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  Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?
Ash is doing his training near the ocean. Brock praises his skills and motivation. Ash tells Brock that he's ready. After praising Ash, May is so excited for her Grand Festival but she needs the last Ribbon from Pacifidlog Town. As Ash looks at her side, he sees a familar person. It's Drew on the other side of the cliffs.

When May sees Drew, she wonders what he is doing there. A huge water wave is about to hit Drew and his Masquerain. Brock panics but it seems Drew ignores it. Drew commands Masquerain to stop that wave and it does.

Upon the gang seeing that performance, everyone is shocked about Drew's Pokemon.

Drew and the gang meet up on the shore. They greet each other and Drew asks May if she's going to the Festival. May produly shows her four Ribbons but May is embarrassed when she sees Drew's Riboons. He has five Ribbons and is ready to enter in the Grand Festival. The gang is very surprised to see Drew's Ribbon Case. Drew tells the gang about the contest he just joined. After Drew shows his Ribbon Case, May hides her Ribbon Case, embarrassed.

Drew criticizes May again and she challenges Drew to a battle to settle their differences.

The battle between May's Beautifly and Drew's Masquerain starts. May starts to use Whirlwind but Masquerain evades it. As the battle continues, Team Rocket's Magikarp Submarine appears and disrupts the battle. Ash is suprised to see them. Their Magikarp Submarine vacuums Pikachu but it also vacuums the gang making them go inside their submarine. As they are squished down, Wobbuffet gets out from Jesse's Pokeball and Max gets scared leaving him running backwards. He hits the wall with the switch and Meowth is freaking out because Max activated the rocket booster.

The magikarp submarine dives down to the sea inside of the whirlpools. Inside, everyone takes their Pokemon back to their Pokeballs. Jesse tries to stop the submarine but it's too late. They blast off to an unknown island.

Team Rocket lands in a forest without Wobbuffet. As Jesse and the gang wonder where they are, Jesse notices that Wobbuffet is gone. James tries to imitate Wobbuffet leaving Jesse sad and almost crying.

With Ash, Brock, and Max on the same island, they are lost and they don't know where to find the gang. They agree to explore the island and search for their teammates.

May and Drew are together on the same island again. They notice a mist and fog around the lake. As they look north, an old man appears in a motor boat.

As the old man appears, he tells Drew and May that they're on Mirage Island. May doesn't know about Mirage Island so that old man explains the description of the island. After hearing the description of Mirage Island, Drew tells May that a rare Berry that boosts Pokemon stats in contest is in here. As May wonders what he's talking about, Drew tells her that a Leichi Berry tree grows on the Island and it's a good idea for them to make it into Pokeblocks. Drew starts to criticize her skills again but
May just ignores him.

After the story and conversation, they all introduce themselves. The old man is introduced as Orishkeda.

Back with the gang, Brock is holding the compass trying to find the correct way. As they walk towards the forest, Swellow comes and it seems that it does not spot May or Drew. Max tries to give up but Ash tries to cheer him up. Brock has an idea. It seems that their water Pokemon can help them track May and Drew's location.

Ash and Brock take out their Mudkip and Corphish and order him to find the tracks by smelling the floor like a dog. After a couple of seconds, Corphish and Mudkip point to the direction that leads to May and Drew.

Orishkeda, May, and Drew start to search for the gang. May starts her Pokemon News Reporter explaining their situation. Drew comments and Orishkeda tells them that this forest is big and they might have a problem finding it.

With Team Rocket trying to find Wobbuffet, they're in no luck. Wobbuffet is nowhere in sight. Jesse starts to cry. A Wynaut appears and the gang follows it leaving Meowth frustrated.

Back with Drew and May, they are at the end of a river. They stop for a while. Drew asks Orishkeda how he ended up in Mirage Island. Orishkeda starts to tell his story.

When Orishkeda is continuing his journey to become a Pokemon Co-Ordinator, he's travelling through the ocean with a huge storm. A tidal wave hits his boat and causes him to drift away. He drowns but he ends up in Mirage Island. A Wynaut sees Orishkeda.

When he's about to get up, he sees lots of Leichi Berries lying around in the small cave. He is very amazed with it.

After he finishes the story, Drew and May seem interested to its story. Drew runs towards a cliff and spots a Leichi Berry. May follows him but it's too late for Orishkeda to stop them. They fall down the cliff.

With the help from Orishkeda's Bellsprout, it tries to catch May but it fails. They both fall down to the running river.. Orishkeda, from the other cliff, follows the current that leads May and Drew to other places. Orishkeda shouts that they will land at the waterfall.

After they landed at the waterfall, Drew faints and May is the one now taking care of him. As they're still getting drifted by a current, May sees a flock of Wynaut coming to the rescue.

A bunch of Wynaut jump down to the river while holding together. The flock of Wynaut act like a rope. The last Wynaut grabs May's hand.

Ash and the gang are at the bottom of the waterfall trying to find May and Drew. Max gets a little disappointed and he doesn't know what to do now. However, an old man's voice calls them and it was Orishkeda.

When Orishkeda explains everything to the gang, they immediately find a way to rescue them.

