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The Garden Of Eatin'!!
On their way to Lilycove City, Max sees a sign about a garden that's full of bananas in it. As they talk about the bananas, May and Max start arguing about the food that they can make with a banana. When May tells Max that she wants a banana cake, Brock interrupts and shows both of them the book about banana foods. It shows in the book on what kind of food they can make with a banana. When May sees bunch of food like, banana splits and banana ice cream, she's so happy about it. In the forest, May is holding the book that Brock has while they're walking and trying to find the banana garden. When Max sees the big garden full of banana trees, they all rush in. At the gate, May can't wait to go inside. She rushes in while Ash and the others follow her. As they walk in the garden, a huge uproar disturbs the garden. A man shows up and tells them to follow him. Inside of the man's house, he lets Ash and the others see what's causing of all the uproar. They see a Snorlax sleeping. May takes out her Pokedex and start learning about Snorlax. When Max says that Snorlax is amazing, the man interrupts and tells a story about Snorlax. He tells everyone that Snorlax is eating all of the bananas in the garden while the Slakoth can't do anything to stop it. He also tells Ash that the Banana Garden used to be a park but since Snorlax was there bringing chaos, he was forced to close it. After he tells the story, he introduces himself as the owner of the Banana Garden, Makino. A huge uproar strikes again. May sighs about Snorlax. Makino starts crying because he's worried about his garden. As everyone talks about Snorlax, Ash asks Brock if Snorlax only lives in the mountains. Brock agrees and it seems mysterious to them. Makino interrupts and tells both of them the garden used to be a mountain before it became a garden full of bananas. Ash interrupts and mentions asking Professor Oak. It seems that Makino knows Professor Oak. He asks everyone to help remove Snorlax. As everyone agrees, Makino cries again. Without their attention, Team Rocket was there spying on Snorlax. Meowth has a plan to steal Snorlax. He tells Jesse and James that Snorlax can be important to their boss. As they understand Meowth's idea, they agree to steal it. In the computer room of Makino, there are lots of monitors watching his garden. May sees Snorlax sleeping. When she turns around, a huge uproar strikes again. Everyone is cool while Ash gets an idea about battling and capturing it. Brock interrupts and tells them about Snorlax's attitude when someone tries to battle it. Max interrupts the whole conversation, pointing at the monitor. It seems that Snorlax is awake again and is eating all of the bananas. Makino is sad again while May is kind of freaking out. Max tells them that it’s going to another place. Ash tells everyone that they need to do something fast. In the garden, Snorlax is going to the place where lots of Slakoth are located. Slakoth can't do anything about this since they're small. As they watch Snorlax eating their bananas, Ash comes to the rescue. Ash is trying to talk to Snorlax but it seems to be ignoring Ash. Ash doesn't have a choice but to battle Snorlax. He first uses Pikachu's Thunderbolt but it seems to not work. Everyone freaks out. Ash uses another strategy. He asks Pikachu to use Iron Tail but it doesn't work on Snorlax. When Max and May are starting to freak out, Brock notices that Snorlax is trying to use its Yawn attack. As Brock tries to warn Ash, it's too late. Ash and Pikachu are both asleep. When May and Max are trying to wake them up, Snorlax launches another Yawn attack which causes everyone to sleep. Up in the air, Team Rocket' balloon was there. It seems that they're trying to steal Snorlax. Jesse, James and Meowth see everyone is sleeping with Snorlax and Pikachu. All of them get an idea that this is their chance to catch both Pikachu and Snorlax. As they launch their big claw machine on Snorlax, it suddenly uses Yawn attack while it’s sleeping. At the time the bubble hits the balloon, they all go to sleep losing control of their claw machine. As they lose control of it, the balloon blasts off. When they wake up, they're all in a room talking with Professor Oak through the videophone. As Makino meets Oak, it seems that Makino highly respects him. While they're talking, Ash mentions about the Snorlax they encountered in the garden. As they keep talking, Oak shows everyone Ash's Snorlax. Ash is very happy to see his pal he caught a long time ago. They all see that Professor Oak is feeding Snorlax a purple pokeblock. After they talk about Ash's Snorlax, Professor Oak tells Makino that he needs to capture it because it's the only way. Ash agrees and so does everyone. Outside of Makino's house, Makino is trying to talk to his Slakoth. He's asking the Slakoth if there's anyone who's willing to battle Snorlax. No one wants to battle. As Makino is giving up, one Slakoth jumps in and agrees to help Makino. It's time for Slakoth to have training. Makino's Slakoth is battling Ash's Pokemon. As they all fight, it seems that Slakoth is very powerful. When Slakoth defeats all Ash's Pokemon, it's starting to evolve! When everyone sees it, they were very happy, including Makino. He's Slakoth finally evolves to Vigoroth. It seems their preparation is complete. Now it's time for Vigoroth to test its skill. Everyone goes the location where Snorlax is sleeping. Makino wakes him up and challenges Snorlax to a fight. As he stands up, the battle begins. The battle seems to be intense but Vigorth seems to be the winner. When Snorlax faints, Makino takes out his Pokeball and captures it. The capture is successful. After the long battle, all of the Slakoth come to him and start rejoicing. Finally, the Banana Slakoth Garden Park is finally open. It seems at Makino's re-opening still brings lots of people. Inside of their house, Makino is thanking all of them for their help. As they keep talking and talking, May interrupts and asks if she can eat some food. Makino shows May the huge Banana Cake. May is very happy when she sees it. She rushes in and starts eating. After that, Ash and Others finally says goodbye to Makino and his Vigoroth... It seems that Team Rocket is still sleeping due to Snorlax's Yawn attack. They dream that they finally get their promotion from Giovanni. They're saying their motto with their new costumes. Too bad it's only a dream.

A Scare To Remember!
