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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt
Continuing their exploration of the vast island of Izabe, Ash and the gang arrive at a snowy place. As they're continuing to walk along the hills and plains, May wonders where the nearest Pokemon Center is. Brock tells her that there should be a Pokemon Center nearby. As they walk and walk, Max finally points out the Pokemon Center. Ash runs while the gang follows him. Without their attention, they are being spied on. Now you would expect this to be Team Rocket, but in fact it is a cute, little Snorunt. Almost near the Pokemon Center, the gang starts to call out Nurse Joy's name. As they go inside, the gang starts to talk to her. As soon as Brock sees her, he immediately goes towards Nurse Joy and starts to ask her out. Instead of Max pulling his ear, the cute little Snorunt freezes Brock. Ash takes out his Pokedex and learns its data. After knowing all about Snorunt, May thinks that Snorunt is such a cute, little pokemon.

After Max talks to Nurse Joy about Snorunt, Nurse Joy tells Max that Snorunt is very playful. They do not notice that Snorunt starts to sneak behind the backpack of Ash. Snorunt gets Ash's badge case and runs off. Nurse Joy stops them and tells them that Snorunt should be back.

Ash can't be stopped and wants the badge case back. He lets out his Corphish out and it starts chasing Snorunt. As soon as they corner Snorunt, it stops and starts to get the Dynamo Badge from the Badge Case. When Ash is about to get the badge from Snorunt, Snorunt throws the Dynamo Badge through the air and freezes it. As soon as Ash catches the frozen Dynamo badge, Snorunt starts to use Double Team to confuse them and it leaves.

With Team Rocket walking in the middle of a snowfield, they are very hungry and tired. As Jesse starts to give up, James immediately points out the nearest Pokemon Center. They become relieved

Ash and the gang starts to chase Snorunt all over from the Pokemon Center. As they looked at the floor, Ash sees that the Knuckle Badge is lying around there. It seems that Snorunt is giving the badges back one by one. As soon as Corphish smells something, it runs off to the pantry. The gang follows him.

Inside of the pantry room, Ash is shouting for Snorunt. Behind the boxes, Team Rocket is there eating some bread. Ash and the gang see them and are suprised. Team Rocket says to the gang they do not have anything to do with the Badge Case they're talking about. It seems that they're only after for the food. As they're talking, Snorunt comes out.

Corphish finds it and starts to follow it. Ash and the gang chase Snorunt. As they're chasing each other around, Snorunt gets angry and freezes Ash. Instead of freezing Ash, it freezes Team Rocket. Since they stole the food from the pantry room, May asks Ash to blast them off. Ash tells Corphish to use Crab Hammer to them while Snorunt opens the window.

After Team Rocket blasts off, Nurse Joy thanks Snorunt and tells them that Ash and the Snorunt make a very good team. This time, Ash thinks that Snorunt is now friendly so he asks his badge case from him. When Snorunt is about to give it to him, it uses Icy Wind and freezes him. Snorunt chuckles and runs away, out the window. Ash gets very mad and starts to
follow him.

Nurse Joy starts to say that a huge blizzard is about to come and they're very worried about Ash.

With Ash following Snorunt through the hills, Snorunt seems to be very fast. As soon as Snorunt stands at the top of the hill, the thing that it is stepping on collapses and Snorunt falls down. Ash starts to jump too and protects him. As they're sliding down, Ash bumps his head and faints. Snorunt notices that Ash fainted so he is worried.

While Brock, May, and Max are trying their luck finding Ash, it seems that they cannot find them. Nurse Joy starts to panic and gets worried.

In a small igloo that Snorunt built, Ash finally wakes up and sees Snorunt beside him. Ash thanks Snorunt for helping him. When Snorunt is about to give Ash an apple, Ash suspects that Snorunt might be tricking him again. Snorunt keeps saying no while Ash just tells him that he was just joking. Finally Ash eats the apple and gives it back to Snorunt so that they could share. It seems that Ash is getting along with Snorunt.

Snorunt asks Ash to hold its second apple. As soon as Ash's hands are occupied with Snorunt's two apples, Snorunt takes away his hat and starts to run away. Ash sighs knowing that Snorunt just tricked him again.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Snorunt comes and starts telling Nurse Joy about Ash's location. Nurse Joy notices that the blizzard storm just stopped so they all go in and find Ash.

As soon as Ash is found, they are very happy. Nurse Joy asks Snorunt to give Ash's badge case back. Snorunt starts to give it back but a huge hand claw machine grabs him and puts him in a box. It's Team Rocket!

Now, Team Rocket gets both Pikachu and Snorunt. Nurse Joy gets mad and asks them who they're really are. Team Rocket says their motto. As soon as they finish it, Pikachu starts to use Thunderbolt in the box that they're in but it seems that its electricity proof. Team Rocket just laughs. When it's Snorunt's turn to break the box, Snorunt uses Icy Wind but it does not work.
When he's about to use Tackle, the box smashes and Snorunt is free.

