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Get The Show On The Road!
We are now in the region of Houen. The episode starts with a 10 year old name May riding through the woods on her bike. She is on her way to Professor Birch’s lab to get her first Pokemon, but she secretly just wants to travel. While biking along a Dunskull accidentally scares her and she crashes into a tree. She then gets back on her feet and heads towards New Bark Town. Ash is still on the ship and Pikachu’s still ill. When the boat docks Ash try to find out where the Pokemon center is, and there’s not one in this town. He then calls Birches lab, but gets one of Birch’s assistants, Birch is out in the field! The assistant says to stay there and wait. Suddenly a Jeep pulls up and quickly stops right in front of Ash, its Birch. Birch is worried, Pikachu’s not in good shape! They head for the lab, and during the ride there Birch notes that Pikachu cannot discharge any of its spare electricity. It turns out it was most likely caused by the Electromagnet Team Rocket used to capture Pikachu in an earlier episode. Pikachu then starts to get worse, and Birch takes a shortcut through the woods. They arrive at the lab and use a machine to lower Pikachu’s electricity, but the machine overloads and blows up! Pikachu escapes and Ash follows, Birch then yells if Ash has any Pokemon that are good against electricity, and Ash left all of his Pokemon with Professor Oak. Birch grabs three Pokeballs and shoves them in his bag, his assistance yells those are for May, so Birch yells back and tells him to have her wait. Birch catches Ash, and warns that there’s the risk that Pikachu could blow up due to the electricity buildup. They split up look for it. May then arrives at the lab, and the assistant tells her what’s going on. She then goes off to look for Birch. Birch has accidentally fallen down a cliff, and has fallen on a napping Poochyena. Birch tires to apologize, but it’s upset, and howls for its friends. Birch is on the run and crawls up a tree. May then arrives and Birch asks her to use one of the Pokeballs in his bag. May throws one, and it’s a cute little Mudkip. He tells her to have it use Water Gun, and she does but Mudkip shoots it at her instead. The limb then breaks and Mudkip runs to Birch, who has it use Water Gun to scare the Poochyena. The search for Pikachu continues. Ash then finds Pikachu who shocks him badly. Ash has Pikachu, but just as Birch and May arrives, it escapes and runs off a cliff. Ash goes after it and is able to grab it and a root. Birch then throws down a rope and Ash begins to climb up with Birch’s and May’s help. Pikachu Gave Ash some trouble on the way up and he apologizes by nursing Ash’s wounds. Suddenly, Team Rocket then attacks! They capture Pikachu, and the device is designed to absorb Pikachus electricity, but this backfires and it helps Pikachu to heal! Unfortunately the electricity destroys May’s bike, and Team Rocket’s device explodes sending them basting off again. Birch gives something to Pikachu to help it sleep. Later May is going to talk to Ash about having her bike ruined, but she finds Ash and Pikachu asleep and leaves. It’s now morning and May is choosing her first Pokemon. She is freaked out over Treecko, Mudkip didn’t want to listen to her, but Torchic starts to rub her leg and she likes it. She also gets 6 Pokeballs and a Pokedex. Later see sees Ash and Pikachu together and realizes that nobody’s to blame for her bike, and she gets embarrassed and disappears into the shadows before Ash sees her. The next day, Pikachu and Torchic start to play with each other, they get along well. At Breakfast Birch is talking about the Houen league and Ash is going to join. Birch tells them that they have to register at the nearest Pokemon Center which is in Oldale City. Ash and May then head off towards Oldale City.

A Ruin With A View!