Drew and May are in the small cave. When May is trying to wake Drew up, she tells Drew that these Wynauts rescued them. Both of them are excited while May looks at its data. One Wynaut comes to them and offers May and Drew a Leichi Berry. They both eat them and it seems that it's sour. They both just laugs and thanks them.

In the middle of the night, Team Rocket is tired, trying to find Wobbuffet. As they try to give up, Wobbuffet appears behind the tree with bunches of Leichi Berries in it. They ignore's Wobbuffet's sound at first. After Wobbuffet eats the berries, they finally notice Wobbuffet.. After that, Team Rocket is mad and asks him where did Wobbuffet went and where did he get those berries. Wobbuffet points the way and they run off leaving Wobbuffet behind.

Back with Orishkeda and the gang, they're walking at the side of the river trying to find May and Drew. As they walk, Max notices some footsteps. Orishkeda thinks that a Wynaut may have saved them.

Drew and May are having fun watching the Wynaut perform. It seems that one Wynaut wants to play with May's Pokemon. She lets out her Pokemon and they all play around.

Team Rocket finally find the Leich berries and they eat it. As they eat it, they puke because of the taste. After Meowth tastes the berries, he tells Jesse that Leichi Berries are good for Pokemon who's joining the contest because they can make a good Pokeblock. Jesse is so happy to know the information so they decide to leech all of the berries.

Back with Drew and May, the fun is disrupted by a huge vacuum. Drew and May go outside of the cave and see Team Rocket. Team Rocket ignores May. As they're vacuuming the berries, May is sucked up too. As Drew tries to save her, the balloon flies away.

The flock of Wynauts gathered again and helps May. With their holding hands tactics, the Wynaut's created a way for Drew to go down the cliff. Drew goes down and finally finds May hanging on a tree. As Team Rocket continues to suck up all the berries, Drew tells May to calm down.

May is so happy to see Drew and the Wynauts.

Orishkeda and the gang arrive to the cave that May and Drew were in but it seems that they're gone. Orishkeda feels something is going on. Ash says that it must be Team Rocket.

The battle between Jesse's Seviper and Drew's Roselia begins. When Drew asks Roselia to use Petal Dance on May's rope, May is finally set free. Jesse and James are disappointed upon May's freedom. Instead, Jesse asks Seviper to attack them. When Seviper is about to attack them, Pikachu comes to the rescue. May is happy to see everyone again.

The real battle begins. Jesse and James take out their Cacnea and Dustox to attack the gang. Jesse asks Dustox to use Poison Sting but it seems that they evaded it. Drew lets his Masquerain out. Drew asks Masquerain to use Whirlwind but it doesn't work.

Now Meowth uses some kind of a cannon to blast them off but a bunch of Wynaut perform Mirror Coat to defend them. As the Wynaut are blocking their attack, they all combine their attacks. Finally, they blast Team Rocket off.

Everyone is happy! Now they leave the island with the help of Orishkeda's Boat. In his motor boat, everyone looks at Orishkeda's younger look in the picture. As they keep talking, Orishkeda presents May with a bunch of Leichi Berries in a basket. May is happy to see it while Orishkida tells her to use it for Pokeblocks.

May is so excited for her next competition in Pacifidlog Town while the gang is cheering up.

Date Expectations
After their adventure on Mirage Island, May and company is continuing their journey towards Pacifidlog Town so May can participate in the next Pokemon Contest. On the boat, May is very excited to go participate and get her last ribbon. Ash is excited to see May in the Grand Festival right after she gets her last ribbon from Pacifidlog Town.

The gang is almost there to Pacifidlog Town but the boat malfunctions. May panicked and she immediately talks to the boat driver. It seems that the boat needs some adjustments. Max points out the nearest Island that they can stop at. The driver tells Max that it’s Dontato Island.

The boat stops while the driver is fixing it. Ash asks the driver how long it will take to get fixed. The driver tells him that it will take some time. May seems frustrated but the driver says to her that they should just catch up the boat at the other side of the Island. Ash asks May if it's all right for her. May agrees and they all go to the Island. It seems that this is the good time for the gang to meet some interesting Pokemon.

In the forest, they're walking trying to see new Pokemon. As they're walking, a rolling Donphan approaches Ash. They are surprised to see a Donphan here so Ash looks at its data in the Pokedex. Ash remembers that Donphan is the evolved form of Phanpy. After they talk about Donphan, it starts rolling around. Max points out a bunch of Donphan rolling around. The group starts to wonder and Brock tells them that the Donphans are probably dancing trying to impress someone. May and the group are starting to get what Brock says until a Donphan comes rolling at them. Everyone runs in different direction to avoid Donphan. May falls down but Ash manages to catches her.

When May and Ash get up, the group decides to run away from those Donphans. In the open field, everyone stopped when they saw one female Donphan behind the bushes. When May sees it, she is very happy. As they look beside, another group of Donphans comes rolling at them. They all run again.

Back in the forest, they're very tired. Brock says that those Donphans are really fast. As everyone pants after running, everyone has an idea to use Water Type Pokemon to counter those Pokemon. Ash lets his Corphish out. When Brock gets the idea, he also sends his Mudkip out.