When Snorunt is about to use Icy Wind towards Team Rocket, Jesse asks Wobbuffet to do something. It seems that Wobbufet uses Mirror Coat to reflec Icy wind towads the gang. As the Icy Wind is starting to reflect, Team Rocket uses this chance to escape.

As the Meowth balloon starts to fly, Team Rocket is glad they at least caught Pikachu. While Team Rocket starts to rejoice, they noticed that the twerps are following them. Pikachu sees Ash while he tells Pikachu to wait for him so Ash can rescue him. As Team Rocket speeds up the balloon, Nurse Joy and Brock's snowmobile speeds up too.

As they're continuing snowmobiling, they see that the road that they're traveling on is a dead end and if they go through, they will fall down. As the snow mobile flies off, Ash throws Snorunt and rescues Pikachu. Once Snorunt is inside of Team Rocket's balloon, it starts to freeze the balloon. Snorunt frees Pikachu and starts to jump towards Ash's location.

The Meowth Balloon collapses and falls down. Team Rocket gets angry and starts to attack them. Jesse lets Seviper out while James lets his Cacnea out. As those 2 Pokemon start to attack Snorunt, Snorunt counters the attacks with Icy Wind. As soon as Snorunt launches that attack, Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt to blast them off.

After Team Rocket blasts off, Snorunt starts to apologize to Ash and starts pulling his sweater off. Nurse Joy starts to tell Ash that Snorunt might want to join up Ash's team because Snorunt really likes to play with Ash. Ash doesn't forget about the Badge Case so he decides to fight him and catch it the old fashioned way.

Snorunt seems to be excited to fight so the battle between Pikachu and Snorunt begins.

When Pikachu is about to attack Snorunt, Snorunt uses Double Team. Ash tells Pikachu to focus. Ash asks Pikachu to use Iron Tail to determine the real Snorunt by smashing the ice beneath them. As soon as Snorunt is whipped off by the snow, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt towads Snorunt. Snorunt starts to faint and the Badge Case is dropped. ASh takes this chance to catch Snorunt so he uses a Pokeball to catch it.

After a couple of seconds, Snorunt is caught.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Ash recieves the fully healed Snorunt from Nurse Joy. Ash lets his Snorunt out from its Pokeball to meet their Pokemon. Ash introduces Snorunt to the gang and Snorunt just smiles meaning that Snorunt likes them.

When Corphish starts to welcome him, Snorunt uses Icy Wind on Corphish. Ash tries to tell Snorunt not to do that anymore but May panics and asks Combusken to unfreeze Corphish but it seems that Corphish is toast. Ash starts to check if Corphish was ok but it faints making Snorunt laugh.

As Ash is teaching Snorunt about the basics, the episode ends.

  Do I Hear A Ralts?
Still exploring the vast Island of Izabe, the gang rests up a bit in the forest to eat some of Brock's famous soup. As Max is looking at their current location on the PokeNav, it seems there's no nearby town or anything in the forest that they're in. Ash hops off a log and with flames around him, as he’s excited to meet the next Gym Leader and earn his next badge. From his pocket, Snorunt releases itself out of its Pokeball and freezes Ash.

As he was frozen, he falls down and the gang starts laughing. As everyone calms down, Max hears a voice coming through his head asking for help.

Max is running through the forest trying to find the location of the voice that he's hearing. As he’s running, a voice explains what happened takes place in his head. In the voice in his head, it’s explaining that Max hears a Pokemon asking for his help. As soon as Max arrives to the spot on which the voice came from, he sees a weak Ralts lying down. He picks it up and brings Ralts to the gang.

When Max reaches the gang, Brock gives Max a bowl of soup for him to feed Ralts. It seems that Ralts doesn’t like it and nods. But as soon as Pikachu talks to Ralts, he decides to eat the soup. When Ralts finally eats it, it smiles. Max was happy because Ralts is eating Brock's soup. May takes out her Pokedex and learns about its data.

Max puts Ralts down on a piece of cloth and tries to tell Ralts that he should be all right by tomorrow. Snorunt comes to the scene and starts to look at Ralts. It seems that Ralts is scared so Max is trying to get Snorunt away from Ralts. Ash comes and helps him to remove Snorunt from Ralts.

Snorunt gets mad so it takes Max's glasses and Ash's hat and freezes them. When Max and Ash is about to wear those things, both of them shivers and dance Ralts gets up and laughs. When Max sees Ralts laughing, he was very happy for Ralts.

After all the fun, Brock suggests to Max to bring Ralts to the nearest Pokemon Center. Max agrees and says to Ralts that everything will be all right.

Behind their back, Team Rocket was there spying on them. Jesse tells James and Meowth that Ralts is so cute but James comments that his Chimecho is far cuter than Ralts. Meowth interrupts both of them and tells that the boss might want Ralts for his convenience, so he tells the benefits of Ralts to the Boss.

In his imagination, Ralts is singing to the Boss. With that song, everytime that the boss wakes up, he will always be in a good mood. After one benefit from Ralts, Meowth also imagines that if any gangster or thugs tries to mess around with the Boss, Ralts will just come to the scene and fight them.