Still continuing their journey towards Lilycove City, it seems that Pikachu is very happy. Pikachu is excitedly walking by itself as May and Ash notice it. As they walk, they feel that there's something falling down. When the gang sees a tree falling on Pikachu, Ash yells so Pikachu can dodge it. Ash and company was very scared. As the smokes clears up, a strange robot appears. Everyone was surprised it's Team Rocket. Luckily for Team Rocket, they catch Pikachu. After saying the motto, both sides argue again. After a couple of minutes, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on them. Meowth laughs and tells everybody that the robot is resistant to electricity. Ash gets a little disappointed and tries to fight them with his strength. As Ash and the gang run towards Team Rocket, they fall in Team Rocket's trap. Team Rocket was very happy knowing that they finally caught Pikachu. As their robot steps one foot on the ground, it seems that they're falling bit by bit. Meowth tells everyone that the robot may explode. Team Rocket was very scared. As the robot falls down, it explodes, blasting Team Rocket and our heroes in midair. Pikachu was separated from Ash when they were blasted away by Team Rocket's robotic machine. Somewhere in the forest, Ash is mumbling about everyone's location. As they wake up, they don't know where they are. When Ash finally comes to his senses, he remembers Pikachu. Everyone notices that they are stuck in a tree's branches. After the blast off, Team Rocket seems to have survived. Jesse, James, and Wobbuffet fall down one by one in the tree. As everyone is finally okay, Jesse and James are arguing about the last blast off. Both of them notice that Meowth and Chimecho seem to be gone. Deep in the fields, we see Pikachu waking up. At the bottom of Pikachu's feet, it seems Meowth is waking up. When Meowth comes to his senses, he's very scared of Pikachu. Pikachu just stands there doing nothing. Meowth feels strange about Pikachu. He shouts Jesse's and James's names but neither of them answers. As Meowth tries to take revenge, Pikachu stands there doing nothing. It seems that Pikachu has amnesia and forgot everything. As Meowth learns Pikachu's disorder about its memories, he tries to take advantage of it and tells Pikachu that he's part of Team Rocket. In the forest, Ash and the others ask Swellow to search for Pikachu. Ash is still very sure that he'll find him someday. As Jesse, James and Wobbuffet being alone, they try to find Meowth. Pikachu and Meowth are walking in the forest trying to find Jesse and James. As they walk, a Zigzagoon barges in and it seems that a Beedrill is following it. Pikachu helps Zigzagoon by using Thunderbolt on Beedril. After that, they continue on their way to find Jesse and James. As they are on the mountain trails, Meowth still continues to brainwash Pikachu. Ash and the others still are pushing their luck on finding Pikachu. With the help of Mudkip, they manage to find a clue on where they are heading. The footprints of Pikachu were there together with Meowth's. In the swamp, Meowth was there resting while he's thinking. Pikachu comes to him with an apple. Meowth takes it and feels that Pikachu is very nice to him. He divides up the apple in half and gives half to Pikachu. Both of them sit down together and enjoy the apple. Walking on the trail where Pikachu and Meowth were walking before, Ash and the gang sees more footprints of them. They continue on finding Pikachu. Swellow is still trying to find Pikachu but Swellow doesn't see it. Jesse and James find an abandoned house and try to enter it. Everyone rushes in while Swellow sees them. After Swellow leaves, Meowth and Pikachu find Jesse and James in the house. When Pikachu thinks that they're the bad guys, he tries to attack with Thunderbolt. Meowth halts Pikachu and convinces him that they're allies. Meowth walks to Jesse and James and tells them the situation of Pikachu. With Ash and the gang, Swellow comes to them and reports the things that he saw. Back with Jesse and James, they both come to Pikachu and start brainwashing it. They introduced themselves to Pikachu. When Pikachu now knows both of them, he tries to be friendly with James by going on its side. Jesse imagines Pikachu on their team and they are both happy. Their excitement was interrupted when Ash and the gang find them. Ash tells Pikachu to come while Meowth tells them that they're an enemy. Instead of Pikachu going towards Ash, it goes to Meowth's side. Ash feels sad. Team Rocket says their motto together with Pikachu. Ash is still convinced that he will take Pikachu back but it seems Pikachu really doesn't know him. Team Rocket starts their attack towards Ash's gang by launching an attack at Ash. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Ash two times while May tells Pikachu to stop. Brock finally finds out that Pikachu's memory was temporarily lost due to the explosion from before. When Ash finally learns Pikachu's situation, he still tries to convince him. He fails and Team Rocket tries to escape. Team Rocket goes to their base with Pikachu. Ash tries to stop them but the house blows up and their balloon shows up. As they're escaping, Ash hops in and tries to grab Pikachu from midair. James asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. It blasts off their balloon and they all blast off again. With Ash and Pikachu falling the same way, Ash hugs him as they fall down in the water. The gang sees them and tries to save them but unfortunately they can't. In the fast current of the river, Ash and Pikachu were there. Ash's memory about Pikachu begins with cool music. Ash tells Pikachu that they're still friends no matter what happens. As both of them surface, Ash seems to be unconscious. Pikachu licks his face and he finally wakes up. It seems that Pikachu is back to normal. He hugs Pikachu. The gang finally finds Ash and Pikachu. As they walk up to them, they were very happy. In midair, Team Rocket is falling into the river. When they hit the river, Team Rocket still thinks that Pikachu is with them so they try to be friendly. Pikachu seems to be back to normal so Ash asks Pikachu to blast them off with its Thunderbolt. After they blast off, everyone cheers that Pikachu is back with them. Ash and the gang are watching a wonderful sunset in the Hoenn Region together with Pikachu.

Pokéblock, Stock & Berry!
