to catch up to Team Rocket.

Masamune and Ash agrees to jump together. Ash successfully lands to the other side but Masamune falls down. With Ash's great reflexes, he grabs Masamune's hand. Masamune thanks Ash and continues to peruse Team Rocket.

Team Rocket looks back and is surprised to see that they're not giving up. As they're near the edge of the cliff, they decide to jump to the balloon and crash it. The balloon falls down. Team Rocket is on the ground together with Ash and Masamune.

There's only one option for Masamune and Ash to get their Pokemon back. That is to blast Team Rocket off. Jesse takes out her Seviper and asks it to use Poison Tail at them. It hit them but they don't give up. Now it’s time for James's Cacnea. It uses Sandstorm trying to prevent them from going far. Jesse then asks Seviper to use Wrap to wrap them down. With both of their determination, they don't give up and they quickly dash towards them. Team Rocket falls back to the cage of Pikachu and Beldum. The cage breaks and Pikachu and Beldum are free.

With their Pokemon back, they both use their Pokemon to blast Team Rocket off. Both Beldum and Pikachu combine their strength to take them down. After blasting Team Rocket off, both of them laugh.

At sunset, Masamune is departing trying to get his last gym match. Masamune wishes May good luck with her Grand Festival. Ash wishes Masamune to see him in the Hoenn League. They both bid farewell to each other.

The Ribbon Cup Caper!
Still continuing May's journey towards to the Grand Festival site, they're on a ferry bound to Slateport. Inside the ferry May is doing her pose a reporter inside. She highlights the interesting places in the ferry such as the restaurant. As May is so energetic, Brock says that the Grand Festival site should be held near Slateport. Ash cheers for May telling her that she can do it.

Inside the ferry, they're walking around trying to figure out their next stop. As May looks at the guide paper, they end up in a Pokemon Center. May greets Nurse Joy but their conversation is interrupted when Brock tries to flirt with her again. As usual, Max pulls him up and lets May talks to Nurse Joy.

May then asks Nurse Joy if she can heal her Pokemon. Unfortunately, Nurse Joy can't do it at the moment but instead, she shows May the playground and waiting area for the Pokemon that she can't handle for now.

May tells her that she's joining the contest in the Grand Festival and tells Nurse Joy to look after her Pokemon for a while. She sends out her Pokemon and leaves.

As they leave, they notice Officer Jenny walking with her Growlithe. A heart shape in Brock's eyes suddenly glitters. He goes to Officer Jenny and gives her flowers. Max comes to the scene and pulls him out again. May and Ash go up to Officer Jenny and asks what she's doing inside the Pokemon Center.

Officer Jenny then says that there's a rumor that the Thief Bannai is inside the ferry and may cause trouble. May and Max wonders who Bannai is. Officer Jenny tells the gang that Bannai is an ex-member of Team Magma.

Ash and Brock then remember Bannai. He's the one who caused trouble in the Weather Institute. Each of them now tie up the pieces about Bannai. As they're talking, Team Rocket is behind a plastic bush trying to think of a plan. Unfortunately, all that they can think of is to catch Pikachu.

Before Officer Jenny bids farewell to the gang, she mentions that Team Magma and Aqua are disbanded due to what happened when Kyogre and Groudon were unleashed. On her final note, she just reminds the gang to stay alert.

After Team Rocket was finished hearing all of this, they run behind the stairs and talk about their plans. Their plan is to team up with Bannai. Upon doing so, it would impress Giovanni and he would give them a full promotion and tons of cash.

Walking again on the deck corridors, Ash asks May where she's heading again. May doesn't know where to go until they see the Contest Hall Museum. The gang goes in to check it out.

In the Contest Hall Museum, she sees the Ribbon Cup and Max exclaims that it's for the winner in the Grand Festival Tournament. She starts dreaming that she is the winner of the Grand Festival Tournament. After her dream, she's determined to win the contest.

A ruckus starts to happen at the entrance of the museum. Munchlax is at outbreak. The guards starts to stop him but he's too fast. It goes up to the table and eats all the cookies. May tries to stop Munchlax but she can't. Munchlax then tries to run away from May without looking what's in front of him.

As he runs, he bumps into a glass show. Max then kneels down and gives Munchlax a Pokeblock. May sighs but Ash exclaims that the Ribbon Cup has been broken.

With one of the judges looking at the broken piece of the Ribbon Cup, Max starts to explain what happened. May deeply apologizes but when the Judge examines the cup she notices a mark inside the cup. The judge lifts up the cup and a paper falls off.

Officer Jenny looks up into the paper that dropped off and says that Bannai is behind all of this. In the ventilation, Team Rocket was there spying and getting some news about Bannai. Upon hearing that Bannai stole the Cup, they include in their plan about stealing the Cup too.

With one of the judges still doesn't know what to do, he's thinking of canceling the Grand Festival. When May hears this, she starts to fall apart after realizing that all of her training and participating in the Pokemon Contest was a waste. May tries to convince the Judge to not cancel the contest.

The judge exclaims that it can't be helped since the Ribbon Cup is gone. Officer Jenny stops the Judge and tells him that they'll get the Ribbon Cup from Bannai. The judge likes the idea. May starts to feel relieved upon hearing that there's hope for the Grand Festival to be continued if they obtain the Ribbon Cup from Bannai.