After telling Meowth’s imagination and ideas, everyone agrees to steal it so that they can get huge money and a promotion.

Back with Ash and the gang, everyone is running trying to find the nearest Pokemon Center. A strange looking gentleman blocks their way and asks the gang if they see his sweet little Ralts. After asking them, a strange looking Gardevoir and Kirlia appears in front of the gentleman.

Ash asks the gentleman if he’s the trainer of this poor Ralts. The gentleman introduces himself as Kojinondar. After introducing himself, Brock exclaims to the gentleman that Ralts needs to be taken to the Pokemon Center immediately to get treated.

Kojinondar offers his hands and just agrees to take Ralts from Max. Behind Max, Ralts seems pretty scared to go to this “Kojinandar” guy. Max starts to notice the suspiciousness to this Kojinandar guy. The gentleman starts to startles but the Gardevoir and Kirlia start to cover him up.

As those two Pokemon starts to speak to them, Ash and the gang notices that their feet starts to shake. Ash looks up the Pokedex to see the data of Gardevoir and Kirlia. A Meowth Data is shown when Ash points out his Pokedex to the Kirlia Pokemon.

Ash starts to notice something. The Gardevoir starts to shake the fake Kirlia off. May gets tired of this so she asks them who are they.

The three fake people start to reveal themselves as Team Rocket. After the motto, Jesse and James bring out Dustox and Cacturne to drive the gang away. When Cacnea uses Pin Missile, the gang was separated from one another. As the battle proceeds, Max notices that Ralts is becoming weaker and weaker.

Max runs to the gang and starts to tell them. When Team Rocket sees Max, Team Rocket’s Pokemon starts to focus their attack on Max. From Ash and the Gang’s Pokemon, everyone teamed up to protect Max and Ralts.The gang starts to tell Max that he should go ahead and find the nearest Pokemon Center. Max runs off.

Back with the gang, everyone is still dealing with Team Rocket. When Ash asks Snorunt to use Icy Wind on Team Rocket, everyone thinks that they’re frozen. After a couple of minutes, Team Rocket wasn’t frozen at all because of Wobbuffet’s Mirror Coat.

Jesse notices that Ralts is gone. May and Ash tell her that they already left. Jesse gets mad and ask Seviper to use Smokescreen attack to blind them and thet leave.

Back with Max and Ralts, they’re still running deep inside the forest trying to find the nearest Pokemon Center. Behind Max, Snorunt is following him.

Team Rocket is running deep in the forest trying to find Max and Ralts.

With Max and Ralts again in the forest, Max notices that Ralts isn’t doing too good. They stop for a while and he puts Max on the grass. He notices that Ralts has a high fever. He grabs a berry from the tree and tries to feed Ralts. Max notices that Ralts seems not to like it. He starts to give up and cries.

Ralts is still not doing well. Luckily, Snorunt comes to the scene and brings Max some frozen berries. Max takes all of the frozen berries and places them in a towel. He ties the towel and puts it on Ralts’s head so that the fever would go down.

It seems that Ralts is doing well. It smiles as well as Max and Snorunt. Max gladly thanks Snorunt a lot for helping Ralts. This time, Max tries to feed Ralts again, but now, he eats it.

Ash and the gang are looking for Max and Ralts. May seems to be a little worried but Ash told her that everything will be alright.

After Ralts slightly recovers from his fever, Max and Snorunt proceed to finding the nearest Pokemon Center. As they’re running through the cliffs, Team Rocket appears. Jesse and James try to tell Max that they can’t escape.

When Jesse and James start to go towards Max, a mysterious psychic power kicks them out. Max and Snorunt wonder who did that. The psychic Pokemon, Kirlia and Gardevoir appear. When Ralts behind Max sees those Pokemon, Ralts seems a little bit happy.

As those two psychic Pokemon comes towards Max, he was glad. When Gardevoir is about to approach Kirlia, Max stands back and start to explain them what’s happening. As Max tries to tell Kirlia that Ralts is in bad condition and he needs to get it to the Pokemon Center, Kirlia doesn’t believe him. Snorunt stands up infront of Max and tries to defend him.

Max stops Snorunt and tells them that Kirlia is in a critical situation.

Kirlia still proceeds on attacking them with Psychic. A huge blue explosion is launched. Max was saved by Ralts’ psychic powers. After Ralts uses his last energy, it faints but it smiles. From what Ralts’ did, both Kirlia and Gardevoir believe them.

Max thanks them and left.

*Japanese Ending Song Starts*

We see Max running through a forest, hills, and side streets trying to get Ralts to the Pokemon Center. As soon as they arrive, Ralts was immediately taken to the emergency room. As Nurse Joy and Chansey are treating ralts, Max was there standing on the window watching them.

When Max hears May’s voice, he starts to cry and comes towards her. They waited until the next day.

*Japanese Ending Song Ends*

The healing process is over. Nurse Joy comes out towards the Emergency Room. Nurse Joy is happily to say that Ralts is fine. They all stand up and Max immediately goes towards the room. Ralts is so excited to see Max again. They both hug each other.