Having almost arrived in Lilycove City, Ash and Pikachu seem to be hungry and tired. (Of course.. ) May, Max, and Brock stop for a quick rest and they end up sitting in chairs near the road. May brings out the guide book and tells Ash and Pikachu the nearest restaurant. Before she opens the book, she sees the Pokemon Contest poster along the wall. May gets excited and agrees to join. Walking to Lilycove City, Pikachu's eyes are glaring and hops from Ash's shoulder to a berry sale. Everyone follows Pikachu. At the berry sale, they see all the different kinds of berries. They also see a girl with her Grumpig pestering the salesman. Ash just laughs until a guy offers Ash and Pikachu a free taste. Pikachu is first to taste a Grepa Berry. Pikachu seems to like the Grepa Berry so Ash immediately tries to taste it. Before Brock stops him, Ash swallows the berry and he shivers from its sourness. The guy tells him that the berry is for Pokemon only. He offers Ash another berry which is the sweetest of all the berries, a Nanab Berry. As Ash taste's it, it seems that it's really sweet and he seems to like it. After tasting it, they hear the voice of a girl with a bag full of berries in her hands. When she steps her foot down in the crack, she falls down together with the berries in her hands. Her Pokemon, Grumpig, helps her by using a Psychic attack. The berries all levitate and are put back into the bag. After the berries are saved, people were amazed, including Ash and the gang. Max says that Grumpig's Psychic attack is so phenomenal. As the girl stands up, she promotes her upcoming entry in the Lilycove Pokemon Contest. May was surprised that she's joining the contest. The girl says yes and she introduces herself as Kanata and her psychic Grumpig. Ash brings out his Pokedex to look at its data. May starts introducing herself to Kanata. As they're talking, they didn't know that Team Rocket was there spying on them again. In the park, May and Kanata are sitting on the chair chatting. Max teases May to show her ribbons to Kanata. May tries to stop him but Kanata keeps on asking her to show them. When May agrees to show her ribbons, Kanata hugs her with excitement. Kanata was so amazed on May's two ribbons. She also shows her ribbons to May. May seems to be amazed too and she tells Kanata that she would like to battle her in the Pokemon Contest. As they chat along, Kanata tells everyone that she'll bring everybody to the Pokeblock stores. In the Pokeblock stores, Kanata calls the chef. While the chef is coming, Ash's stomach grumbles. The chef comes and agrees to cook them food. At a dining table, Ash and Pikachu are very, very hungry. They all eat their Pokeblock soup at once. After they finish, they're good and full, they get up from their chairs and tell everyone that they will now train for the next Gym Battle in Mossdeep City as May will try to prepare for the Pokemon Contest. After their meal, May goes out with Kanata and watches the people blending berries in the Berry Blender machine. As for Ash and Pikachu, they're in the park training Swellow to learn a move. Max comes in and talks to Ash. As they talk, a strange old man appears and introduces himself as Waza. After Waza introduces himself, he tells Ash that he can teach Swellow the move called, Aerial Ace. Max and Ash kneel down and try to praise him as a god. In front of his house, he shows Ash his Pidgeotto do the move that Waza wants to teach Swellow. After showing Waza's Pidgeotto, Max and Ash were truly amazed and says that his Pidgeotto that he always has good timing. It's now Ash's Swellow to learn the move. As Swellow is trying hard to learn the move, Swellow fails to learn it and always falls. Swellow doesn't give up and it tries again. As with May, Brock, and Kanata, they're still in the Pokeblock shop. Kanata teaches May how to use the Berry Blender to make Pokeblocks. As May tries to do it, she's very excited. After the berry blender is finished blending, a white pokeblock comes out. Kanata tastes it and it seems the flavor is kind of sour. May seems sad. Kanata says it’s okay as she'll learn how to do it right. In the forest, May feeds her Pokemon a Pokeblock she made. As her Skitty, Combusken, Beautifly, and Bulbasaur eat it, it seems that they don't like it. Kanata is giving advice to May. She also tells a lot on how Grumpig and her bond together. As May comes to her Pokemon and tells them to prepare for the contest, she tells Kanata they will battle someday. As Kanata turns back, a claw hand machine grabs Grumpig. It's Team Rocket. After saying their motto, May uses her Combusken to blast them off. When Grumpig is falling, May asks her Bulbasaur to help Grumpig. Kanata thanks May and her Pokemon. May talks to her Pokemon and tells them that they will join the Pokemon Contest the next day. After Team Rocket blasts off, Jesse sees a Pokemon Contest poster in the garbage. She grabs it and tells James that she'll join the Pokemon Contest and use his Chimecho. James does not agree but Jesse forces him. On the next day...At last, the Pokemon Contest is starting. The emcee is introducing the judges while Max, Brock, and Ash are in the audience's. As they praise May, Ash tells him that he needs to leave for a while. In the Pokemon Contest locker room, all of the Co-coordinators are there watching the emcee showing the ribbon that the winner will receive. May and Kanata are very excited. At the back of the locker room, Jesse was there with Chimecho. It seems that she's forcing James's Chimecho to participate in the contest. Now the contest begins and May was chosen to be first. She appeals her Combusken. She asks her Combusken to use Fire Spin. As Combusken uses Fire Spin, it's very huge and it's about to hit May. Max, Brock, and Ash are scared...Will Combusken's Fire Spin hit May? You'll have to wait for the next episode of Pokemon Advanced Generation!

Lessons in Lilycove!
When the Fire Spin attack of Combusken was about to hit May, Combusken jumps in front of May and tries to get rid of them. After getting rid of the fire, May asks Combusken to do another appeal. With Combusken having a ball of fire in its hands, he throws it in and slashes it making the fire to be like the rain falling from the air. After finishing the appeal, the judges give their score to May and Combusken. Overall, they got at least 26 points. The Emcee interviews one of the judges about May's appeal. The judge tells the Emcee that the combination is perfect but there are some flaws in it. Combusken seems to be sad but May tries to cheer Combusken. Inside of the Pokemon Contest Locker Room, May talks to Kanata while Jesse is trying to plan something. Outside of the Pokemon Contest Hall, Ash is still trying to teach Swellow the attack called Aerial Ace. It seems that Swellow can't learn it well. Pikachu laughs while Ash tries to stop him. It's time for Kanata to make her appeal! She uses her Grumpig's Psychic attack to float all the pokeblocks and juggles them. Kanata starts the clapping while the people start clapping too. It seems that the judges and the audience are enjoying the appeal of Kanata's Grumpig. Ash was very amazed. After juggling the Pokeblocks, Grumpig eats it and the appeal is over. It's time for the results... Kanta gets the total of 27.7 which is almost a point higher than May. Kanata and her Grumpig seem to be happy. Back in the locker room, May congratulates Kanata as she thanks May. Kanata just tells her that she and Grumpig just did a wonderful appeal combination. Still trying to learn Aerial Ace, after a few attempts, Swellow finally manages to learn the attack but only barely... When it passes the line, Swellow looks back but it accidentally hits the tree branch and doesn't hit the target. Ash tells Swellow that they need to try it again. He also tells Swellow that he needs to watch May in the Pokemon Contest Battle Round. It's Jesse's turn to make her appeal. She uses James's Chimecho to use a Psychic attack that soothes the audience and the judges with a cool comfortable music. As the emcee is trying to compliment Chimecho, Jesse stops her and says that Chimecho is strong and wonderful. With Jesse's second appeal, she asks Chimecho to use an Uproar attack which disturbs all the ears of the audiences. After Chimecho doings its appeal, its time for the judges to give her a score. She got a perfect 30 out of 30. May and Kanata, in the locker room, cannot believe that Jesse perfects her appeal. The emcee tries to interview the judge. The judge tells that emcee that the attacks were just amazing. After showing all the appeals, it's time for the emcee to tell the audience who will advance to the next round. When May and Kanata see their name in the panel board, they were both happy and tell each other they will do their best. Outside of the Pokemon Contest Hall, Ash is still trying to perfect Swellow's Aerial Ace. It seems that Swellow can't handle it. Waza interrupts and tells Ash some valuable things like concentration and stuff. After battling each other, It's May and Jesse's turn to battle. After the first round, May lowers Jesse's appeal points. After the first round, Jesse asks Chimecho to use Wrap Attack on Combusken's head. It seems that Combusken can't get out. May asks Combusken to use Peck attack on Chimecho's head. After releasing Combusken, May asks Combusken to use Flamethrower attack. With Combusken's Flamethrower attack, it drains out almost all of the appeal points of Chimecho. As the battle continues, May seems to be victorious. Finally Swellow learns Aerial Ace with Waza's advice. They were very happy with it. Walking away from the Pokemon Contest Hall, Team Rocket was very sad about Jesse losing. When Pikachu sees that its time for Kanata and May to do their battles, Swellow was interrupted (trying its second attempt) and accidentally hits Team Rocket causing them to blast off. Ash and Pikachu are now watching May and Kanata's Battle. The battle between Combusken and Grumpig begins. Grumpig first uses Iron Tail attack but Combusken counter attacks it causing Kanata's appeal points to go down. With that, Grumpig makes its comeback using Psychic attacks on Combusken. Combusken is in trouble when Grumpig is using a Psychokenesis attack on Combusken making him freeze and cannot move (This attack takes some of May's appeal points). Kanata takes this time as her advantage to attack Combusken. As Kanata tries to attack Combusken, Combusken bursts out its fire in the air causing a fire rain . That attacks causes Grumpig to let go of Combusken and falls (This attack causes Kanata's appeal points to go down more). Both of them are falling down making May and Kanata worried. Combusken grabs Grumpig and tries to save it. As they safely lands on the ground, the time is up and May was declared to be the winner. Everyone was happy including Kanata as May receives her ribbon from Lilycove City. The gang was very happy about her. Kanata and May talk and tell each other that they will have a second round someday....