In the hills, Team Rocket is there standing. They see a bunch of Donphans rolling around. While looking, Jesse is so impressed with those Donphans. Meowth interrupts them and tells them that Donphan can be a great gift for the boss. The idea of an illusion starts again by Meowth.

If they gave Donphan to the boss, the boss can use it as a bowling ball. After that first idea, he also thinks that Donphan can be used as a vehicle while the boss is standing above it. The last illusion of Meowth is to use Donphan as a massage therapist by rolling on the back of the boss. It seems that the idea of Meowth isn't very appealing to Jesse this time. Instead, they want Donphans for their collection so they decided to get up steal it.

With nets in their hands, they're ready to catch it until they are stomped by three Donphans rolling around. They get up and Meowth thinks that James's Chimecho should help him catch those Donphans. James lets his Chimecho out and Jesse starts pleasing Chimecho. After pleasing Chimecho, it starts to make a scary face that makes Jesse and Meowth freak out.

James laughs. Meowth and Jesse start at yelling at Chimecho telling him to obey its Trainer. Someone disagrees and they all stumble around fighting each other.

Back with the gang, everyone is still wandering through the forest. Max points out the flock of Donphans in the bushes but they are interrupted by a rolling Donphan. Ash and Brock command Corphish and Mudkip to use Water Gun to stop Donphan but they over use it too much. The Donphan that they just hit crashes into the big rock and faints. May starts to worry and they all come over to it.

Brock pulls out his backpack and gets some band aids. After Donphan is okay, Ash and Brock apologizes. Behind their back, a female Donphan is walking by. Max sees it as well as the Donphan. When Donphan sees the female Donphan, its eyes turns into a heart shape meaning that it’s in love. It rolls down again following the Donphan it just saw.

Team Rocket is still hoping to catch the Donphan. Everyone's Pokemon is out. Cacnea, Seviper, Dustox, Wobbuffet, and Chimecho are out from their Pokeballs. Jesse plans to use them as a shield towards those rolling Donphans. As James tries to talk, Jesse stops him and a Donphan comes rushing toward them.

Wobbuffet steps out and uses its attack but it fails. They are all stomped again.

In the open fields, May is acting as a Pokemon Reporter again. She's talking about her Journey of becoming a Pokemon Co-Coordinator. As they walk, they see the Donphan they just cured trying to flirt to the female Donphan. When they're about to go check it, three other Donphans starts running after the brown Donphan.

It seems that those Donphans are running after the female Donphan because they’re trying to get the heart of the brown Donphan. The injured Donphan is hit by other Donphans. The gang starts to cheer it up and encourage it to fight. It gets up and starts hitting those three Donphans. Finally, the injured Donphan wins and the gang starts cheering up!

The female Donphan curiously looks at the injured Donphan. Snorunt comes out from its Pokeball and start running toward the plains. Ash and the gang follow him trying to wonder why Snorunt is out of its Pokeball. Snorunt jumps high and starts freezing the grassy fields. From there, Ash gets the idea. It seems that Snorunt is trying to create an icy field so that those Donphans can start performing their rolling dance. After freezing the grasses couple of times, Snorunt can't freeze the grass anymore.

When the injured Donphan rolls on the icy floor, it runs into the other Donphans that are fallen down. The female Donphan sees those things and it seems she gets turned off and starts walking away. Ash tries to bring Snorunt into its Pokeball again but it runs away. The gang runs away but May is left behind. She yells at them trying to tell them to wait for her. She cries and start running after the gang.

Team Rocket is digging holes in the forest. It seems that they're trying to set a trap for those Donphans. When they hear something is coming, they see Snorunt coming after them. When Jesse is about to talk, Snorunt freezes them. When the gang finally reaches Snorunt, they are surprised to see Team Rocket.

Behind them, a bunch of Donphans are rolling again. The gang starts to back off but instead of hitting the gang, they hit Team Rocket blasting them off. After Team Rocket blasts off, Ash finally gets Snorunt in its Pokeball. After catching Snorunt again, the Donphan start running after them again. The gang runs in different directions because the Donphans are everywhere.

As May and Ash run, they find themselves in the forest. They notice that Max and Brock are gone. Max notices that they are left out. Ash and May start to look for Brock and Max. May starts her Pokemon Reporter thing again and says that they are lost trying to find Max and Brock.

Brock and Max are still doing the same thing.

When Ash and May reach the end of the forest, they see their boat at the harbor at sunset. May starts to give up and says that she might be late for her Pokemon Contest because Max and Brock aren't with them. Ash tries to cheer her up and tells her that she should go and compete in the Grand Festival. It seems that May's real dream is to compete to the Grand Festival but she can't just leave his brother because she made a promise to her mom that she'll take care of him.

After telling that, they see the boat leaving. May gives up her hopes and cries. Ash tries to pity her but May pretends that she's all right and thanks Ash for everything. After that, they decide to look for Max and Brock instead.

Still in the forest, Max and Brock are still looking for Ash and May. As they're yelling their names, they see the injured Donphan that they treated a while ago. Brock asks Donphan what's up with him and the female Donphan. The male Donphan shakes his head. Brock feels sorry for him.