The gang is happy to both Max and Ralts. After a couple of minutes, Max starts to be sad thinking that Ralts will leave him.

As they’re heading outside, Max is shouting for Kirlia and Gardevoir’s name. Jesse (Gardevoir) and Meowth (Kirlia) comes to the scene again pretending that they’re those psychic Pokemon that Max met a while ago.

Max and Ash don’t believe it this time. Max tells Ralts to use Psycokensis to blast them off. As soon as they blast off, James was left behind in the bushes. As James tries to escape, Kirlia and Gardevoir appears and blast him off too.

Now it’s time for Ralts to meet Kirlia and Gardevoir. Max talks to those 2 Pokemon. He let go of Ralts hand and started to back out. Ralts gets sad and starts to hug Max again. In a gusty wind place, they all made a promise to each other that Max will come back after ralts when he becomes a trainer.

Ralts shows Max a happy smile and agrees.

The gang and Nurse Joy just watches that scene between those two Pokemon. When Max stands up, he nodded to Kirlia and Ralts. They all left in a gusty.

Max bids farewell to Ralts…

The Great Eight Fate
Ash and the others have finally arrived in Sootopolis City. Ash is ready to fight the next gym leader. Ash and Pikachu are very excited to compete for his last badge needed to finally enter the Hoenn League. As soon as the ferry lands at the harbor, Ash and Pikachu can't wait to meet the Gym Leader and get their last badge. May notices that Ash is very excited to get his last badge. Everyone agrees about Ash's excitement.

A fireworks is launched in the middle of the city. When Max and May see those fireworks, they immediately runs while Brock follow them. Ash seems to get a little sad because he really wants to get his last badge from the Sootopolis City Gym.

It seem that there's a Water Show in the Sootopolis Stadium. When they arrive to a stadium, they heard the Emcee introduce the main attraction of the show, Adan, the Sootopolis City Gym Leader. Everyone in the stadium was cheering for Adan. It seems that Adan is not only a gym leader but a performer as well. When Ash and the gang hear it, they are very excited. After the introduction of Adan, he immediately pulls out his Water Pokemon collection: Gorebyss, Kingdra, Azurill, Luvdisc, Goldeen, Wailmer, and the main attraction, Milotic.

Max sees Milotic and he was very impressed. May really likes Milotic so much and she's very impressed with Adan. Brock says a wonderful comment about Milotic also.

After the excitement, Adan pulls out his show. He commands the six Pokemon on the stage to use Water Gun through the air. As soon as its launched, he also asks his more water Pokemon to do the same. As the water combination launches in the air, it sparkles and it creates a great show for Adan. The gang and the audience are very impressed.

After the show, the Emcee thanks Adan for his performance. As soon as Adan thanks to everyone, they hear a Pokemon sound coming from somewhere. When they look up, a Meowth Balloon is about to go down. Team Rocket was there trying to do something bad again.

Adan questions them. Team Rocket tells Adan who they are. They say the motto.

After the motto, The gang immediately comes down to the stairs and warns Adan that Team Rocket is up to no good and they will just steal his Pokemon.

Meowth pushes a button from his hand. A net from their balloon comes out and it grabs all the Pokemon in the water. Adan does not seem worried. Instead, he just commands his Milotic to escape from the net and blast them off.

Everyone was so impressed with Milotic as it blasts Team Rocket through the air. Ash and Pikachu are now excited to face the Gym Leader. After the commotion, they all introduced each other. Ash tells Adan that he wants a gym battle.

Adan invites the gang to ride on his private boat. Inside of his boat, Adan is having a cup of tea. May starts to ask Adan if he ever joined the Pokemon Contest. Adan tells May the truth. He used to be a Pokemon Co-Ordinator once. He used to joined the Pokemon Grand Festival. The gang is very impressed with Adan.

The conversation still continues. Brock starts to ask about his Water Pokemon. Adan started to tell about his water Pokemon. He tells everyone what he realized during his past Contest Battles. It seems that Adan realized that the best way to attack while being attacked is defending. Ash gets some points from Adan's past experience.

As they land at Adan's house and Gym, Adan's butler welcomes them. The gang says hi to Adan's butler, Sebastian.

Ash first enters Adan's place. He is impressed to see the gym battle arena. Adan immediately goes to his platform while Ash does the same. Before the battle starts, Sebastian tells Ash all of the rules. The rules are that, for the first round, a Double Battle will be used. After the first round, one-on-one battle can be used until each opponent has no pokemon left. Sebastian also mentions that the challenger may make substitutions, while the Gym Leader cannot. Each round, the battle will take place on a different gym field.

Adan first takes his Sealeo out. Ash pulls out his Pokedex and looks at its data. After sending Sealeo out, he also takes Seaking out from his Pocket. Since May first meets Seaking, she looks up Seaking's data on her Pokedex.