Judgement Day!
Running so fast towards the harbor, the gang is trying to catch up to a ferry.. May and Ash argue because May thinks that it's his fault why they had to be running so fast. As they finally enter the ship, Brock points out that they're going to Bamba Island. After landing the ship at the port of Bamba Island, everybody was excited to possibly see some rare Pokemon. As they're talking, May notices three Pokemon passing by. First it was an Ivysaur on which May thought was a Bulbasaur. Max tries to correct her mistake while another Pokemon passes by. It's a Charmeleon but May thinks it's a Charmander. Max corrects her again and May seems to be a little embarrassed. The last Pokemon that passes by was a Wartortle where May thinks a Squirtle. After Max corrects all of May's mistakes it seems that his head hurts. A young man was running after the three Pokemon. He's carrying a bagful of boxes in his hands. While he's trying to catch up to his Pokemon, he trips and falls. Ash and the gang go up to him and see if he's okay. After the man gets up, he introduces himself as Jimmy as the gang introduces themselves too. Jimmy asks Ash and the gang if he can help him bring the luggage into the Pokemon Referee Battle School. As they finally arrived at the Referee Battle School, Jimmy calls up her beautiful instructor to introduce her to Ash and the gang. Brock's eyes were glazing with hearts when he sees the beautiful instructor. She tells everyone that this is a training school. Brock interrupts the conversation by trying to propose to the instructor. Max comes up and drags him out of the way. They learn that Jimmy is training to become a Pokemon battle referee. Without their attention, Team Rocket is spying on them from the sea. Meowth sees the three Pokemon and gets an idea that if they catch those Pokemon, they might get a promotion from Giovanni. In the middle of the battle field, Ash and Brock were chosen to battle each other and let Jimmy judge their battle. The battle starts. Ash chooses Corphish and Swellow while Brock chooses Mudkip and Lombre. The battle seems intense because Ash is very excited. Swellow uses Fly and Corphish uses Bubble Beam attack. It hits Lombre trying to back fire it. Mudkip helps Lombre but Swellow is too quick and dashes past them. Max and May compliment Ash's Pokemon while Pikachu cheers them on. The instructor lady tells Jimmy to watch and observe the battle. When Lombre is down, Brock whispers to Lombre to pretend that he's dead. Ash's launches his attack by using Swellow. Brock yells Lombre to get up and counter attack it with Razor Leaf. Swellow's attack failed. Brock asks Mudkip and Lombre to both use Water Gun on Corphish. Corphish seems to be weak. Jimmy doesn't know what to do. He says the battle still continues while Ash yells at him. The instructor tells something to Jimmy that makes him feel sorry. During the night, Ash and the gang are in their rooms talking about their battle. While chatting, they see Jimmy wandering alone with his Pokemon. They come to him and have a little chat. Jimmy tells Ash and the gang the truth is that he really wants to become a Pokemon trainer and not a Pokemon referee. As he looks towards the sky, trouble is coming...In the forest, Jimmy is telling his story about the time he got his Pokemon. He remembers the time when he was feeding Wartortle, and the food falls down into Ivysaur's mouth. From that time, Ivysaur joins Jimmy's team. Max was amazed and so is May. Ash wants to know how Jimmy got his Charmeleon. Jimmy tells Ash that it all started when a shiny Magikarp fell from inside of his shirt. A fisherman negotiated with him and asked to trade. Jimmy traded the shiny Magikarp for the Fisherman's Charmeleon. After Jimmy told his stories, he showed the badge that he got from Daisy. Brock notices that it's from Cerulean City. Jimmy tells the story about how he got his Cascade Badge. He tells the gang that Daisy gave him the Cascade badge for cleaning up the gym. Everyone was amazed at Jimmy's story. The instructor interrupts them while Team Rocket destroys the whole conversation by capturing Jimmy's Pokemon. Team Rocket says they’re motto, put Jimmy's Pokemon in a huge glass Pokeball, and run. A huge smoke strikes blinding the gang. Jimmy tries to follow Team Rocket. May notices that Jimmy is gone. As Team Rocket is trying to escape, Jimmy is on the top breaking the glass. Meowth notices that he's there. They kick Jimmy off the machine. Upon falling, Jimmy loses hope. The instructor gives courage to Jimmy. Jimmy sees that his Pokemon are trying to escape. It gives Jimmy the courage to try it again. It fails as Team Rocket counterattacks Jimmy and kicks him off again. The three Pokemon of Jimmy are mad making one of them evolve. Jimmy's Wartortle evolves into a Blastoise causing the glass to break off. Upon landing on the ground, Blastoise helps destroy the glass containing Ivysaur and Charmeleon. Jimmy was so happy. The instructor tells Jimmy to do it. He commands Blastoise to use its Water Gun attack on the glass. When Ivysaur and Charmeleon are on the ground, all of Jimmy's Pokemon unite and try to blast them off. After the trouble is over, everyone rejoices upon Jimmy's victory. The instructor compliments Jimmy and that makes him blush. The gang is watching while May looks at Blastoise's data on her Pokedex. The instructor tells Jimmy that by the attack that he showed, he has proven that he can be a Pokemon Trainer. The next day, the gang is ready to leave. Everyone says goodbye to the instructor and they all bid farewell to each other.