Ash and May are on there way to Oldale Town, and May is tired, she’s used to riding on her bike. Ash and May bicker but continue on there journey. May sees Pikachu on Ash’s shoulder and asks why; Ash says it didn’t like the Pokeball. After some short talk an Azurill comes out of the grass and May does an Ash, she just throws a Pokeball at it. Azurill escapes and Ash has to explain how it works. May then uses Torchic who chases after Azurill, and Torchic runs into a few trees. There inexperience shows and finally Torchic chases Azurill though some weeds and uses Ember. Unfortunately, it hits all of Azurill’s family, who gets quite angry, and uses three Water Guns to defeat it. Ash has Pikachu use Thunderbolt to scare them away. They then head towards the Pokemon Center quite quickly. They see some Ruins along the way to the center, and Alton, a scientist points them towards the Pokemon Center. At the center May asks Nurse Joy how here Pokemon is, Joy says it just needs a good rest, and at Joy’s recommendation Ash and May plan to stay the night. May asks Ash for the grand tour, but Ash first calls Professor Oak. May is surprised that Ash knows Professor Oak, May and Oak chat for a little bit. He then wish’s Ash and May good luck, and disconnects. Team Rocket has called Giovanni to inform him that there in Houen, he seems angry at first but then changes his mind. Team Rocket does not have a branch in Houen, and there new mission is to start a base in Houen. Ash then gives May the tour of the Pokemon Center. Ash tries to chat with some trainers, but May drags him away, she’s hungry. While eating, Alton comes over and chats with them. Alton then tells them about the ruins, and that there are some hidden chambers within it. He tells them there possibly is Ancient Pokemon living in those ruins, Pokemon that are alive and haven’t changed in thousands of years. Alton knows how to enter the ruins, but unfortunately they do not have the proper items to achieve this. Suddenly the lights go out in the room and some mysterious people show up! Joy then comes with a flashlight and they take her hostage. Alton comes with them willingly, and Ash, May, and Joy are locked in a room. Joy is getting nervous, the Pokemon cannot heal without power, and the only hope is to switch to the backup power. Pikachu then finds an air duct; Ash and May then start there escape. Team Rocket who was digging a hole accidentally end up right in front of the people who took Alton, Team Magma. A battle ensues, with Team Rocket using Arbok and Weezing, but against one of Team Magma’s Houndoom they get so scared they willingly return to the Pokeballs. Team Rocket then escape through the hole they just dug. Ash and May follow Pikachu through the ducts, and eventually get to the hallway. Ash grabs the Master Key from Joy’s desk and May activates the backup power supply. Team Magma took the scientist to the Ruins. He told them he couldn’t open it, but Magam produces the 4 “Marbles” to open it. He then puts them in there slots, and the door opens. Inside Magma finds nothing they were looking for; they take a few pictures, and escape via helicopter. Ash and May then arrive and everything ok, but Team Rocket then attacks using Arbok. Pikachu beats Arbok and sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Its morning now, the sun is now shining and the rays going through the “Marbles” causes the ruin’s secret chamber to open! They find an underground pool populated by the Ancient Pokemon Relicanth! Later in the day they go get May’s Torchic back, it’s now fine. Joy thanks them for there help, and they head off towards Petalburg City.

There's No Place Like Hoenn!
Ash and May are heading towards Petalburg City, and Ash is getting really excited about having first Gym battle in Houen. May then complains about how fast Ash is going and wants to take a short rest. Ash really wants to get all 8 badges and enter the Houen league. He then wonders about the Gym leader and May seems more nervous. He asks her what the Gym Leaders like and see gives him an know more than usual person description. Ash heads off to the Gym. After arriving at the Gym, it seems really empty. A kid then complains about Ash yelling, but recognizes Ash from the Silver Conference. He remembers that Ash lost in the seconded round of the finals. The boy, Max then remembers the great battle Ash’s Charizard had, but complains about Ash strategy. Ash has come to challenge the Gym Leader, and it’s the kid Max! There going to have 3 on 3 battle, but Ash remembers he left all of his Pokemon with Oak. Max and Ash end up in an argument and May shows up and says Hi. Her parents Norman and Carolyn are also here. Max is May’s brother, but not the Gym leader, and May’s dad Norman is the real leader. Carolyn asks what happened to May’s Bike and she tells them about Team Rocket and Pikachu, but Norman’s not mad. He then asks what Pokemon May got, and she releases her Torchic. Max doesn’t like her decision and says she should have chosen a Treecko. Torchic starts Pecking him, but May’s parents are happy about here decision. Norman invites Ash to lunch, and during it he asks Ash about his journeys. May then tells her Dad that Ash has come for a Gym Battle. Ash doesn’t have any badges or any other Pokemon then Pikachu, and tells them about leaving all of his other Pokemon in Pallet Town. Norman doesn’t accept Ash’s challenge, but he offers a non-gym practice battle to him. Ash send out Pikachu and Norman uses Vigoroth, a very tough Pokemon. Vigoroth control’s most of the battle, Pikachu