Now it's Ash's turn to bring out his Pokemon. He sends Pikachu and Snorunt out. Pikachu first launches Thunderbolt attack towards Adan's Pokemon but his Seaking uses its horn to back-fire the attack. Instead of Pikachu getting hurt, Snorunt takes all the damage.

Ash shouts, making him worried.

Ash shouts for Snorunt to get up. Snorunt gets up from his feet but Ash and the gang are very worried. Ash didn't give up so instead, he asked Pikachu to use Thunderbolt again. Same mistake... Pikachu's thunderbolt back fired again. Instead of Snorunt getting all of the damage, Pikachu and Snorunt take it all. Ash gets a little worried.

Now it's Adan's turn to attack. His Sealeo uses Blizzard. Everyone is getting cold except for Snorunt. The gang is very cold but Ash gets the idea that Snorunt is immune to Ice. So instead, he asks Snorunt to use Icy Wind to create an ice barrier.

Adan's Pokemon attacked the barrier and the ice shield was torn in to pieces. Ash took this chance to use the torn pieces as a platform for his Pokemon to get into Adan's Pokemon. Sebastian and the gang are very impressed. When Pikachu and Snorunt are running towards them, Ash asks Pikachu to use Iron tail.

Adan just chuckles and asked Sealeo and Seaking to attack. Snorunt was damaged and faints and that makes Pikachu cancel its attack. The gang can't believe that Snorunt fainted.

With Team Rocket still trying to steal Adan's Pokemon, James is dressed up as Adan. It seems that they're up to something again.

Back with Ash and the gang, Ash takes out his Corphish to replace Snorunt. When Ash asks Corphish to use BubbleBeam attack, Adan commands his Pokemon to attack and dive. Deep under the sea, Adan's Pokemon are going towards them. Pikachu jumps from the ice platform while Corphish was slow to jump.

Seaking is about to attack Corphish from the back but luckily, Corphish grabbed his horn. Adan asked Seaking to spin Corphish and throw him away. Ash gets a little annoyed so he asked Pikachu to use Iron tail on Seaking. When Seaking is about to fall from the ice, Sealeo's Aurora Beam attack hits the ice and that makes Ash and the gang can't see who fainted.

Seaking floats up with a fainted face. Ash wonders where Pikachu and Corphish went. Deep in the middle of the water, Pikachu and Corphish come up. The gang are very happy to see them okay!

Ash is getting pumped but the battle still continues. Adan asks Sealeo to use Ice Beam but it fails since Corphish is blocking it. After a couple of attempts, Brock shouts to Ash to not get Corphish get tired. Instead of Corphish blocking the next ice beam, Pikachu uses Iron tail on it. It works but another one is coming and that makes both of them push away from Adan's Pokemon.

It seems that Ash's pokemon are weak. Adan takes this chance to attack. He asks Sealeo to create a huge Ice Ball and it attacks Pikachu and Corphish. Ash commands Pikachu to get up and use Thunder to break the ice ball. The gang is very worried and they do not know who will win. When Ash tells Pikachu to focus, Pikachu finally destroys the huge ice ball. Adan gets a little surprised.

While the Ice Ball pieces are scattered all around the water, Ash commands Corphish to use its most powerful move, CrabHammer to Sealeo. Since Sealeo can't see due to the torn pieces of ice ball, he was attacked by Coprhsh and faints.

Ash was declared to be the winner of the first round. Adan compliments Ash's good combination attack. Ash thanks him and another gym stage was brought up. They change places so that they can finish the last round. Now, Ash is getting pumped, so he releases Grovyle.

Adan takes Luvdisc out. May looks at her Pokedex and learns its data. The second round starts. Ash first uses Bullet Seed but Luvdisc dodges it by running though the water in a zigzag motion. As Luvdisc is running, it uses an Ice Beam attack. Grovyle is too fast and dodges the attack. When they are back in the ground, Luvdisc uses Attract towards Grovyle.

Grovyle is too late to dodge it. He gets in love with Luvdisc. What will happen to Grovyle now?

The outcome will be determined next week... stay tuned!

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Eight Ain't Enough

The narrator recaps of what happened in the last episode. Now the battle is with Grovyle and Luvdisc. Grovyle is confused because of the Sweet Kiss attack. It stands on the platform with Ash calling out to it. Grovyle hears Ash and starts to bang its head against the post. May asks why Grovyle is hurting itself. Brock answers her question by saying that Grovyle is confused. Juan orders for a Water Gun attack. Luvdisc shoots out a powerful blast of water, and Grovyle faints. Everyone is surprised at Juan's strategy. Ash recalls Grovyle back, and says that he won't let his work go to waste. Juan calls out to Ash. He tells him that he better shape up or he will have a rough time at the Hoenn League.

Ash's next Pokemon is Corphish. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is doing their own buisness. James is dressed up as a fake Juan, and Jessie and Meowth are trying to attract customers. Three people show up. One of them asks if Juan is going to perform. The other says that Juan is supposed to be in a gym battle right now. Jessie tells them that Juan won the battle right away. James walks out with his fake outfit on. He takes the hand of a girl and kisses it. James tells the girls that they will never lose their beauty. Jessie and Meowth think that James really thinks he is Juan.