Clamperl of Wisdom
Ash and the gang is now on the ferry trying to go towards Mossdeep City. Max is so excited to see some rare Water Pokemon along their way in the sea. Pikachu points out something through the ocean. They see a Spoink on the piece of wood floating around the ocean. They all notice Spoink. Ash tells the boat driver to stop the boat. The life preserver helps Spoink to board the boat. On the boat, Spoink gets excited to see the gang. It hops until it falls. The ball on his head falls down into the sea. Spoink is very worried as well as the gang. Everyone was just staring and doesn't know what to do. As Spoink turns around to the gang, it looks like it's crying. Spoink sees a metal ball and tries to use it as the ball on its head. Ash grabs the metal ball before it hurts Spoink. Torkoal cries until May and Max try to stop it. Torkoal jumps down to try its luck to find Spoink's ball. Ash jumps down too since he's worried. When Torkoal is back, it's still sad and really wants to help Spoink. Ash and Brock use their Mudkip and Corphish to dive down into the sea to find Spoink's ball. Max suggests to use Lombre to help. Under the sea, it seems that Mudkip and Corphish can't find the ball. Ash and the gang are very sad on what happened to Spoink. They've decided to land in the nearby Island first. When they're in the coast, the gang saw a kid with Azurill. Spoink uses its Psychic powers on it and tries to use it as a ball in its head. Brock and Ash grabs Azurill and bring it back. It seems that Spoink is using any Pokemon that it sees along the island. May and are getting pissed off. After all the things Spoink tries to put on its head, everyone was disappointed at Spoink. A scientist asks the gang what's going on. Max tells that Spoink's ball falls down. The scientist invites them to some kind of a museum. Inside of it, they saw a Clampearl. May brings out her Pokedex and looks at her data. The scientist shows the gang that the ball that they're looking for is similar to Clampearl's pearl inside. When Spoink sees the blue ball, its eyes glazes. Since they can't do anything in the museum, they went out and tries to help Spoink finding its ball. Back to the beach, everyone is whining about Spoink. When a girl with a Shroomish tries to past at them, Spoink tries to put it in its head again. Brock stops it and brings it to the owner. The girl with a Shroomish walks away. Max was very disappointed on Spoink. Outside of the Museum window, Team Rocket was there trying to steal the expensive Blue Ball. They go inside and tries to steal it. Before they steal it, Meowth tells them the idea on when they get this blue ball, there boss will have a huge ring or a ball rounded crown. James kind of doesn’t like idea but Meowth stops him and he continues. After telling its idea, Jesse is about to steal the Blue Ball. When the thing is out of the glass, Spoink jumps in and steals it and puts it in his head. In the beach, Ash and the gang are looking for Spoink. When they hear the Alarm in the Museum, they check it out what's going on. Inside of the Museum, Jesse and James disguises as the Janitor. When the gang is there, they ask what's going on. The scientist told them that someone stole the Blue Ball. Jesse and James tell them that a Pokemon with a Psycho Kinesis attack took it. As Team Rocket leaves, the scientist is worried. Ash and the gang agree to help the Scientist. May brings out her Beautifly as Ash brings out his Swellow. They did that to search for Spoink. In the bushes, Team Rocket is ready to steal the Spoink and the Ball. Meowth gives them idea that if they steal Spoink also, their boss could have a pretty cool crown of Spoink. In the seashores, Spoink is happily hopping. Spoink sees the kid from before. The 2 children are trying to distance themselves from Spoink. Spoink tripped down causing the Blue Ball on its head to fall down. The blue ball bounces from side to side until it goes to the Clampearl's shell. In Clampearl, there's the ball the Spoink was looking for. The Blue Ball replaces the Spoink's ball and bounces back to Spoink. Spoink is very happy and leaves making the 2 kids to make an odd face about it. Beautifly finally locates Spoink's whereabouts. As the gang are about to approach Spoink, they all noticed that the blue ball isn't on its head. The gang wonders where it could possibly went. Until the 2 kids come to them, they figured out that Spoink dropped it. The 2 kids lead the way to the place on which Spoink drops the Blue Ball. Without their attention, Team Rocket was spying. Finally, they found Clampearl. Everyone was surprised when they saw the Clampearl's shell is closed. Spoink comes in and uses its Psychic attack to open it. As it opens, it seems that Clampearl doesn’t want them to take the blue ball from them. Spoink offers its ball on its head for the blue ball. When they're about to make the deal, Team Rocket barges in. The battle between Team Rocket and the gang starts again. When Seviper uses Smoke Screen, they stole something and fly off. In the nearby island, Team Rocket got Clampearl. Jesse tries to knock on its shell to open it. As it opens, Jesse is happy that the Blue Ball is there. The shell closes making Jesse to be pissed. James tries to steal it but its hard for him to open it. Meowth have another idea about this Clampearl. He whispers the idea on Jesse and James. It seems that Meowth's idea is bad after all. They can't give Clampearl to the boss because if Giovanni can't open it, he will kick the shell and that makes his foot to be swollen. Meowth still thinks another idea. Team Rocket tries to tickle it. It opens. When Meowth is putting its tail on the shell, it closes and that hurts him allot. Still thinking of idea to open it, they can't think of any. James brings out its Chimecho but it doesn’t work and just makes Jesse to be pissed. Instead, she kneels down but she was thrashed by Clampearl's Water Gun. In the mid-air, Swellow manages finds them as he reports them to Ash and the gang... Finally, the heroes are here to save the day. Spoink uses its Psychic attacks on Team Rocket to get rid of them of trying to open Clampearl. The battle between Team Rocket and the gang starts again. When Cacnea is about to use Pinmissile on Clampearl, Spoink protects Clampearl. Clampearl decides to help and blasts Team Rocket off. The gang is happy. Spoink tries to talk to Clampearl again. Finally... they both agree to trade. Now.. Spoink doesn’t have the ball on its head again and that makes him sad. As Clampearl watches Spoink, Clampearl decides to give the pearl back to Spoink. Spoink hops in again with a smile in its face!