puts up a decent fight but gets eventually beat. Ash runs over and checks Pikachu, its ok. Suddnely a large hole is blown in the Gym wall, Team Rocket’s attacking! Arbok and Weezing attack and Weezing’s smokescreen gives Team Rocket an advantage. Max wants May to use her Torchic and she sends it out. Pikachu during the battle uses Thunderbolt and hits Max accidentally. Team Rocket escapes, but they’ve taken the wrong Pokemon, they grabbed Torchic! Team Rocket lands and prepares to look at Pikachu, but find Torchic instead! Everybody splits up to search, and while May and Max argue, Norman and Carolyn have found Team Rockets Balloon. When they get to the balloon they see Torchic locked up and May/Max try to get it but fall into a Team Rocket trap, Carolyn/Norman try the same thing, and also fall into a Team Rocket trap. Ash regrets not having Bayleef and helps May out of her hole. Arbok and Pikachu begin to fight, and when Norman escapes he sends out Vigoroth, who destroys Team Rocket’s Pokemon. Max has gotten May’s Torchic back and she hugs it. Arbok has wrapped it’s self around Vigoroth so Pikachu viciously tackles Arbok. May tries to have Torchic use Ember but says the wrong name, Max corrects her and when see tells it to use Ember the right way, and it burns Max instead. She tires to have it use Peck, but it Pecks Max instead. Vigoroth and Pikachu knock and Arbok and Weezing into the balloon and Pikachu use’s Thunderbolt sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Later, they encourage May to train harder with Torchic, and there happy Ash is traveling with her. Max decides to come along with them and May’s parents think it’s a good idea. Norman gives Ash and May both a Badge Case, and Max a Pokemon Navigator, which he really loves. They then start to head to Rustboro City.

You Can Never Taillow!
The “new” gang (Ash, Max & May) are heading through the Petalburg forest. Max is not happy because he has not seen any Pokemon and wants to change routes, while May is hungry and wants to stop and rest. They argue a bit and come to an comprise, and so they rest right now but will try another route later. Unfortunately nobody’s brought any food and Pikachu’s out of food too! It turns out Max has an emergency supply of chocolate, and they agree to spilt it. A Taillow comes down out of one of the trees and steal it! They attempt to chase it but the Taillow eats it, but the tree the Taillow has landed in is full of Apples! Pikachu shocks some and they start to fall until a flock of Taillow come out of the trees and steal the Apples in midair. This is the Taillow territory and they being to attack the gang. Pikachu attempts to counter with Thunderbolts, but it does not do that much damage. They try again and the Taillow that stole there chocolate takes the Thunderbolt by it’s self. Max believes that this is the group’s leader. The battle is a good one, with Taillow attacking Pikachu until the whole flock attempts to get involved. Suddenly a Forretress appears out of nowhere and an familiar voice tells it to use Explode! Our old friend Brock is BACK! Ash introduces him to Max and May. Brock then notices that Pikachu is injured and gives it a healing spray that stings allot. Ash then asks him why he’s in Hoenn and it turns out that Brock finished his business and came here to look for Ash. In Littleroot Town he chatted with Professor Birch and got directions to were Ash was. They chat a little about how Brock was a Gym leader and that Max and May are the children of the leader of the Petalburg City gym. Max complains about not being able to have any Pokemon but Brock tells him he’s too young. Brock then finds out about there hunger and is about to offer them some sandwiches he made, but there gone! He was about to have one and then heard the Taillow attack them in the forest. It turns out that Taillow often steal food, that’s why Brock has set up camp originally outside the woods. Team Rocket is the ones who actually stole the sandwithces and intend to use them to get Pikachu. They attempt to bribe the Taillow with them but the flock gobbles them up quickly, and wants more. Team Rocket lies to the Taillow telling them there more, but they need to use them first. The gang is having a good chat when the Taillow leader shows up; it wants a fight with Pikachu! Once in a blue moon does a wild Pokemon challenge someone. They fight a fierce battle where both sides exchange many blows. The Taillow eventually becomes weak and Brock recommends for its own safety for Ash to catch it. He does, and then releases it. It looks in terrible shape so Brock gives it some of his spray and its fine. Ash asks it whether it would like to join them on there journey and it does. Everybody then greets it, but May’s scared of it and greets if from behind Brock. The whole Taillow flock then appears from the woods, and it’s under Team Rockets control. They tell about the sandwiches, and Bock gets extremely mad. Team Rocket attacks with the Taillow. May attempts to use her Torchic, but it’s too uncontrollable and just runs very fast until it hits a rock, knocking it out. May calls it back, and when the Taillow flock is about to attack the alarm for Brocks stew goes off. Brock runs over and tastes it, it’s good, so the flock comes over and wants some, but he tells them they must share, and they agree. Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Everybody’s happily eating and when the Taillow are done they begin to leave. Ash’s Taillow says goodbye to them. After the cleanup, the gang continues on there journey.

