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The Scuffle of Legends
In the first episode we see that Kyogre was freed by a Team Aqua grunt. As for Groudon, the Blue Orb was absorbed by Pikachu and he became possessed. With the Red Orb on Archie's hand, can he handle the power of Kyogre? Back at the shrine, the Team Aqua grunt who freed Kyogre tells Archie that now is the time. Maxie yells to stop Archie but he still proceeds. Team Aqua covers up for Archie so he can go to the escape route. Both team’s battle but it seems that Archie escapes. As soon as Archie escapes with the Red Orb, Maxie tries to follow him. As for Team Rocket, they're stuck in the cliff and are so scared and cold. On Archie's jet plane, he stands up and he uses the Red Orb to awaken Kyogre's true power. As Team Magma worries, Archie tells everyone his true intention, which is to fill the world with water. Maxie can't believe it. Behind him is a Team Magma grunt that reveals himself as Lance, Elite Four Member and member of the Pokemon G-Men ("Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution" and "Innocence of Rage"). Lance tells him all the possibilities that might happen and that they need to stop Kyogre. Now that Kyogre is enraged, the place on where Ash and Pikachu are crumbles. Both Ash and Pikachu fall down separating them. As Ash is trying to reach Pikachu, Pikachu is still possessed by the Blue Orb's spirit. It stands up and Pikachu starts to leave. Back with Lance, he finally meets up with Brock, May, and Max. It's good that Brock notices that it's Lance. As they know that it's Lance, everyone was excited including May and Max. Beside them is the plane where Pikachu and Ash used to be. Ash shows up and tells Lance that Pikachu ran away. As they noticed that a huge wave is coming at them, Lance lets his Dragonite out and he helps Ash to get out from the wrecked plane. As soon as he's back, everyone agrees to find Pikachu. As Lance uses his Dragonite to look for Pikachu, Ash and the gang just walk. Back with the Team Aqua grunt, it seems that she can't believe that Archie is doing this. As she stares towards toward Archie and Kyogre, she sees Lance and Archie fighting. Archie uses the Blue Orb's power to fight Lance's Pokemon. As the battle starts, Lance countered Kyogre's attack using his Red Gyarados (caught in "Innocence of Rage"). When both Pokemon try to use Dragon Rage, it seems that it doesn't work. As Archie laughs while holding the Red Orb, it slowly possesses him and the symbol appears on his chest. With Team Rocket on the shore, everyone has decided to check up on Groudon. They go back to the place where Groudon was held. They look up at the computer and Meowth has an idea. It seems that when Kyogre has been stopped they can catch it and use it for their own convenience. After he tells his plan, they were struck by lightning. It was Pikachu who was possessed by the Blue Orb. Everyone was surprised. Finally Ash and the gang find him. With Maxie on his side, they both see how powerful Pikachu is. Pikachu uses the power of thunder from the sky to awaken Groudon. Everyone seems to be shocked, especially Ash. It's too bad that it can't be stopped. By the volcano, it erupts and Groduon finally appears. Everyone just stares at him. With Groudon finally awoken, the sky appears to be back again with light and the storm stops. Archie, still possessed by the Red Orb, can't believe that Groduon is back. It's time for Kyogre and Groudon to face each other. With Pikachu at the top of Groudon's head, Kyogre starts to launch its attack with a huge wave. As Pikachu stands on of Groudon's head, they both use the power of the sun to use a Solar Beam and that causes the wave to stop. The gang was surprised about it. As Maxie and the Team Magma Grunt watch Groduon, they can't believe Groudon's Solar Beam attack. Lance can't also believe it. Groudon tries to go near to Kyogre and goes to the ocean. Lance goes down at Ash and tells him that Pikachu has been possessed by the spirit of the Blue Orb. The only way to release Pikachu from its soul is to help Kyogre to be imprisoned. The gang plans to help Pikachu and Groudon to defeat Kyogre. With Pikachu and Groudon's second time, they launch another Solar Beam attack. Too bad it didn't hit Kyogre but instead it dives down and counters Groudon. As soon as Groudon is on the surface, it launches another attack but this time it's a ground type attack. As May, Max and Brock watch them, May and Brock both agree to help Groudon by distracting Archie. Instead of Kyogre attacking Groudon, it follows May and Max instead. Groudon takes the advantage to attack Kyogre and it is finally defeated. The Red Orb from Archie's sprit comes out and that makes him to be unconscious. As the gang watches the incident, they notice that the Blue Orb from Pikachu's body is coming out. As soon as the Blue Orb is out, Pikachu faints and falls down. Ash jumps from Lance's Dragonite and saves Pikachu. As soon they're beneath the ocean, Ash sees Kyogre going towards them. On the surface, the Team Aqua Leader, Archie, is safe. As the Team Aqua member tries to comfort him, they see Kyogre with Ash and Pikachu at the top. Brock and the gang sees them and they're finally reunited. Max notices that the Blue Orb and the Red Orb are floating in the sky and they vanish. Everybody just watches it fade as the two legendary Pokemon of Land and Water go home to where they belong. It's almost sunset. Lance and the gang are being soothed the breezes of the ocean as the episode ends...