The Relicanth Really Can!
As they're still continuing their journey towards Mossdeep City, they stop on a nearby island to have a break. While on the beach, May was so excited to swim. As some sexy girls pass in front of the gang, Brock's eyes are glazing again. Max tries to calm Brock down. When Ash is about to look at the sea, he sees a man with lots of sea plants around him and a bag. It laughs like a monster as the gang thought it's a Pokemon. As the man removes the plants around him, the gang is surprised. The man kneels down to the bag and shows the gang the pearl green necklace that he found in the sea. May was so excited as she sees it. Brock asks the man what those things are for. The man is introduced as Souya. Souya brings the gang to a pawnshop to let it appraised by an appraisal. While the lady is appraising it, Brock asks where in the earth did Souya finds that pearl bracelet. Souya tells them the story of a ship long ago which sunk in the middle of the ocean. That ship was known to hold lots of treasure. As he's diving upon the ocean, he sees a Relicanth with the green pearl necklace attached on its tail. He grabs it and starts going to the surface and that's the end of his story. As they hear about Relicanth, Ash immediately looks at its data in his Pokedex. Max asks about Relicanth to Brock. Ash ask Mr. Souya to investigate it underwater. Without their attention, Team Rocket was spying through the window. Meowth gets an idea that if they get all the treasures, they can give it to Giovanni and have a promotion. In a submarine, Ash and the gang are diving down together with Souya. Above the ocean is the appraisal who's willing to help Ash and the gang. Deep under the sea, May and Max are so excited to see some water Pokemon like, Chinchou, Wailmer, and others. Pikachu points out and finds out that there's a Relicanth nearby. As they proceed to it, someone bumps them. As Souya looks in the rear, they see a Magikarp submarine. Brock, May and Max don't have a clue what's that thing but Ash immediately finds out that it's Team Rocket. Inside of Team Rocket's submarine, they fire a torpedo to make them slow down. As they're now ahead, Team Rocket is now following the Relicanth. As they're peddling the submarine, Chimecho notices that there's a leak. As the leak is growing stronger, they blast off and don't have a chance to follow the Relicanth. At the back of Team Rocket was the gang. As they see Team Rocekt blast off they were very happy. They notice some weird parts in the sea. A huge current is dragging them down as it follows Relicanth's direction. After the huge current is over, they all went unconcious. As they're concious, they finally stopped. Ash looks out the window and sees that they're under a cave with a ship that Souya described in the story. Souya was so excited. He leaves Ash and proceeds into the wrecked ship. As with the gang, they're very amazed on it. They hear the cry of a Pokemon. Bunches of Relicanth appear in the cave. The man laughs and finally finds the treasure box. Before they open it, Team Rocket comes to the scene again. After saying their motto, Meowth presses the button in his hands as a machine grabs the treasure box. Team Rocket was so excited on the ship.Right beside their Magikarp submarine is a bunch of Relicanth who's trying to stop them. Jesse gets the remote control from Meowth and fires some rockets. Ash saves the Relicanth by Corphish's Bubble Beam attack. Instead of the rocket hitting the Relicanth, it counter attacks Corphish's Bubble Beam. As they leave, they notice that the Relicanth are following Team Rocket. Souya gets an idea again to follow it. Back with their submarine, they noticed again that they will have to pass the current again. This time they're not scared. At the top of the ocean, the appraisal lady is so happy to hear that they're safe. The man tells the appraisal lady that Team Rocket steals the treasure; therefore a Relicanth saves them. As they're back on the surface, everyone thanks the Relicanth for leading they're way out of the deep sea floor. The appraisal lady manages to find the location of Team Rocket. As for the Team Rocket, they're very excited to open the chest. Before they touch it, the gang comes to save the day. May brings out her Bulbasaur and uses Vine Whip to grab the chest. Jesse brings out her Seviper and uses Poison Tail on Bulbasaur's vine whip. As Brock helps May, Team Rocket was finally away from the chest. Ash takes this time to use Pikachu's Thunderbolt to blast them off. Now that Team Rocket blasted off, they move to the coast and open the chest. Too bad, they only find useless pieces of pearls. They're very sad but the appraisal lady said that they could make some wonderful jewelry. In fact, she'll give a necklace to May. May thanks her. As the episode ends, Souya and the gang are still happy even though they've found a useless treasure.

The Evolutionary War
Still continuing their journey towards Mossdeep City, Ash asks Brock where they're heading. Brock says that they will cross to some of the islands first. Max looks at his PokeNav and sees that there's three small islands ahead. Brock also mentions that there's a Pokemon Center ahead. As they look towards the ocean, Max was very happy to see lots of water Pokemon like a Wailmer. Around the see, there's some kids riding on a Huntail. It's like they're Surfing. Ash wonders what kind Pokemon it is. Brock tells Ash that it's Huntail. Ash looks at its Pokedex and learns that Huntail is one of two evolved forms of Clampearl. The other evolved form of Huntail is Gorebyss. In the middle of the ocean, everyone is racing and fighting. The boat driver stops to see and wonder what's going on. Ahh.. Team Rocket was under the sea spying on the gang again. As they see the island, they try to speed up but it seems that they're stuck. On the island, they finally arrive at the Pokemon Center. Everyone greets Nurse Joy as Brock tries to flirt again with her. With Misty's abilities inside Max, he pulls Brock's ears again and gets him out of the way. The conversation with Nurse Joy is interrupted when the phone rings. Nurse Joy picks the phone up and sees that a girl needs Nurse Joy's help. As the girl transfers her Corsola from the computer, Nurse Joy goes back to talk to Ash. Before they begin a conversation, they were interrupted again by a loud noise from a classroom. Nurse Joy goes to the room and stops the kids from screaming. Ash wonders what's going on. Nurse Joy explains that the kids are fighting about which Pokemon is better, Gorebyss or Huntail. Nurse Joy explains more about what's going on in these islands. Nurse Joy explains that from the 3 Islands, one of the islands contains some items that affects Clamperl's evolution. After Nurse Joy finishes telling the story, they see Professor Birch in the swimming pool floating with Huntail and Gorebyss. As Professor Birch stands up, he greets the gang. Professor Birch explains that he's on the island because he's trying to study the mysteries behind Gorebyss and Huntail. As they keep chatting and chatting two little kids raise their hands and tell Professor Birch that they want to know how to tell whether their Clampearl will evolve into Huntail and Gorebyss. Professor Birch shows everyone two different things that may affect Clamperl's evolution, a Deepseascale for Gorebyss and a Deepseatooth for Huntail. As they learn that, Birch was