In The Knicker Of Time!
Ash and the gang are continuing on there Journey to Rustboro City , and Ash is battling a trainer who has a Beedrill, with Pikachu. Pikachu beats it and they congratulate each other on a good battle. Later everybody's chatting and Max is criticizing Ash for this battle style, and Ash is now a little down. Then a Zigzagoon shows up, but it's allot bigger then the average one. They then see a bunch of Zigzagoon, and somebody in a costume, and the person challenges the big Zigzagoon with a Mudkip. Max and May sneak up to watch the battle, but scare the big Zigzagoon and it flees. It turns out the person has on tons of costumes. He's using the costumes to help catch the Zigzagoon, and he plans to battle over at the Petalburg City Gym. Ash then tells him that Max and May are the children of the Gym Leader, so the costume boy challenges her. May doesn't want to battle, but Ash convinces her to battle. They have a one on one battle, with the Costume trainer using Mudkip and May using Torchic with Brock as the ref. The battle is very short due to the type mismatch, and Mays inexperience. The trainer the laughs and figures the Petalburg Gym will be an easy match. Moving on May is down and the gang try's to cheer her up, but then they notice Max is missing. Max has followed the trainer and plans his revenge. When the trainer wasn't looking, Max collected all of the fruit that the trainer had left, and then does a Zigzagoon call, and suddenly has tons of Zigzagoon around him. Ash's Taillow then finds Max and the gang then arrives, Pikachu attacks the Zigzagoon. The trainer then shows up again and has his Mudkip knock down fruit from trees for the Zigzagoon. The trainer laughs at hearing about what Max did and apologizes for insulting the Petalburg Gym. The trainer then challenges the big Zigzagoon. After a good battle the trainer captures the Zigzagoon! Team Rocket then attacks and grabs Mudkip, and Pikachu uses thunderbolt, but Team Rocket uses a device to capture the electricity. The trainer then has a plan; he has the Zigzagoon dig a hole, and then flies out of it to get his Mudkip back. Ash has Taillow poke a hole in Team Rockets balloon, and it falls into the Zigzagoon hole. They escape and attack with Arbok and Weezing. Pikachu uses Quick Attack to take them out, and then uses Thunder to take them blasting off again. Later the trainer challenges Ash, Ash uses Taillow while he uses Zigzagoon. The battle is messy because there trying to raise the level of their Pokemon, and the journey continues.

A Poached Ego!
Ash and the gang are walking thought the woods, and May’s tired. While stopped they check the Pokenavi and there’s a Pokemon Center near by. May starts to rush off, Brock stops her, she then complains it hurts and he lets go, and she ends up running into a tree. Ash then notices something in a tree, grabs it, and heads of to the Pokemon center. At the Pokemon Center May gets confused about the Jenny and Joy’s all looking the same, and Brock of course flirts with them. It turns out Jenny’s here because there’s a poacher in the area. He badly injures the Pokemon and then captures them. Ash then shows jenny the device he found in the woods, its one of the poachers traps and she has Ash show her were he found it. Team Rocket of coarse is planning to steal Pikachu, and Meowth accidentally falls down a cliff. He finds a bunch of hurt Ekans in a cage! Meowth talks to the Ekans and a poacher captured them. Meowth tries to break them out, but the cage is electrified. Jessie then releases her Arbok and it really wants to help them. Jessie order it to attack with Acid but it does not damage the cage. James then sends out Weezing and it uses Sludge but a Fearow fly’s out of nowhere and it blocks the attack. The Pokemon poacher shows up and asks them what there doing with his Ekans. He’s after Poison types for his customers, and he has a cage of Koffing with him! Team Rocket and there Pokemon are mad at the man, and he now wants Arbok and Weezing too! Fearow attacks but Arbok and Weezing retaliate with Posion Sting and Sludge, Fearow doges and uses Fury Attack almost defeating them. When Fearow goes for a Drill Peck Arbok uses its wrap attack around Fearow’s beak. The poacher then returns Fearow and uses his Pupitar! Pupitar uses Sandstorm and sends Team Rocket blasting off again. The gang along with Jenny is searching, and Max finds some tire tracks. Ash sends out Taillow search for the area. Team Rocket is attempting to regroup when a bunch of Beedrill