It's Still Rocket Roll to Me
Ash and company has finally made it to Mossdeep City. Around the town, Ash and the gang is very excited to meet the Gym Leader. As they go over to the Gym, Ash and Pikachu are very determined to get another badge from the Gym Leader. As they finally arrived in front of the gym, a pretty young lady runs from the door and runs out. Ash stops her and asks about the Gym Leader of the town. The pretty lady with glasses tells them that the gym leader is at the Space Center and it seems that the woman is the mother of the Gym Leader. Max glasses shine and it seems that Max knows a lot about it. May and Ash just inquire about the Space Center as they doesn't know all about it. Brock checks the guide book and sees that there's a nearby Space Center. Both Max and May get excited while Ash stops them and yells at Max that he wants to battle the Gym Leader. Inside of the space center, all of the workers there are pretty busy. It seems that they're launching a rocket to outer space. A man inside of the rocket just sits there and waits for the departure. Without their attention, Team Rocket was there spying on them outside of the space center. Meowth has an idea again about the Space Center and the rocket. It seems that if they have the official Team Rocket Rocket, Giovani will be pleased and in that way he can travel all around the space. They're looking for another promotion again. In the building near the space center, Ash and the gang is trying to find the Gym Leader of Mossdeep City. As they enter the room nearby, they see some amazing equipment used in space. It seems that May finds the hovering machine that was used on the moon. As soon as May tries to imagine that she's on the moon, they notice that Ash and Pikachu go to the machine that rotates. Before Max and the gang stop Ash, the machine that Ash and Pikachu were at spins out of control. As it keeps on spinning, Pikachu's tail touches the switch and that makes them to stop. As soon as Ash and Pikachu fall down, they notice that someone is battling somewhere. All of the gang look towards the small hole; they both see two trainers fighting. It's Tate and Liza. As Tate and Liza battle, it seems that Tate's Solrock has been defeated by Liza's Lunatone. As soon as the battle is over, Ash and the gang come in. As soon as they enter, they float. Liza takes off and catches them. They both mention that there's less gravity in this room. They introduce each other but Liza criticizes and embarrasses Tate. It seems that Max and Tate are getting along as well as May and Liza. Both Tate and Liza tell them that they're training their Pokemon to be able to handle the gravity in space. Ash asks Tate and Liza that he wants to meet the Gym Leader of Mossdeep City. Both Tate and Liza chuckle as they introduce themselves as the Gym Leaders of Mossdeep City. Ash seems to be surprised. Back to the other room that is full of space equipments, Tate is enjoying the ride from the spinning machine that Ash rode in before. Liza and the gang talk to each other. Liza mentions that they train their Pokemon in the machine inside of the room. She asks Ash if he wants his Pokemon to be strong in battle. Ash says yes and the training of his Pokemon begins. All of the gang's Pokemon are out in the room and they're using the machine to train themselves. With Tate and Max together, Tate brings him to the control panel of a Space Rocket. With Corphish going out from the room, Corphish sees a person with a moving truck. There's lots of food in it so Corphish follows it. Back with Ash and the gang, Liza runs to her father before she departs from the earth. May asks where could Max and Tate could be. The conversation was interrupted until the staff of the Space Center tells Liza's dad that there's an intruder inside the space center. Monitoring their movement, it seems that it's team Rocket. As soon as they're discovered, they say their motto and the gang finally finds them. They all tell Team Rocket to stop but it seems that they're always resistful. James sends his Cacturne out and the battle begins. When Pikachu uses Thunderbolt towards them, Jesse lets her Seviper out and uses Smokescreen. With the help of Seviper, they finally escape. As Team Rocket finally reaches the main control panel room, they both see Tate and Max. Team Rocket stops them and ties them out. As Meowth presses the launch button, the rocket starts to launch. The gang, who is under the rocket, panic and run toward to the main control room of the Space Center. As the rocket launches, the notices that they're stuck. They both see that Liza's Baltoy and Lunatone are stopping them from going somewhere. Inside of the rocket, Tate and Max see Corphish from the hole. Corphish tells them to be quiet. When they're free, they blast Team Rocket off. Now that they're gone, Tate thanks his father and mother. His father tells them that there's a problem. It seems that they need to control the rocket to go down. Tate and Max agree that they can do it. As soon as they control it, they land safely to the ground as Team Rocket falls off the rocket. Ash and the gang, including Liza, stops them and blast them off. Now that everything is back to normal, the rocket launches again with Tate and Liza's father. As the gang and the others watch the rocket to go up, Tate and Liza are ready to challenge Ash to a gym match...

Solid As A Solrock
Starting the battle inside of the Mossdeep City Gym, the mother of Tate and Liza (who is the referee) is now telling both sides the rules of the battle. This will be a double battle where Ash can use two Pokemon. May, from upstairs, thinks that it will be hard for Ash to win. Brock mentions that he needs a perfect combination in order for him to win. With Ash getting nervous of what Solrock's power will be, he just hopes he can beat it. He sends his Pikachu and Swellow out to battle Tate and Liza's Solrock and Lunatone. The referee starts the battle. Outside of the Gym, Team Rocket was there trying to plan something. It seems that they're planning to steal Solrock and Lunatone. If they steal them, Giovanni will be pleased. As the gang is happy, they are excited to go inside but James stops Meowth and Jesse and he makes them remember the power of Lunatone. We return to the gym, where the battle starts. Solrock first uses Tackle on Pikachu and that causes him to be unbalanced. The battle continues but it seems that Solrock and Lunatone are very fast and they're using the field advantage that they have. When Solrock and Lunatone both attack, they're combo doesn't work and that makes Tate and Liza argue. While they're arguing, Ash takes the chance to attack them. As Lunatone and Solrock are about to hit Pikachu, Swellow comes to rescue and lifts Pikachu out of their way. Both Solrock and Lunatone both bump each other and that makes them fall down. Both Tate and Liza argue again. As Ash starts to rejoice, a huge object comes. It's Team Rocket saying their motto, but in an opera style. As soon as they're finished, they destroy the roof of the gym. Both Lunatone and Solrock are ready to stop them. Jesse chuckles. When Meowth presses the switch, a net comes out from their robot machine and starts to grab both of them. Ash, Tate, and Liza are scared. Tate and Liza asked their Rock/Psychic types to use Psychokinesis to break out from the thing. Jesse and James chuckle again and start to leave the gym. All of the gang, including Tate and Liza, are following Team Rocket. As soon as they reach a cliff, Team Rocket escapes. Pikachu tries to use Thunderbolt but it's not close enough. Team Rocket was very happy. Ash has an idea. He uses his Swellow to bring Pikachu near Team Rocket's balloon and robot. As soon as they're near, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and that makes their robot drop Lunatone and Solrock. When Solrock and Lunatone are out, they both blast Team Rocket off. Now that they're back, their mother tells Ash that the battle will still continue. Ash was very glad and he tells Pikachu and Swellow to be ready. Continuing their battle on the cliff, Pikachu launches its first attack to Solrock. When it’s about to hit Solrock, Lunatone uses Mirror Move to repel Pikachu's thunder bolt. When it’s Swellow's turn to attack, it uses Wing Attack but unfortunately Lunatone counters it. Brock mentions that they're very good in their combination attacks. Ash realizes that they need to use a combination attack. As soon as Pikachu and Swellow are back into action, Pikachu hops on Swellow's back. When Pikachu is close to them, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt. Unfortunately, Solrock and Lunatone, repels the attack and reflect it back at them. As the huge thunderbolt starts to hit them, Brock and the gang thinks that it's over. Luckily, they recover and the battle still continues. Both Pikachu and Swellow combine their attack again and use Agility around Solrock and Lunatone. Since there's lots of Swellow and Pikachu in the air, Both Solrock and Lunatone use Solarbeam to attack all the visible Pikachu and Swellow. It’s too bad as they don't hit Pikachu and Swellow. Ash finally realizes that he needs to use the power of the nature to help them. Pikachu launches Thunder to attack the sky. A huge and a very powerful thunderbolt hits Pikachu and Swellow. Brock and the gang are very surprised about this. It seems that Pikachu and Swellow are absorbing the power of lightning. As soon as the lighting is gone, they finally beat Solrock and Lunatone. The referee announces the winner and gives the victory towards Ash. Ash was very happy and he thanks her. Back at the gym, Tate and Liza are worried about the damage of their gym but it seems that it's sustainable. Both Tate and Liza tell Ash that Pikachu and
Swellow are a good combination. As soon they finish talking, Tate gives the badge that Ash earned from the Gym Battle.