On the other side of the forest, May and Ash are still looking for Max and Brock. They see the female Donphan walking in front of them. They call her name and May asks Ash to feed it. May asks the female Donphan if she likes the male Donphan but the female Donphan just stays silent.

On the other hand, the male Donphan that Brock and Max are walking with smells the female Donphan that he likes. Max and Brock starts following it. Finally, the gang is reunited with each other again. The male Donphan starts performing his rolling dance again in front of the female Donphan. It seems well until the three other Donphans joins in. After those performances, the female Donphan is getting in love with the injured Donphan. After that, they all roll together but a net grabs them.

The gang is surprised. It is Team Rocket. They say the motto and start telling them that they want the Donphans. Ash starts talking to them but May is very mad. She sends out all of her Pokemon and attacks Team Rocket. With Beautifly's Stringshot attack, it lifts the Donphans away from Team Rocket. Bulbasaur's Razor Leaf cuts the net and sets the two Donphans free.

Team rocket is scared seeing those 2 Donphans set free. Now, Skitty uses Doubleslap on Team Rocket and May's Combusken uses Flame Thrower at them. Team Rocket is burning until those 2 Donphans agree to roll at them and blast them.

The gang is very happy, especially May, because her mission to make the two Pokemon in love is accomplished.

Back in the Harbor, they're hoping for a ship to come. Max starts to feel sorry for May missing the contest but May tells him that it's okay. After a couple of seconds, the ship finally arrives. It seems that the boat driver is back. He told the gang that he finally fixed his boat. The gang are very happy and they all continue their journey towards Pacifidlog Town.

Mean With Envy!
After a long wait, Ash and the gang finally reach Pacifidlog Town. In the town, everyone is ready to watch May do her training.

May starts her training by Bulbasaur's Petal Dance, Beautifly's Whirlwind and, Combusken's Fire Spin. When May is about to ask Skitty to do something, she sees her Skitty watching a trainer with an Aipom. Skitty sees Aipom's tail wagging and skitty imitates it. May comes to her with disappointment and tells her the contest is coming up soon.

As May looks around, she sees a lot of trainer training their Pokemon for the contest. Ash and the others talk about the Grand Festival May can enter if she wins this contest. Max shouts to May to do some battling. Ash will help her do her training. Ash lets his Snorunt out and asks him to use Ice Beam. It fails. Ash asks Snorunt what's wrong. As Snorunt tries to do it again, it works but it hits Ash.

Team Rocket is behind them trying to spy at them. It seems that they want to catch Pikachu again so they sneak up behind Pikachu while Ash is busy training Snorunt's Ice Beam attack. When Team Rocket is ready to jump at Pikachu, they are hit by Snorunt's Ice Beam attack. Team Rocket, frozen, goes back to the bushes.

Snorunt's Ice Beam goes out of control and it uses Ice Beam everywhere. The trainers who train their Pokemon on the island try to running away from Snorunt's Ice Beam. The trainer who has an Aipom runs away. Skitty sees it running while its tail is wagging. Skitty follows it and May follows as well. When they reach a birdge, Aipom goes towards to the right while Skitty goes to the left.

Back with Ash, he finally stops Snorunt. As he talks to it, Snorunt keeps on laughing. Ash doesn't know what to do now. Max and Brock go up to check things out. As they check things out, they notice that May's Skitty is gone. Everyone wonders where Skitty might be.

While May trying to find SKitty, it seems that she loses her track on Skitty. As she's walking, she hears her Skitty. She heads forward and sees Skitty very happy to see a wiggling grain while the main is holding it. May is very happy to find her Skitty back.

The man comes up to her and asks her if she's the trainer of Skitty. May says yes and she introduces herself to Toshki. Toshki tells May that he's a Pokemon Co Coordinator. May is happy to hear that and she tells Toshki too that she's a Pokemon Co-Coordinator also.

On the coast, a lady with a Pokeball is coming towards Toshki's house. She's very surprised to see Toshki is with another girl which is May. She thinks something is going on with them. With May and Toshki talking, both of them are talking about the Kinagi Contest coming up. Toshki praises May's Skitty until the lady interrupts them. Toshki calls the lady, Eriko.

Eriko starts looking at May suspiciously. Toski explains everything to Eriko and she introduces her to May. As they talk, Eriko tells Toshki that he should be training. Eriko starts telling may that she won't have a chance to win the contest. May is so confused about Eriko so she just listens. As Eriko talks on how Toshki and her will beat May in the contest, she's been day dreaming.

She daydreams on how Toshki and her will hold the ribbon together in half. May gets really confused after her daydream. Toshki then starts telling Eriko that she's a Pokemon Co-Ordinator. She begins to tell May that she won't have any chance against her.

Eriko shows off her Jynx. May looks at her Pokedex and learns about its data. Eriko starts hugging Jynx and tells May that they will win the contest. Ash and the gang arrive and ask May if she's okay. After a couple of conversations, May introduces Ash and the gang to Toshki and Eriko and Toshki and Eriko introduces themselves to Ash and the gang.