determined to check the islands out so he can find some of those items. In the middle of the morning, a little girl that wants a Gorebyss follows that gang and Birch to the first island. Without their attention, a kid that wants to have Huntail is following them. Inside of the cave, they stop at a nearby spring and observe it. As they finished observing it, Professor Birch tastes the water spring and takes some samples into his beaker. As they turn around, they see a little guy. The little guy and the girl argue and tell Professor Birch to visit the other island that might contains some clues on how Clampearl evolves into Huntail. On their way to the second Island, they investigate the spring and take some samples into the beaker. As they turn back, they see the girl from before. The girl tells Birch that they need to get home and figure out the mysteries about the evolution of these two Pokemon. In the small lab, Professor Birch is examining the water that he got from two islands. Brock asks what's the current progress. Birch tells him that it's getting closer. The two kids from before interrupt and ask Professor Birch to go out. Outside, the two kids let their Clamperl out. As they talk they don't know that they're being watched by Team Rocket. Inside of their Magikarp Submarine, they learn that those two Clamperl can either evolve to Gorebyss or Huntail. Meowth has an idea that if they catch this Pokemon, Giovanni wil be pleased. As everyone agrees, they now want to catch it. Back with Birch and the gang, the kids are ready to find out what makes Clamperl evolves to Huntail and Gorbysse. Before Birch tells them, Team Rocket interrupts the scene and tries to take all of the Gorebyss and Huntail. The battle begins but unfortunately they lost. When Team Rocket blasts off, Birch asks the gang to go back to the island and look for the items. As the gang helps him find a Deepseascale, the little girl that wants Gorybsse finally finds it and gives it to to Clamperl. Brich tells the girl that they need to transfer it to Nurse Joy. When its finally transferred, the girl asks the gang to visit the other island that contains the Deepseatooth. On the other island, the girl finds the Deepseatooth and gives it to the guy. The boy was happy and excitedly puts the Deepseatooth on Clampearl. Now the final step is to transfer his Pokemon to Nurse Joy. As they went to a transfering machine, they succesfully transfer the boy's Clamperl. Now that the two kids are satisfied, they want to get back to the Pokemon center and get their Pokemon. Back with the Pokemon Center, Nurse joy gives out their Pokemon. As the girl and the guy let them out, they finally evolve! Both of them are happy. Now that the two kids are completely satisfied, They let their Pokemon swim in the ocean. As they're rejoicing, Team Rocket comes back and plans to take both of the Pokemon. They stop Team Rocket when Gorebyss and Huntail combine their attacks but they miss. With Ash's Grovyle, the net is cut out. As Gorebyss is back, it uses a psychic attack. With Huntail's help and Pikachu, they blast Team Rocket off. After Team Rocket blasts off again, Nurse Joy tells them that their Pokemon are fine. Ash and company leave and bid farewell to the kids, Professor Birch and Nurse Joy.

Training Wrecks
Still continuing their journey towards to the next Gym Leader, the gang stops and rests on a nearby island. The gang has no idea where they are. Brock checks the guide book and sees that they're on an island where people train their Pokemon physically. Ash gets excited and says, "Let's Go.” On a nearby island, Team Rocket was there with the Magikarp submarine. When a huge wave comes to them, it drives the Magikarp Submarine away. As they get worried, they notice that there's some people who are training. In the park, Ash and the gang watch the other trainers do their training. They use their Pokemon as their weight lifting machines. They were amazed. They see this young fellow with a blue shirt. He comes up to the gang and starts greeting them. He was introduced as Iwashimazu. He starts telling them that they're working out to increase their stamina and strength when it comes battling against other trainers. All of them agree to train too but May is worried since she's a girl. Without their attention, Team Rocket was there spying. It seems that Meowth has an idea again about their boss but it seems Jesse doesn't like it that much. As they keep talking and talking, a guy interrupts them and starts asking Team Rocket to train. James agrees and so they go. Back with Ash and the gang, they're now training so hard. Max is doing some weight lifting by using a Pokeball. May is using a bike, while Ash and Pikachu are doing some rope climbing. After they stop training, they see Team Rocket working out on the threadmill. Ash and Max warn Iwashimazu that they're Team Rocket who causes trouble. Iwashimazu doesn't worry. As they watching Team Rocket working out, Iwashimazu talks with Ash and asks for a Pokemon battle. The other people tell Ash that he's a Pokemon trainer too. Max encourages Ash to fight. Iwashimazu tells them that they will do a Double Battle. At the coast, the battle begins between Ash and Iwashimazu. He first starts sending Walrein and Wooper out. After that, Ash sends his Pikachu and Grovyle out. Ash first launches Pikachu's Thunder attack on Walrein but Wooper takes all the attack. It seems that Wooper is not damaged by Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack. Ash was frustrated. Back to the Park, Max, Brock, and May are doing some crunches with the help of some Geodude. As for Team Rocket, they're still working out on the treadmill. Back with Ash and Iwashimazu, the battle continues. Pikachu and Grovyle combine their attack but Walrein and Wooper seems to be strong in defense. Iwashimazu asks Walrein to do Aurora Beam but Ash counter it with Thunderbolt. Too bad, Wooper takes all the damage again. WIth Max, Brock, and May, they're now doing pushups. With the Pokemon at their back, it seems that they're very tired. With Team Rocket, they're still working out. The battle still continues between Iwashimazu and Ash. It seems that Iwashimazu's Pokemon are strong in defense. Back with Max and the gang, he calls up one of the trainers who works out and starts teliing that they need a rest. The two trainers agree and they let them leave. Team Rocket sees them as they're still doing some workouts. Finally, Ash has an idea to defeat Iwashimazu's Pokemon. When Iwashimazu asks Walrein to do an Ice Beam attack, Ash asks his Pikachu to use Thunder. When Wooper is about to defend Walrein, Grovyle tackles Wooper and that gives Pikachu a chance to toast Walrein. With that succesful combo, Iwashimazu loses. After the battle, Iwashimazu and Ash thank each other for a great fight. With a smile of Iwashimazu, they're very happy. Now they continue their journey towards the ferry. Without their attention, Team Rocket was there trying to steal Pikachu again. They come up to them and pretend to be sailors. They start grabbing Pikachu and start to reveal themselves. After they say their motto, the gang was shocked to see them. Jesse uses a net to grab Pikachu. As they're doing a tug of war on Pikachu, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and that causes Team Rocket and the gang to blast off. The ferry continues to sail... but the question is.. Where are Ash and the gang?