Corphish is in the water, and Ash orders for a Bubblebeam. Luvdisc dodges the attack, and uses Water Gun. The water hits Corphish in the face, and he falls backwards. Luvdisc fires another Sweet Kiss out, but Corphish dodges and uses Bubblebeam. Luvdisc dodges the attack by going underwater. Then Corphish uses Crabhammer on top of the water, which shakes Luvdisc out. It is now raining hard. Corphish goes in for a Vicegrip, but Luvdisc quickly dodges the attack. Luvdisc's speed is even faster than before. Brock states that Luvdisc's Swift Swim ability is taking effect. Luvdisc fires another Water Gun. Corphish dodges the attack and uses Bubblebeam at the water. The rain has stopped. Corphish hits Luvdisc with a Crabhammer, and Luvdisc faints. Ash congratulates Corphish for its victory.

Juan recalls Luvdisc back, and tells it to have a nice long rest. Brock is amazed at Juan's skill. Juan sends out his fourth Pokemon which is Whiscash. Corphish uses another Bubblebeam. Juan tells Whiscash to use Surf and then Rock Smash. Whiscash begins to surf on the waves. The bubblebeam isn't doing any damage at all. Then Whiscash lifts itself up, and body slams Corphish. When Whiscash lifts itself up, Corphish faints. Juan thanks Whiscash for some excellent work. Ash is surprised that Corphish had lost the battle in one attack.

James does some tricks on the stage, but the audience hates his performance. The girls think that Juan is embarrassing himself. James even notices that the audience hates his performance. Jessie decides to move to Plan B. She tells the audience that Juan will be signing autographs and taking pictures after the show.

The next Pokemon that Ash chooses is Swellow. May and Max know that Swellow will be the perfect Pokemon because it can dodge attacks and move around the field easily. Swellow starts off with a Quick Attack, but Whiscash grabs Swellow with its whiskers. Whiscash uses Tickle attack on Swellow. Max tells May that Tickle is an attack that lowers the defense of the opponent Pokemon. Whiscash then fires a Hyper Beam right at Swellow and scores a direct hit. Swellow falls backwards and hits the wall. However, Swellow is still filled with energy. Juan compliments on how strong Ash's Swellow is. Swellow prepares for an Aerial Ace and charges at Whiscash. Whiscash dives into the water, but Swellow dives in with it. Swellow hits Whiscash directly in the stomach. Whiscash grabs a hold on a post and fires a Hyper Beam at Swellow. Swellow dodges the attack with Quick Attack. Then Swellow uses Aerial Ace again. Before Whiscash can dive into the water, Swellow hits Whiscash which knocks it out. Ash thanks Swellow for its hard work.

Juan congratulates Ash for some great strategy moves. Max says that Juan only has one Pokemon left, but Brock adds in that both of Ash's Pokemon are worn out from their previous battles. Juan takes out a Pokeball and sends out Milotic. May and Max are surprised that Juan is using Milotic. Ash doesn't want to give up. Milotic fires a powerful Hydro Pump at Swellow, but Swellow dodges with Aerial Ace, and hits Milotic. Milotic falls back a bit, but remains standing. Milotic uses Iron Tail, but Swellow dodges with Double Team. Then Milotic uses Twister, which crashes Swellow into the ceiling knocking it out. Ash is shocked that Swellow lost too. Brock says that Milotic is the perfect Pokemon for Juan. It's up to Pikachu now to win the battle. Pikachu jumps onto the platform.

Ash knows that Milotic can block electric attacks, but he still orders Pikachu to use Thunder. Pikachu shoots out a blast of electricity towards Milotic. Milotic takes the hit. Brock says that Milotic is taking some serious damage because of its weakness. However, Milotic uses Recover which recovers its strength back to normal. Everyone is surprised at Milotic's attack. All of Milotic's wounds are gone. Juan has learned that Pokemon shouldn't have any injuries, and so Recover was the perfect attack for Milotic.

Team Rocket are still at their Juan scheme. Jessie tells the crowd that they can get Juan's autograph as long as they pay. If they buy three autographs, then they can get a Juan badge and a goodie bag. Each goodie bag has a special pose from Juan. Of course, the badge is really a bottle cap, but the crowd doesn't know this. The crowd seems to be very interested in the goodies. Everyone puts their money in the box, and they take a bag. Meowth is impressed that people would actually buy the stuff. Jessie tells them that they can pick up their autographs at the Sootopolis Gym. Team Rocket quickly leaves the area. Just after Team Rocket leaves, the crowd finds out that they've been tricked. James is a bit upset that Jessie used up his bottle cap collection. The girls are angry that they've been tricked by a fake Juan. One of them sends out a Blastoise. Blastoise uses Hydro Pump. The box of money falls out of Jessie's hands, and Blastoise catches it. Team Rocket goes blasting off again.