Toshki proudly tells Ash and him and Eriko are aiming for the contest. As Ash is about to talk, a huge hand machine captures Pikachu from Ash's shoulder. After Pikachu, Snorunt is caught. It is Team Rocket!

They say the motto while they're holding Snorunt and Pikachu. After the motto, Toshki and Eriko wonder who they are. May explains that they're Team Rocket, who is always up to no good. When Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, it doesn't work because Pikachu is trapped inside of a small metal box. When it doesn't work, Ash asks Snorunt to use Ice Beam. It doesn't work either so May helps the gang with her Beautifly.

As Beautifly dashes towards their balloon, Pikachu and Snorunt fall down. As they're falling down, May takes the position of Ash to battle Team Rocket. She uses her Combusken to pop the balloon. While the balloon is falling down, Ash and Brock are trying to break the metal cage of Pikachu and Snorunt. As the balloon falls down, all of May's Pokemon start to come and defend her. Team Rocket demand a battle. May tells herself that this battle is training for her upcoming contest. The battle begins.

Jesse's Seviper uses Smokescreen attack which blinds May and her Pokemon. Toshki starts to panic. As the smokescreen is still in effect, James's Cacnea and Jesse's Seviper take this chance to attack May leaving her blind because of the smokescreen.

Toshki's Houndoom is sent out and it helps May to drive Team Rocket away. Toski decides to help May fight the battle but it seems Eriko is very jealous. Team Rocket still doesn’t give up so Jesse asks Seviper to use Poison Tail. With Hondoom's fire attack, it burns Seviper. May starts to combine Toshki's attack with her Bulbasaur's Petal Dance. That dual attack causes Seviper and Cacnea to back off for a while.

The battle is intense. May decides to use Skitty's Assist. That attack is an Ember and Toshki decides to combine it with Houndoom's Shadow Ball. Team Rocket starts to get scared. As for Eriko, she's very mad that Toshki and May are using combination attacks.

Finally, Ash and Brock break the cage of Pikachu and Snorunt.

Back with May, she's ready to finish off Team Rocket but Eriko pushes her aside and finished Team Rocket by Hyperbeam. With that attack, Team Rocket blasts off.

After they blast off, May starts to yell at Eriko on what she did earlier. The conflict with each other starts to begin.

In the Pokemon Contest Hall, Team Rocket is there trying to plan something again. Jesse tells Meowth that he will be used as the Pokemon but of course he'll be disguised as another Pokemon. Meowth starts to disagree with Jesse until they both see a rich lady with Persian. Meowth remembers Giovanni's Persian on how Persian always makes fun of him. He is enraged by that memory and he decides to agree on Jesse's plan.

The contest finally begins. Outside, Ash is watching the emcee introducing the judges. After the emcee introduces the judges, she tells everyone the first contestant, Jesse!

From the very huge thick Smoke, Jesse is approaching the stage with Meowth from above. Brock and Max are very surprised to see this. James is on the balcony trying to guide Jesse and Meowth's platform to the stage. As Jesse and Meowth are in the stage, Jesse greets everyone. After the introduction, James slowly puts down the huge ice block on the stage. Jesse starts to ask Meowth to slice up the ice block.

On the end, it turns out to be ice sculpture of Giovanni and Persian. Max finds it amusing as well as Brock. Jesse's performance isn't over yet. She asks Meowth again to do the same trick but it replaces Persian to Meowth himself beside Giovanni.

From the locker room, everyone is watching Jesse's performance from the screen. May and Eriko watch it but when they turned around, they ignore each other. Toshki just laughs in despair trying to make Eriko and May get along.

Back with Ash on the outside field, Ash is training Snorunt on how to use its Ice Beam.

Back to the contest hall, it's time for Toshki's appeal. Ash watches his performance from the outside. It seems that Toshki combines Houndoom's swift attack with a Shadow Ball. The emcee finds it amusing and tells them that its a great combination. Next, it's time for Eirko to show off. She uses Jynx's Psychokinesis attack with Blizzard.

Now it's time for May. She uses Skitty's Blizzard to freeze off the leaves and finally uses its tail to chop them up. Pieces of ice are falling down from the stage and the Emcee finds it amusing as well. The crowd is excited but in the back stage, Toshki is clapping for May until Eriko sees him. Toshki just laughs.

Finally, Ash arrives to congratulate May. Toshki and Eriko arrive in May's place. Their conflict begins again. Toshki tries to stop them but they are interrupted when the Emcee announces the contestants for the next round.

It seems that Toshki is in to the next round. May and Eriko seem happy but when they turned around to each other, they pretend to not care. Jesse is in to the next round too, following Eriko, and May. The gang is very happy for May. When Eriko notices that May is into the next round, she's very displeased. On the screen, the four contestants are shuffled and paired up for the next round. It seems that Eriko and Jesse are fighting each other as Toshki and May will face each other. Eriko tries to tell May that her conflict will finally be settled with this next round. If May wins the contest with Toshki, her and Eriko are fighting each other to the final round. Can May beats Toshki and proves Eriko that she is wrong?