Vanity Affair
After his victory over Tate and Liza, Ash starts to do his training again for the next Gym Leader which in Sootopolis City. In the middle of the city, two guys are battling. Ash and a guy are training their Pokemon. It's Scizor Vs. Torkoal. Since Torkoal has the advantage over Bug type Pokemon, May and Max are very glad. After the fierce fire attack from Torkoal to Scizor, it faints and Ash is declared as the winner. After the battle, Ash's opponent comes to him and congratulates him. Behind the alley, a strange sea captain appears. In a restaurant, Team Rocket was there working instead of stealing Pokemon. It seems that they're good now. A man comes in from the door and starts to sit in the restaurant and asks to be waited on. James comes and asks him what he wants but the man replies in a scary way. Back with Ash and the gang, they arrive in the restaurant to eat. They sit outside of the restaurant and start talking about Ash's last battle. As they talk, James, the waiter of the restaurant comes to them and ask them what they want. When he sees that it's the twerps, May notices that his face is familiar. James panics and goes inside. Inside, the man is observing Ash and the gang. In the kitchen, James tells the gang that the twerps are outside eating. Meowth has an idea for how to catch their Pokemon. It seems that they will just sneak up on them and grab them. They don’t realize that if the man sees it, he will probably kick them off. Back with the gang, Ash is talking about May's next Pokemon Contest. The man overhears they conversation. The gang introduces themselves and the man introduces himself as Drake, the sea captain. As they're talking, Drake mentions to Ash that if he likes battling, he should come to his ship. Ash was very happy but Team Rocket interrupts them and agrees to join them. It seems that Team Rocket plans to steal something on the ship. On the shore, Drake is standing and waiting for the ship to come. At the time the ship comes, they all board the ship. Inside of the ship, Drake immediately asks Ash for a battle. Team Rocket plans to steal Pikachu while they're battling. The battle starts between Ash and Drake. Ash first lets his Pikachu out and followed by Drake's Shelgon. When Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Brock mentions to May and Max that Shelgon is not vulnerable to Thunder attacks because it's being protected by its shell. By looking at Drake, it seems that he's very comfortable. Shelgon just runs around while Pikachu is trying to catch up with him. When Ash asks Pikachu to use Iron Tail, Shelgon counters Pikachu with Dragon Claw attack. The gang including the crew of the ship are very amazed on how Shelgon beat Ash's Pikachu. Brock, May and Max are speechless. The sailor mentions to them that Drake's power in Pokemon is very strong and he's very hard to beat. Continuing their battle, Ash seems to not give up yet. For their round two, Drake lets his Altaria out while Ash lets his Grovyle out. Brock and the gang are surprised because they know that Grovyle doesn't have a chance against Altaria. The sailor beside them tells them that he might have a chance if Ash uses the advantage of his surroundings. Now Ash's Grovyle is using the ropes in the ship to hop up and down. When Grovyle is at the top, it uses Bullet Seed but Altaria is fast enough to counter it. Grovyle falls down. When Drake sees that it’s down, he commands Ataria to use Dragon Rage attack. Grovyle is fast enough to dodge it, but it seems that Altaria is the winner. With Grovyle fainted, Drake comes to it and starts telling Ash to bring it to a Pokemon Center. Drake comes to Ash and tells him that the battle was awesome. Although Ash needs practice, but he really did good. Ash was relieved while Drake tells them that they're going to bring Grovyle to the nearest Pokemon Center. The gang is happy while Team Rocket steals Pikachu and runs down. Now Drake is really mad and he agrees to help Ash. He lets his Salamence out. With Pikachu in Ash's hand, it jumps down on Salamence's back and both of them start to attack Team Rocket. After they blast off, the gang can't believe the power of Salamence. May checks out her Pokedex and finds out that Salamence is the evolved form of Shelgon. Ash can't believe the power of Drake's Pokemon. At night, the gang, including Drake, are eating dinner. It seems that Drake is telling Ash and the gang the meaning of the true battle and power. The gang just stares at him while they listens to Drake's advice. Ash seems to get Drake's point and the episode ends.

Where's Armaldo?
With Ash and the gang on a ferry, Max sees a nearby island to stop at and sightsee. Instead of going to the next Gym Leader and to the next Pokemon Contest Hall, May and Ash want to train their Pokemon first. They all go on the Island and start training. May starts to train her Bulbasaur by the help of the waves. With Ash and Pikachu, Ash is training Pikachu to use its Iron Tail at the right time. By using a tree log, Pikachu is improving its stamina with using Iron Tail. While Ash and Pikachu finish training, May comes to them and wants to show Ash Bulbasaur's new ability. Brock comes with a cooking utensil in his hand. When the huge wave starts to come towards them, May commands Bulbasaur to use Petal Dance to stop the waves. Ash and Brock were amazed with Bulbasaur's Petal Dance. Deep inside the forest, Max is picking up wood. He hears a rustling sound through the bushes. As he wonders, a weird looking creature appears. Max drops the wood from his hands and starts to scream. Ash and the gang comes to the rescue and see if Max is all right. Max seems to be shocked. Ash asks him what's going on. Max tells Ash that he saw Cradily the Fossil Pokemon. May wonders what kind of Pokemon it is, so she looks in her Pokedex. Brock interrupts and tells them that Cradily is a rare Pokemon. Max points out the place where he saw Cradily. When a Pokemon comes to the place on where Max is pointing at, a Breloom appears and starts running off. May suspects that Max is just lying. Max gets mad and starts running off. Behind him, a professor busts him out. Back with Ash and the gang, they're trying to find Max. As they walk, they finally see the Cradily they're talking about. They get scared at first. A young lady appears and that makes Brock's to get in love with her again. Ash is so happy to see Cradily. May thinks that Cradily might be lost in the forest. Then the young lady known as Andu invites them to visit their laboratory. In the mansion that Max saw, they go there and they meet Professor Morohoshi. Max comes to peek who are the people the came in and he sees May and the gang. May is so excited to reunite with her brother again. As Andu introduces Morohoshi to them, Brock gets jealous knowing that the girl might be Morohoshi's girlfriend. Max shows the gang the flock of Lileep. Ash gets his Pokedex out and sees the data of Lileep. Everyone is amazed at Lileep. Morohoshi and Andu come to them and say that they were revived from a fossil. Without their attention, Team Rocket was there spying on them. Inside of Morohoshi's laboratory, he's showing a presentation where the location of the fossils are found. He's introducing the habitats of Anorith and Lileep where they live in heaven like paradise. It seems that they all lived many years ago. He also says that the island that they're on is the actual home of the Lileep and Anorith but as time passes by, the shape of the island transforms into a moon-shaped island. With that, Morohoshi and Andu are now taking care of the fossilized Pokemon. Ash and May are happy for them. In the tree, Team Rocket is planning a way to catch those fossilized Pokemon. Meowth has an idea that if they catch those two fossilized Pokemon, Giovanni will have a forest paradise full of rare fossil Pokemon such as Aerodactyl, Omastar, Kabuto, Lileep and Anorith. It seems that it's a good idea for them so they all agree to steal it. Back at Professor Morohoshi's laboratory, Andu is in the computer trying to de-fossilze Anorith. Andu reports Morohoshi to the status and they all go to the place where a flock of Lileep are in. Max is excited. It's Anorith. May looks at her Pokedex and sees what Pokemon it is. With that, they see Anorith evolve to Armaldo. Ash checks its data on his Pokedex. Both Morohoshi and Andu rejoice but Team Rocket interrupts their excitement. A huge net comes towards to the place where the fossilized Pokemon are in. Andu wonders who is Team Rocket. Ash tells her that they're up to no good and they're Pokemon thieves. As they push Armaldo towards them, Armaldo gets out from the net and starts to blast them off. Ash congratulates Armaldo but it goes insane and starts attacking Ash. Armaldo leaves leaving Morohoshi and Andu confused. They all run to the forest trying to find Armaldo. Max tells them that it must be Team Rocket's fault why it went insane causing Armaldo not to trust humans. In a tree full of fruit, they finally see Armaldo. When Armaldo sees them, it attacks the gang. They all hide behind the rock while Pikachu hops on the rock and comes towards Armaldo. It seems that Pikachu is talking to Armaldo. Max says that it can help Armaldo calm down if a Pokemon talks to it. May lets her Beautifly out while Brock lets his Foretress out. As they come towards Armaldo and talks to them, it seems that Armaldo can't be stopped. Armaldo attacks the gang's Pokemon while he eats an apple. He drops the apple and rolls down towards Morohoshi. He picks up the apple and starts to observe. As they continually observe Armaldo, it uses Dig and escapes. Dr. Morohoshi stands up and says he has an idea on how to calm it down. Morohoshi remembers the favorite fruit of Armaldo so they all go there to its location. It seems that Armaldo is hungry and looking for something to eat. When they arrive there, they see Armaldo. A huge claw machine comes and it's Team Rocket. They grab Armaldo causing Ash and the gang to be mad. They say the motto and after that, Ash asks them to free Armaldo at once. Team Rocket runs towards them and escapes. Morohoshi follows the claw machine vehicle and hops onto its back. Jesse and James are happy that they finally caught Armaldo. At the back of the vehicle, Morohoshi is knocking down Armaldo's location. Jesse sees them and starts to get him out of the way. As Morohoshi falls down, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt but it doesn't work. Now it's May's time to attack. She lets Bulbasaur out. She asks Bulbasaur to use Petal Dance towards them. Too bad it missed them but Bulbasaur's Petal Dance hits the rock on the cliff causing the rocks to fall down and block their way. Max points out the possible location of Armaldo. Morohoshi climbs at the back of the vehicle and starts to knock it out. Armaldo uses its claw to destroy it. As it comes out, it seems that Armaldo is a friend now. Team Rocket comes out and starts to steal Armaldo again but this time, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Armaldo blast Team Rocket off. After blasting Team Rocket, they finally bring Armaldo the place where its favorite fruit grows. Ash and the gang watch them. Max was impressed on Bulbasaur's Petal Dance. May was happy to hear that, so she bends down and tells Bulbasaur that they will be going to win to the Pokemon Contest. When Armaldo turns back, they all see the beautiful sunset and the episode ends.