attack and chase them. They run and a Cacnea uses its Pin Missile to frighten the Beedrill. James gives it a bag of cookies and they head off. Taillow has found the poacher and returns to tell Ash. The poacher is driving along when suddenly Arbok explodes from the ground, the poacher attempts to disable Arbok with his net but Weezing uses its Smokescreen to block his vision. The poacher uses Fearow’s gust to blow the screen away, but Meowth starts to pick the cages lock, and he comments on how weak the electrical shock of it is. After awhile Meowth get the cage open, and the poacher attempts to recapture them with his net, but Arbok and Weezing blocking his attack. The poacher has a surprise though, he lets out his Pupitar and it evolves into Tyranitar! Jessie sends out Wobbuffet in an attempt to counterattack, but it gets blown away by Tyranitar’s Hyper Beam. Jessie and James tell Arbok and Weezing to escape with the Ekans and Koffing. At first they don’t but after Team Rocket pleads with them they retreat into the woods. The poacher then attempts to follow, but Meowth uses Fury Swipes on Tyranitar. It doesn’t work and Team Rocket is finished off with a sequence of Hyper Beams. The Pokemon escape and the poacher attempts to follow but Jessie and James grabs his legs in a try to slow him down, but he shakes them off and resumes the hunt. The poacher while walking finds the Gang and Jenny. He attempts to attack with Fearow but Pikachu quickly takes it out with a thunderbolt. He attempts to then attack with Tyranitar, but Jenny’s Growlithe tackles the poacher knocking him down, and Jenny then arrests him. Team Rocket is then seen walking through the woods later, proud at what they did, but also sad over the loss of Arbok and Weezing. They then see the Cacnea that help them earlier; it still has the bag of cookies James gave to it. James opens it up and gives it a cookie, it loves it, and it decides to come along with Team Rocket!

Tree's a Crowd
The gang is heading through the woods and they come to a place were the road splits. Max and May then begin to argue which path to take, but then a Treecko comes out of the woods. Ash really wants to catch it and stupidly throws a Pokeball that gets sent right back to Ash thanks to Treecko’s tail. Ash then starts to chase after it with the gang close behind, and during the chase Ash falls down a hill. He then sees in front of him an enormous tree, but it seems to be lifeless. The Treecko then attacks Ash from the tree with a twig, but Ash doges it. It also attacks Pikachu, but it stops the twig with its tail. Theres almost a battle but then the elder Treecko comes with some other Treecko. The Treecko elder and the Treecko fighting Ash begin to argue about there tree, and Ash has no clue what there talking about. Team Rocket has been watching the entire situation evolve, and Meowth tells them that the tree is almost near death. All the Treecko then go into the woods. It’s now getting close to evening, and Ash sends out Taillow to look for Treecko and the Gang. Then he sees Treecko carrying a large leaf with want in it, and it pours it near the tree. He does this numerous times, and then Ash & Pikachu starts to help it. Team Rocket then attacks in its bulldozer, and they’ve already captured all of the Treecko except the one with Ash. Pikachu tires a thunderbolt but the Machine absorbs the electricity. Ash wants to use Taillow but he sent it to search for the Treecko’s, and Team Rocket takes Pikachu. James sends out Cacnea which attacks Treecko. Ash has to use his Pokedex to get information about Cacnea. Treecko then climbs up the tree and uses Tail Whip against Jessie and she accidentally releases all of the Treecko, who then help Pikachu escape. The cocky Treecko then taunts Cacnea who’s Pin Missile accidentally cuts a hole in the Balloon, sending Team Rocket blasting off again. The elder Treecko thanks the other Treecko with a tail shake, but then the old tree breaks in half. Attempts are made to repair it, but are in vain and the tree clasps. The other Treecko afterwards challenges Ash and Pikachu to a battle, and a little later the rest of the gang and Taillow arrive. In a fierce battle Treecko puts up a good fight, but Pikachu uses Thunder during which Pikachu almost hurts it’s self, but causing critical damage to Treecko. Ash uses a Pokeball and captures Treecko! Afterwards Ash’s new Treecko says goodbye to all of his friends and the gang resumes its journey to Rustboro City.

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