Gaining Groudon
Reviewing the last events that happened with Ash and the gang on the ferry, we see Team Rocket is planning to steal Pikachu again. With Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Team Rocket was blasted off and so were Ash and the gang. Around the middle of the ocean, the gang is sucked in it hoping to be saved. Max and the gang are floating in the ocean with the help of pieces of wood. When Ash is about to comment about the situation, a submarine floats right in front of them and they are carried to the top. Brock was very happy to think that they were saved. Ash gets up and starts shouting if anyone can get them onboard. One of Team Magma appears from the deck with a telescope and phone off in his hands. The gang hides to the hind of the submarine and starts eavesdropping to the Magma's conversation. It seems that the Team Magma grunt is contacting the mother ship to get back to their base. As they look through his telescope, he sees the ship coming. When the dock inside of the ship opens, the submarine starts to enter. Ash the gang are very scared and worried. Inside of the ship, lots of Team Magma grunts are inside. One of them was their leader, Maxie. As the submarine finally enters the ship, the two grunts inside of the submarine are there to report the things that they've found underwater. Back with Ash and the gang, they are very scared and try to find a way to escape from Team Magma's hideout. As they panic, they were caught by Team Magma. With hands on the air, they face Maxie, the leader of Team Magma. He introduces to the gang that they are Team Magma. While Maxie is introducing them to Team Magma, an unfamiliar Team Rocket grunt jumps on from inside of the submarine. Behind of Maxie, a Team Magma grunt hints to them that Kyogre is heavily guarded. Deep inside of the ship, the unfamiliar grunt makes his way inside of a lab. After the unfamiliar grunt beats off the two Magma guards, the grunt removes his hood and reveals she's a girl from Team Aqua. As she goes inside, she sees a Kyogre sleeping with lots of machines around it. The Team Aqua grunt tries to operate the machine. It seems that she wants to free Kyogre. Inside of Maxie's office, Ash and the gang are heavily interrogated by Maxie. When Maxie asks Ash to sit down, Ash refuses as one of the grunt's Mightyena scares them. Max and May begs Ash to follow Maxie and sits down. As they sits down, Ash starts to yell at Maxie about their wrong doings. Two Mightyena growl at them again and that causes May and Max to be scared. Max begs to Ash to shut up and just calm down. As Maxie tries to tell Ash and the gang his plans, Ash and Brock pretend to be listening. He also tells Ash that he will awaken the sleeping Pokemon of land, Groudon. With the help of the Blue Orb, Team Magma's plan will come true. Maxie continues to tell the legend about Groudon and Kyogre. Through his tale, he states that Groudon has the power of land. As they're listening, they are very worried about their plan. He also mentions that deep inside of the ship lies Kyogre. May seems to not know Kyogre that much. Back with the Team Aqua grunt, it seems that she finally has awoken Kyogre. An alarm goes on, alarming Maxie and the gang. Maxie seems to be shocked. Finally, Kyogre awakes. It escapes thruogh the side of the ship causing the ship to crumble.The Team Aqua member informs Team Aqua that Kyogre is finally freed. Suddenly, a Team Magma counters her start wanting to reveal her true identity. The grunt removes her clothes and reveals that she's really from Team Aqua. She dives down and escapes. Back with Maxie and the gang, a Team Magma is reporting to Maxie through a phone. With a huge tremor, it knocks Maxie down as well the Blue Orb.Brock shouts and tells Ash to grab the Orb before Maxie gets it. Pikachu tries to get it, but a bunch of Mightyena blocks him. When Ash finally finds the way, he asks Pikachu to dodge it and uses the Mightyena as stairs towards the Orb. As soon as Pikachu gets it, it starts glowing. A red sign of Groudon starts to appear in the Blue Orb. Pikachu gets nervous and as soon as it glows, it goes inside of Pikachu's body. When a Mightyena is about to attack them, Pikachu turns around and start to attack them. With a Groudon sign in his forehead, Ash and the gang arehinted that PIkachu is possesed by the Blue Orb. As the possessed Pikachu knocks them down, they start to escape. In the ocean, Team Aqua's submarine appears beneath the ocean. The Team Aqua grunt that freed Kyogre, reports to Archie, leader of Team Aqua, that Kyogre is finally free from Team Magma's hand. Archie starts to chuckle and starts to raise the Red Orb in his hands calling Kyogre beaneath the ocean. As soon as Archie summons Kyogre, he starts to command Kyogre to attack Team Magma's ship. One of Team Magma sees Ash and the gang and it seems that he's not an enemy. The ship starts to collapse making Brock, May, and Max to falls down. When Ash is about to jump off from the ship, they were attacked by Mightyena. As Brock, May and Max go to the surface, they see Ash being held as prisoner by Team Magma. As Ash is boarding a private Jetplane of Team Magma, the friendly Team Magma grunt spots them and starts going inside of the jet. As soon as they leave, the Team Aqua leader, Archie starts to summon Kyogre again, as Kyogre is going to the surface, it makes Brock, May and Max to drown. Archie starts to laugh so hard with a smile on his face. At the coast, Team Rocket was there feeling tired. They were on an island with a volcano on it. Jesse stands up and sees a jet plane flying through the volcano. Near the coast, a red Gyarados saves Brock and the gang. (Could this Pokemon belong to a friend of Ash? Hmmmm) Back with Team Magma, they finally land deep inside of the forest near the shrine. As they land, the two team leaders face each other. Archie starts to show his hostages and starts telling Maxie about Groudon. With Team Rocket's eavesdropping, they were determined to meet Groudon. Deep inside of the shrine, Kyogre was laying down. Team Rocket sees it and it sees them. They try to access the control panel. As Meowth starts entering some numbers in the control pad, the machine explodes and that causes Kyogre to be awakened. The shutter opens and Team Rocket rejoices and starts to sing about Kyogre and Kyogre all the tme. Too bad, Team Aqua members are there guarding it. Thick dark clouds start to appear. The Team Aqua grunt starts to report to Archie that Kyogre's chamber was opened. Archie starts to yell. Back wth Team Rocket, Jesse starts to attack the guards. As soon as they were down, they go inside and start using a net to grab Kyogre. As soon as Kyogre was grabbed, it awakens and blasts Team Rocekt off. As soon they were blasted off, Kyogre starts to jump off into the ocean. Deep inside of the chamber lays Groudon. With Pikachu inside of the net, Pikachu starts to go insane. With narrator concluding the first part of the series, the episode ends leaving us excited for the next episode of Pokemon Advanced Generation.

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