A Caturne for the Worse
Continuing their journey towards the next gym and to the next Pokemon Contest Hall, May is on the ferry training her Bulbasaur. She first asks Bulbasaur to use Razor Leaf and to combine it with Vine Whip attack. The combination is perfect and May was very happy. Ash and the gang is very glad that May and Bulbasaur are doing good. On the Island of Izabe, Team Rocket is in the middle of the forest moving a crate of berry plants. Jesse and James are talking about their business on the upcoming Pokemon Contest. As they keep talking, Meowth tells everyone that they can't make good berries with these plants and that makes Jesse get mad. She decides to pull the crate up but since there's too much weight in the crate, Jesse is dragged down the hill. Back to the ferry, May is on the deck thinking about the Contest. A man with a Cacturne comes and talks to her. He tells May about being in the Pokemon Contest Exhibition. May mentions to her that she's planning to go to the next contest and that makes the man to get excited. May gives out her name and the man introduces herself as Hari as well as his Cacturne. May gets her Pokedex out and that causes Hali to think that she doesn't know anything about Cacturne. When May learns about Cacturne she tells Hari that it looks scary and that causes Hari to be mad. He pretends that he doesn't hear it and just offers May a cookie. As soon as she finishes her cookie, she looks up and wonders where Hari is. At the back of the dock, Hari takes a picture of May. As soon as it prints, she takes the face of May and puts it in her notebook. In her notebook, he puts a poison sign symbol on it. Hari seems to be offended because May called his Cacturne scary. From that time, he wants to teach May a lesson. In the middle of the night, Team Rocket was sitting in the middle of the forest trying to crush the berry plants that they took and make it into berries. James fails to crush it. Jesse gets mad and tells James that she needs to get ready for the upcoming contest. Now the Pokemon Contest Begins. Inside of the locker room hallway, May and the gang are looking for Max. After a couple of minutes, Max shows up running with Hali on his back. Hari tells May that Max and he just went to some place. May yells at Max and Hari tries to protect him and covers him up. Now the Pokemon Contest begins. It's May's turn to show Bulbasaur's appeal. She lets her Bulbabsaur out and does the combination of Razor Leaf and Vinewhip. With that combo, the crowd is cheering. The other contest people show their appeal. After they show their appeal, it's now Hari's turn to show his Cacturne's appeal. Before his Cacturne makes its appeal, the crown is just stunned with the way they stand up. Now the appeal starts. Cacturn uses Bullet Seed. The EmCee is shocked that Cacturne can use a Bullet Seed as fast as a machine gun. The appeal is not over yet. Cacturne runs in a pattern that creates a poison sign symbol by using its Bullet Seed attack, the crowd is just shocked and speechless. The judges comments on Hari's Cacturne's appeal and it seems to be good. May is worried about Hari. Now it's time for the elimination. It seems that Hari and May are in the final round. Max and Ash were glad but Brock tells them that there's something within Hari that's too difficult to defeat by a trainer. Back to the Pokemon Contest Locker room, Hari was there at the back chuckling about May being in the final round. May doesn't notice him but it seems that she's very happy. Now the final rounds begin. The battle between the boy and Hari begins. The conclusion of this battle is that Hari was the victorious one. As soon as she leaves the stage, she sees May thinking about what Hari said from before. As soon as May notices her, she congratulates Hari. Hari says Thank You and she gives a bit of advice to May. He tells May that she needs to be aware of the speed of someone's Pokemon in her next match. May thanks him. While Hari turns his back, it looks like that he's just messing around with May. With May's turn to fight the other co-coordinator it seems that his opponent is too smart. His Surskit is so fast and that causes Bulbasaur to be confused on which way to hit the enemy. Behind the stage, Hari just chuckles. Now, May's opponent is leading in the score board and that makes her feel bad. She feels that speed isn't the key to this victory but her opponent is still leading and that really makes her feel bad. When Surskit uses Surf on Bulbasaur, May asks Bulbasaur to use Vinewhip to stop the attack. As soon Surskit falls down, Bulbasaur next uses Petal Dance and that causes Surskit to fall down again. With that attack, she damages her opponent's points so big and the round ends. It seems that May wins and it's Hari's turn to fight May. On the stage, May and Hari stands in front while the EmCee introduces them. May tells him about the advice he gave on May. Hari tells May that he's just messing around with her. With that, May is mad. Hari also reveals his true intention, which is to win the Contest. Now the battle begins. Cacturne first uses Bullet Seed but May counters it with Vinewhip. With that attack, it damages Hari's points so big. Hari can't take that she's losing so he pulls out a tape recorder in his pocket and starts to play it. A voice of Max approaches the crowd. Max wonders what's going on. May was so embarrassed on what Max told Hari before the contest. Ash asks Max why Max is in it. He tells Ash that Hari asked him about May's life. May was really embarrassed and yells to stop. The crowd laughs when they all hear it. Hari just laughs and that makes May to be mad a whole lot. Hari teases May on how May is looking for her parents when she's stuck in the ocean full of Tentacool. While everyone is laughing, Hari's Cacturne sneaks up at Bulbasaur's back and hits it. May was surprised and the battle continues. Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf on Cacturne but Cactrune is too fast. It seems that May has a lower amount points than Hari. Ash cheers May and tells her that she can do it. It is time to get serious as May shows how powerful her Bulbasaur is. As soon Cacturne plans to attack Bulbasur, Bulbasaur grabs its legs with Vine Whip and tosses Cacturne in the air. With that, May uses the chance to use Petal Dance and that makes Hari's points to go down. It seems that May wins. May can't believe that she won. Hari leaves and the coronation was held. May proudly receives the ribbon from Izabe Island. Behind the stage, Hari was there and whispers that the battle isn't over. Outside of the Pokemon Contest, they're ready to leave. Max apologizes but May doesn't take it as a big deal. Now they all decided to explore Izabe Island since it's huge. They all go through the forest. As for Team Rocket, it seems that their business is doing great... but wait... It's just a dream...