Pikachu and Milotic both use Iron Tail at each other. Milotic's attack hits Pikachu first. Then Milotic uses Twister which hits Pikachu directly. Brock comments that this Twister is more powerful because Milotic pulled more water into it. Juan has never seen anything recover from the Twister. Juan tells Ash that the battle is now over. Ash doesn't agree with him. He tells Pikachu to use Thunder. The Twister explodes, and Pikachu uses Quick Attack directly on Milotic. Juan says that he never knew that Pikachu had so much power. Then he tells Milotic to use Hydro Pump. Pikachu dodges the attack, and hits Milotic with a strong Thunderbolt attack. Milotic uses Recover again to heal its injuries. Still, Milotic couldn't have recovered completely, which means Ash still has a chance to win. Both Milotic and Pikachu look very tired. Milotic then dives into the water. Milotic comes out of the water and uses Iron Tail. Pikachu dodges the attack, and jumps onto Milotic. Milotic tries to hit Pikachu with a Hydro Pump, but Pikachu dodges the attack again. Pikachu jumps up, grabs a hold of Milotic's fins, and flips it into the water. Finally, Pikachu zaps Milotic with a Thunder attack. Water bursts straight out and hits the ceiling. When the water subsides, Pikachu is standing on top of a knocked out Milotic. Pikachu wins the battle.

Ash is really happy that he won the match. Brock, May, and Max think that Ash is an incredible trainer. Brock explains to them on how Ash won. Juan recalls back his Milotic, and tells it to take a nice long rest. The whole group meets outside the gym. Juan congratulates Ash. Then he presents Ash with the Rain Badge. Ash takes the badge and does his pose. Juan tells Ash that he can now participate in the Hoenn League. Sebastian tells them that the Hoenn League will take place in Evergrande City, three months from now. Jaun tells May that there's a Pokemon Contest coming up in Pacifidlog Town. Max checks his PokéNav and says that Pacifidlog Town isn't very far. Juan wishes Ash and May the best of luck.

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Showdown at Linoone
After getting Ash's last badge from the Sootopolis Gym Leader, Adan, the gang is now heading towards Pacifidlog Town for May's next Pokemon Contest. As Ash looks at his gym badge, he's very excited to go to the Hoenn League. Max and Brock are cheering for Ash.

As for May, she can not wait to enter the next Pokemon Contest in Pacifidlog Town.

In the Pokemon Center on a nearby Island, Ash and Professor Oak are talking to each other through a video telephone. Professor Oak is very happy that Ash finally got all the badges in the Hoenn Laegue. Professor Oak tells Ash that him and his mom are going to Hoenn to see Ash's matches in the Hoenn League. As they're talking, Ash tells Professor Oak that he will do serious training.

In the forest, Ash runs off with Pikachu to train. May is very excited with her next Pokemon Contest. She grabs her Pokeballs and starts to polishing them. While she is happy enjoying herself polishing her Pokeball, someone from the bushes is spying at her.

When May is already finished polishing all of her Pokeballs, she puts her Pokeballs one by one in her bag. Suddenly, she notices that some Pokeballs are missing. She freaks out as Brock and Max try to wonder what is going on. She cries and yells that her Bulbasaur and Beautifly are gone. Max thinks that Team Rocket is behind this.

Behind the bushes, Team Rocket was there laying around a mat. When they hear Team Rocket, they wake up and see what is going on.

Meowth is a little angry for blaming Team Rocket for stealing her Pokeballs. Jesse just chuckles.

Back with Max and the gang, Max pointed out the tracks of the poacher. It looks like a Pokemon stole May's Pokeballs. Brock and the gang is ready to track the footprint.

Ash is on a narrow trail. He's about to release a pokemon until a rushing Linoone comes by and tackles him. Brock takes out his Pokedex and sees its data. After getting Linoone's data, May stomps on his head. May does not notice Ash until he screams. May immediately explains to Ash that someone stole his Pokeball.

Ash makes fun of May's reaction but May takes it seriosuly and she gets angry. Brock tries to tell Ash what really happened. Ash just sits on the ground trying to listen. After Brock explains the situation Ash mentions to them that he saw a Linoone. Upon hearing that the four of them agree to find this Pokemon.

Finally, they find the last track of Linoone's foot mark. It seems it leads them to a house. Inside of the house, a little boy is there trying to throw a Pokeball. Suddenly, Ash appears and nicely asks the boy about the Pokeballs. When the litttle boy hears this, he kneels down and tries to get Ash and the gang's forgiveness. It seems that his Linoone took it.

A fat guy and a lady (the boy's parents) appear and introduce themselves as Kakubei and Hishasko. Ash tries to explain that May's Pokeballs have been stolen. When the Shougi family hears about this, they immediately ask the boy. The boy known as Kima tells his parents that his Linoone did it. The parents of Kima bow down and apologize about the inconvenience.

After that, the introduction begins. After the introduction, Kima tells them that he will tell more about his Pokemon, Linoone.

Kimabrings the gang to the shed where there's lots of round objects. Kima sadly tells them that his Pokemon has like the obsession with round objects. He tells a story about how this all started.