With Brock being so excited, he goes up to Officer Jenny and tells her that he'll do anything to bring back the Ribbon Cup. Again, Max pulls him out of the way.

With Officer Jenny with them, they start doing their investigation. It starts by asking the guards in the Contest Hall Museum. As the guards tells their story, they tell Nurse Joy that they haven't let anyone in the museum earlier today except one guard. As Nurse Joy is tying up all the pieces to this investigation, she concludes that Bannai is on the loose disguised as someone.

Their next stop for the investigation is in the gaming room. With Bannai good at disguising, they don't know where to start. It would be impossible to ask everyone in the game room for information. With Officer Jenny coming up with a new plan, she tells the gang that she's going to have bait.

Officer Jenny gets a gold spray and a pokeball. She then sprays it. Max asks Nurse Joy what she’s going to do to that Pokeball. Nurse Joy explains that she's going to use it as a bait to lure Bannai out. The gang gets the idea that Bannai will go after it.

Everyone is in their position trying to spread the rumors about the golden Pokeball everywhere in the ship. This gets lots of people's attention.

With their position in place, they notices someone coming. They immediately hide.

It's Team Rocket disguised as a Waiter. As they walk in, they check if there's people around. As soon as everyone is clear, Jesse goes up to the glass display and tries to open it.

Before she can open it, the gang jumps out from behind a couch and suspects that its Bannai. Unfortunately they're Team Rocket. Jesse and James say that Team Magma and Aqua is gone and Team Rocket would rule. With revealing their cover, they're determined to steal the Pokeball. With Pikachu by Ash's side, Pikachu blasts them off.

With disappointment of seeing that it was Team Rocket instead of Bannai, they failed. A sailor named Sencho comes in to the scene and tells Nurse Joy that Bannai has been found in the Pokemon Center. Max is worried knowing that May's Pokemon is in that place. With that shocking news, they immediately leave and head towards the Pokemon Center.

With the sailor left behind, he chuckles.

As they head down to the Pokemon Center, they see another Sencho. Brock is surprised to see Sencho again. Sencho looks surprised and doesn't have any idea what they're talking about. Max explains to Sencho that he told them that the Pokemon Center was invaded by Bannai. Sencho then tells the gang that the Pokemon Center is heavily guarded.

Max concludes that the Sencho they met in the Museum is fake. They immediately run back towards the museum.

Before the fake Sencho comes to take the Golden Pokeball, Officer Jenny is fast enough to stop him. The fake Sencho looks back and reveals himself as Bannai.

With Officer Jenny saying that Bannai won't get away this time, Bannai immediately sends out his Golbat and asks it to use Haze. A huge smoke covers the gang up without seeing what's up ahead.

Bannai laughs and leaves. As soon as the smoke clears up, their notice that the Golden Pokeball is gone. Everyone is worried but Officer Jenny pulls up his transmitter that tracks Bannai's location since he got the Pokeball.

As they walk around trying to find the location of Bannai, they end up in a dining room. With the transmitter pointing up to a lady eating, Officer Jenny tells him that he's Bannai. The lady backs off and runs.

As they run after him, they see the costume that Bannai used to disguise himself as a lady.

With so many people in the Kitchen, they don't know who Bannai is. With the transmitter still reacting in the Kitchen, they know that Bannai is one of the many chefs. As they look around, they notice a strange acting old chef. One chef comes to the old chef and asks him to taste his sample. After tasting it, the old man chef leaves. The door behind the guy opens and out goes the same looking old chef.

Officer Jenny says that Bannai already left. As they head down to the stairs, the reaction of the transmitter is acting so fast. As they look behind the stairs, the Golden Pokeball is there. As they try to investigate it, it explodes with confetti. A note appears.

With Bannai nowhere in site, Max remembers the time when Bannai escaped with a Jet pack. Brock tells them that he might use the Jet Pack again to escape from the ferry. Officer Jenny asks them to hurry up to the deck.

With the gang waiting for Officer Jenny, they both saw two Officer Jenny. One of them is Bannai. They don't know who the real one is.

Both Officer Jenny are trying to accuse each other of being the fake ones. The gang doesn't know which one is the real officer Jenny. Brock can sense who the real officer jenny is. He went up to the first officer jenny but he gets no reaction. As Brock figures out that the first one is fake, he switches to the other one with a heart eyes. With the same reaction that Officer Jenny shows him before, the gang figures out who the fake Jenny.

Bannai then reveals himself holding the Ribbon Cup. As everyone is approaching him, Nurse Joy asks him to give her back the Ribbon Cup. May also tells him that the Ribbon Cup is needed for the Grand Festival. Bannai chuckles and says that he doesn't need it anymore. He throws it to Officer Jenny but it gets caught by Team Rocket.

After saying their Motto, May demands them to bring back the Ribbon Cup. While the gang's attention is at Team Rocket, Officer Jenny notices Bannai is escaping. Bannai escapes while using its Jet Pack. As for Team Rocket, they're ready to leave but Officer Jenny tries to stop them by letting out of her Growlithe.

The battle between Team Rocket and the twerps starts. In the end, Team Rocket blasted off with the help of Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack.

With the Ribbon Cup back in its display, the judge thanks the gang so much for helping them recover the Ribbon Cup. At sunset, they're finally close to reaching the Grand Festival Site

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