Claydol Big and Tall
Exploring the vast island of Izabe, Ash and company was in the middle of a valley with a thick mist. As they continue exploring, they see a stone Pokeball at the top of the mountain. Everyone was confused and wondered why a stone Pokeball was at the top of the mountain. A strange old man comes to the scene and starts explaining about that stone Pokeball. After a background story to the stone Pokeball, he removes his robe and starts to show a set of boxes with food and some Pokeballs in it. It seems that the old man was just messing around with them. After a couple of minutes, the old man becomes serious and shows a book that tells the legend about that mysterious stone Pokeball.

In the valley, the gang and the old man camp out and start eating the food that the old man brought. The old man begins his story about that stone Pokeball. The story begins with a huge flame with a Claydol in it. It shows in the old man's story that the Claydol was destroying the entire valley. As Claydol is destroying it, a sage from the top of the mountain appears and summons the stone Pokeball from the sky. As soon as it hits Claydol, Claydol goes inside and is sealed. The old man also says that the stone Pokeball that they saw at the top of the mountain is an extra one. The one that holds Claydol is somewhere in a river.

The gang and the old man agree to find it so they all get up on their feet and leave. Without their attention, Team Rocket was at the top of the cliff spying at them again. It seems that they heard the story about the sealed Claydol. They all leave and agree to find the stone Pokeball. With the help of their balloon, they finally spot the stoned Pokeball in the river. They all go to it.

Back with Ash and the gang, they finally find the stone Pokeball in the river. As soon as Ash sees Team Rocket, the old man asks who Team Rocket is. As the old man learns about them, Jesse and James say their motto. After saying their motto, James asks Meowth to drop the bombs on the stone Pokeball. The old man is scared and screams that they just awoke Claydol from the stone Pokeball. Everyone gets scared when they all see the stone Pokeball break and the river divide. As soon as Claydol
appears from the surface, the old man and the gang come to mouth of the river and start to learn more about it.

With the help of the man's old book, they learn more about Claydol. Ash also looks at its Pokedex and learns its data. With Team Rocket still in the air, they launch a strange grabbing machine. They grab Claydol but it seems that Claydol aims an attack to them. As soon as Claydol launches Blizzard to them, it freezes their balloon and Claydol finishes it with a blasting attack. Team Rocket blasts off but they land back down on Claydol's head.

Jesse is happy knowing that they didn't actually blast off this time. James shouts and tells Jesse and Meowth that they're on top of Claydol's head. Now, Claydol starts to go east. The gang panics because they already saw Claydol launch an attack towards the forest. Ash throws a Pokeball at it but it fails.

The old man tells the gang they need a special Pokeball to seal Claydol again. Max mentions to the old man about the stone Pokeball that they saw on the top of the mountain.

Brock and the gang agree to help the old man seal Claydol again. It seems that they have to lure Claydol to the foot of the mountain that holds the stone Pokeball. As soon as Claydol leaves the river, it goes to the forest. At some cliff far away from Claydol, Brock lets Lombre and Mudkip out. Brock asks them to use Water Gun at Claydol from a far distance. It stops Claydol temporarily to proceed while both of Brock's Pokemon use Water Gun. On top of Claydol, Team Rocket is panicking. Claydol starts to spin around as fast as it can and Claydol manages to counter and backfire the Water Gun at the gang.

From Claydol's head, Team Rocket blasts off and lands at the site on which Ash and the gang are. Ash questions them but Team Rocket proposes to them and agrees to help them seal the Claydol. The gang agrees and now they're working together to find a way to lure Claydol at the mountain where the stone Pokeball lies.

The old man is reading the old book and says that one that can lure Claydol is to have an eggplant. The old man is worried about the nearby village. They all find a way and get an idea. Ash and James cooperate and carry bunches of eggplants in a basket and start hanging them out. It seems that Claydol doesn't see it so it fails.

On their next plan, Brock has an idea for Claydol to notice the eggplants.

It seems that Ash and James are wearing eggplant costumes. Between the valleys, they start shouting and start calling out Claydol's name. As soon as Claydol notices it, Ash and James start to run.

Back with the old man, he continues reading the book about Claydol and just sees that the purple looking eggplants annoy Claydol. The gang is worried that Claydol might smash Ash and James so they all go to them and help.

With Ash and the gang, it seems that they notice Claydol is aiming at them. They both see May and start to jump and dump the eggplant costume. James and Ash are saved but when he looks in their eggplant costume, they can't imagine if they will still be alive if they were in that costume by the time Claydol smashes it.

Within the village, the villagers start to evacuate.

As the villagers are evacuating, Ash and the gang are still thinking a way to lure it. The old man reads something from the old book again and says that a pretty ladies/priestess from ancient times will attract Claydol. Now their plan begins.