In Kima's story, he says that when Linoone was just a Zigzagoon, they were playing a lot with round objects. As they keep on playing with the round objects and ask Zigzagoin to get it, Zigzagoon gets the habit of taking all of the round objects to Kima.

After hearing Kima's story, Ash proudly tells Kima that his Charizard reminds him of Linoone. Brock and Ash tell Kima that Charizard used to not listen to him. Kima wonders how Ash did it and Brock tells him it takes lots of time and paitence to tame his Linoone.

Their conversation was interrupted by May's voice because she can't find her Pokeballs. Kima tells her that he'll try to find at another spot that Linoone uses to hide things.

In the forest, Kima brings them there. He tells everyone that Linoone sometimes hides things somewhere in ths forest. Max was exaggerating that the forest is big and they will not even find it. May starts to loose hope as the Shougi family tries to cheer her up by telling May that they will help for the searching. May appreciates their help and thanks them.

The searching has begun. It seems that everyone has no luck finding May's Pokeballs. With Hashiko finding the ball, she glances at a shiny thing in the log. She pick it up and it seems that it is her lost wedding ring. Her husband turns around and they are happy that they finally found their lost wedding ring.

With Pikachu at the top of the tree log, it seems that Pikachu finds something. May turns around and picks up the things that Pikachu got. When she sees that its a bone, she cries becuse its not her Pokeball. Max and the gang comes in and sees what is going on. When Max sees that its a bone, he tells the gang that it must be Cubone's bone.

Pikachu interrupts them and tells them that there's more to be found in the tree log hole. As they try to get the things out from the log hole, they find a bell and a dragon fang. Brock wonders about this things as May is losing hope. As Brock still wonders, he immediately finds out about Linoone's ability, Pick Up. It seems that Linoone's ability picks up some valuable things for the trainer.

Behind their back, Team Rocket was spying on them. It seems that their plan is to steal Linoone. Meowth's idea is that when they steal that Linoone, it can pick up lots of things for the boss. After hearing Meowth's idea, they dance for exictement of their promotion after they caught Linoone.

The searching for May's Pokeball restarts. They still do not find Linoone or the Pokeballs. In the mountains, Linoone is there with chubby cheeks. It seems that May's Pokeball is in Linoone's cheeks.

Back with the gang, Kima comes to Ash and tells him that there's no sign of Linoone. As a Linoone tries to look at its surroundings, he spots Kima's Linoone. As Kima's Linnone is about to escape, Team Rocket snatches it. They first say the motto of course . After the Motto, Team Rocket starts to leave. Kima can't take this and tries to follow the balloon by walking up to the mountain trail.

As Jesse sees this, she brings out her Seviper and blows him away.

As Kima is falling from the set of stones that he's standing on, Linoone was enraged and he drops May's Pokeballs in its mouth. When May sees her Pokeballs, she picked it up and she is happy. It seems that Kima is unconscious.

Since May got her pokeballs back, Ash agrees on helping Kima's Linoone. Ash asks Pikachu to use Iron Tail on the net as James tries to pull out his Cacnea. As the net is cut, Linoone starts to fall. Kima gets up and tries to catch it.

Jesse asks Seviper to fight Pikachu. Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunder and it blasts Team Rocket. But wait... Team Rocket's balloon is immune to Pikachu's thunder attack.

Now it's time for Ash to rescue Pikachu. Kima tries to apologize because if it was not for his Linoone, Ash's Pikachu would not be captured. Ash tells him it is okay. As Kima's Linoone is staring at Team Rocket's balloon, he sees the Pokeball image in their balloon. As Linoone remembers the time when Kima asked him to catch the Pokeball, he immediately comes enraged and goes to the balloon.

Brock tries to explan what is going on. It seems that the new image of Team Rocket's balloon lets Kima's Linoone remember the time when he was asking his Zigzagoon to fetch it. As Kima tries to reflect on this, he tries to analyze their friendship since Linoone was a Zigzagoon.

As Linoone is on the edge of the cliff, it does not know what to do. Kima watches it and tries to remember the happy times that they had and it might be the only way for Kima and his Linoone to cooperate with each other. Upon Kima realizing this, he asks Linoone to go get the Pokeball.

Linoone flies off and blasts Team Rocket off. Both Pokemon are saved. Kima cheerfully hugs Linoone and says how much Kima loves him. Team Rocket was still there trying to blame James. However, the battle isn't over yet. They still try to attack Ash and Kima.

This time, Ash and Kima are cooperating. As was suprised at Linoone's Water Pulse. It sems that Linoone's Water Pulse attack causes Team Rocket's Pokemon to be confused and now they are attacking their owners. Ash and the gang agree to blast them off all together. With their strength combined together, Pikachu uses Thunder and
blasts them off.

After the fight, Linoone and Kima thank Ash and the gang for teaching him a lesson.The Shigou family thanks them too. As everyone is happy, the episode ends as Ash and the gang continues their journey towards Pacifidlog Town.

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