Pacifidlog Jam
In the forest, Ash and Snorunt are still training its Ice Beam but it still seems that Snorunt can't make it perfect. On its second attempt, it successfully launches an Ice Beam attack on the tree. Snorunt freezes some oranges. As Pikachu tries to touch the frozen Orange, it shivers. When Snorunt successfully does it, its attack goes crazy again and Snorunt starts using its Ice Beam all over the place.

Also in the forest, James is running with a bag on his hand. As he runs, he notices that someone is behind the bushes. As he keeps running, he doesn't notice that the pavement turns into ice. He's slipping through the icy pavement but when he gets used to it, he's enjoying ice skating. As he skates, he crashes into the wall.

Continuing the events in the Pokemon Contest, the first battle is up. It's Jesse Vs. Eriko. Jesse starts to tell Eriko that she has no chance to winning. Eriko tells Jesse that him and Toshki will win all the way. She daydreams again with Toshki holding their half ribbon received by the Pokemon Co-Coordinator manager. After she day dreams, Jesse is confused.

The battle finally starts. Eriko first attacks by using Jynx's Sweet Kiss. Jesse tries to ask Meowth to evade and slash Jynx. As Meowth is about to slash Jynx, Meowth starts to run when he sees the Lips of Jynx aiming for him. The crowd boos Meowth for running away. As he's running, he remembers what James told him in case of an emergency. It seems that there's something in Meowth's pocket.

As he finishes remembering on what James told him, Jynx is about to use Hyper Beam attack but it was cancelled when Meowth turns into Sunflora. The crowd stops and is surprised. In the locker room, Toshki sees what happened. Even the judges can't believe what they saw.

Jesse still continues an attack by throwing leaves. Jynx counters it with Blizzard. The leaves turn into a piece of ice. Jesse's life points are dropping and she can't believe it. She asks Meowth again to transform. In Meowth's next transformation, he transforms into Ralts. The Emcee finds it amusing.

Meowth is kind embarrassed. Eriko starts to ask Jynx to use Sweet Kiss again. When Meowth tries to counter that attack, he falls down and bumps himself on the pavement. He seems embarrassed again on his failure and he's about to use another transformation. This time, he turns into Wailord.

Eriko is really confused on what's going on. She tells Jynx to use Psycho Kinesis attack on Meowth. As Meowth is in his Wailord costume, he can't handle the pressure and he accidentally pops his costume and goes into the air. Jesse is surprised on what she sees. James is so angry while the judges decide that Jesse is now disqualified.

Jesse and Meowth can't take it anymore so they reveal themselves. The gang can't believe it as they watch. They say the motto and after that, Ash immediately goes inside

As Team Rocket tries to catch Jynx with their net, Jynx counters the net by its Psycho Kinessis attack and it backfires to them. Eriko finishes Team Rocket with Jynx's Hyper Beam.

After Eriko is declared the winner in that round, she's now inside of the locker room with May. Inside, May tells Eriko something about Toshki and Eriko tells that her and Toshki's bondship is strong and she can't do anything about it. She tells the time when her and Toshki are training together. In that story, she keeps on telling Toshki that training hard will make them get the ribbon they both want. Toshki thinks that Eriko is making this serious so she decides to calm down and just enjoys the contest.

The battle starts when Toshki uses Houndoom's Swift towards May's Skitty. May asks Skitty to use Quick attack and Skitty manages to hit Houndoom. After that attack, Toshki uses Shadow Ball attack and it hits Skitty. Both of their life points are dropping while Eriko is happy that May is losing to Toshki.

After that attack, Toshki uses Flamethrower attack and Skitty tries to counter it with Blizzard. Apparently Skitty's Blizzard is not strong enough so Skitty falls back. May starts to worry as Ash tries to convince her that she can do it. May gets the spirit and she's back in action.

Toshki uses Swift attack again on May but she's wise enough to use Skitty's Assist. Skitty's attack turns into Razor Leaf and that attack cancels Houndoom's Swift. With that, May takes that advantage to tackle Houndoom.

The battle isn't over yet and both of them are fighting to their limits. As they're fighting, both of them seem happy about it. Each of their Pokémon are trying to attack each other. Houndoom is using Flamethrower as Skitty is using Whirlwind attack. As they keep on attacking, their life points are dropping.

As Eriko watches them, Eriko sees the joy that they're having in the contest. The gang is very tense on the battle. Toski decides to finish the battle by asking Houndoom to give its fullest attack. May does it too and the battle ends. May wins the battle and she's now facing Eriko. Toshki thinks that it was a great battle.

Now Eriko and May are facing each other for the last time. When they about to meet face to face, May starts to yell at Eriko but Eriko is calm and she apologizes to May. As May listens on what Eriko learned from Toshki's battle, May is happy and they both shake their hands.

The final battle starts. When May asks Skitty to use Tackle, Eriko counters it with Psycho Kinesis attack. Skitty floats into the air and Jynx combines its psycho kinesis attack with a Sweet Kiss. With that, Skitty is unconscious while she's floating. May doesn't know what to do. Eriko asks Jynx to use Whirlwind attack on Skitty while its on the air. With that attack, Skitty is sent back to the ground and it finally gains consciousness.