May, Jesse, Meowth, and Wobbufet are dressed like girls. They all stand up to the cliff and start playing music. Inside of their costumes is the real dress that they will use to attract Claydol and lure it. They use a musical instrument to gets Claydol's attention. As soon as Claydol notices it, Ash and the gang shout to remove their costumes and reveal the dress that will attract Claydol.

As soon as they remove their costumes, Claydol first sees Jesse in a ballet uniform. Claydol moves its hands and blasts her off. It seems that she doesn't like Jesse. Now it's Meowth's turn to attract Claydol. With Meowth's cheerleader costume, Claydol didn't like it much so Claydol blasts him off in the air. With May's Nurse Joy costume, Claydol doesn't like it either so it blasts May off.

When Jesse May, and Meowth land at Ash's place, the old man just keeps reading the book while the girls just sighed. Ash notices that Wobbuffet is still there. Yes! Wobbuffet is running trying to lure Claydol. It seems that their plan works for Wobbuffet. The old man interrupts and mentions that the looks of the lady that was told in the legend is exactly the look like Wobbuffet.

The two ladies and Meowth just sigh.

Now, Ash and the gang are cheer up for Wobbuffet. As Wobbuffet is running towards Ash and the gang's location, the gang is moving the stone Pokeball. As they moved it, the gang sees that its time for Wobbuffet to leave, so Ash uses Swellow to get Wobbuffet out of the way. No! Swellow mistakenly lifts Wobbuffet's wig. Claydol notices that it's a fake. Now Wobbuffet runs as soon as they find out that its wig is taken by Swellow.

Now that Wobbuffet is out of the way, the gang starts to push the stone Pokeball. It seems that it’s too heavy for eight of them to push it. With patience and force, they manage to push it and it rolls down. But wait... it gets stuck by some rocks. The gang panics already. Brock lets Mudkip and Lombre out and asks them to use Water Gun to the rock that blocks the stone Pokeball to roll down. With the combination of Mudkip's and Lombre's Water Gun attack, and Pikachu's Thunderbolt, they blast the rock that blocked the Pokeball. The stone Pokeball finally rolls down.

Yay! They seal Claydol again.

Ash and the gang are rejoicing from what they did but May notices that Team Rocket is gone. Max points them out and sees them with their balloon again. With the capturing machine, they're trying to lift it. As soon as they lift it near the edge of the cliff, Team Rocket was dragged down by the mountain and they blast off. As they blast off, the stone pokeball that seals Claydol rolls down to the river to where it used to be.

Now that everything is settled and the sun is about to set, the gang is very happy that they finally sealed the Claydol. May wishes Claydol to have a long rest in the Pokeball and the episode ends.

Once in a Mawile
Continuing their journey towards the next Gym Leader, Ash and the gang are eating at a nearby tree. Ash challenges May to have a battle with him but she refuses. Instead Brock challenges him. In the field, Ash takes out his Torkoal while Brock takes out his Lombre.

The battle between Torkoal and Lombre begins. When they both launch an attack, it seems that Torkoal has an advantage over Lombre. But Lombre seems to be keeping up. When Torkoal uses Overheat, it blasts Lombre towards the air. Ash just can't believe that Lombre was blasted.

Deep in the forest, Lombre was there lying down on the ground. A Mawile picks Lombre out using its back. When Ash and the gang are running after Lombre, Brock sees them with a beautiful lady. He introduces himself to the girl and the girl introduces herself as Sayura. Max comes out and pulls Brock out of the way. Ash and May take that chance to introduce themselves to Sayura.

Now that they all know each other, Ash and Max tell Sayura good things about her Mawile. Ash takes out his Pokedex and learns its data. They don't notice that Mawile goes beside Lombre. When they all see both of them, Sayura tells them that Mawile likes Brock's Lombre.

Brock comes to Lombre and starts to make Lombre to like Mawile. After that, he goes towards Sayura and starts saying that since their Pokemon are getting along, why don't they both get along too. Max comes towards him and pulls him out and throws him in the bushes.

When Mawile tries to hug Lombre's hand, Lombre ignores it and leaves. Sayura notices that Brock's Lombre seems not to like Mawile but Brock tells her that Lombre might just be joking so Brock talks to Lombre. He tells Lombre stuff about her and Mawile. Behind them, Max was there listening. When Brock sees Max behind his back, Lombre and Max get up and start to apologize to them.

Behind some trees, Mawile starts to make out with Lombre but it seems that Lombre really doesn't like Mawile so when Mawile grabbed his hand for the second time, Lombre ignores it again. Brock stops him but Mawile kicks Lombre off behind the trees.

Sayura talks to Mawile but they're both interrupted by May when she sees the dancing props in Sayura's backpack. She asks what it is and Sayura tells that they use that
to dance. May was happy when she learns that Sayura and Mawile are dancing.

It seems that Sayura and her Mawile decide to dance in front of them. So in the field, both Sayura and Mawile are in the center ready to perform to the gang. When May hits the play button on the cassette player, they are amazed at her skills. Behind their back, Team Rocket was there looking at Sayura and Mawile.

Team Rocket has some plans again. They want to steal Mawile because if they did, Giovanni will use Mawile as his fan during the summer, and uses it as his entertainment while dancing. With that, they imagine that with Mawile, they’d both be getting a promotion and big cash.

All of the gang is walking in the field. Max, May, and Ash are busy talking about Sayura's performance. With Brock and Lombre, they were walking and trying to convince Lombre to like Mawile until they see a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the road. Brock rushes towards it and tries to grab it. The rest of the gang tries to stop and wait for them but it's too late and all of them fall down in a hole.

Team Rocket appears and they grab Mawile with the help of the net. When the gang is on the surface, Ash takes his Corphish out and Brock asks Lombre to use Water Gun but it refuses to use it. Lombre sighs so Ash just asks Corphish to use Bubble Beam towards them. They blocked Corphish's attack and Jesse uses Seviper to get a grip on Corphish. Brock commands Lombre to help Corphish. When Corphish is out of way, Jesse asks Seviper to use Poison Tail and it blasts Lombre off.

When Lombre was blasted off, Ash takes out his Torkoal and tries to use Flamethrower at Seviper and Torkoal manages to get rid of Seviper. Now it’s James's turn to defend Team Rocket with Cacnea. With Torkoal's powerful attack, Cacnea was kicked off towards Team Rocket and they blast off in the air leaving Mawile to be safe.

Now that everything is settled, Sayura thanks Torkoal and Corphish. Brock goes towards Lombre and whispers to him that if he saved Mawile, they might thank him.

Without their attention, Corphish tries to talk to Mawile. As soon Corphish looks at Mawile, Corphish gets in love and brings flowers to Mawile. Sayura tries to make Mawile like Corphish but it seems that Mawile doesn't like him that much. But instead, Mawile, throws Corphish a far distance. Sayura tries to talk to Mawile but they see
Corphish running after them.

When Corphish made it back, he sees Mawile and Lombre together. Corphish cries.

In the plaza, everyone was excited to see Sayura and Mawile dance in front of lots of people. When the Emcee introduces Sayura and Mawile, Team Rocket appears and starts to say its motto. After saying their motto, they use a Smokescreen attack and try to steal Mawile. But instead of Mawile, they steal Lombre.

Brock was scared but Mawile runs and tries to find Lombre.

Late at night in the forest, they were disappointed that they stole Lombre instead of Mawile. Meowth tries to cheer them up and tells Jesse and James that their boss might like Lombre. But it seems he won't so they're still disappointed. From Jesse's pocket, Wobbuffet comes out and starts talking to Lombre.

Both Wobbuffet and Lombre try to talk while Lombre dances. After that, Team Rocket is finally busted when Ash and the gang comes. Jesse takes out her Dustox and the battle begins.

In the battle, Mawile blasts Cacnea while Lombre uses Whirlwind to Dustox. When Mawile sees Lombre's attack, Mawile seems to be getting more in love with him. When Dustox is about to hit Mawile, Lombre blocks it and they both cooperate with blasting Team Rocket. From what Lombre did to Mawile, it makes her to like Lombre more.

Now that Lombre is safe, they all go back and see Brock trying to entertain the people but it seems that the people don't like it much. So Sayura and Mawile take over the stage. Behind the stage, everyone sees Lombre taking out a water stone from Sayura's back pack. When Lombre uses Water Stone on him, he evolves to Ludicolo and that makes him more energetic. While they're dancing, Ludicolo joins them and starts to dance.

After the show, they're now saying thanks to one another. All of them notice that Mawile is not interested with Ludicolo anymore since Lombre evolved but this time; Ludicolo is the one who's in love with Mawile. Instead, Mawile sees this Psyduck and starts running after it. Sayura says goodbye and starts to follow Mawile.

Now that both Brock and Ludicolo are heart broken, they just dance hoping that they will soon both find a woman for them.

Beg, Burrow, and Steal
Still exploring the big island of Izabe, Ash and company are stuck in the middle of a desert like place that's full of holes. Max looks up at his PokeNav and it seems that the place they're in is not in the PokeNav. Brock checks his guide book and gets no data or information about the place. Ash and the gang are scared. Ash picks up a rock and drops it down a hole. A strange like Pokemon eats it. Everyone was surprised. Ash checks out the Pokedex and sees that it's a Trapinch. After they all learn about it, they have a hunch that a Trapinch must be the one who dug those holes. Behind their back, a ranger comes to the scene.

The ranger comes out of her vehicle and starts screaming at the gang, telling that they should not be in there due to the holes. Brock comes up to the beautiful ranger and starts to introduce himself. The ranger introduces herself as Achiko. It seems that Brock is starting to flirt again. Max comes out and starts pulling his ear off. May and Ash start to
apologize and ask what's up with the holes. As Ash steps one foot near the hole, the land collapses and he falls.

The ranger throws her rope and starts pulling Ash up.

After Ash is up to the surface, Ash thanks her very much. Achiko tells Ash that if he falls down from that hole, he may wind up under the ground. She tells the gang that the hole beneath this ground is very shallow. After she tells Ash about the place, they all leave and Achiko gives them a ride.

While Achiko is driving, Max sees lots of beautiful Pokemon such as Phanpy, and Girafarig. Max is very amazed.

A huge scream is coming right in front of them. It seems that Achiko's friend is in trouble because a Donphan is chasing him. Achiko stops the car and starts to send Meganium out to help her friend. In Achiko's car, May and Max are amazed to see a Meganium so May looks in her Pokedex to learn its data. After looking at Meganium's data, they all see Meganium use Sweet Scent on Donphan. Upon using Sweet Scent, Donphan turns back and runs away.

After all of the trouble, Achiko puts Meganium back into her pokeball and lets it rest. The gang gets out of the car and starts to meet the friend of Achiko. Her friend's name is introduced as Achiro. He's from the Izabe Academy and he studies Pokemon. From looking at Achiro's outfit, it seems that he's a professor.

Everyone says hello to one another with a smile on their face.

Achiko starts to ask Achiro where his Trapinch is. Achiro looks around and finally finds his Trapinch with a radar thing at its back. Without their attention, Team Rocket is behind their back looking at their moves. Team Rocket seems to want to catch Pikachu and a Trapinch this time.

Back with the gang, Max asks Achiro about the thing on the back of Trapinch. Achiro tells Max that's it’s a radar to detect a nearby water. Achiro tells the gang a story about the lake when he was a child. It started when he falls in the hole and was eaten up by the quick mud. After he lost consciousness, he was brought near the lake. When he woke up, he saw lots of Trapinch on the other side on the lake.

When the little Achiro stood up on his feet, he saw the Trapinch evolving to a Vibrava. After the Trapinch evolve into Vibrava, they start flying and the lake disappears and he's back to the desert like place. For him it looks like an illusion.

After Achiro's story, Ash immediately looks up Vibrava's Pokedex data. Ash and the gang kind of believe Achiro but Achiko seems not to believe him and says that it’s just a dream. After Achiko criticizes Achiro about his dream, May notices that Trapinch is gone.

They all look around and Achiro sees Trapinch going down a hole. Achiro smiles knowing that Trapinch might finally find it. A huge earthquake approaches and the ground divides. Team Rocket appears with their Diglett Robot and start saying their motto and steal Pikachu.

After the motto, Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but it doesn't work. Brock seems to be worried so he lets Ludicolo out and it starts to use Water Gun. Upon doing that, their Diglett Robot falls down and starts to fall down the hole.

In the hole, they all see bunches of Trapinch eating up the robot. Achiro suspects that they might be the one that can lead them to the Lake of Illusion. When they slowly see Pikachu, James, Jesse, and Meowth sinking in the mud, Ash jumps to the hole while Achiko jumps too. The Trapinch of Achiro comes too.

While they're falling, they were separated by a divider wall under ground. Ash and Achiko start to go right while Jesse and James starts to go left.

On the surface, Max and the gang are worried. Achiro comes and says that his Trapinch is underground and they will follow it to find Ash and the gang. He gets a rope but he falls down without seeing the way he's walking. When he finally lands on the underground, he brings out his radar and starts to look at Trapinch.

With Ash, Achiko, and Achiro's Trapinch, they were still looking for Pikachu. When Trapinch moves, Ash and Achiko follow him. Ash tells to himself that he will find Pikachu no matter what.

With Team Rocket underground, they saw Trapinch walking. Meowth asks James and Jesse to catch that Trapinch. Meowth gives them the idea that if they give that Trapinch to the boss, it will be handy for him. His idea is to make Trapinch as a nut cracker. After he gives out his idea about Trapinch, they all think that they will get a promotion and lots of money.

Since they're busy talking about their promotion, Trapinch is gone. Meowth tells Jesse and James to be quiet and hides behind the rocks. Achiro starts to appear while Team Rocket is watching him carefully.

When Achiro left, Team Rocket starts to follow him.