Now, May starts to get heat up so she asks Skitty to use Assist attack. The gang in the audience is stressing out on what kind of attack Skitty will use. As she launches it, Skitty's Assist turns into String Shot attack. With Skitty's last attack, Jynx is tied down and May takes this time to attack her another time.

She uses Assist again but this time it turns into Razor leaf. With this attack, it frees Jynx from Stringshot and Eriko tries to ask Jinx again to use Psycho Kinesis. Eriko seems to use same attack like the last time. This time, Jynx doesn't use Sweet Kiss.

As Skitty is at the top floating, May keeps on telling Skitty to use Assist attack. As the audience watches the battle, they're at the edge of their seats trying to see the outcome of this battle. May's life points are almost down to zero while Eriko's life points are great.

With 30 seconds left, May uses this time to use Skitty's Assist attack relying on its luck. Before she did it, May is telling herself that if Eriko wins this battle, it's okay with her. Finally, Skitty's assist attack turns into Flamethrower. When Jynx uses Hyperbeam, it doesn't work because Skitty's Flamethrower is strong. As Jynx is falling on its back, May uses Tackle and that combo causes Jynx to faint.

May was declared as the winner! She finally receives her last ribbon and she can finally get into the Grand Festival. The gang is very proud of her.

As they leave, they say farewell to Toshki and Eriko. Eriko tells May that she might see them in the Grand Festival. They both laugh and the gang finally heads to the Grand Festival Dome

Berry, Berry Interesting!
Continuing Ash’s journey towards the Pokemon League, everyone is so excited about May's upcoming Grand Festival contest. In a place where there are lots of berries, everyone is amazed to see lots of berries. Ash gets curious on the taste of those berries. Beside him is a red Tamato Berry. He picks it up and eats it. Before Brock could warn him, Ash panics because Tamato Berries are spicy.

In the Pokemon Center, Ash says hi to Nurse Joy. Nurse Joy freaks out when she sees Ash's mouth. Ash can't talk well because of the redness of his mouth. May explains to Nurse Joy that he accidentally ate a Tomato Berry. Brock interrupts everyone and starts to flirt again with Nurse Joy. Max pulls his ears and lets May talk to Nurse Joy.

May brings out her Pokéballs and asks Nurse Joy to restore her Pokémon back to full health. Brock and Ash also bring out their Pokéballs. After Nurse Joy takes Ash's Pokémon, he drops his back pack to the chair and tells everyone that he's going outside to train Snorunt to use the Ice Beam attack.

May has no idea what he just said. Max explains it to May.

3 kids come in front of them talking about making Pokeblocks. May wonders what a Pokeblock is. Nurse Joy explains to May everything. It seems that the island that they're in has lots of berries and they also have a berry blender to make Pokeblocks.

May runs off after hearing it.

Behind the Pokemon Center, Jesse, James, and Meowth are working hard in the garden. Meowth complains on how tired he is while Jesse tries to make him work. James says that the twerps will eventually come since they're beside the Pokemon Center.

Meowth lies down on the ground and looks up to the sky. Jesse and James join up with Meowth to relax for a while. As they're looking at clouds, a Pokemon gets in their view. As Team Rocket gets up, they see a Munchlax. Meowth gets mad but Munchlax just ignores him and walks away. Team Rocket can't take the humiliation they got from Munchlax so they run after him.

As they pass the big window in the Pokemon Center, Jesse stops and looks at berry blender past the window. Meowth has an idea and tells it to Jesse and James.

Even though Ash still can't talk too well, he is training Snorunt's Ice Beam. After a couple of tries, Snorunt can't master Ice Beam perfectly. Instead of hitting the target, the Ice Beam hits Ash making him freeze up. As Snorunt and Pikachu come to him, the ice cracks and the swelling on Ash's mouth subsides.

In the Pokemon Center, Brock and Max are looking at the Pokemon trainers who are working the berry blender. As they're looking around, Brock is explaining to
Max the different kinds of berries and what they're used for. When they see the berry that Ash ate, Brock explains to Max that the berry Ash ate is a spicy berry.

Nurse Joy comes to the scene and asks the gang if they want to try blending berries. May comes in with lots of berries in the basket. Max wonders what will May will be going to do those berries. May explains to Max that she's going to use the berries for creating a Pokeblock to prepare her Pokemon for the upcoming Grand Festival.

Before May proceeds on creating a Pokeblock, Brock brings out his Pokeblock Recipe Guide book. May doesn’t accept the recipe guide book from Brock, but instead, she creates her own recipe.

Now May sits down in front of the Berry Blender and starts putting the berries she wants. She calls her recipe Delicious May. Max, Brock and Nurse Joy are amazed on her new recipe name. After putting the Pokeblocks she combined, she switches on the berry blender and the berries start blending.

"Ding" the Berry Blender stops and the new Delicious May product is available! Max and Brock takes one sample of May's Pokeblock to taste it. As soon as they gulp it down, a strange look in their face comes in. Brock comments on her Pokeblock and tells May it's not good.

Back with Ash, he is still training Snorunt but it still can’t master Ice Beam. Another hit from Snorunt's Ice Beam hits Ash and he starts to give up.

Munchlax on the other hand is walking by itself and walks inside the Pokemon Center.

Everyone's Pokemon are gathered around the Center. May will let everyone's Pokemon taste her new Delicious May Pokeblock. Pikachu first tries it and it seems that he have the same reaction of Brock and Max. As everyone tastes it, they all faint with either hotness or confusion. May is so shocked about the outcome of her Pokeblocks. May feels so down on the horrible quality of her Pokeblocks. As Nurse Joy tries to cheer her up, Munchlax comes in and eats the Pokeblocks.

May is happy to see that Munchlax likes the Delicious May Pokeblocks. Brock tries to remind May that she should be worried on her Pokemon first.

Two suspicious looking people come in and tell everyone that they rate Pokeblocks. It seems that they're Team Rocket trying to pretend to be Pokeblock critics. Ash suggests May to let the critics taste her Pokeblock. May proudly agrees since Munchlax enjoyed them.

Meowth and Wobbuffet now do their part. They sneak up behind the counter trying to steal the Berry Blender and the Pokeblocks.

The critics begin tasting the kids Pokeblocks. When it's May turn, she presents her "Delicious May" Pokeblock to the critics. Both of them takes one and tasted it. A different reaction comes to them. Brock and Ash try to ask them what they think on the Pokeblock that May created. James sadly tells May that her Pokeblock is bad. Jesse in the other hand likes the flavor of May's Pokeblock.

A kid screams out pointing to the berry blender counter. All of the Pokeblocks are gone. The kids in the Center suspect Munchlax but May defends Munchlax and tells everyone that Munchlax is beside her all the time. As everyone is blaming Munchlax, Nurse Joy tries to stop them.

The critics come in to the scene and accuse May of defending a thief who stole the Pokeblocks. May still stands up for Munchlax but when she looked up,
she ran away. The kids chase after him while the gang follows the kids.

The plan of Team Rocket seems to work well.

Munchlax is walking around the berry forest eating different kinds of berries. The kids catch up to Munchlax but before its too late, May and the gang catch up with them trying to stop the kids from accusing Munchlax. After the long accusations of Munchlax, May screams out and tells everyone she'll catch Munchlax instead and trains him on how to behave well. The kids agreed that if May catches Munchlax, that there won’t be any problems anymore.

May brings out her Combusken to battle with Munchlax. When Combusken is ready to fight, Munchlax is nowhere in sight. As they look in a tree, Munchlax is there. May brings out her Pokeblocks and tries to lure Munchlax down to the ground.

May gives Munchlax one Pokeblock and she tells Combusken to use Flamethrower while he's eating it. Sadly, it didn't hit Munchlax because he is gone. Everyone is confused on where Munchlax went. Behind May was Munchlax trying to ask her for more "Delicious May" Pokeblock. May is angry and tells him to stand in front of the tree and gives him one Pokeblock.

While Munchlax is eating it, Combusken then attacks Munchlax. It fails again because Munchlax fell asleep. May comes to Munchlax and wakes it up with her Pokeblock. Now Munchlax is in the mood to fight. Now, the real battle between Combusken and Munchlax starts.

Combusken uses Sky Uppercut but Munchlax is fast enough to dodge it. May starts to give up catching Munchlax.

Back with Team Rocket, they're enjoying on the Pokeblocks they stole. Jesse brings out her net and suggests that its time to capture Pikachu. On the other hand, James picks up a Tamato Berry and eats it. Before Meowth and Jesse can stop him, he already ate it making his lips swollen. James runs off from the center and arrives to the location of May and the gang.

Everyone looks James a.k.a. a Pokeblock critic suspiciously. A bunch of Pokeblocks comes out from James's bag. Ash now gets who the real thief is. Before they can accuse James or the Pokeblock critics, a net grabs Pikachu.

The Pokeblock Critics reveal themselves as Team Rocket by saying their motto. The swollen mouth of James makes the motto sounds bad. Now after the motto, the balloon comes down to pick them up.

May tries to stop them by using Combusken's Fire Spin attack. The attack works well making Pikachu's net to burn down and it falls down to the ground. As Combusken uses another Fire Spin attack, a little hole is burned and the Pokeblock starts to drop down. When Munchlax sees these Pokeblocks, he flies off trying to eat all of them. As Jesse is trying to get rid of Munchlax, Munchlax falls down together with the bags of Pokeblocks.

Ash takes out his Snorunt and it uses Ice Beam. Instead of hitting Team Rocket, it hits the tree making a huge ice tree with spikes. AS the Balloon is rising to the ground, it hits the spikes and blows up making them blasts off. More Pokeblocks are falling down after Team Rocket blasted off.

Munchlax is eating all of them. The kids are getting mad that he's eating all of the Pokeblocks. Ash suggests to May to catch Munchlax now before it’s too late. May throws a Pokeball on Munchlax. Munchlax looks back and opens his mouth and gets in.

May gives up but after a couple of seconds, Munchlax is finally captured. Everyone cheered May for catching Munchlax.

With Munchlax added to May's collection, will it help May wins the Grand Festival?

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