With Max and the gang in the surface, Max tries to look at the ground and see how deep it is. When Max steps one foot from the hole, he falls down. When May tries to save her, they both fall down. This time, Brock tries to save them but he is unbalanced and starts to fall down the hole.

Back with Ash and Achiko, they're still looking for Pikachu. As they walk their way to the tunnel, Max, May, and Brock falls down in front of them.

Achiko starts to ask where Achiro is but Brock tells her that Achiro fell down to the hole too. They all look worried but they see Trapinch digging a hole from the wall. Achiko tells everyone to be quiet. Until they see a huge water current is coming their way, they all run but they were washed up.

Ash and the gang falls down from the lake. Upon looking where they are, Max says that this place must be the place Achiro is talking about. With their excitement, they finally find Pikachu. When everyone goes to the surface, they also see Trapinch walking.

Everyone was happy until they see Achiro! Finally, they all reunite again. Achiko says Achiro that the place he's talking about is really true and not an illusion. Achiro goes to her and starts rejoicing. Brock interrupts Achiro and Achiko because Brock sees the horde of Trapinch on the other side of the lake. As they look on the other side of the lake, they're seeing the Trapinch evolve into Vibrava.

Team Rocket gets excited and agree to steal it.

When the Vibrava start to fly, they were surprised to see some Vibrava in a net. Team Rocket did it again! Team Rocket is stealing the Vibrava! With the help of Brock's Ludicolo and Achiko's Meganium, they safely cut the net. When they're all free from the net, James' Cacnea and Jesse's Dustox use Pin Missile towards the gang. With the help of Vibrava's Reflect, the attack that they launched backfires.

Ash takes the chance to blast Team Rocket off. He uses Pikachu and asks him to use Thunder. Now that they're safe, May tells Ash the problem. They can't get to the surface. Achiko says to both of them that Meganium's attack won't work. The gang remembers the Vibrava! With Vibrava on their side, they finally get into the surface. They all thank the Vibrava.

The sun is about to set. Ash and the gang start to bid farewell to Achiko and Achiro. This time, Achiko is apologizing to Achiro about the "Illusion" he talked about. It seems that Achiro forgave him and he likes Achiko.

Ash and the gang are happy for them but Brock seems to be heartbroken again. As they just laugh, the episode ends.

The following synopsis are with permission from our great affiliate
Pokenightmare and there staff member PokeMaster

Absol-ute Disaster

Ash and friends are still headed for Sootopolis City and are in a rocky area of Izabe Island. May collapses on a rock due to exhaustion, wondering where the next town is. Brock mentions that the bridge to take them into Riado Town is not too far ahead. The bridge comes into sight and Pikachu bounds out into the middle. It stops in the middle and jumps up on the railing. Brock notices that the water is moving way too fast for the bridge to be safe just as the bridge is blasted into the air by a geyser.

Pikachu clings on to what’s left of the bridge. Ash goes to get Pikachu but it jumps back up and knocks him over. On the other side of the river, an Absol stands on the ruins of the bridge. May looks it up in her Pokédex. Two men confront the Absol but it just soars to the top of the mountain behind them in three swift leaps.

Ash and the others are taken into town where the villagers explain that the Absol started coming down from the mountain a short while ago and that since they started coming, bad things happen to the town. The bridge that collapsed earlier is the third bridge that was broken. They say that they’ve hired a team of Absol Hunters who are really just Jessie, James and Meowth. Hiding, the three whisper to each other that they were only doing the “Absol Hunter” business so they got free food but then they plan to steal Pikachu and Absol for the boss. Meowth imagines what the boss would say when he received a “Disaster Pokémon” and it’s not very pleasant.

Outside, the villagers ask the “Absol Hunters” to go and hunt the Absol. A boy named Nicky comes up and yells at them all that the Absol are not the reason for the disasters and that his brother Gordon ran away and was not attacked by an Absol. He runs up the path of the mountain and Ash, May, Brock and Max follow. The villagers tell the “Absol Hunters” that they should go too but they just wait saying that they can catch up. When they do go, they tire out very quickly.

Ash calls out for Nicky to stop and asks what the whole story is behind his brother Gordon. Nicky explains that his brother Gordon believed that the Absol were not the cause of the disasters and went off to prove it. Team Rocket finally catches up with them and pretends to have lots of energy, being “Absol Hunters.” Instead of doing anything about the Absol, however, they end up on top of a humongous round boulder. Nicky leads the gang further up the mountain and shows them the peak: Squaretop.

While Max and Nicky show no signs of tiring, Ash, Brock and May are worn out from the hike. Brock discovers water coming out of the rock face of the cliff and May notices water on the ground. Absol waits for them atop Squaretop. Meanwhile, the boulder that Team Rocket is on starts rolling so they lean one way to make it stop but it just goes that way instead. Absol jumps off the mountain and corners Max, Nicky and Pikachu who fires a warning blast of electricity at it.

Suddenly, the rock wall behind the three bursts open and water rushes out. All three are sent over a cliff. Nicky clings on to a branch with one hand while Max and Pikachu lay bent over it like a clothesline. Nicky loses his hold on it and begins to plummet to certain death but the Absol grabs him and brings him back up. Max and Pikachu also fall off the branch and Ash releases Swellow to catch them.

It successfully retrieves Max but doesn’t have time for Pikachu. As Pikachu falls, a Heracross catches it and brings it to safety. Nicky recognizes the Heracross as his brother Gordon’s and then notices Gordon nearby. Nicky hugs his brother as he begins the story of what happened to him.

He had found an Absol and sent out his Heracross to battle it. Having Heracross use Horn Attack, he knocked the Absol off balance and it began to slide down the mountain. Using his rope, his lassoed a tree branch and swung Tarzan-Style to save the Absol.

He continues that the Absol often get the blame for disasters and he went off on a journey to see other Absol and to see if they too got the blame which they did. Absol are hard to find and hard to study when found. The group wonders about the water and the bridge that broke earlier. Gordon explains that the water source for the river is under the mountains and something is making it fill up faster. The water is then released faster and with more pressure which causes the bridges to break.

Gordon says that the water could break free again soon and cause the town to be completely destroyed and that was why Absol was going down there: to warn them. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still rocking on the boulder as Gordon and they others rush towards Riado to save the it.

Water bursts from the mountain and begins rushing down it. The Absol fires off a Hyper Beam to knock a boulder in the way of the rushing flood. Heracross attacks the boulder with a Hidden Power. Ash releases Grovyle, Torkoal and Corphish and has them use Bullet Seed, Flamethrower and Bubblebeam. May has Beautifly, Combusken, Skitty and Bulbasaur use Silver Wind, Fire Spin, Blizzard and Petal Dance. Ludicolo and Mudkip use Bullet Seed and Water Gun.

But, even with all of the attacks, the boulder doesn’t budge until Absol dashes up close and blasts it with another Hyper Beam. It blocks the water and sends it down two directions. Team Rocket attacks but they are blasted off with a single Razor Wind from Absol.

That evening, the villagers apologize to Absol and the gang heads out for Sootopolis again.

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